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on 12 November 2010
I cannot understand why this product is rated so highly. Yes the sound quality is fantastic but after having it for many months i've come to hate it for the followng reasons:
1. headphones dont stay in the ear when you start getting sweaty
2. the cord is made from this insane rubber which takes forever to untangle
3. the belt clip is located at an awkard distance and the clip itself is easy to break or becomes too loose
4. the black rubber ear piece tends to come off when you are pulling them out of your pocket (again due to the fact they are made from this insane rubber)
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on 18 February 2012
The earphones that come with the iPhone kept falling out when I was running (and sweating), the cable was forever getting pulled about and I was getting really irritated fiddling with it all. So, I was looking for headphones which would not do any of these things.

I was a bit put off by some of the reviews for these Sennheiser/ Adidas headphones, but since I have bought and used them for a few weeks now I don't have any of the problems listed in the negative reviews. The headphones are really comfortable -- I don't use the pads that come with them, so I guess that means I have smallish ears. I carry my phone in a band on my arm and the short cable is all I need and perfect length. The headphones don't move when I'm running, the cable is perfect and the days of annoying re-adjusting seem over. There's been no problems with sweat, rain, snow, wearing a hat, a cap and even a bike helmet (whilst cycling- I'm not THAT mad).

The sound is really rather better than I would actually need for the silly running music I listen to, and I am very pleased that I can still hear cars and the road, which is probably a lot safer than if I couldn't.

These are the first pair of sports headphones I've owned, so I am no expert. Just a happy user.
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on 19 July 2011
To date I have had 4 pairs of sennheiser earphones and have been delighted with all of them. I needed to update my sports earphones, I had been using some Sennheiser PMX 60's for the last 6 years, still working well but earpads are in tatters now. I thought I would treat myself to some nice new ones. Unfortunately the Sennheiser/Adidas PMX 680 earphones I selected have many problems: 1. The sound is awful, poor bass, poor detail cartainly not the high performance as advertised. 2. The voloume control is weighty and further degrades the sound. 3. If you clip the volume control to the neck of your t-shirt and wear the ipod on your waist band the lead is too short,a serious design flaw. 4. If on a treadmill in the gym and resting ipod on shelf the volume control is too heavy and bounces around. In summary a poorly designed product, poor sound and really disappointing. Unfortunatley when opening the packaging,I damaged the box so can't even return them. Sennheiser PMX60 Open Neckband HeadphoneSennheiser/Adidas PMX 680 High-Performance Rugged Stereo Neckband Headphone for Sports
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on 31 July 2011
I initially received these heaphones for christmas, unfortunately after 7 months only one earphone is properly functioning; the right earphone however has stopped working entirely. I cannot see why this is as they have not been handled roughly, admittedly being used for only a few runs and functioning as laptop earphones for the most part. Therefore, I must give this review one star due to apparently flimsy design and the short life-expectancy of this product.
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on 29 March 2011
As sports headphones go they are not bad. They are similar to the Sennheiser PMX70 headphones but with the addition of an in-line remote and a different colour. They sound good, they are comfortable and can be practical for the sports environment. I found that the remote was a problem and often frustrating. For starters it is quite heavy compared to other remotes I have seen and can pull the headphones off. Also, it is exactly at the wrong distance from anywhere. If my ipod is in my pocket I can't clip the remote on my waistband or pocket because the cable above it is just too short. If I clip the remote in my collar when my ipod is on my arm the excess cable above the remote gets in my face. I tried removing the remote portion but then the cable were too short. I have had them for almost a year now and not had a problem with water ingress yet. I bought these as a replacement for my PMX70s which did die eventually of water ingress. If I was to stick with Sennheiser, I would not buy these again but would go back to the PMX70s.
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on 27 August 2012
I do a lot of running and over the years have used many different earphones. My first pair of Sennheisers were excellent but after about five years they had just about worn out. I made the mistake of trying some Sound Magic earphones but after a few weeks and many frustrations I finally binned them and bought these, the modern equivalent of my old favourites. I'm delighted with them. They're light weight; they fit well; they don't retain sweat as there's nothing to absorb it - I ditched the foam cover, it's just not necessary; they can be taken off and put back on so easily; the sound quality is excellent. I use the short lead only, as I always wear my iPod on an arm band. This is a great improvement on the originals as there's no wire flapping around the place. I haven't actually tried the extension with the volume control. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a sports headphone, they're really great.
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on 3 December 2011
If you are looking for a great set of headphones for jogging/running I reccommend these. I ran 10k in these and didn't have a problem, sound quality is excellent, and there is no movement of the neckband when running infact you don't feel it at all. You do hear some feignt noises due to the style of the earbuds (they sit at an angle) however I didn't find that a problem as when running outside I want to hear some noises cars etc. I didn't have a problem with sweat in the ears as some people have mentioned so cannot comment on that. The wire doesn't get in the way as it only comes down one side and fits perfectly onto my armband ipod holder. These are everything I need from a set of hadphones for running, great price, great looks, delivered very quickly.
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on 20 August 2011
These are by far the best headphones I've used whilst running. The sound quality is great and not being noise cancelling means you can hear traffic safely. Very comfortable and couple them with an arm strap for your smartphone/ipod and you'll not even notice the cable. Can't recommend them enough, truly excellent.
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on 5 May 2011
Firstly, I did a fair amount of research before committing my hard earned to these headphones. I had previously been using a cheapo pair of the standard in-ear buds and on long runs they kept falling out.

When I first bust these out of the packet I was a bit confused as to how to wear them. The bud would not fit in my ear as shown the in instruction manual, which I thought was a but strange. I did a quick web search and found that this was usual and it was the images in the instruction manual that were slightly misleading.

So, how did they perform?

As soon as I started my run the headphones were clamped fast to my dome without being intrusive or off putting. The sound is good, although it did not impress me as much as other reviewers. Realistically I think that depth of sound provided is probably as good as you will get for these type of headphones, as opposed the the noise cancelling buds that go further into your ear canal or the big footballer style headphones.

I ran 6 miles and the headphones remained stuck fast throughout. Never being an annoyance.

The reflective strip on the back of the headband is a nice touch for runners.

One thing I would say is that the cord is not designed too well. The in line volume control is quite large, although not heavy. Once you work out where to clip this you will be well away.

Pleased with the item although initial thoughts are that they are slightly over priced. If they prove to have a good lifetime then the price will be justified.
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on 1 February 2012
Really great set of headphones! I use these mainly at the gym for the running and rowing machines and they have performed admirably. I have tried many different makes and models from the supplied i-phone buds to cheap generic in-Ear hook earphones (a joke, they just fell off the ears) to mid priced Boss in-ears (they kept slipping out).

I don't get super sweaty to the point where I'm gushing like the Niagara falls, but there is a bit of moisture that when combined with a jogging motion does seem to cause in-ear buds to slip out. The nice thing about the PMX 680's is that they just stay in place no matter how violently you might be jumping around - this means no more correcting or pushing the buds back in or picking them up when they fall off your ears, you can just forget about them!

The speakers seem to deliver a decent range of tonality from solid bass lines through to absorbing mid ranges and crystal clear highs. Now I haven't sat down and really listened to these headphones properly - I brought them for the gym where I'm usually competing with some speaker just feet away from my head. But for this purpose the work a treat, I can be fully absorbed in my own music - job done.

If I were to pick a negative I would say that the lead with the volume that unclips ends up shortening the main lead a little too much. And if you do decide to leave it on while exercising then the volume control unit sits mid chest or belly giving you nothing to clip it onto (pull it up and the lead to the device is too short when resting it on the exercise machine and leave it dangling and it's a pain in the arse with it's jangling around). Simple solution I suppose is to get an arm/wrist strap to hold the mp3 player.

Apart from that though I'm very happy.
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