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Customer reviews

2.3 out of 5 stars
2.3 out of 5 stars
Cut [DVD] [2010]
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on 17 August 2014
Technically ambitious but desperately unimaginative in every other sense, a Brit slasher pic that really should not have seen the light of day. The ambition is in the decision to shoot all 80 mins of it in one take…no cuts at all. Why oh why? There is no fathomable purpose to this beyond perhaps enabling a poor in-joke in the title. Unfortunately the lighting and sound crew fail abjectly to rise to the challenge. The lighting veers between painfully bright and nearly invisibly dark, with the sound bouncing from loud to inaudible depending on how close the nearest mike at the time was. It looks like an amateur hand-held video, which might work, except that isn’t supposed to be one of that burgeoning sub-genre. It’s just piss poor cinematography. There is a sub-Scary Movie self awareness in the script, but both plot and performances needed a lot more work and a lot more wit before they started even thinking of hiring cameras. A couple of claps for getting a movie made at all but my guess is one of the crew had a rich daddy and that there was just no-none brave or sensible enough around to advise them against pushing this pile of s*** into production.
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on 11 June 2010
What first made me want to watch this was when I read that this was the World's first single continuous shot Horror film. Sadly for what seems on paper as a fresh and unique premise for a film. In reality turned out to one of the most amateurish efforts I had ever witnessed. The whole execution of this film is poor. From sound mixing to acting, everything is abysmal. This film relies heavily on dialogue. It's just a shame that the script must have been written by a first grade drama student. And to make matters worse the cast are truly appalling and can't deliver a line to save their lives. I have never been so bored watching a horror as I was watching this. Thank goodness the running time is just over an hour. (Although it did seem longer) But what really makes this terrible is the fact that the opening scene manages to make glamour girl Danielle Lloyd look like an Oscar winning actress compared to what follows. A wretched, monotonous and complete failure of a film. PLEASE AVOID
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on 25 July 2011
I have to say I loved this film. Okay the sound was fairly poor and the story didn't totally explain itself...but many horror movies don't...and they don't have to!
This film doesn't take itself too seriously and is, in essence, a very British horror.
I won't go on about plot line and the out on a limb one take filming, as that's for others to decide. But the whole "stuck in a room and out of your depth stupidity that goes with it" thing worked for me. I know people who would react and rant on like that! (I dunno if that says more about me than the film but, hey...).

Don't expect "Transformers" or "The Exorcist" but just enjoy it for what it is.
We did...and it didn't disappoint.
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on 28 March 2010
A.Maffei asked could it get any worse? NO!
What this film is attempting is beyond me but it's not even a film in my opinion. It's the worst possible attempt at contemporary British cinema that anyone could ever produce.
Apparently shot in one single scene, this is where some of the other reviewers have given it credibility. This woefully scripted disaster is compounded by the fluctuating sound; which at its high notes, is scarier than anything you will find in the movie itself.
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on 11 August 2010

This film provides one major gimmick. That is that the film is one continuous shot with no editing from start to finish. It's an ambitious idea, but it proves to be the films undoing.
Watching the cast and crew interviews after I had watched the film, the director Dominic Burns who also plays Michael in the film trys to sum up the plot in a couple of sentences. I'm glad he did as I was slightly confused as to the killers motivations. As this is a film with a very slight plot, it's a bit worrying that I found myself flumoxed. There is a parodic feel to the film for most of the running time which suddenly evaporates as the killings begin. It's an uneasy shift in focus that doesn't really work. There is some witty dialogue but much of the banter between the characters seems forced and unrealistic. Full marks though to Michael Socha as Jimmy, the foul mouthed Pizza delivery expert.
As for the casting of Danielle Lloyd, well it's a very clever marketing ploy to give her so much prominence, such as posing provocatively on the DVD cover, as her role is thankfully very small. Ms Lloyd cannot act for toffee.
So why did I award this release three stars after outlining its many faults. Well, despite of these faults I enjoyed watching the film, and I found it a pain free viewing experience. I just wish that Dominic Burns had concentrated as much on plot as he did on promoting the film's gimmick and celebrity guest star. An interesting concept with a muddled execution. Nice extras on the disc too. 3 out of 5
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on 13 March 2010
An interesting approach to film making it has to be acknowledged to film from start to finish in one continuous shot, no scenes, cutting to other cameras etc. It is filmed incredibly well, not with awful shaky hand-cams but with a good quality steady cam. In that regard because it is so professionally filmed it would be unfair to just label this approach as a gimmick; it deserves more credit and kudos than that.
This way of filming does however throw-up unique challenges. If things don't go exactly right, lines not delivered just right, action scenes not coming off etc a film like this on a tight budget has to just go with it, unless it happens right at the beginning whereby filming could start again from the top. 'Cut' did expose the limitations of some of the acting at times, it seemed that there was a tendency for the cast to over-act a tad, acting maybe more commonly associated with a theatrical stage production than a horror film and this didn't always translate to film very well.
Also because the film is 'live' to all intents and purposes it is very difficult to depict killings, brutality, gore etc in any realistic sense and more often then not these scenes occurred either slightly off screen or masked by bad lighting. Not really a cop-out because of the logistical difficulties of pulling these bits off but one of the limitations of filming in this way.
The story involves a group of friends staying at a remote house who find themselves under siege by a bunch of demented, sinister face painted 'clowns' The large clown guy in particular was very impressive in his movement and pervading aire of menace but not all of the characters in 'Cut' were as interesting. I did also find some of the dialogue poor at times and the backstory of a non-disclosed secret one of the cast had which may have explained the reasons for this seemingly random attack fell rather flat for me and was quite clumsily overly inferred and referred to throughout.
I didn't realise that Danielle Lloyd is briefly in this (and is the one on the cover) seemingly for no other reason then as an unneccessary marketing ploy. She certainly isn't provocatively posed in it as she is presented on the dvd cover. Anyway for your money you get an average horror type film filmed in a very interesting way with little in the way of gore, sex, fully fleshed out characters or Ms Lloyd. In isolation the film is nowhere near strong enough to stand on its own merits but is not a bad experience overall in light of the techniques employed.
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on 2 October 2010
I got so excited about this movie! One continual shot. No edits. Its special right?? Oh dear god no!!! Dont get me wrong the camera work is exquisite and its totally genious to make the movie in one continuous shot it really is but the lack of a decent cast of actors and an abysmal plot makes what could have been an astounding film, rather laughable.
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on 21 March 2010
I doubt it could get worse than this.
I found it a totally meaningless and useless film.
We're more than used to psycho killers movies,
I mean why did they have to shoot one more ?
Besides the whole movie is a big commonplace,
scene we've watched over and again.
The only good thing is the movie's quite short.
Thank God.
So I strongly advise You all against buying this item.
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on 2 March 2010
I caught the premiere of this a couple of weeks ago. The film claims to be the first horror movie filmed in a single take - which I think is totally audacious - and I was really impressed with the energy that this technique injected. It was a really intense experience, the music was acting was great and there was a good amount of gore!! Definately a top quality UK slasher, much better than many of the cliched US slashers out there. Recommended, 9/10
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