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on 3 October 2010
Have had this phone for 3 weeks now and while still finding new things every day I am thoroughly delighted with it. The phone was easy to set up and to get started - just inserted my contract sim card and switched on and it was immediately active. The first thing to notice was the clarity of the screen, easily the best I have seen and that's including the iphone. I would advise that you go straight to the HTC site and download the user manual as the phone only comes with a quick set up guide. Once this was done I was free to start customising the home screen which is a simple process. The keyboard is easy to use and when texting or emailing errors are spotted and corrected - this can be turned off but I find it a great help. I have used the camera/video function on holiday and the quality is the best I have experienced on any of my previous phones. Battery life seems to be a problem for other users but if you switch the wireless function off when not in use it helps to prolong the time between charges. I currently have to charge the phone about every 3 days and it is always switched on. So far this phone appears to be much better value than the iphone and I am an Apple convert.
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on 20 December 2011
I have had this phone for a year and I am absolutely delighted with it. HTC as a brand has created phones which easily rival Iphone and Samsung and the HTC Legend is no different. The benefits of HTC is the ability to personise your phone so much more so that the Iphone. The HTC is easy to use and can be set up to suit your personal needs, making the things that you use on a daily basis easily assessable and only one touch away.

The size and weight of the phone are perfect and it has a nice sleek silver case.

If I have one issue then it is the fact that it only has a 5mp camera, which is the same as the Iphone, but alot more smart phones are now introducing 8mp and even 12mp cameras.

This is a great phone and i would highly recommend it to anyone who ask. Obviously as time goes on this phone will be out of date and better phones with faster processors and better technology will be available. But I know my next phone will only be the next version of the HTC Legend!
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on 24 September 2010
I took out a contract with the HTC Legend about six months ago. Basically I wanted a touchscreen smartphone that wasn't an iphone!I'm sure some of you are in the same position.
Being a bit of a fan of open source software, the Android system appealed. That coupled with the generally positive reviews I found online for the handset convinced me to go for it.
To start with, the look and feel: It does look like a quality product. The fact that it's been formed out of a single block of aluminium does make you feel that you're holding a classy piece of kit, it's quite heavy (in a good quality sort of way) and the amoled screen is covered with a super smooth lump of glass.
It boots (reasonably) quickly into the HTC Sense interface which is user friendly in a kind of uninspiring way, just don't expect an iphone level of pleasure. I suppose it's pretty enough but it lacks the thought that's gone into the Apple OS. That being said there are some nice features, my favourite being the pinch of the main screen that brings up mini versions of your assignable desktops which you can then navigate to at a touch.
This is all sounding quite positive so far isn't it?! Well here comes the negative stuff.
For a start it gets a hopeless reception. In areas where I know that the Vodafone signal is strong it will suddenly drop out completely. I was forever getting cut off mid sentence during calls. It also loses the 3G reception all the time, I spent a month in London and even in the middle of the city I'd get 3G for a few seconds and then lose it, useless if you want to take advantage of decent internet browsing - presumably one major reason for getting the handset.
The battery life makes the phone (for me at least) unusable. With your mobile internet connected (for email) you get one day. This may be because it's constantly losing signal and having to search for it all the time. Whatever is causing it, you have to charge every night. There are free apps available which help but they conserve battery by turning off most of the phone's features, effectively making it a standard phone and therefore pointless.
Another issue is that I was constantly having to remove pocket fluff from the headphone jack. There's a 3.5mm hole in the top of the phone, if they'd thought to put some sort of plug on it so that things don't fall in, the problem of bad connections with your headphones would not happen. Mine would come out constantly meaning that my music would start playing out loud, not really what everyone wants to hear. I ended up having to walk around holding the plug into the phone.
The music playing software on the phone is awful in comparisson with itunes. You would think that HTC would have looked at itunes (to my mind, easily the best on the market) and tried to take the good things from that. Instead they've provided the sort of player which would have looked ok on a device 7 or 8 years ago. It's slow, crashes all the time and looks horrible.
Speaking of crashing. The phone crashes fairly frequently, enough to become a serious issue for me.
I personally don't think there's a lot of point in touchscreen phones (having owned one). It seems to me like a stop gap technology until things like epaper become cheap enough. The concept is nice but what you end up with is this enormous, power-hungry device which has to be kept in a tacky looking case of some sort so that all that glass doesn't get scratched and then the nature of these phones mean that the screens are constantly covered in greasy finger prints. You can hardly see what's being displayed when you're outside in bright sunlight - granted this has always been an issue with mobile phones but at least with buttons you could almost feel your way around, with touchscreen you spend the whole time hiding the phone in the shade just to see what you're doing.
As I say, they're a nice idea and if you really must buy one - as cliched as they've become, get an iphone. The interface is beautiful and, like all Apple products, they work! As for me, I sold my Legend and went back to my old Sony Ericsson K800i which does almost everything that the Legend does, only faster and with 4 day battery life!
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on 4 May 2010
The Legend is solidly built phone with excellent features and an ever increasingly capable operating system in Android.

I can't find anything particularly disappointing about the phone but I can identify areas where future models could improve this brilliant handset to make it just about perfect, namely a higher resolution screen perhaps slightly bigger, say 3.5 inch screen as opposed to 3.2, an easier to use on screen keyboard to make text input faster, also it seems to lack voice dialling & voice recognition input which is on Google's Nexus One phone.

Other improvements would lie in the operating system which uses HTC's Sense UI running over the top of the Android operating system which whilst being very good indeed could be improved with easier methods of accessing the many applications on the phone as well the many great ones that your bound to want to down load.

But if you do buy this phone you will not be disappointed as from experience it is one of the best smartphone's out there just now.
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on 9 August 2010
I have been using my legend for about a month now so i have had time to iron out any problems with connectivity to pc and other minor gripes.(other reviews slate this phone because of pc connection issues which in my experience are third party software conflicts i.e firewalls ,anti virus etc so are of no relevance to the phones performance) although this phone is by no means perfect, the compromises made i.e. compact design/less processing speed, are well balanced and do not impact on my experience as a user.
signal in general is fair to good. similar to that of the iphone using Vodafone network in a direct comparison.the screen is supurb bright and clear. wifi works well with no connection problems as stated by others.internet browsing works well but does disconnect on occasion. The google based satnav is superb and i have ditched my old satnav as a result, texting is average but not for the large fingered, voice calls clear with no problems. Battery life is good in comparison to iphone.the camera works well in low iso levels but as you would expect for a phone camera, you get poor results in low light. Thankfully it has a flash so this is not so much of a problem. video recording and playback is excellent.

overall. if your looking for a entry to mid level compact stylish android, with out question this is the phone for you. if your a technology geek then you may well out grow this in 6 month so consider the more powerful desire.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2010
Wait till you get your hands on one of these!!!

Whilst the HTC Desire gets all the limelight, I personally don't like the bigger phones (which is why I never bought an iPhone either). This is the perfect phone for me. I came froma HTC Hero, which I was very pleased with (more so, since it got the 2.1 Android update). The Legend is very similar (same size, similar weight), but the build quality, screen quality (AMOLED), and aluminium body takes the quality to a new level.

The Legend is currently running Android 2.1, but HTC are rolling out Android 2.2 ( aka "Froyo") to it's 2010 handsets, which include the Desire, Legend and Wildfire. That said, even with 2.1, it's VERY fast to navigate (the Hero used to "chug" sometimes). Like the Hero 1.5>2.1 update, the Legend will be even better once it gets 2.2, however it's not a desperate for it like the Hero was.

Featurewise, it lacks nothing, it's got GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G Proximity and movement sensors.

In short, if you like big phones, big displays get a Desire. If you want a slightly less "iPhone clone" Android handset, or coming from the Hero but want more of the same, but better, then get the Legend, it truly is Legendary.

The best bits:

Build quality
Full featureset

The bad bits:
Nothing springs to mind. It's VERY hard to fault it.
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on 2 May 2010
No doubt the legend is a great device unfortunately its a poor telephone.Had to return to amazon after five days of constant switching on and off as the phone froze then hung
whilst texting or attempting to make phone calls.Expect to see the android error notice on a regular basis.Apart from this obvious shortfall in a mobile telephone the rest of the package was excellent.In summation destined to give the I pod touch a good run for its money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HTC Legend Sim Free Android Smartphone (Hero2)
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on 11 August 2010
Good as a PDA, but connectivity with wi-fi, and vodafone is quite poor, I need to be in the same room as my wifi router to get a signal, wheras other phones connect all over the house. Bad experience with conncting to vodafone in the cambridge area, but i note they have weak coverage there. Its the 3G data connection that is poor, Driving in Central London, and assaying it over the Tooting area No connection in Tooting no connection in Wimbledon, but OK in raynes Park and new Malden, the issue is dealt with in many comments on the users strikes me that the phone companies have a vested interest in making the data connection poor otherwise we'd all use Moblyer or Skype to make calls
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on 26 July 2012
'Upgraded' from HTC Hero (only because my Hero wouldn't unlock to three network)

This review goes the same as for that product (
plus a few changes:
First a note: as with other review, I'm not a 'normal' end-user. My Hero was, and still is, my 'mini-computer'. The Legend is a replacement for my house phone and broadband.

Major bonuses upgrading from Hero:
Navigation: The Compass is more accurate and the GPS locks on very, very much quicker.
AMOLED screen helps, a bit, on bright days.
Wifi Hotspot - no longer need it USB plugged to my laptop. Provides coverage throughout the house

Major faults: As many have mentioned, reception and battery life are bad. (no issue to me as it's always at home, plugged in)
Don't blame the designers - stupid consumers want pretty phones, so they'e had to do away with bulky backs or extending antenna.
If I bought any smart phone as my main mobile phone I'd kick myself hard and wonder why I didn't keep my 15 yr old extendable aerial phone. (What do you want - 4 bars, or 1?)

As with my Hero, I love the functionality of this little device.
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on 26 March 2011
Excellent smart phone which is feature heavy and open to a wealth of free apps on android app store. Above average camera with flash. Touch screen is very responsive and the keys are easy to press. Using on orange/tmobile and suffered no poor signal or call quality as some seem to have suffered with. HIGHLY RECOMMEDED.
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