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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2002
I cried when I first listened to this album. That should be all the recommendation you need.
That said, "Terria" will definitely not appeal to everyone. It's a monster - a huge, rising-and-falling wall of multilayered sound - and it's very, _very_ loud. But at the same time, it has a peculiarly fragile beauty, especially during the softer tracks like "Deep Peace" and "Nobody's Here", and an inescapable sense of scale pervades the whole album. The production is massive in scope, and some of the most polished I've heard on any album.
But what's really amazing about this work of art (for it is just that) is the man who created it. Devin Townsend is a frankly brilliant guitarist, and here his work really shines to a level far beyond his previous albums, with the trademark multi-layered guitar sections offset by some great solo work. His voice is just incredible as well - I've rarely heard such a vocal range. Drumming by Gene Hoglan of Strapping Young Lad is flawless, bass guitar (played by Craig McFarland) is wickedly deep and sexy, and the keyboard ambience finishes the whole thing off perfectly.
Overall? If you even remotely enjoy rock music and yet don't like this album, you're weird. It's a masterpiece. And given Townsend's previous achievements including S.Y.L. and Infinity, that's saying something.
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on 24 September 2001
It has got to be said, this man Devin is one mad genius of a musician! Terria takes a much more organic root than previous albums (Ocean Machine, Infinity, Physicist) and focuses much more on the layers of sound that Devin is so praised for.
Terria is not an album of songs, i guess the expression is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Although the record is not as heavy as its predecessors, it still maintains the Devin 'Sound' and the musicianship is outstanding (check out the drumming towards the end of the album).
Devin's voice has the same great mix of soothing smoothness, cheezy metalness and death thrashiness and is used to good effect. Standout track must be Earth Day which bangs and flows with such fluidity that it rivals the best of Devin's past work.
If you're a fan of Devin's work with Steve Vai then you'll probably appreciate this record as it has the same kind of super ego attitude (Devin describes the album as a Heavy Metal tribute to the Earth). Terria also echoes signs of all his solo work at points and is a fantastic and important addition to this mans amazing discography. You won't be dissappointed.
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on 10 April 2009
The biggest shame of Devin Townsend's career is that he will never recieve the full appreciation he deserves. He will forever be the unknown gem of the music world, for reasons as much down to him as anyone else.

It's a tragedy in a way, for the lack of publicity given to this fabulously talented songwriter means that thousands of people will never get to hear Terria, an absolute masterpiece that transcends the metal genre into something bigger and far deeper.

From epic eyeball-suckers like "Earth Day", to the ridiculous catchiness of "Stagnant", via the sheer incredible beauty of "Deep Peace", this album will make you want to destroy all the other albums in your collection, in sheer unabashed rage that they aren't as good as this.

Get this now. Don't even think about it. Get it, for the love of God.
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on 5 August 2016
Limited Edition ? - Yet all the reviews are about the original cd release which if you go onto that page you will see is identical to this page......but it's a different album ! - Hence "Limited Edition" ......So a track listing would be good.....Has it just one extra track ? ....Maybe three ? ....maybe a second disc.....Who knows.....& there is another Limited Edition with a different cover which does say 2 disc.....but again - no track listing & yep.....exactly the same reviews as the single cd original release......So - No clue - No sale !
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on 16 November 2001
Devin Townsend is one of those artists you can never pin down. He flips from one musical style to the next without ever losing his intensity or ear for production. 'Terria' is his latest offering, released a year after 'Physicist', and quite drastically different. Where 'Physicist' thrashed, 'Terria' soothes. 'Physicist' exploded out of the speakers, 'Terria' builds and grows, then fades. Devin discribes this album as a 'heavy metal tribute to Earth'. And you can see what he means, the songs are huge, powerful churning compositions. Intense and brutal in some ways ('Mountain' and 'Earth Day'), epic and tender in others ('Deep Peace, Nobody's here') and everything else in between. The album rarely kicks in a 'shake out the dandruff' fashion, perhaps 'the fluke' and parts of 'Earth Day' are the main up tempo tracks, but this isn't to the album's detriment. This is as close to a concept album as Devin is likely to produce and the focus of the album appears not to be creation of white noise and songs that you struggle to hold on to, but one of a man coming to terms with his place in the grand scheme of things. It's a contemplative album. Occassionally angry, sometimes tender but always a reflection of one man's vision of himself and his planet. It's hard to describe the individual songs as this ablbum works too well as a whole. Go listen to see what I mean. Oh, and if you cxan get your hands on the limited edition do so, 'the universal' is just a brilliant song! And there's some classy footage of the man live. Buy this and everything else he's ever done, his musical genius knows no end.
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on 20 July 2006
This is devin townsends fourth solo album and was released in 2001,and as far as im concerned is his best solo effort yet.What some people cant grasp is that while the brains behind strapping young lad,the devin townsend band are not a carbon copy,they are the more melodic twist in devins soul,the beauty of this album is in the perfect sounds that radiate from the songs,ambiance and keyboards,piano and samples are as important as the guitars here and devins vocals are laid back and each song is a journey that inspires various emotions,this is an album that could sit alongside the beatles albums as much as it could any strapping young lad release.

The album is filled with epic tracks that reach for the skies and take you with them,the first three tracks are simply awe inspiring,olives,mountain and the stunning earth day.Deep peace and canada follow and again the quality is heightened,pretty much tear inducing stuff.Nobodys here,tiny tears and stagnant are again lessons of how powerful music can be,there is deep thought to all these songs,you must hear this!
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on 19 October 2013
If you're new to Devin, the best advice I can give is never judge on a first listen. Usually it's by the 2nd or even 3rd you fully appreciate every element of what's been put into a song. The lyrics are usually ironic slants on things, Dev really is a fan of slating people who do what they are told they want to do, and the best example of this is also my fave song on the album, Earth Day. This song has got the lot, harsh extreme 100mph slam your head off a wall riffs, then slower singing, then a beautiful melodic chorus (eat your beets, don't eat your me, it sounds awesome), so even though this isn't his best album, it's still kick ass
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on 26 October 2006
Bands must listen to Devin Townsend with envy and incredulity. He is quite simply playing on another level to anyone else I have heard in the last few years. I think the man a genius in the truest sense. This album has so many strengths, so much heart, depth, melody and intensity that he has surpassed even himself. This album has to be taken-in and enjoyed as a whole - it cannot be broken down into hits and highlights, as the songs merge into one natural being. This is a milestone in music. His best yet. Are you worthy?
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on 23 September 2001
Where Physicist was a step to the side, Terria is definitely a step forward. While it includes all the best things that Devin has done before - the vast and beautiful tunes of Biomech, the absolute craziness of infinity, the sheer heaviness of SYL, and the truly slick sound of Physicist - it has a lot more which, while fresh sounding, is all recognisably Devin. It contains many an allusion to previous works of his (colonial boy, planet rain) as well as things that sound to me like Final Fantasy vii and Pugwall. The best thing about this album for a fan is that finally Devin uses his guitar in the foreground! He's done it before but never as much. Like Ocean Machine this album hits me like no other artist can. Perhaps it's the heart, maybe the soul, maybe it just satisfies my appetite for cheese. Much like Biomech, the concept - the earth and the natural world n' stuff - really shines through the music. It makes you look at nature as a little more holy. y'knah?
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on 23 January 2011
Hello all,
I agree with so much of the positive praise for this album by the other reviewers. I have been late to discover Devin Townsend, and listened to bits of Terria on Youtube after reading someones top 5 metal albums review.It is an album like no other, and proves to me as long as I live I will always discover that never- before- heard perfect album.

Yes, it is epic, towering, huge in sound and scope yet as another reviewer said, fragile at the same time.There is no brute force here, it's majestic and organic. The guitar, bass,drums and vocals all combine beautifully into a true rock classic. It may now be my best ever album.Listening to it is like an absolution of sorts.My favourite song - tiny tears; the song drips with power and emotion and the final vocal section rising to a crescendo brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it.
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