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on 26 June 2010
I've just replaced a 1 year old Nokia 5800 with this and WOW, what a difference.

This runs the Android operating system & it has a 1Ghz processor in it, a beautiful AMOLED capacitive touch-screen, it's so sensitive, it can display a massive 16m colours and is 480 x 800 pixels. Brilliantly clear in all but the brightest conditions. The screens just flick/change over so quickly, it's an absolute joy compared to the Nokia 5800.

Camera? Yep! a 5MP one, which does some very nice "snap" pictures too, don't expect super shots, but they're ideal of that spur of the moment occasion, just keep the lens clean! The photo gallery can be accessed either by the small arrow button on the screen & Photo's option, you can then flick through all of the photos at great speed, select it and using gesture expand of shrink it.

The menus are easy to deal with once you get to grips with how things work, I'm not saying it's overly complicated, it's not it just takes some time to learn how things are done, you can create shortcuts on the home screen too. Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Email all here and just waiting to be configured and it has a step-by-step guide on how to do it too, just use the setup menu.

Plays all sorts of music files MP3s etc as well & if you plug in a set of headphones you can list to the radio too, it even has a built in app for YouTube (Just remember to check your data tariff on your mobile phone otherwise you could be in for one heck of a shock using it!)

There's Facebook, Twitter integrated into it (If you like that sort of thing, personally I think it's a waste of space!)

The local weather forecast is shown on the screen along with a massive clock, A camcorder facility, A voice recorder, Google maps, a PDF file viewer & Quickoffice all come with the phone + a few games too, a basic calculator as well.

Then there's the mobile internet too, so if you want more apps then use Android Market app, there's a lot of free games out there, plus loads of useful paid for apps too.

I'd recommend the following games:

Jewels, Solitare, Tetronimo & Trap all excellent time wasters.

If you live/work or travel in London there's a useful Tube app, (Journey Planner) for £1,49, a real excellent little thing with live information/updates.

Now, here's the BUT.

The battery life is pretty poor, I can charge it at night, use it moderately during the day, play games & surf the net and by evening it's nearly exhausted, this maybe remedied shortly when the new Android 2.2 (Froyo) comes out in the next couple of weeks.

So all in all, I'd recommend the phone without hesitation.

But I'd strongly recommend that you buy:

1. An extra battery (as it eats them!)
2. Extra chargers, BOTH Mains & Car (it only comes with a mains charger) so you can can top up anywhere it needs a MicroUSB cable.
3. An increase your data tariff on your mobile phone (because you're going to be on the web loads of the time, downloading apps. LOL!)
4. A screen protector.

If you've ever used an Ipod Touch or an Iphone, you'll feel completely at home with this phone.
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on 18 July 2012
Bought this from Amazon in September 2010, with 2-year HTC 'warranty'. Phone was great until early this year, when it would get red hot, crash and continually reboot until it either would settle (for a while) or freeze on the HTC splash screen and cook itself unless one pulled the battery out. I accept things can go wrong.

My dissatisfaction comes from my 'warranty' experience. It is clear (take a look on Google or YouTube) that many HTC Desires have a known motherboard fault. My phone is within warranty, so I send it off. Sure enough, I've been charged £110.00 to repair the phone (no description of fault) because it has 'damage' not covered by warranty. Presumably 'damage' is caused by switching-on and using? Alternatives are £22.00 to get it shipped back or scrapping it (HTC retain it).

Before the issue (and HTC returns experience), this was a great phone. I have decided to pay for the 'repair' as I should get at least another 18 months out of it - and cheaper than replacing outright.

UPDATE (14/10/2012).

I should say that after the (slightly annoying) paid-for repair, the phone has been superb. I've given it another star.
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on 23 December 2010
I was one of those people who jumped to sign up to an iphone at the start of last year and regretted it from about week 2. In my opinion, the iphone is the weak link in the Apple range and just lets the side down. Having been persevering over the iphone for a year, I finally took the plunge and went for HTC which I did seriously consider when I took the iphone (it was the Hero then).

I have to say, the HTC wins hands down. Okay, its not perfect, but then what is. The battery life is still not great, but then I suspect that it never will be good compared to those old Nokias which we used to charge once a week... lets face it, the apps are going to be power hungry, and I think I 'fiddle' or play with the phone a lot more than I ever did with the old ones.

But other than that the HTC has
** Better battery life than the iphone in my opinion
**A huge improvement on the signal strength (I firmly believe that Apple have had an issue with signal way before the iphone 4 was launched). I can now use my mobile at home (never could with the iphone
**A much nicer interface than the Hero did one year ago (a prime reason not to go with it then)
**A good sized on screen keyboard - reducing my mis-types a lot (although the predictive text has some interesting interpretations of what you are trying to say)
**Decent download speeds for apps and updates
** I also like the notification bar at the top of the screen giving a shortcut to any messages, mails, or alerts that appear there

Down sides (for me) are:
** Its not an Apple - I have a Mac and the iphone has seemless integration with it and the other Apple products which this doesn't have, but to be fair I haven't tried to sync it to any computer yet.
** Its very slow to start up from a power down - but then I found this true of the iphone too (compared to other Apple products)
** Adding thigs to the home screen is a bit more cumbersome than with the Apple, and some things you just can't add (like Favourite people) - you basically have to start with a theme and customise it

Having said that, I would not go back to an iphone at this point unless Apple radically improve and re-design it and would recommend this phone to anyone. Basically, I love it.
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on 25 July 2010
I picked up this little chap a couple of weeks ago and I must admit I thought I was going to hate it after the first 24 hours. Having "played" with it for another day or two and learning how it works, I now think it's brilliant. I haven't used all of the features and I don't suppose I ever will but the bits I do use all function well and reliably. From what I have seen so far, the Desire is more than a match for the "iPony"!
Battery life is not great, I guess it will get better when I spend less time fiddling but, at the moment the phone doesn't like to be more than a few hours away from a charger. I reckon you can get a couple of days out of the battery if you only send and receive half a dozen emails/texts per day and make a few phone calls. If you play games, you'll probably be looking for your charger within about 90 minutes but, you should be able to watch around 4 hours of video so at least you know you can watch pretty much any film starting with a full charge.
All in all, it's a great piece of kit, and best of all it's not named after a fruit!
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on 24 July 2010
I was showing this phone to a couple of colleagues the other day. They thought at first that I had an iPhone until I set them straight.
The phone is very responsive, courtesy of the Snapdragon 1GHz processor, and is very happy to have half a dozen applications running at once. In fact, most applications can't actually be closed - you just minimise them and let the phone close them if it needs the memory. In fact, this is one of the strengths of the phone - as a colleague said: It has a _real_ operating system! (a reference to some of the competition)

The phone is nearly perfect. The screen, while not _quite_ as good as an iPhone4, is as good as you could want, and much better than an iPhone 3G. I was slightly wary about it before seeing it because I read about some weird trickery they did with the screen pixels which means that the advertised pixel count is not strictly accurate (a pixel is supposed to have Red, Green, and Blue dots, but on this screen each pixel has only 2 of those colours). But surprisingly this doesn't have the negative effect you would expect.

As a phone it works very well. Maps and email work well. There are hundreds of applications you can download from the Android App Store (although a great number of them are junk).
Limitations: I would like to be able to select the "open" time per email account - that is, for my work email, I would like to receive emails to my phone Mon-Fri 9-6, but with my personal email account I'd like a much wider window. The window cannot at this stage be selected per account.
The battery only just lasts a day. But that is the price you pay for a beautiful large screen like this.

I would buy it again. In fact, I did: My first phone was faulty and Amazon offered me a refund. I chose to get a replacement phone. Very happy.
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on 4 May 2010
Well, this is an Android phone, no point going over the basics.

The differences:

Solid build quality- typical HTC.

Really nice OLED display, and decent multitouch accuracy.

Fast CPU- everything is snappy as hell.

Voice, GPRS, 3G etc. all work well. GPS works surprisingly well for a mobile phone.

All in all, a really high-quality unit. This is the first time that I have bothered to buy a really expensive phone- finally smartphones are starting to get as good as PDAs used to be as computers-to-go. Android is a really decent platform now, and this is a really good example of the species.

Yes, the price is fluctuating at the time of writing, and stock levels are dropping crazily. Worth it, though- really nice.
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on 6 November 2010
This is my first smartphone. I've previously used Nokias, Sony-Ericssons and an iPod Touch (the iPhone without the phone!), so I was keen to dip my toes into the world of Android phones.

I looked around a bit and was not interested in the Motorola, SE or Samsung Android models (truth be told, I've never liked Samsung's phones). HTC has really been on a role of late and I narrowed my choices down to the Desire or the Wildfire. While the Wildfire was cheaper, the Desire is of better build quality (no metal strip on back, tactile buttons at the bottom of the front, etc.). Also, the Super LCD screen was a real bonus as I read about many apps being written for the higher-resolution screens and not scaling down well on lower-resolution screens such as the Wildfire's.

Overall, the experience has been superb and I'm very thrilled with the product. It has so many little features that make it a joy to use.

I did not give it 5 stars as: (1) it's very pricey (thought not the fault of the product itself), and (2) battery life is a bit weak with a re-charge required just about every day. I can eek out battery life to two days if I don't use wifi or the games that I've downloaded but where's the fun in that!

Other than that, a great product. If you have the money and are looking for an Android smartphone, go for it!
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on 24 March 2013
I had a Desire for almost two years when it fell 18 inches from my shirt pocket onto gravel - and the screen cracked!
Everything worked except it would not make phone calls? I sent it off for repair but was gutted to be told it was beyond repair.
Searching Amazon I found this new unused insurance replacement and was so pleased to get it, especially at the price.
However, I soon found that the internal memory was full and so I could not even update existing Apps or download new ones.
I now have a Nexus 4, which should never get full with its 2GB of memory.
The Desire is now safely stored for a rainy day.
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on 31 December 2010
After using iPhone 3G for more than one and half years, thought of moving to non-apple smartphone.
Reasons behind this move were:
1. One cant copy any data to/from iPhone without iTunes. Even though one can Jailbreak and by-pass this, Jail breaking involves lot of risk.
2. Bluetooth works only with Apple devices. This rendered the Bluetooth obsolete for me. I was never able to use Bluetooth.
3. Wi-Fi stopped working few months ago. The Apple provides only 1 year warranty. I was unable to get my iPhone replaced as the warranty was expired by then.
4. Was locked to a network. One can get it unlocked using third party softwares, but at the risk of loosing warranty and some functionalities as the third party softwares are not always reliable. Even though one can get an expensive SIM Free iPhone, but i felt iPhone doesn't deserve that huge cost.

After digging loads of online reviews, i chose HTC desire and Samsung galaxy. Desire has impressed me than galaxy. So finally bought this phone.

Compared to other Smart phones available in the market, this phone has pros as well as cons.

Let me list the pros first:
1. Good value for money.
2. Display: High resolution screen. Its 3.7 inch while iPhone4 is having 3.5 inch display. This makes a lot of difference while watching video or running any apps on full screen.
3. Less expensive: The SIM Free version is available at 350 GBP, while iPhones are at 500 GBP (3G) and 600 GBP (iPhone4).
4. SIM free version: iPhone's versions are too expensive compared to Desire. This is a big blow to iPhone. Because you can use this Desire anywhere in the world without any worries.
5. Weight: Its lighter than iPhone by 2gms. This doesn't make much difference though.
6. Wi-Fi: I have been using the Wi-Fi extensively since i bought the phone (since Nov 2010), have never faced any issue.
7. Bluetooh: Works with any other devices.
8. You can copy data to/from the Desire very easily. Its as easy as transferring data from a USB drive.
9. Browsing: Internet browsing is very easy. It very fast when you are on wi-fi.
10. Customizable Home screens.
11. Extendable menory.

Cons are:
1. Poor Battery life. I have to charge it at least once in a day even when i use it less.
2. The Android market is not as good as iTune stores. Few of the apps downloaded from the market crashes many a times.
3. Sound: The speakers are not as strong as that of iPhone.

Overall, this phone justifies its cost and the best Smartphone available in the market as of now. Its worth buying!!!
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on 25 February 2011
My first smartphone. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it has exceeded them. I have no issues with battery life - it easily lasts 24 hours. I have push email set and also 2 other POP3 accounts. I have 3G on all the time and Wireless occasionally. I've never needed to run any form of memory tidy up program and it all just works. The camera is OK. Not a subsitute for a real one, but it does what is says on the tin. Best of all, it works as a phone - so they've got that right too.

Suggestions: Buy a screen protector. Buy the largest Micro-SD card you can afford (I've got a 16gb one) because you can soon fill up the default one with music. Buy spare USB leads if you work away from home (like I do occasionally).
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