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on 23 May 2010
I've had this laptop for around two months now so I've found most of its strengths and weaknesses I think..

I decided to go for a full on laptop over a netbook because I wanted the extra performance, and this has certainly got it. Sure it's not top of the range, but then neither is the price. The spec is one of the highest I could find in this price bracket, the Radeon 4200 being the sale clincher. The 4200 is not a massively fast part, but it's far superior to integrated graphics as it has 128MB of its own dedicated memory, I've managed to get GTA: Vice City running well, TrackMania Nations running at mid settings very well and CS:S at mostly high details; the chip certainly allows for some half decent gaming.

The keyboard is really quite good and I got used to it very quickly. The only thing I don't like about it are the half height arrow keys, they're quite awkward to use.

The touchpad is alright, the buttons are quite loud I've found and the scroll bar on the side of the pad isn't the most responsive. The pad itself works well enough though, with good sensitivity though it does attract fingerprints.

The screen is okay, I've found I'm really not a fan of glossy screens, but it seems almost all manufacturers put them into their laptops nowadays...oh well. In a fairly well lit room it's very usable, but if the sun gets anywhere near it then it becomes a different matter, the reflections become unbearable. Thus, it's a very indoors laptop.

The battery life certainly leaves something to be desired, especially if you use it in high performance mode, maybe an hour and a half tops, I haven't tried to see how much life I can get out of it in a lower performance mode but I imagine it won't get past two and a half hours, the four hours claim in the description is completely wrong.

Windows 7 is certainly very quick and the 4200 makes light work of the aero effects. It even boots faster than my quad core Vista desktop!

The overall appearance of the laptop is good...for about five seconds before you touch it. The ENTIRE casing is made of shiny plastic, and while this looks nice, it attracts fingerprints like nothing else.

The range of ports is good; 4 USBs is certainly enough for me. The HDMI outputs sound and video well to my 37" 1080p TV. The dual headphone outputs are a nice touch too.

The wireless connectivity is good, I've had no problems with it at all.

Overall, I can recommend this laptop, it's a good performer for the price, but this does come at the expense of battery life.
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on 18 June 2010
For the price point you cant fault this laptop, sure its not the most powerful or has the most features and ports etc. A few sacrifices have clearly been made in that department it lacks a fire wire port (even though (amazon AND play say this model does)It also only had 4 USB ports. I've had it just over a week now. As someone who has had nothing but major problems with laptops i'm still a little dubious. I Also have a core 2 quad desktop and i find my self using the laptop more. It doesnt feel much different to the full quad core in most windows tasks, with it only being a dual core laptop i'm surprised at how similar it is to use. Obviously it's no games machine, but being a gamer i have tried to see what it will do. i can get it to play Call Of Duty 4 at its native resolution 1366X768 with a few effects like Anti alaising turned off and textures set to medium. I'm sure you could get a little more out of it but i like the higher frame rate at this level. I've also played games like sims 3 and spore, on fairly high settings without any issues. Dragon Age origins also runs quite well. The media remote in the expansion slot is a nice little touch and allows you to use media centre while you're sat slightly away from it. Although personally I think I would have rather had play/pause etc on the actual machine over a remote. But it's still a nice little touch. So for a gamer or college student on a budget this is definitely one laptop to consider.

I've noticed the space bar can be pretty unresponsive at times you have to press it pretty much in the centre. This isn't a major flaw and certainly shouldn't put anyone off buying it. It just takes a little longer to adjust. Apart from that the keyboard is a typical laptop keyboard, its fairly high quality and is comfortable to use all day.

The touchpad feels fine it has a nice chrome finish which allows your finger to slide over it nicely and easily. It also seems to be better designed than most I've owned/used. tapping the touch pad to click seems to work mostly only when you deliberately tap. On a lot of other laptops it randomly clicks every time you go near the touch pad which usually drives me to turning it off altogether. Although some people complain the buttons are a little stiff. I personally don't mind them. The only drawbacks to the touchpad is it isn't multi touch and unlike the compaq mini 311 i had pressing both buttons in doesn't act as the middle button (which was very handy for games so you have no choice but to use a mouse.

Another slight complaint is the touch sensitive controls. It`s a nice little touch but the volume controls and wireless network controlsare close to each other and because you cant feel where your finger is. on a few occasions I've turned the wireless off accidentally trying to turn the volume up.

I can't comment on the cooling though as i always use a Logitech cooling pad (which I highly recommend for anyone with a laptop) for it, which keeps it pretty much stone cold most of the time.

To conclude it's a great laptop for the price. With a few tiny drawbacks, that don't really matter all that much its a pleasure to use every day and I would recommend this laptop to anyone. For the price you can't do much better

since writing this original review i've come across a few problems with the laptop. even using the cooling pad, trying to play any of the above games for any length of time is impossible as the gpu just cant disperse the heat. and things start to slow down to unplayable. Two of the usb ports on the left side randomly stopped getting any power to them and this is what my major problem lies with this system. HP's tech support is as pointless as dells, if not worse. I called multiple times today, each time greeted by someone who can't speak a word of English or understand what i was trying to say.From what i could make out I was told multiple times that "the lines are very busy could you please call back in 30 minutes" This is unacceptable I spent all day trying to get through with the same thing every time. Effectively telling your customers to go away? At least Amazon were far more helpful. They offered a full refund thankfully.

Take my advice. Don't buy direct from any of the computer manufacturers, even if they look a little cheaper. When something goes wrong, and from my experience it will you'll end up pulling your hair out. Buy from a third party at least you'll have someone else to go to, to resolve it.
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on 5 November 2017
Good pc. Finding it much slower now in 2017 and unable to access certain content rich websites. Can't download MS Outlook as its operating Vista.
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on 10 May 2010
The Good:
One of the fastest laptops you can get for this price.
Comes with little extras not told about i.e. IR remote control.
Good build quality.
Not loaded with too much junk software.
The Bad:
Short battery life.
Fingerpint magnet.
With the BIOS setup (which it comes with) it overheats. So change to fan always on.
Overall: Good laptop if you do not intend to use this laptop on the move for a long length of time.
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on 1 July 2010
This laptop is one of the best on the market if you take the specifications and the price into consideration.

It has performed well for me since I purchased it (approx. 1 month). One of the main reasons I bought this laptop was for entertainment purposes. It is difficult to get a laptop with a decent set of speakers built in. After purchasing a Dell 13z, and being horrified with the sound quality, I went for this. The lancer speakers are great for listening to Music and watching DVD's.

Windows 7 performs well on the Turion processor (one of the reasons this laptop is cheaper is due to the Turion processor instead of Intel) and seems to handle multiple applications well.

There are 2 main grumbles about this laptop that i can see:

1) The battery life is relatively short-approx. 2 hours on full power settings while watching a film (keeping in mind that this will most likely decrease as the laptop ages). There is however a power saving option which increases the life of the battery to approx 3 hours.

2) This laptop suffers from heat issues as do many of the HP DV ranges. I owned a similar DV which suffered from the same problem and eventually the mother board burned out after playing games on the machine. This is something to keep in mind if you are purchasing this laptop for gaming purposes. I refuse to play games on this model for that very reason. Supposidly HP have sorted the problem but 300+ people have registered there complaints online about this issue with HP Pavillion laptops (search 1 long 2 short beeps on google), it must be noted none, so far, with this model but it is early days and I am skeptical.

Althought the two complaints above are series I believe HP make very good laptops, especially this one for the price, hopefully the cooling system has been fixed on this model in comparison to my last Pavillion.

All in all I think this is a good purchase, unless you have a spare £800 to purchase a Mac. In the end you get what you pay for.
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on 9 June 2010
Nice computer. Looks good, works well, does what you need it to do; or at least what we need it to do. It appears to be a very good spec for the price however there are two things to be aware of.

Firstly it is not light at just under 3 kg so if you are looking for light weight laptop this is not the one for you. For us it is not an issue and it does feel substantial and well built.

Secondly, and probably more important for many, it has a highly reflective screen which creates a slightly odd situation. Most of us experienced the earlier screens where you couldn't see much unless you were straight in front of it. This screen isn't like that and as well as being very clear it has a good angle of view; until there is any incidental lighting. As soon as you have any bright light from an angle, such as daylight through a window, you need to be straight in front of the screen to see it clearly (just like the old screens). Even then you can still get an intrusive reflection on the screen at times, particularly if for example you have a window behind your shoulder.

If anything lets this laptop down it is the screen. Not because of the clarity which is superb, but because of the reflectivity which at times prevents you benefiting from the clarity.
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on 7 July 2010
I bought this laptop only yesterday, faster service I have ever had.

This laptop does get hot sometimes, so a laptop cooling pad is needed ( I recommend the Logitech N100 Notebook Cooling Pad) it is very effective. The Hp DV6 Laptop has incredible screen brightness, fast speed, quite light, not as light as a netbook of course, has very powerful, well controlled speakers, mouse pad very attentive but buttons quite firm.

Altogether, i would highly recommend this laptop for anyone who needs a cheap entertainment system for around this price :D
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on 25 September 2010
Having sent back a faulty Packard Bell last week this HP was a slightly more expensive choice but worth every penny more. It is easy to set up and easy to use with an excellent spec.

I previously had a HP laptop for many years which was extremely reliable (in fact my old HP laptop is now used by my mum and still going strong, just didn't have the spec I now need) and am confident this one will last as long.

The buiit in web cam has excellent image quality, great for Skype!

I would also highly recommend buying from Amazon as the price was excellent and the process of returning the faulty laptop (not this model) was extremely easy.
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on 1 July 2010
The laptop was great until the hard disk died less than 4 weeks after receiving it. I had spent many days loading all my software etc. and then it simply died. Amazon were great in that I simply returned it an they sent me a new one which arrived within two days. I now have to load all my software again and hope this time that it lasts more than 4 weeks. It appears that this is a common problem with the laptop in that the design means the hard drive can get too hot and die so you need to make sure you do not use the laptop in in warm climates.
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on 3 January 2011
My son saved up for a new laptop and we spent a long time looking for the right one for him. He wanted one that he could use for school work but that would also be good enough for decent games and iplayer use. From the specs this one (HP Pavilion dv6-2112sa Notebook PC) looked ideal and was within his price range. He was very pleased when it first arrived but within hours it was crashing - giving blue screens and error messages. We looked up the advice about how to deal with the error messages, relating to not reading from the hard drive and did all of the suggestions short of opening up the inside of the laptop and reattaching the hard drive. We contacted Amazon and they said they would reorder a new one and would send a label to return the defective computer. They then told us than none were in stock and they would let us know when they were in. I tried to get Amazon to tell us either way whether they would be ordering more as this version was not the most recent. They couldn't tell me, but surely they must know what is on order and what isn't. They just kept us waiting. Today we had the email saying that they weren't going to be getting any new ones and suggesting we go for the latest version which is twice as expensive. Very disappointed in HP and Amazon.
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