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  • Peace
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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 11 January 2011
Although I already had the standard edition of PEACE, the additional songs, plus the DVD included made me get this edition for Christmas, and I was not disappointed.
The original songs were (are) excellent, so the additional ones just add to the pleasure the magnificent harmonies conjured by Robert Prizeman bring to you. It was, and is, even more interesting when you see the new lineup of soloists. Some new names are among them, but also some "old" ones, whom we had not heard leading a song before.
As usual, the songs are all very good; excellent, I should say. Mr. Prizeman has the ability to select just the particular voice he wants, and then he works his magic to complement it with the harmonies provided by the rest of the group. The result is always most satisfying.
And then we have the DVD, which offers five songs, some new, some "old", and a couple of opportunities to see the boys behind the scenes and talking freely about themselves and the group. For those who have not had the pleasure to seeing these boys performing live, this DVD offers a window through which you can get an idea of what that is like... who are the boys singing... and how do they act, play and talk when not on stage. If you are among those lucky to have seen them live... well, re-live that magnificent experience through this DVD!
The 18-month desk calendar (with lyrics to 18 songs) AND the signed mini-poster, are just "the cherry on top" for this delightful audio dessert.
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on 8 December 2010
If I'm being honest, it was with some trepidation that I purchased this item. You see, I already possess the original 'Peace' CD and, excellent though it is, I had my doubts about buying the deluxe edition just to have a few additional bonus tracks.

But I need not have worried. The extra tracks alone are worth the price of this absolutely sensational collection. And when you consider that there is also a beautifully produced DVD with no fewer than five of Libera's finest songs, including the superb 'Lullabye', an 'Introducing Libera' item featuring footage at their recent Arundel concert (in which you can clearly see the light reflecting from the back of my head, incidentaly) and a 'Behind The Scenes' piece that demonstrates how the magic of a concert is put together, you get some idea of the magnificence of this collectors' item.

You will note that I have awarded it five stars but this does not accurately reflect my thoughts. I awarded the same number to the original 'Peace' CD but I want to give this version more...much more. But until Amazon amends its review template, five is all I can offer.

But take it from me, double that number would not be inappropriate.


Having listened to the additional tracks many times now, I find myself repeatedly asking the question: Has there ever been a better song written than Eternal Light? A superb song performed and produced brilliantly! I really am running out of superlatives to describe this amazing album!!! Add a few more stars...
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on 4 March 2017
This music is spiritually uplifting and so soothing so would recommend to anyone . Will definitely be purchasing more by libera
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on 6 March 2010
I have just listened to Peace for the third time and there are just not enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe how wonderful this album is. All the songs on the album just seem to blend together to give 45 minutes of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.

The solos and harmonies on the whole album are just amazing. Of particular note though are the solos on Time, Ave Virgo, Gaelic Blessing and Panis Angelicus, truly stunning! The recording, mixing and production are first class and give this album a wonderfully peaceful celestial feel. I find it hard to think of another album I own that matches this. My favourite track on the album is, well all of them, that is how good this album is.

I feel that Libera have gone to a new level with Peace, surpassing their previous albums, which, bearing in mind how good they have been, is a fantastic achievement. Congratulations and thank you to all at Libera for producing this masterpiece. This is not just a five star album but a ten star one.

If you have never listened to Libera then I strongly suggest you do for they are with out a doubt this countries top choir/vocal group.
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on 10 March 2010

Not the most original opening to a review, I know, but it's the best I can think of having just listened to 'Peace' for the first time. In fact, it's difficult knowing just where to start with this mind-blowing album. I would like to choose a favourite track and wax lyrical about it but I can't. They are all perfection. They are all unarguably superb. They are all my favourites.

So it's not really fair to examine individual tracks but I'll have a go all the same. Track 1 - Sanctissima - is just magic. The record company offered it as a `taster' on MP3 a few months ago so many people will already be familiar with it. But if anyone thought it was a case of them putting the best fruit to the front of the stall, they were mistaken. Each and every other song is of equal quality. They even disprove the old adage 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. 'Deep Peace' was a superb peice performed on their earlier Luminosa CD and here it is again, only this time set to a different tune. The result? Brilliant! In fact, it even sounds better than the former version; no mean feat!

And then, after that, as you're sitting in a state of relaxation that might technically be a coma, comes Exscultate. This is a wonderful, lively little piece that takes you completely by surprise. It's probably the most un-Libera-like track on the album and I love it!

I'm resisting the temptation here to dissect every track but suffice to say that I adore all of them. Another version of 'Lacrymosa', the finest rendition of 'Panis Angelicus' you are ever likely to hear and then there is 'Touch The Sky'. This is written by Ben Crawley, arguably one of their finest ever soloists who now works his magic in stage and record production. This track really is something else. Using soloist James Mordaunt and a very close-mike, this takes you on a dreamlike journey that is every bit as mind-blowing as anything the Beatles could offer on their Sgt Pepper album.

But I'm rambling here and that's not helpful. So don't just take my word for it, buy it and experience it for yourself.

And I guarantee that you too will be rambling on about it for a long time afterwards!

I wrote the above review on the morning the CD arrived in my mail. By coincidence, it was the same day that I was due to go into hospital for an operation and I have been at home recovering since then. This means that I have been listening to 'Peace' pretty much non-stop during that time and I have reached the conclusion that this is, by a handsome margin, Libera's best album to date. Now, this is not a claim I make lightly as I hold each and every Libera CD with the greatest of respect. 'Free' was my favourite up until now but 'Peace' is just something else. And, yes, I HAVE now decided upon a favourite track: 'Touch The Sky'. Apart from it being an excellent song and a brilliant production, soloist James Mordaunt delivers it perfectly. Honestly, even if you only have the merest passing interest in Libera, this album is a must-buy. It can make even surgery in hospital a memorable and happy event! And I hope - that is, I KNOW - that you will gain as much enjoyment from it as I have.
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on 2 November 2010
rien de nouveau ni de très surprenant, qualité des voix et travail de studio restent très efficaces;
bonne nouvelle: les effets sur-ajoutés (bidules sonores, bouts de voix collés...) sont en voie de disparition
(Free avait atteint des sommets dans le genre !)et personne ne pleurera cette disparition ;

la reprise de "Panis Angelicus" n'apporte rien ;
très touchant "Touch the Sky"
"Lacrymosa" version Peace est très en dessous de la version Luminosa

bref, un bon disque, pas trop indispensable.
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on 8 April 2010
Actually, I'm doubly satisfied with this magnificent offering from Libera. I originally bought the CD and loved it. Then I saw that it was available in MP3 form and purchased this as well for my 50 mile train journey to and from work. Yes, I know that there are probably cleverer and more economical ways of doing this but bear in mind that you are reading the words of someone for whom a pocket calculator is the last word in mind-numbing technological advancement and digital music is a form of witchcraft. So my motto is 'Keep It Simple' and hang the expense. And thus I now have a CD and every track from it in MP3 format.

Now, the question forming on your lips will probably be "Why?" Why would I want to spen every spare waking hour listening to this music? And the answer is a very simple one: 'Peace' is, without a shadow of a doubt and by a handsome margin, Libera's finest album to date. Yes, I know it sounds like a rash claim when there is 'Free', 'New Dawn' and a host of other past masterpieces to consider but this definitely beats the lot. In fact, the quality is so high that it's difficult to settle on a favourite track. I adore 'Touch The Sky' - James Mordount's voice and his delivery complement this excellent Ben Crawley composition perfectly - but then there's 'Time', 'Exsultate', 'Panis Angelicus'...in fact, every track; all brilliantly done.

So don't hesitate...get downloading now and I'm sure that, like me, you'll be listening to this fantastic album at every opportunity.
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on 26 February 2010
Once more Robert Prizeman together with the 'Boys Band' Libera have created a masterpiece with their magical new album - 'Peace'. The musical arrangements by RP and singing by the boys are quite beautiful, with the added bonus of sublime singing by the soloists.The album is well named, as the overall effect is to bring a sense of peace and tranquility in a troubled world, wth some arrangements of well known and loved tunes together with some that are not so well known but will quickly become so. I strongly urge you to order a copy of this new album and then you too will become hooked by the magic of this choir and music
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on 26 June 2012
I have been a fan of Libera for only 8 months now but I have every album they have ever released. I have listened to them none stop at home in the car on my Ipod. This album 'Peace' was the only album I had not bought until now. I read the BBC review by Daniel Ross and was not to sure but after listening to it over and over again for about a week, I now question whether Daniel Ross really knows his stuff or not. This album is by far one of the best releases by Libera to date. The track 'Time' is just amazing I love the way in which Josh and Ben's voice's are so perfectly matched with the gentle blending of Sam and Ed in the background it's just magic. I would have bought the album just for this track alone. This album is indeed a master piece and I hope that others will see the careful and brilliant sculpturing of each track. If you have never heard of Libera before then this album is a great way to get you acquainted and is a must buy for anyone that would like a gentle and warm introduction to Libera. I have bought 6 copies now for different friends and family member and they are all hooked.
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on 15 March 2010
Libera's music has always been multi-action from the listener's point of view, and their latest album, "Peace", is no exception. It can bring down a fleecy calm that just nothing else could place between you and the madness around you, fuel spine-tingling moments when you realise you've exclaimed out loud because your personal grid voltage has been exceeded under the influence of a perfect blend of inputs, It will easily facilitate a state of contemplation, or else, as background sound, can simply be an essential part of the fabric of the oasis of your home.

Songs of the various kinds that are Libera specialisms will be looked out for eagerly as those who know and enjoy their music take in a new album. As usual, "Peace" contains some with words that would have serious worth even as poetry alone, such as "Time", "Gaelic Blessing" and "Faithful Heart", but which, with these singers, melodies and arrangements, really take you down deep in something special. There is a hymn, an old standard, "Lead, kindly light", that with this find-you-keep-singing-it melody, totally brilliant solo and overall superb performance has it's attractiveness and relevance 100 per cent restored. "Exsultate" contains a mix of English and Latin lyrics. It begins with an excellent, youthful skip and a jump of a solo, of which we hear more presently, bounces along and finishes with what for most performers in this general area of the singing range would be something of a leap of faith, but is achieved by Libera with tonal quality and control. There is also some Latin in the more sombre Church tradition, skillfully sung here as ever by Libera.

The mysterious and magical is present as usual, provided in "Touch the Sky", which is complete with stunning solo and perfect matching of song and voice. All of the soloists are in fact of the usual sky-high class of Libera, including every one of those who are fairly new to the group. Libera fans will be pleased at the inclusion of a solo by Tom Cully, "Ave Virgo", which must have been kept in the can since before he developed his adult voice and began producing his own classy material.

Somehow, the right music, performers with enough commitment and ability, and the energy to train them, just keep on coming. This is another album from Libera that it's worth spreading the word about if you want to be good to people.
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