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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 February 2011
I bought this scanner hoping that I could digitize the huge assortment of old negatives that I've accumulated over the years.
I'd always had my doubts about scanners, but after reading all the favourable reviews I plumped for this Veho unit.

All I can say is that the other reviewers must have received a different product to the one that I got! It is indeed simple and quick to use and very neat, tidy and well designed. Pop in a strip of Black & White negatives and they come out really well. In many cases the scan is better than the one you'll get along with your processing at a High St Chemists (Not Shoes, the other one!)
The downer comes when you try and scan colour negatives. They all come out with a light blue-ish colour cast which has proved impossible to eradicate without spending ages on each frame in editing software. It can't be corrected quickly in Picasa because there is no "Neutral" colour to select as a guide. The resulting scans are sharp and tidy. Just blue!

I investigated, and in my opinion the problem is caused by insufficient illumination from the built-in "white" LED light table. Whether my example was a dodgy one or not I don't know, but Veho just refunded me without troubling themselves to suggest an alternative course of action.

So, in short: If I were scanning only black and white negs then I'd heartily recommend this little unit. Trouble is, most people are going to be scanning C41 processed 35mm colour print negatives, and if all the example machines are like this one then you'd really do better to save your money.


UPDATE: December 2011:
The answer is the Epson V330. Not much more costly than this, but works unbelieveably well! Check it out and see what you think. I LOVE my one!

Epson Perfection V330 LED Photo Scanner (4800dpi)
review image review image review image
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on 11 January 2011
This scanner had a good proportion of positive reviews, so for only £63 it seemed worth the risk.

The kit comes well-packaged in a smart, trendy-looking cylindrical container, and I was pleasantly surprised by its excellent build quality (despite the fact it's made in China).

It's very easy to use, and before long you'll be having fun scanning in all those old negatives. The little preview screen comes in very handy, meaning that you can do all the scans away from a PC (it has its own battery and SD card slot - 2GB card supplied).

So what's the quality like? Well, you'll probably find that most of the scans will come out with a bluish colour cast initially and perhaps somewhat dark. But this can be readily corrected in your imaging software (I use Picasa which is excellent for this purpose) and after some tweaking of colour, contrast, highlights/shadows etc, you should be able to achieve an image that resembles your original print.

The size of the scans is only about 800KB, which means the 5MP images have been highly compressed. Scans are quick (about 5 seconds each), but it would have been good if it had a setting to output scans with a finer image quality. So the results are only good enough for viewing on say, a 19" screen - don't go zooming into pixel level and still expect to see a lot of detail. You wouldn't want to use the scans to produce prints - for this, you will need to invest in a more expensive film scanner.

Overall, I would recommend this as an easy-to-use film scanner which provides a way to view your old negatives on a PC, but be prepared to do some tweaking on each scan and don't expect to get results that match the quality from a decent digital camera.
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on 28 December 2010
The unit is reasonably well-built and everything works as advertised. The unit includes a short-ish USB cable and a 2GB SD card, along with the battery. Installation is quite simple, though I decided not to install the graphics programs included in the CD. It's much better to simply use it as a standalone unit, scan everything to the SD and open the SD from a computer, as usual.

Image quality was good for its price, though not stellar. Colors are good, though the image could be crisper. The one problem I have noticed is that the unit saves some additional files with an odd encoding (a Chinese encoding, I presume). These files produce errors when I try to copy all in the SD card to the computer. I have to work around this issue by explictly copying only the DSC*.jpg files (the scanned slides).
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on 8 August 2011
The reviews of this product are really interesting and there are a lot of them. Having tested the product I realise that it isn't really a scanner: it is just a box camera from which you import your snapshots into your PC. Do not be misled by the presence of a USB lead and Arcsoft 2 software: the scanning function of this software is DISABLED and you can only adjust the pictures after you import them. However, you can't adjust them properly and the colours are washed out. Major problem, you can't check for dust until AFTER you have taken your snapshot and uploaded the picture. Not much point in that: you need to be able to check for dust on-screen before you finalise the scan. You'll see all this on my video. Good luck!
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on 4 January 2011
This Veho scanner is absolutely brilliant. I transferred about 1000 35mm slides onto memory card and into my pc. No problem at all. I can now dispose of all the slides and keep old memories on pc and on disc to look at when I want. The quality of pictures that were transferred were of good quality and clear. Once again, brilliant.
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on 19 November 2010
This product VEHO VFS-008 is ideal for either using it as a "stand-alone" viewer and negative scanner but more importantly using the disc (which is a very good photo-suite) and loading it onto desktop means that you are able to not only scan old negatives but you can play around with them plus enhance the negative eg: blurring the background, enlarging the original subject matter and alter colours etc.. I am enjoying using this product and would recommend it to any prospective purchaser. However you must have patience when using this as it is a very time-consuming process. Love it though. Seeing all the original photos; some going back up to 60 years - nostalgic to say the least!
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on 11 December 2010
Having been in a Camera Club 20 years ago, I had books of Black & White + Colour Negatives and Slides that I wanted to put onto my Computer, using a Flat Bed Scanner doing one at a time was hard work. When I saw this product it was the answer to all my prayers. It holds a strip of 6 35mm Negatives or 3 Slides also does 110 mm Negs. It is just a matter of sliding the Carrier through & pressing a button at each image, to transfer them onto a SD card. Once there you can do what you like with them. Well worth the money.
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on 27 January 2011
I purchased this Veho VFS-008 a month ago. I already had this capability on my epson all in one but the results where moderate. This scanner is so much better. I cannot fault it, colours and clarity are superb. One tip - clean your transparancies and brush them with a lens cleaner before scanning. This will take away most of the swarf that has to be removed by lengthy process on photoshop elements or other similsr software.The Veho VFS-008 Highly recommended.
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on 19 October 2010
I bought my negative scanner for £59, free postage. It arrived within 48 hours in perfect nick. I plugged in the supplied memory card, turned it on and started scanning.

The system is simplicity itself and I think the difficulties some reviewers have encountered with images not saving are likely to be simply to do with trying to move from image to image too quickly. It takes a while (maybe 10-20 seconds a frame) but nothing like the time pro-scanners take.

In terms of image quality, it's pretty good. I'm using it to dredge up pictures from around the mid 80s and will be delving into an old box of family negatives from around the 50s fairly soon. None of these pictures were taken on great cameras, or with great skill. As such this scanner is fine. If you're looking at processing your latest fine art prints from 35mm film I'd suggest you need to look at a different system.

One thing, I'm not 100% convinced these images are genuinely better than a good quality scan of a good quality print. The whole process is fun however and the scanner is an attractive piece of kit which I enjoy using...
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on 18 August 2010
We bought this for my father in-law as he has a huge collection of slides that never get seen. He's nervous around technology but has got to grips with it quickly and with minimum fuss and has also discovered that he can scan in all his cini-camera films to make video clips.
All round, a great product.
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