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on 2 May 2011
Let me begin by saying I've never owned a top of the range tripod which costs over £100 so can't directly compare this tripod with those sort of tripods. If I made a living out of photography or was going to be using a tripod day in, day out in rough terrain then I'd probably invest in one of those high-end models.

For me, this tripod has proved to be good value for money. It's a definite step up from the cheap "budget" tripods that are out there. It's well constructed and feels very sturdy. It's quick to set up and the fluid-damped pan head allows for very smooth panning shots. It's taken the weight of my Nikon D90 & flash gun without any problems. I'd say once it's fully extended, the viewfinder on my camera and camcorder is at an approximate height of 6ft. I'm 5ft 9 so it's more than enough for me. It's mainly all constructed from aluminium but the locking clips on the tripod legs are plastic. However unlike some other reviewers, I don't see this as a problem. They're well made, not flimsy and unless you're the sort of person who applies brute force to the simple action of unlocking/locking the clips, I can't see why they should fall apart. It also comes with it's own carrying case, which has an adjustable shoulder strap. The only minor criticism I have of it, is that it seems to have picked up scuff marks mainly on the tripod legs but these are only noticeable if you look at it close up.

I class myself as an amateur who dabbles in photography. So far I've used this tripod for portraits and once for landscapes. I can see mine lasting for years to come, which isn't bad considering the price. I would say it's heavier than the expensive carbon fibre tripods, so it may not be the right one for you if you're going to be carrying it about over extended periods of time.

For anyone else, who's looking for a quality tripod on a budget, which is only going to be used occasionally, I don't think you'll go wrong with this one.
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on 16 December 2013
My main tripod is an aluminium Manfrotto 190XPROB - Tripod - with Manfrotto 496RC2 Compact Ball Head, which weighs in at around 2 and a bit kilos, and isn't that compact when folded up. I needed a compact tripod that weighed less, for a trip to the Caribbean.

A quick visit to my local camera shop and I decided upon the Hahnel Triad C4. It weighs half as much as my Manfrotto, feels "secure enough" when fully extended, and had some nice features that add to its versatility. Below is a breakdown of the features, how good they are, and the downsides to the tripod, which sadly there are. It is true that you get what you pay for, with this tripod not being "cheap" but certainly not being as solidly built as more expensive 'pods.

Weighing at just over a kilo, it's noticeably lighter than my slightly more expensive Manfrotto. I'd seriously consider taking this over the Manfrotto on longer walking trips. There are lighter tripods out there, but they compromise either in size and/or stability (Or cost significantly more!).

One very neat feature of the tripod is that when closed up, you can invert the legs around the central column, making the tripod very compact in size. In comparison to the Manfotto, it is half as long when closed. When fully extended however, it is only a little shorter in height.

The legs are extended by twisting the rubber parts on each section. It doesn't take much of a twist to loosen or tighten the legs.

The legs each have a clip at the top that is meant to allow you to adjust the angle of each leg independently. In reality there are only a few positions to choose, and I have found that the more "shallow" angles don't really work...as the clips pop out of the lock position, causing the camera to slowly sink to the ground. They're also a little fiddly as they aren't spring loaded, so you have to pull each clip out, adjust the leg, and then push the clips back in to place.

I found the tripod to be slightly less stable that the Manfrotto. However for all but very heavy lenses, and extreme conditions, I think it's fine. If you have heavy and expensive equipment, you might have the budget for a most expensive but robust tripod.

I found this part of the tripod the least impressive. Sure it features a quick release plate, but I found the method of attaching the plate (slide into the head and then twist a rubber knob to secure) a lot more fiddly than the plates used by Manfrotto. The ball head offers good movement, but I had some issue with the friction knob, in that the rubber grip on it moved as I was trying to tighten it. Probably solvable with some glue, but something to be aware of.

The main let-down on the tripod are the "rubber" parts. They don't seem to have been attached to the metal very well. Examples would be the rubber feet popping off of the end of the tripod when trying to extend a leg, and the twist-knob rubber sliding around the knobs when attempting to tighten them. One other bad point about the legs is that if you're a little overzealous when extending them, it's quite easy to pull the leg sections right out of the tube. It's easy to fix in the field, but not great!

It's worth noting I think these points can be permanently fixed. A decent epoxy glue or putty could be used to bond the rubber feet and knob pieces. The leg sections are held into the tube sections by small pieces of plastic that slot into a small hole in the end of each section, when you pull a tube too far, this plastic hits the inside of the screw thread and prevents it being pulled out. Sometimes this plastic becomes dislodged, and you can pull the tube all the way out. Again, some epoxy could be used to easily secure the plastic in place, making the leg sections much more difficult to pull completely out.

Despite some weak points (rubber parts being a bit loose, ability to pull the legs completely off(all fixable with glue etc)), I do actually quite like this tripod. It's very compact and light, and offers a good amount of stability. Price wise I've not come across much that is cheaper that offers the features that this tripod does, without being much poorer quality. I'd honestly expect to pay maybe 50-75% extra to get a tripod that offers the same features but without the (fixable) issues.

Also note that the tripod comes with a nice small canvas carry bag, which helps for transporting it around.
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on 15 April 2013
I purchased this tripod and the first couple of times I used it I noticed that the Quick Release was loose as noted in some other reviews. It did however cause problems last week after I carried it for 3 hours on a photo walk and then it was not secure enough to allow me to use it for long exposure twilight photos.
I then scanned the reviews here and could not understand how so many users were happy with this quick release although there are a small number of reviewers with similar concerns to me.
BUT I have a solution. In my case, there is a cross-head screw at the pivot point of the lever that locks the quick release mechanism. I have tightened this screw and there is now no movement when it is locked in place.
I am now happy with the tripod, it now does what I need at a good price.
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on 31 January 2016
My husband bought this along with his new cannon 70 d, and writing this review. Setting up was very quick.and actually has taken some family group portraits of good quality. Getting to grips with the new camera hence cannot fully comment on tripod yet. But with 2 sec timer mode in reasonably windy conditions has taken this out for outdoor photography.As this is fairly light was not very confident that it would hold firm in thw windy condition but as shown on the product details there is a central hook for added stability. As I am 5' 10" the highest point was quiet comfortable. Impressed so far with the ease of opening and folding the legs.The screws, both tilt and swivel ,and the actual quick mounting system are easy to use and seems sturdy enough for this moderately expensive camera, for an amateur like me who would like to get more into photography.
review image review image
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 7 February 2014
I got this for £35 which is a bit cheaper than now - but I guess this is how it goes with so many positive reviews. I have used it with several cameras and it has done a great job.

+ light
+ it comes with a holding bag
+ very simple design which is possible to implement only using good quality materials
+ easy to use and to set up
+ great for shooting macro - basically the main pole can be reversed in such a way that the camera is mounted underneath the three legs. this means that you can get as close as you want to objects in macro mode - great feature.
+ it has a hook at the end of the main pole for mounting weights to increase stability if required
+ great flexibility in terms of positioning the camera only by using one screw - very convenient

- well, it's not cheap
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on 16 November 2016
I bought this tripod few months ago and it has done a fantastic job for me. I mostly shoot videos with some occasional photo thrown in the mix and this has not let me down. So far so good. The build quality is good and sturdy. Having a fluid head makes it so much better than other tripods that go for the ball head. It is not heavy at all to carry. The spirit level makes it very easy to balance the tripod. I have not had any problems with this and I have carried it everywhere I go. Comes with a neat carry bag which is a bonus.
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on 4 March 2017
I am not convinced it is a fluid head. Movement when panning is good but not as smooth as would be expected with proper fluid head. Having said that, I really like this tripod. It is well built and sturdy but does not seem heavy or overly bulky. Everything is easily and quickly adjustable. The quick release camera mount is good. I use it for video filming and it has been good to use indoors and on rough terrain where I can use the inbuilt level indicator get great consistent level shooting.
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on 28 November 2013
I purchased this tripod for my Lumix LX5 compact based upon the excellent reviews I'd read on it and I was not disappointed. As a lightweight tripod, it is very well constructed and you can feel the quality of the parts. The legs are 3 point extendable but are not braced, so at full extension the tripod feels a little flimsy. I'd read some reviews that the quick-release was problematic, but I found this very simple to use. The overall black satin finish is very good. A bonus is that the tripod is supplied with a decent quality carry bag. Highly recommended.
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on 21 September 2012
Received this item extremely quickly, well packaged both by seller and amazon. Wanted a compact tripod that would be easy to take with me. This one gives me all that I need and has a natty carry bag. I also wanted a ball head with a QR plate, adjustable legs (both length & angle) and the ability to either reverse the centre column or attach a second head at the opposite end (see my review for Hahnel ball head). This tripod has given me all that and despite having 4 section legs, remains stable even with my quite heavy dslr fixed to it. The plus to 4 section legs is that the tripod closes down quite small for carrying and gives a wide range of leg length adjustment. Seperate pan feature allows 360 degree movement, whilst ball head takes you everywhere you need in terms of camera positioning. Looks & feels very well made, solid & nicely finished. I am only an ameteur and have never owned top end equipment so cannot compare and I am not trying to do that with this review, however, I personally feel that I have purchased a great item and would recommend to others where cost is a consideration. Certainly don't feel that I have made a purchase that will be confined to the loft as unsuitable for use. Thanks Amazon!
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on 9 March 2014
Brilliant tripod, loads of features. Can be used for loads of different functions. Very stable on flat surfaces - not so great on grass/mud though. I think it can be weighted down with the hook to combat this problem. It can tilt pretty much every angle, definitely 99.99% standard shots. The spring loaded cap piece became loose, fix this by turning the screen underneath it a little with a screwdriver.
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