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on 22 February 2016
i wanted this as I don't like the 3D version. I mostly play puzzle games, and older RPG's like Final Fantasy. It comes with a proper Charger and UK plug. This is a good deal at £66. Second hand ones in high street are £50 and more. This is great to keep in my bag when waiting at the hospital (I do a lot of that!) I don't like taking my expensive ipad out. This fits in your bag easily. Loads of games available for cheap prices, and you can download some from the Nintendo website. There was a card in the box to register for the Nintendo 'club'. that does not exist now. However if you go to the website you can register your interest in the new club coming soon.
The new pen size stylus is easy to hold for my older hands, and the screen is clear and easy to read. I'm very pleased with this.
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on 4 July 2014
I had a DSi and convinced myself that it would be a waste to get an XL, but it turns out I was wrong. The screens.. I never really gave much thought to how small the regular DSi screens are. The XL screens in comparison are massive. They are lovely and bright, and very clear.

One thing I didn't like with the regular DSi was that the sound was pretty bad. The slot design of the speaker made everything sound a bit tinny. There's no issue here. The XL sounds great with no distorting or crackling.

The interface is the same as with the DSi. You can scroll through the menu left and right to see what installed games/apps you have and you can connect with the Nintendo eShop via wifi. The nice thing with the DSi/DSi XL is that you can press the home button to quit back to the menu screen if you want to reset or change games, rather than having to turn the console off and on again like with the DS Lite.

There are two cameras on the XL, but they're not up to much. They mostly serve as a bit of a diversion when you first get the console but with so many good DS games, I never used them past the first day to be honest.

The other great thing about the XL is that although you get the regular skinny stylus, it also comes with a big pen shaped one too. I never gave much thought to how my hand used to get a bit cramped using the little stylus, but it's so comfortable using the pen one that I'll never go back now. The only downside is that it doesn't attach to the console, so you have to be careful not to lose it. The skinny stylus still slots into the unit itself though, so if the worst happens and you do lose the pen then you still have a backup.

Lastly, I really like the fact the DSi and DSi XL have proper up and down buttons for the volume instead of the slider on the DS Lite. I would regularly be nudging the volume accidently on the DS Lite. No more accidental silent gaming here.

The XL is solidly built and looks, and sounds, great. It's a bit heavier than the regular DSi but considering how nice the screen are it's a compromise worth making. The only downside is that probably won't fit in your pocket anymore.
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on 27 November 2010
I bought the Nintendo to keep my grandson busy after I collected him from school - but I had to have a go first. I'm trying very hard to keep up with new technology so I saw this as a challenge.
What an amazing little instrument! My grandson is five years old and was wide-eyed when we used the face and voice changing technology and, since I bought a 'Mario' game I struggle to take the Nintendo away from him.

However, I was most surprised at my own discovery.
I half guessed I wouldn't like the brain-training as I've never particularly liked puzzles or quiz shows ..... and I was right, I don't like the brain-training.
What next - would it all be wasted on me?
I had no idea what games I might like to play as I'd never played one so I thought I'd put a toe in the water - I bought 'Hotel Dusk'.
And my life changed!!!!!
I couldn't put the thing down!
It's a bit like when you find a new author whose book you love and you realise they've written many more and that you have months of delight in store.
The up-shot is that this little device has changed my leisure time and is costing me a fortune in new games!

I recommend it absolutely to anyone as its appeal must be across all age groups.
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on 11 February 2016
I have purchased more than one of these for use in our household they are that well loved! The seller is great and the item arrived very well packaged and before the expected delivery date. The console has a really nice finish to it and the larger screens make it easier to play as does the slightly larger stylus. I can't really fault this console for its ease of use, it fits really nicely in a bag or pocket and doesn't take forever to charge. It's less expensive than a lot of Nintendo models out too. You can't really beat this for a good bit of on the go gaming or just for a bit of fun in front of the tv.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 January 2011
The Nintendo DSi XL is an excellent handheld console. It is more comfortable for an adult to hold than the DS lite or DSi, ironicaly pretty much the same size as the ordiginal "phat" DS when it first came out, which was succeeded by the DS Lite, and subsequently the DSi. The top is a lovely glossy finish which is very attractive but a magnet for grubby finger-prints. The rear, and the area around the screens is a matt finish which is slightly rough, aiding your grip. All in all, it's a very attractive console.

The Gameboy Advance slot is absent, so this console will only play DS games and games downloaded onto it. This is potentially a problem if you have a big stock of GBA games and intend to part-exchange your old GBA DS, or DS lite console when buying this.

The screens are very clear and bright, although it should be noted that the resolution of the screens is identical to the DS and DSi. This means you have the same number of pixels, but each is larger. Great if you are getting on in years and struggle to see small characters and text, but equally good at giving you a "bigger" experience. This is particulalrly noticable on GTA Chinatown Wars, which is a bit too fiddly on the smaller consoles IMO.

The sound seems more substantial that the smaller consoles and is adjustable by up/down buttons, rather than the old slider. Battery life is very good, but I don't use the WiFi facility which eats into battery life more rapidly, as does wireless DS to DS gameplay.

As for the colour, it's AA van yellow and looks great! :-)
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on 21 September 2016
Got this to keep me occupied on an up and coming flight which I am dreading!

Brilliant price for what it is, and the colour is actually a dark brown. On the pictures it appeared black but nope!

Would be good to note on description which games it can play though? I found myself looking at 3DS games for it thinking it just wouldn't display 3D.. This may just be me being a positive thinker though!

Having the brain training game built in is great aswell because I remember having to purchase it for my old DS and wasn't too keen on paying for a game a second time
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 March 2010
I bought this to replace my DS that I had managed to scratch the screen on, please note any comparisons I give are comparing the DS I have no knowledge of the original DSi. I have actually bought the wine coloured version but the following comments apply to both colours.
First impressions were good although larger it did not seem to be that much bigger than the DS but the screen was certainly larger, the first thing I did before even charging it was to put to screen protectors on it so it does not suffer the same fate as my DS.
The setting up was quite straight forward, but needed a lot of info like birthday etc, and because there is internet access it also involved setting up parental controls which are also used to protect the settings so they cannot be changed without the PIN number .The internet wifi setting was quite easy as I have a fairly old system all I had to do was enter the security code, it also supports AOSS for easy set up.
In use the internet although fast with a choice of browsers Google or Yahoo the screen size makes it difficult to use. The top screen shows the full internet page but too small to be useable, to overcome this there is a small square displayed on this screen which is the area shown on the bottom touch screen which can be dragged to show any portion of the page. I was able to access my email this way but would not like to use it for extensive browsing.
It has two cameras one facing towards you and one away, photos can be stored on a SD card (not supplied) the software included allows a lot of fun picture manipulation. The ingenious thing I found with the camera software is the ability to photograph words and translate them into different languages; I would imagine this would be very useful in foreign countries for translating signs.
It is also a music player again tracks can be stored on an SD card, the music software allows considerable listening effects to be applied which although fun did seem to be a bit pointless, you can also record your own sounds and manipulate them.
Both voice recognition and hand writing recognition seems vastly improved the hand writing recognition may be due to the inclusion of an additional larger "pen shaped" stylus which means that hand writing is more natural.
There is a cut down version of one of the brain training programmes built in and of course you can play any of the existing DS or DSi games, the one limitation is that with the inclusion of the SD slot there is no longer room to include the "Game Pak" slot so that "Game Boy Advance" games cannot be played. With the games the extra size does make the games easier to view and play.
Overall a great hand held device which is fun to use even before you put any games in it.
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on 8 November 2012
Damn it this baby is big! I am an avid DS user (Boo to the 3DS!). Not only am I a perfectionist but I also possess a high sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, and when I purchased my first DSi XL, knowing that they hadn't improved the resolution of the screens, I assumed it would be stretched and horribly pixely. How did they do it? I have no idea but if I purchased it and somebody told me they increased the resolution to match the size of the screens, I would have believed them.

You are basically playing on a big, huge, sexy version of the DSi XL. It's definitely true what they say, you really do NOT know how big it is until you get it. Excitedly anticipating the delivery of my gorgeous DSi XL, I watched countless videos and read numerous blog posts about it. I assumed I had a fairly good idea of how nicely big it was going to be until it came through my door. My god! Wow, it's huge. Once you go big, you NEVER go back. Playing on any other DS is intolerably small. I want to enjoy the fun graphics of Nintendo on a big screen. I would have forked out a lot more cash if it just meant I could get a screen this size. The old DSes ache my hands after a while of conforming to the miniscule, portable size for a few hours but with this, it fits my man hands perfectly!

Thank you so much Nintendo for providing me, my brother and sister years of entertainment and connection for hundreds of hours. If it weren't for the DS, our relationship would probably be very different from what it is today!
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on 18 September 2010
Finally a DS for people with larger hands that does not cause cramp or eye strain.
The screen is both vibrant and crystal clear, along with good sound and responsive
control all round.

Battery life is great allowing for long periods of play between charges. The over
all build quality is excellent with a good solid hinge, so the screen stays at the
angle you set it even during excessive movement of the DS.

It is such a nice size, that playing it sat on your table/desk is also now a viable
approach as the newer screen is clearly viewable from much more angles. Games that
involved searching for tiny objects on the screens are now actually playable thanks
to the XL's bigger clearer screens :)

I really cannot find a single fault with this DS. It is still small enough to carry
with you, yet large enough to be comfortable over long periods along with the better
screen size and clarity, it is the best DS for today's games in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2011
This is my first Nintendo DS product, and it does't fail to impress. From the sleek mirror finish on the outside of the console, to the gorgeous matt style finish inside, everything about this machine reeks of quality.

I love the feature where there is an extra stylus pen that slots into the body of the console. I personally prefer the pen that comes with the console, unless you buy a case as an extra, and some of them will have a compartment to store the extra stylus in.

The menus remind me of a mini style Wii channel, and are very easy to navigate using the touch screen feature. and are perfectly adapted for the DS XL.

So in summary

Excellent quality sound, looks and feels great, and the touch screen is very responsive, and it feels comfortable to play, even after long periods.

Top marks, and I wish I got one sooner.
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