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Although I like some of the directors films, such as Darfur, this one was a bit too brutal for my tastes, as the poor victim is tortured to death in a cell. At times it felt as if I were watching a snuff movie and I found myself glad when it ended. I guess such brutality has to be shown in its entirety but I found this film to be a tad gratuitous. Sad.
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Stoic tells the story of four inmates at a prison, and we never leave their shared cell in the action, which definitely lends a claustrophobic feel throughout. Boll described it in our interview as almost being like a play, and that's not a bad way to think of it. The events that take place are intercut with interview (or interrogation?) footage from three of the prisoners there. Why only three, you ask? Well, the movie opens with Mitch hanging himself, and from there we track back to the events that led to that tragic turn. And – honestly – it's pretty damn nasty stuff to watch.

We start with a simple poker game that leads to a fairly outlandish bet that the loser would eat a full tube of toothpaste. Poor old Mitch is the man to lose, but doesn't fancy it and so refuses to take on the forfeit. But cellmates Harry, Jack and Peter are not going to stand for that at all, and force Mitch to down the tube in its entirety. The act causes him to throw up, with his cellmates gathering like jackals to make him clean it up – but not with a mop, oh no, with his tongue instead.

Sound bad? Well, it's not ideal by any stretch. But unfortunately things are about to get a whole lot worse for Mitch when he tries to press the emergency button to call the guard. It's the ultimate act of betrayal in the eyes of his fellows, and is punished immediately with physical violence and in turn some deeply unsettling sexual violence. Things are presented in horrible detail, so there's no doubt as to what's going on, and the psychological element and animalistic mentality is pretty tough to watch.

It's then that the idea occurs to the group – if they can persuade poor, broken Mitch to kill himself then there's a chance they can get off lightly from their sentences or get switched to the psych ward And after his awful ordeal, Mitch is anything but averse to the idea, which leads us back to the opening of the movie.

So what do we make of Stoic all told, other than not quite being able to pin down why it was given that title? There was an awful lot to like here – the setting was really effective, the story was simple but worked well and said something about human nature and what can happen to people in extreme situations. The acting was good – particularly the always excellent Edward Furlong as Jack, who was consistently sinister and conniving. The cutaways to the interview sections worked really well, and got deeper into the emotions and thoughts behind some of the reprehensible actions that take place. These also give the actors a chance to really earn their money, which on the whole they did capably.

This movie was certainly uncompromising, pulling no punches at all, and having plenty of impact with the violence it delivers. There's also a lot to like in terms of setting, direction and acting – the fact it's inspired by true events explains why everything that happens feels so believable. Brutal but compelling, this is worth taking on for those of a strong
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on 30 January 2010
"Stoic" is entirely set in a prison cell shared by four prisoners. An argument during a card game soon spiral into bullying, violence and death. "Stoic "i s quite different from most of Uwe Boll's other movies. The movie is not light entertainment. It's a 90 minute study in human cruelty and violence. It's brutal and disturbing and certainly not for all tastes but it's fascinating in a way and the actors all do a good job.
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on 4 March 2011
If you read the other reviews its the same old same old BOll haters...*yawn*...Take some advice and make your own minds up. I m a huge Uwe Boll fan and given some earlier stuff was a little hammy, on the whole all of his films have something to offer. More so over the last few years with more serious films like Rampage, Darfur, Tunnel Rats and here, with Stoic seeing Uwes growing maturity as a film maker. Stoic is a film based on real events so dont expect the happy ending and dont expect the film NOT to be depressing. The story is told via flash backs as the three inmates are interrogated over the death of their cell mate. If any thing the film is meant to provoke a response from the viewer with regards to the prison system and just what kind of offenders are cooped together for up to 23 hours a day. The incident with the four starts simply enough with play ground like bullying that soon escalates far beyond what most of us could possibly be capable of. True the film will not be to everyones liking but I would suggest that if like me, you like your films gritty, and with some hard truth dehind them then this is for you.
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on 31 October 2015
Not for the faint-hearted! Bought this DVD as it stars Edward Furlong, very violent and quite disturbing, was warned beforehand so knew what to expect but overall was pleased with item.
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on 5 February 2017
Worst Prison Film I have ever seen. Don't Belive the HYPE ...!!! Once again Edward Furlong is in another Crap Cheap Film. Please don't waste your Money.!
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on 19 August 2015
Completely unwatchable unless you have a heart of stone, . These men should of been tortured till dead.
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on 22 August 2014
I was not too sure if I would enjoy this movie from some of the reviews but having watched it I found it a good watch, slightly different from normal in as much as its based around flashbacks but it really does show the vunerablility of people thrown together in prison, based on true events whaich was quite thought provoking, so went from non violent crimes found themselves embroiled in prison life and how things escalate rapidly really shows how people can be drawn in into things they would not normally do.
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on 24 June 2014
I don't care if stephen speilberg directed this, it's dreaful from the word go. it has not one single redeeming factor. Don't even watch it to see if I'm right, you will definitey regret it.
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on 2 September 2015
absolutely superb but brutal not for fainthearted
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