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on 24 March 2018
I found the Mark Wahlberg 'Lone Survivor' movie to be very upsetting, so I was nervous about reading this. However, it's an exceptional book, right up there with Andy McNab's 'Bravo Two Zero'. It gives an account of the combat experience of Marcus Luttrell, a US Navy SEAL. It details his SEAL training, which was really interesting. It then goes on to explain the events surrounding 'Operation Redwing', a combat mission in Afghanistan that ended up putting a 4 man SEAL team into close quarters battle with somewhere between 150-200 Taliban fighters, in the midst of the precarious Hindu Kush mountain range. It is a story of endurance, survival and extraordinary valour under fire.
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on 22 January 2015
A very good book. The bloke is clearly not a fan of liberals and I have to say I agree with him, but his multiple rants on the subject become tiresome as does his constant reference to God. But with that said, I'm a nothingist so it would irritate me, and shouldn't turn you off of purchasing the book. The final irritant is the self congratulatory undertone of the whole book, but that's a military thing common to nearly every soldier.

It's well put together and gives you a short, interesting insight into SEAL training and the famous 'Hell Week' that they have to go through, before launching into a version of the story a lot of you will have seen on the telly.

Overall I enjoyed it a lot, and happily recommend it. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has experienced combat in the name of protecting our perceived freedoms and whilst this won't make my top ten, I'm happy if the fella makes a bit of money off of my purchase.
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on 19 February 2014
I purchase this book following a film review of the film. Marcus Luttrell is the son of a Texas horse rancher who joins the US navy and is accepted for training as a navy SEAL. The book takes us through this rigorous training which is designed to test candidates to almost destruction, bringing out physical fitness. Marcus is also trained as a field Medic. Test failure sends men back to their units. Offices and Men can walk away. The only evidence of having been there is that they leave is there helmets in front of HQ. Marcus passes with flying colours and is given the Trident emblem and accepted into this élite band of brothers. Posted to Afghanistan he is chosen as part of a four man SEAL team to observe, seek out and destroy out a powerful Taliban commander. The team find themselves in country that is not suitable for this kind of operation as there is little cover, they lose contact with control and very soon there cover is blown. A fire fight results in which Marcus is wounded and blown over edge of the mountain down into the valley he is recued by Pashtun tribesmen who grant him LOKHAY , an honour bound pledge to aid, assist and protect strangers in need of help. Eventually Marcus is rescued by US army Rangers and evacuated back home where he is received as an all American hero being awarded the Navy Cross. This book is a must for those who enjoy military tales of heroism. It is well written, racy and exciting. It is a snip at the kindle price.
Buy it and enjoy it.
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on 21 March 2016
Unputdownable exciting, shocking, detailed, well written and described true account. The detail of SEAL training beforehand explains how Marcus survives as a true battle trained warrior. Thank goodness for heroes like SEALS and SAS, SBS and all armed forces. I bought the book after watching the film , unusual for me but so worth it. I'm female, mum and fifty and I couldn't put this down. Thank you Marcus for sharing and RIP to your heroic warrior buddies. Condolences and best wishes to their families .
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on 9 May 2018
Unbelievable story, could not put it down. I always have admiration for anyone who is military trained or who works in any form of emergency response. This story is phenomenal and excels in every way. Heroic and self sacrificing at a level beyond what one could even imagine. Regardless of my own political views or thoughts on war, in my opinion Marcus Luttrell deserves respect.
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on 1 April 2015
this is a very good book to read and i am still reading the book but it give you a understanding y they have to go
throw all that training and y it is put in place and the bond between the navy seals is very strong and i think
it makes you a better person and very loyal to your comrades and this goes with you through the ranks as they
never leave a man behind in any situation i have done similar training my self and you understand y that type
of training is there and it makes you a better person all round and stronger and confident if you can survive that
type of training you can survive anywhere once you get reading this book you can not put it down
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on 16 June 2015
Was recommended this book by some of my friends from the British Military (serving and ex) along with that of Chris Kyle. I have enjoyed every word, self some of the sorrow and shed a couple of tears whilst reading both books.

An amazing story of true bravery not just that of Marcus (whom tries to shy away from any self gratification and ego) but of his friends, his team mates and his brothers. We only hear bits of what happens and this is an amazing insight into real frontline warfare, brotherhood and friendship.

If you don't well up at least once I'd be surprised.
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on 22 February 2014
I saw the film first and thought that it would actually be impossible for the four man team to go through the fire fight with the Taliban, which involved falling down the mountain on numerous occasions while being shot a number of times. Having read the book it would appear that the film fairly accurately follows the book, which if it is true is a remarkable story of courage, above and beyond the call of duty.
It's worth a read but be prepared for the first part of the book covering in some detail the US Navy Seal's basic training which is a horror story in itself. A most bizarre story and in truth the film is very well made which gives it the edge over the book.
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on 13 March 2014
With all the spineless liberal people in this world how the hell is a soldier supposed to do his job? It is dangerous enough without rules and regulations stopping a man from doing his job to the best of his abilities. These men go into harms way to eliminate the threat to the hole world not just their own home towns.what these men went through was unbelievable how one survived was only a miracle. His will and determination second to none,lady luck by his side and god watching over him this man survived to tel the tale of his friends deaths and the events leading up and after.a brilliant read well written and hard to put down.
Thanks to all the troops that do their duty.
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on 21 December 2014
Watched the film then couldn't wait to read the real story behind the movie.

The recount is unflinching and sufficiently detailed (given what must be some censorship), but overall demonstrates the sheer colossal requirements to become a SEAL and the dangers these men face working in hostile territory.

But for this book (and the author's survival), many acts of heroism may have lost on the mountainside in enemy territory, but serves as a reminder of what the world's military must face to combat international terrorism and how so many other acts of heroism must take place but never reach public consciousness.

Semper fi!
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