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Iron Man 2
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 10 August 2017
Any album that can put this many great AC/DC songs in on place has to have 5 stars. Though a proper Greatest Hits would be far bigger, this will have to do for now.

Rock classic after rock classic just explode from the speakers. A good place to start for any newcomer, but any seasoned AC/DC fan will have most of this already, but nice to have as a little treat for yourself when you just want a load of their big hitters in one place for a car journey on that Highway To Hell.
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on 30 December 2016
There is a lot of nonsense written about this cd in some of the previous reviews. So I will keep this simple.

If you are late to the world of AC DC and don't know where to start, this is the cd for you. No. it is not an official "Greatest Hits" but it features many of the bands best known songs. From the opening track this is a rollicking good bit of noise, best played loud and repeatedly. Don't worry how many lead singers the band has had, don't worry about whether or not the songs actually featured in the film, all that is pointless distracting noise.
Buy this, play loudly and play it often, you humour will improve no end!
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on 15 February 2014
Why isn't there a proper AC/DC Best Of: The Early Years? A band with such single-minded dedication to The Riff that their verdict on Led Zeppelin was 'a bit poofy, mate', they have produced some classics but also a lot of samey mediocrity - they demand to be anthologised. And most of those classics came courtesy of the original singer, Bon Scott; the band never really recovered from his premature death. Not only was he a better singer - not only could he perform with tight jeans and bare chest without appearing entirely ridiculous - but he was a for-real rock'n'roll outlaw (or as the Aussie army put it in chucking him out, 'socially maladjusted'). His lyrics are a Rocker's manifesto: when he sings, 'some run, some fight - but I win, they lose' you know it's not just talk; when he quips 'my Mother hates me', it might just be true. He had issues, clearly, but he was good value.

His replacement, Geordie Brian Johnson, started with the fanfare of Back In Black, but most of his songs don't seem to be about anything particular - though it's hard to tell because you can't understand what he's singing. From him, songs about drinking and shagging are no longer a challenge to The Man - they're just songs about drinking and shagging. And musically, the band edged towards more of a chorus-led soft rock sound.

But for now, this - which include tracks from both eras - will have to do.
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on 3 December 2013
After my 5 year old got into Airbourne recently, he'd listen to nothing else for weeks on end. Brilliant as Airbourne are, my wife and I had to explain that Airbourne got a lot of inspiration for their sound from AC/DC. He said nothing could be as good as Airbourne. Well, talk about throwing down the gauntlet. For some reason, however, we found to our shame we were a pair of ageing rockers who didn't have much AC/DC in our otherwise pretty extensive and fairly loud hard rock / metal collection. I immediately looked for a good selection and plumped for this one, there being no 'best of' AC/DC as such, as other reviewers have pointed out. The first track I put on was Thunderstruck, a long-standing favourite. After some initial bemusement from my son during the build-up he soon realised the full AWESOMENESS of AC/DC and was joining my wife and I air-guitaring madly around the living room, striking rock-poses and leaping off windowsills and sofas. (I probably have to warn you not to try that yourself at home in case you get injured and sue me. We're all trained air-guitarists, obvously, so consider yourself duly warned not to try this yourself.) So, if you want a really good selection of AC/DC songs, this is a great CD. The tie-in to Iron Man is pretty tenuous, but makes for a great album cover and if it was an AC/DC-loving music exec's excuse to get a load of great tracks together, then they deserve a big thumbs up.
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on 24 June 2016
I wanted to get my dad something epic, and AC DC came in mind!
This album is full of loads of AC DC songs. I'm not sure if all of these are in the film, but some are definitely recognisable in the film. It doesn't come in a CD case, but in one of those cardboard ones where you open and slide the CD in and out the slot. It's hard to explain.
Either way, it came perfectly on time, and i love listening to the songs with my Dad
Thank you
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on 2 January 2015
As a 48 (sshhh nearly 49) yr old man I grew up on this type of music. Gladly, and by no influence from me, my rock chick daughter has developed similar taste, so I thought I would go for this. I didnt want to put her off by getting a regular album in case some tracks were to heavy, so I go her this for Christmas. She loved it and to her mother's complete disgust and annoyance played it all afternoon at high volume. Did I forget I was 48? Did I headbang?(youngsters ask your dad what headbanging is!!) Did I crick my neck???? Yes to all but so darn worth it. If this is your first taste of ACDC you wont go far wrong! Enjoy
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on 21 January 2013
I bought this for a Christmas present for my partner who is a recent convert to AC/DC. They've never been my thing so I had no idea which CD would be the best one for him and went entirely on the reviews on Amazon which said that this is the nearest thing you'll get to a greatest hits CD and covers most of the really popular tracks. I think that's probably spot on as he loves it and even I quite enjoy listening to it (in the car when I'm a captive audience) because it's got some real classics on it. There's a DVD with it too but we haven't watched that yet so I can't comment on what's on it I'm afraid. Good value for money if the DVD's ok though.
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on 3 January 2011
This is a good album and features a mix of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson era AC/DC hits. There are some excellent, anthemic tunes on here (such as Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Thunderstruck). The only thing lacking are some of the other monster hits by the band: Whole Lotta Rosie, You Shook Me All Night Long, etc. This said, it's a great introduction to the band and the closest we've got to a greatest hits.

The CD is a favourite one for the CD player in the car - it's excellent driving music.
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on 11 October 2015
Why is this the only best of ACDC in existence ? A good compilation but missing Whole Lotta Rosie amomgst a couple of others but my Iron Man-obsessed son loves it and this is the reason I took a 5 year old ear defended ACDC fan to see them in Wembley. You can't not like this.
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on 8 August 2013
Ok this is not the Iron Man 2 soundtrack in its entirety...well it has only 2 songs from the movie to be precise...however...If like me you loved the movie then this album is an absolute spine tingler of Iron Mania..!!!

Imagine yourself in the suit....now close your eyes...listen to the tracks...now tell me this isn't what Tony Stark would have blastin' away as he flys over-head savin'the world..!!!

I've always liked AC/DC but never really gone to the bother of buying any of their CD's but boy am I glad I bought this one. It's a fantastic album and the bonus DVD is great and the booklet/case is full of info and pics. I'm well pleased with it and I think any Iron Man/ AC-DC fan will feel the same... :-)
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