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on 13 January 2017
Doesn't suck.....
I have had dysons for years and still have one in our family home. Bought this one for a small flat we own. Suction fine with hose / crevice tool but not with carpet/hard floor attachment. Dreadful hardly sucks at all. I have struggled with this for three years. It is acceptable for hard floor in living room but REALLY hopeless on carpets. Have to pick hairs/ bits up by hand or change to crevice tool.
Although it hasn't been used much in the flat I am going to cut my losses and get something else.
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on 5 October 2011
... until I ran this around! I'd hoovered the day before, and was interested to see how much more the Dyson would pick up - loads was the answer! Previous was a year old Electrolux.

Anyway, enough gushing. From what I've seen so far, I'm pretty impressed. Its not quite as light as I expected (me being unrealistic I think) but certainly light enough to hold one-handed while you're hoovering the stairs etc.

Most of my house is wooden floored and I found it picked up exceptionally well without any of the horrible scratching noises that you sometimes get on floors. Am particularly impressed with the thinness of the wand, it slides easily under my sofa and coffee tables and the length adjustment is perfect - I'm short but still find that I stoop when hoovering.

If I had to complain about anything, it would be the length (or lack of) in the cable - it is really quite short, but then again, the hoovers so light, its not a chore to carry it around while unplugging and plugging in elsewhere.

At the price Amazon are selling at the monent, I'd say its a steal.
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on 25 March 2012
I've had this for about four months now, and finally got around to writing a review.

Tiny! Since the main body of the machine is about the size of an A4 sheet (and I live in a small apartment), it fits very neatly in the small cupboard I have in a shelf. It's also small enough for me to lift up if it's in the way.
Suction is quite good, in terms of picking up things on hard floors.
I absolutely love the way that Dyson machines are bagless and you just need to empty them with a click of the button.
Aesthetically pleasing.

Most of my apartment is carpeted, and since I've got long hair, it gets all over the place. The regular head that comes with the Dyson doesn't really pick up the hair - even if I run it over the carpet several times, it won't pick it up. Or, it just makes the hair go into a little clump and still not get sucked up. I had to buy the extra carbon fibre head (from the Dyson website) in order to be able to pick this up.
The tube isn't as flexible as I'd like it to be.
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on 12 October 2015
DO NOT BUY THIS, it's nothing like the OLDEST versions or any of Dyson's for that matter, If you want a strong hoover which you do not have to go over 3 times BUY another version, your warned here. Infact it's not even available anymore on Amazon no wonder, I bought two, one for me and one for my mum at £199.99 each.

It's still like brand new even though I've had it two years, still. It's very weak just like it was the day I got it, It was my first ever Dyson so chose to keep it, my partner had the old big yellow one which is 100X better, and the newer other versions I've used are 100% better.
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on 31 July 2010
The vacuum cleaner is light and small. As promised, sucks just great. Every single detail is thoroughly thought of. A suction power throttling handle to ease cleaning small carpets, a mechanism to empty the dust container without touching any dirty part, big wheels on the brash preventing hair from winding on, parking rails for the brush ensuring the device takes as few space as possible when stored.
A little disappointing thing is that all junctions between tubes are little bit shaky. But this couldn't be done better in plastic without significantly increasing the weight of the device.
So far I am enjoying very much. It's worth its price. Engineering wonders should we well paid.

After 5 years of once-a-week usage nothing is broken.
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on 15 June 2010
I just love my new dyson. I live on a boat, so space is at a premium and this baby not only keeps my home spotless, it also fits into a tiny cupboard. Buy one!!
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VINE VOICEon 16 November 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having used a variety of cylinder and upright vacuums over the last few years I firstly want to highlight that this is a great little vacuum cleaner and is equally efficient on wooden floors and both low and high carpet. It is very light and compact and is therefore very easy to take up and down stairs. This lightweight build also makes it very easy to travel around the house/apartment without having to deal with the extra weight in the upright and standard size cylinder vacuums.

It also has an extendible/retractable hose (depending on which way you normally use it) which makes it slightly easier to store away as well as giving good reach when using. There is also the usual array of accessories including a stair attachment and a 'combination' nozzle which also includes a brush making crevices easy to reach.

It also comes with a 5 year warranty which also gives extra piece-of-mind, although it seems fairly well built despite the size and gives no indication that you will need to use the warranty.

All these things considered, it is a great little vacuum, however, there are a couple of issues which prevent it reaching that acclaimed 5 star status:
The first issue I had was that, due to the compact size, it fills up quite quickly and even with a weekly vacuum of a 3 bedroom house, it usually requires at least one mid-vacuum empty. Whilst it is relatively easy to empty and reset, someone with a larger house, or greater vacuum necessity (a pet for example), may find themselves having to empty two or three times. I therefore would struggle to recommend this to anyone who wanted this for a larger floor space or with any specific vacuuming requirements unless you are happy for frequent emptying.
The second issue I has was that whilst the main unit is compact it is not possible to break down the hose/wand section. This essentially results in a easy to store base unit with a slightly cumbersome hose/wand which adds significant height to the sorted unit, thus limiting the usefulness of the compact base.

The final issue I have with this is that whilst it is a good vacuum, I have struggled to see how this improves significantly on the Vax Mach which I have also used recently. Not only did the Vax match this for performance, but it came with a 6 year warranty and a 'turbo tool' which was significantly better than the tools with this dyson (and for less than half the price).

All things considered this is a great little vacuum but there are a couple of issues and given the significant level of competition from the likes of Vax, I would recommend this only if none of the other options are available or you have very little room and need something slimline and compact.
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on 18 February 2010
Although I've only had my Dyson DC26 a few weeks, I hope my comments might be useful to anyone wondering if it's worth the price. I live in a old terrace house with small rooms, and a couple of rooms have narrow spaces between the pieces of furniture. Also, I'm not as strong as I used to be. For these reasons, and because I've used Dyson vacuums for many years, I was attracted to the DC26. I've been pleased with it so far. The suction does seem very good for such a small machine - and its diminutive size allows it to be wheeled easily through narrow gaps. Although the bin is small, I didn't find it seemed to need emptying annoyingly often - and it conveniently flips open from the bottom so you avoid getting your hands dirty. The different tools and parts, such as the hose, clip together and disconnect smoothly and easily - unlike some earlier Dyson designs I've used. The wand has a good grip and useful adjustment options. I found the dual channel floor tool worked well on my quarry tiles, wooden floors and short pile rugs. The floor tool articulates very flexibly on the end of the wand and its thin profile makes it easy to navigate round tight corners. The two other tools supplied have been useful and, although they're stored on the wand, they don't seem to get in the way when not in use (unlike some previous Dyson designs). This machine really is light and, if you live in a house on four levels, you really appreciate the ease of carrying it up and down stairs. It's also the only mains connected vacuum I can easily hold up off the ground to vacuum book shelves, etc. Yes it is pricey, but if small and light are priorities for you I can recommend this little Dyson. Dyson DC26 City Wood + Wool Ultra-lightweight Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for Smaller Homes
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on 7 September 2013
After 3-years of using this God-awful vacuum, it finally broke down this morning for the final time so it's now off to the tip. Seriously Dyson, is this product really worth £220? It feels extremely plasticy and fragile, has the suction of an asthmatic smoker drawing on a straw and the power cord length allows you to vacuum no more than a few feet from a power socket.

For a company who pride themselves on innovation, Dyson can take the accolade of creating the worst vacuum cleaner we've owned in 25 years, by a country mile. The City is simply a poor, cheaply made product that is barely fit for purpose.

We've now replaced our Dyson City with a significantly cheaper vacuum and only having used it once, the improvement is remarkable. The amount of dirt it picked up from a carpet that had been hoovered only a few hours before by the Dyson City was staggering (and worrying considering how much filth we've obviously been living in).

Suffice to say we shall never buy another Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Finally, a message to Dyson - people are willing to pay a premium for exceptional products but I have to say that whilst the quality of your products has declined over the years, your competitors have upped their game so you either need to start building quality products again or lower your ridiculous prices.

Dyson - a company living on past glories.
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on 22 April 2010
I already own a large and heavy Dyson for downstairs
but this little gem is superb for the bedrooms and bathroom.
Very lightweight and easy to use. Dyson are the BEST.
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