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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I wanted a new bag that was not too bulky but large enough for my Nikon D7000 with an 18-200 lens attached. I decided on the Lowepro 50AW even though I was not absolutely certain it was large enough. At first I thought the camera would not fit. Then I realized I had not removed the Velcro divider! In fact the bag comfortably takes the camera with the 18-200 zoom lens plus hood reversed and the strap. I even found that I could fit in the camera with the lens hood extended, though it is a tight fit. This is very useful if one wants to get the camera out quickly in order not to miss a shot.

The bag is very well built and there is a small internal pocket and a larger external pocket, sufficient for filters, spare battery and memory cards. The shoulder strap is comfortable and long enough for adequate adjustment, with sufficient grip not to slide off the shoulder. As for the plastic protective cover, I have tried it out inside the house and it took several minutes to fit. I am not sure I would want to spend that time during a heavy shower outside, but it is a useful extra to have.I can see myself using the velcro divider only on those occasions when I go out with a prime lens attached to the camera, and with a zoom lens underneath the divider.

The 50AW is not much cheaper than the 55AW, so anybody wanting to take spare lenses will gravitate towards the larger bag. The 50AW is ideal for those who want a compact but sturdy bag to take out on a day when one zoom lens is sufficient for their purpose.
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on 2 February 2011
This is an excellent product. It can contain my SLR (Canon Eos 400D) with an 18-200 zoom on it and at the same time I can store my standard kit lens in the compartment underneath. I can just about do this with my 70-300 zoom attached instead of the 18-200. My flashgun fits comfortably in the outside pocket as well as various other bits and pieces. Memory cards and spare batteries are safe and sound in the compartment in the lid. All this and it hardly feels any bulkier than my old bag which barely fitted the camera and zoom on its own. It is much less conspicuous and cumbersome than my main camera bag. In essence I can be ready for nearly any photo opportunity all the time without having to think too far ahead or being too bulked down. It is well made and I am sure it will wear well
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on 21 June 2011
I recently purchased a Canon EOS 500d SLR with an18-135mm lens abd wabted an easy, versatile way to carry it together with a 75-300mm lens.
The Lowepro 50AW toploader easily takes the camera with short zoom attached, and would, if I chose to remove the protective pad in the bottom, accommodate it with the larger lens. The bag is well made, has storage for batterries/cards etc and a very handy rain cover. The sliplock tab on the side takes my spare lens pouch and with belt loop, shoulder strap and carrying handle, is very versatile indeed.
A good choice, and coupled with the usual excellent service from Amazon, a good all round buying experience
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on 7 August 2013
I have a Canon EOS 5D Mk3. I use a Lowepro Slingshot 202AW to carry it and lenses, flash etc. I bought the Toploader Zoom 50AW to use as a compact day bag whilst on holiday, to carry the camera and fitted 24-105mm lens. At this point I'd like to point out that I used the Lowepro website bagfinder, and that shows their Toploader Zoom 45AW as being able to carry this combination. BEWARE, their own website is wrong, and they would not fit into that bag. The reason I say that is that my suspicions were confirmed when I received the 50AW and the camera and lens only just fit, with no slack, and with the velcro secured padded insert removed. The lens hood also has to be fitted reversed and not in the shooting position. There is barely room for the attached standard camera strap.

I had worked this out before I purchased the bag so it is not a criticism, just a tip for prospective buyers.

So far as the bag goes, it is of the usual Lowepro quality and is ideal for my use, as a day bag on holiday. It will definitely be my second choice bag and used only occasionally because it does not afford much protection due to the tight fit. For everyday use I will stick with the Slingshot as the extra space provides greater protection, and ease of packing and removal. One thing I will be doing to the Toploader Zoom 50 is to use a stitch picker to remove the velcro patches fitted inside the bag. They catch on the lens hood as you remove the camera and rip the hood from the lens. A reason for the velcro catching is that when the rainhood is stowed it causes the interior of the bag to bulge, and as I've mentioned, there is no slack.

If in doubt about the size of your camera and lens, and especially if you want to carry a spare battery etc, go for a bigger bag. Otherwise, a well made bag. Lowepro are always expensive, but I could not find a cheaper alternative for my purposes.


I took this bag with me to Greece this summer to be used as a walk-around bag for my Canon 5D Mk3 plus 24-105. It was excellent. Compact enough to not get in the way, access to camera was easy, and it was very comfortable to carry either on my shoulder or, more usually because of the heat, by the handle. When carrying on the shoulder I was able to comfortably grip the handle and strap together to keep it more secure in crowded places. I was also able to carry my spectacles and other small items in the front pocket. Well worth the money.

I have upgraded my rating to four stars. I use the bag more often now as I have more confidence in the protection it affords. In Greece this year it had to contend with torrential rain. The rain-hood coped very well, and the bag dried just by leaving it open overnight. The straps and rubberised grip have not deteriorated at all. It is compact enough to be useful at functions, parties, walking about, etc without being too cumbersome.
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on 8 January 2011
Lowepro's website quotes the internal size as 16.0 X 11.0 X 26.0 cm but I measured the depth as 27cm, so you have a little more room to play with. The documentation that comes with the case states that it should be OK for use with a DSLR with attached lens (up to 80-400mm f4.5 or 100-400 f4.5. That looks about right.

The padding feels quite substantial so should offer reasonable protection against minor bumps, and the case looks and feels well-made. A broad shoulder strap is included. A spacious front pocket holds batteries, filters and lens caps, and will even hold my 18-55mm lens. A rain cover is concealed in a pocket on the back of the case. At the bottom of the main chamber is a padded divider fixed with velcro, so you can have either one large interior chamber, or two smaller ones. I found that I can use this lower compartment to store whichever lens I'm not currently using.

I use a Canon EOS 1000D + 18-55 IS Lens with a spare Tamron 70-300mm f4/5.6 lens. The case is big enough to fit the camera with either lens attached, so I can either store the 70-300mm lens in the bottom compartment and the 18-55mm lens attached to the camera in the main compartment; or keep the 18-55mm lens in the bottom and the 70-300mm lens with camera in the main compartment. However, if I'm storing the 18-55 in the bottom, there isn't enough room to leave the lens hood on the 70-300mm lens, and I need to minimise its size by adjusting zoom and focus to fit it in, but that's no great disadvantage.

If I want to leave the lens hood on the 70-300mm lens, I can keep the 18-55mm lens in the front pocket and open up the divider so that the main storage compartment is maximised and the camera fits in with 70-300mm lens plus hood.

The only downside is that the case is quite bulky, and it could have been a bit more compact as there's room to spare even with the 18-55mm lens in the bottom of the case and the SLR plus 70-300mm lens in the top bit. The overall result is very good and gives a lot of flexibility and I didn't need to order a separate lens case after all.
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on 13 September 2010
I travel somewhat and when in a new city I usually want to spend a few hours walking around taking a few pictures.
I have a medium sized SLR camera which I don't want to make too obvious.
Usually I have my wonderful Kata rucksack but it is big. So getting my camera out of it means taking the bag off and taking the camera out - then zipping back and putting the bag back on my back. By which point the moment could have passed or I have to end up carrying the camera in my hands anyway which kind of defeats the purpose of having a case in the first place.
This Lowepro case is the perfect solution.
I have used it walking round many cities.
* It protects the camera.
* It has a rain cover and is weather sealed.
* It has a front pocket which is is designed to expand out.
* It has a separate memory card section
* It has many extra hooks - from which I currently dangle a water bottle.
* It is light and can hold My camera and superzoom with 50mm prime without looking or feeling bulky.
I find I take my camera with me more often now than before (even on walks down the road in my locale) just because doing so is so easy now and I can be sure of getting the shot when I want it. (How successful or not I am at getting quality is a whole other story!!) This bag is a real aid to my photo taking development.
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on 2 July 2010
This case is excellent value, well made and perfect for my Canon EOS 550d fitted with the rather bulky 15-85 IS Zoom lens with filter and lens hood(reversed for transit). Being a Toploader it is great for instant use. When sightseeing etc the lens hood can be fitted in it's normal position and the camera fully supported on walkabouts. There is also plenty of space for an extra memory card, spare battery and cleaning kit in the front and lid pockets.
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on 11 August 2011
I bought this for a Nikon D3100. I have the kit lens, but also have the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR Lens. I wanted a case which woudl cope with that longer lens.

Having got my tape measure out and carefully checked everything I went ahead and ordered it. It does fit ... *just*, but it takes some careful packing. With the 18-55 kit lens on there is plenty of room.

Good case, nicely made. Has an additional front pocket which I found useful for extra batteries or memory cards, however when I'm out and about and want to take a little more I fall back on my Trek 2 case, which is large and has room for all the lenses.
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on 13 January 2012
Lowepro 55aw. I have a Nikon D5000 and wanted something to take with me on a week walking in Austria and didn't want to take my large bag but wanted something where I could also carry another lens and some filters etc. After looking at the other reviews I decided to buy this bag and are pleased with my purchase. There is a seperate compartment within the camera holder which has a velcro fastening. I can fit my camera with my 18-55mm Nikkor VR lens and below the seperator I can also fit my 55-200mm Nikkor VR lens. The zip compartment on the front is very handy to carry spare filters and filter holder if using Cokin square filters. On both side's of the bag there is somewhere I can slide my monopod through but it's bit of a tight fit. I don't think I'd use it for carrying a tripod though. Inside the top opener it is possible to fit memory cards plus lens pen and also spare battery. There is plenty of room where the camera with lens sits to put some cleaning cloths. I hope this review is helpful.
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on 24 August 2012
As baby bear's porridge was to Goldilocks, so the Toploader Zoom 50AW camera bag is "just right" for a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with a Canon EF-S 55-250mm lens (no hood) and standard neck strap attached. I wanted a bag that would enable me to take my camera out more often. The AW50 is the minimum amount of bag required to take my camera with a single, versatile zoom lens. Compared to taking my main bag, this is far easier, less bulky and the Toploader style provides easier access. After removing the velcro divider, the internal compartment offers a very snug fit for the camera+lens (not too tight, not too roomy, just right), whilst the outside pocket offers room for a spare battery, other small items or even a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 (the pocket has excellent "bulge-ability").
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