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on 17 May 2013
bought this to replace my broken drill,it came partly charged so was able to use the drill straight away its lightweight and powerful enough for me and my diy jobs around the house and garden.i would have no problem recommending it
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on 2 May 2014
Bought it for my dad as a birthday present. He is utterly in love with it, he is coming up with more DIY projects just to use it.
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on 5 August 2010
I agonised over the choice between this and Bosch PSR 18 LI 2 Cordless Lithium Ion Drill/Driver. The fact is that most of the time I want a screwdriver and now and then a drill. Clearly the screwdriver will drill too etc, but I wanted hammer action. Anyway, I went for the Hammer Drill.

I needn't have worried. The Hammer Drill allows very precise action when used in screwdriver mode, loads of torque, and nice torque control. You won't stall this baby. What you point it at, it will drive!

The drill is good too and the hammer action does all it should. In the past I have always felt that cordless drills were a bit feeble; this one is not.

The lithium ion battery is very good. You can get NiCads cheaper, but I really would recommend the extra expenditure. I have a very nice Ryobi cordless screwdriver, now rendered almost useless by its totally floppy NiCads.

I would mention one negative. When you take your finger off the trigger, the action stops very suddenly. I guess it has a brake. This very sudden arrest does have the effect, on mine, of loosening the keyless chuck, and after a few times the bit can fall out. Don't know how general this problem is. I thought about deducting a star, but love this gadget just a little too much to do that.

>> Updated 25 March 2011 << Still love this gadget; I work it hard almost daily and it's ready for more. But the problem of the keyless chuck coming loose is still with me. I've got used to it, but can't kid myself that it's not a nuisance.
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on 2 February 2011
The specification of Bosch (and many other) drills sold by Amazon frequently omits to mention an important aspect regarding the drills performance, that being its actual speed, so should anyone be wondering this is the spec that matters.

Idle speed (1st gear / 2nd gear) 0 - 400 / 1.650 rpm
Max. torque for soft /hard screw driving applications 30 / 48 Nm
Torque settings 30 + 2
Battery voltage 18,0 V
Chucks Keyless chuck
Machine weight with battery 1,80 kg
Screw diameter up to 8 mm
Drill diameter in steel 13 mm
Drill diameter in wood 35 mm
Drilling dia. in masonry 15 mm
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I gave this drill to my husband (who is a plumber/electrician), so the review that follows is based on his opinion. The drill he normally uses is a Makita, very heavy duty and capable of drilling pretty well anything, BUT considerably more expensive, as you might expect.

He has used this drill for a lot of jobs that don't need the power of his Makita drill, from choice, because this drill is lighter and therefore lot easier to use, particularly in tight spaces. Like the Makita, it has a light which also comes in handy when drilling in dark corners. One other minor plus point over the Makita is that it has a battery indicator that tells you how much charge is left - preventing those annoying situations where your drill packs up halfway through a job! Charging doesn't take long, so he felt the battery indicator to some extent offset the need for the second battery he has for the Makita, particularly if the drill is for home use only. More expensive trade aimed drills usually give you a second battery - but you'll always pay considerably more for a drill with two batteries.

My husband felt this would be a good choice of drill for a competent DIYer, or as a second, more lightweight drill for anyone in a trade. It's fine for lightweight masonry jobs, but wouldn't cope with a blue brick or lots of concrete. But for the price, and the market it appeared to be aimed at, he felt it was good value, and easy to use.
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I have owned this drill for more than two years and hesitated to post a review earlier because with me it mostly only gets fairly light DIY work. However, it has never failed and has always been a pleasure to use, so here goes

I haven't yet used this drill on metal, but with wood of many types and masonry it doesn't falter. The real challenge is housebricks. Drilling into them is not easy, but with a decent bit it is possible. At least it is no longer necessary to try to find a way of drilling into the mortar between the bricks rather than the brick itself.

It was my first drill with two speeds and a reverse gear - therefore my first drill that was also a power screwdriver. I had to find out how to control those functions, also the torque control for screwdriving. Now it all seems intuitive, which I think proves the adequacy of the instruction leaflet that set me going in the first place.

The unit comes with a double-ended screwdriver head (for plain and cross-head screws), which I find very useful in many circumstances. In addition to that, many people will only need a few drill bits of appropriate size and type. I took the plunge, though, and bought the Bosch 50 Piece X-Line Accessory Set, which I can now recommend. Even at 50 pieces, it is still less than comprehensive, but at least it has reduced the number of times I try to make do without the drill bit or screwdriver head that a job really needs.

The lithium battery holds its charge between uses remarkably well, and at my DIY level an amazing amount of work can be got out of a single charge. That includes powering the LED 'headlight' too. The light shines on the work area whenever the trigger of the drill is squeezed. When driving screws in good light, you might not even notice it is on, but when drilling in dark corners, possibly in your own shadow (however good the light behind you), it is really useful - in practice, a safety feature.

Just one point causes me to award four stars, not five. The instant locking of the drive as soon as the power trigger is released causes the drill or screwdriver bit to loosen in the chuck. If you want to change it that can be useful (two or three quick squeezes will make it very loose), but it's a nuisance if you are merely stopping to give the drill or yourself a rest, gauge whether the hole is deep enough, etc., and can even result in the drill bit being dropped into an inaccessible place.
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on 8 May 2012
I bought this drill and was very pleased with the overall build quality. However I immediately noticed the problem which is referred to by some other reviewers, namely that the keyless chuck opens when the drill is in use. There are two gear settings on the drill, one for screwdriving and a higher speed one for drilling. Both are variable by turning a collar. On the slower speed the problem does not really show itself because the brake does not give so much of a 'kick' on stopping but this is very noticeable on the higher speed and I found that having inserted a drill bit and turning the drill on and off, after about the fourth or fifth time the bit would just fall out. In actual use with a resisting load on the drill bit I can see that this would mean a loss of grip very quickly and the bit being left stuck in the wall quite often, unless I was to tighten the chuck after every action. To my mind this renders the drill worse than useless and in spite of the very good price, which I notice Amazon has further reduced to £80, it went back to the shop the next day. Good riddance! If you only want to use the lower speed gear for screwdriving, good luck to you. Everyone else should stay well clear.
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on 29 June 2012
Suffered from a problem quite a few others seem to have suffered from. The chuck loosens after a couple of trigger releases and the drill/screwdriver bits then fall out. The problem is especially bad when in hammer mode. Returned and replaced with Makita instead. Other than this problem it looks nice, feels nice and has some nice features. However the chuck staying closed is pretty essential in my opinion, hence the rating. Also I imagine it would get worse over time. Its a pity because it is a nice product other than this problem.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This was a surprise; the features of what is a very small hand held drill were very good. First off it has the ability to adjust torque. Not only for screwing things in like a hand held screwdriver but it also has the adjustable feature for the main drill itself.
I had a project coming up to bolt a cabinet to a garage wall and the concrete floor. The battery lasted throughout the project and when drilling through brickwork made light work of things. However it was when I came to the concrete floor that the drill struggled. First off the hammer action was simply not robust enough to go through concrete and neither to be honest was the motor which got hot rapidly. The other feature that concerned me was the additional supporting handle. This is not fitted or screwed in like it is on my Bosch Heavy Duty drill so you can put some weight onto it, no, this is actually a collar you slip on and then tighten. To be honest I was aware of the handle bowing and although the collar only moved a little I was aware that if it broke or slipped off I'd have some very sore knuckles. Eventually after completing one bolt hole in the floor I gave the drill a rest and picked up my Bosch and set to the task again. The Bosch took around a third of the time and I did not feel at any point it was struggling. However, that said the Bosch is a mains fed monster and is built like a tank. My final conclusion was more favourable than it may appear from the review. I will probably use this drill for virtually everything from now on. After all, how often do you need to go through poured concrete? Everything else this is perfect !!!
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on 6 December 2012
I bought the drill 2 years and 14 days ago. At first I liked it, the only negative was that the chuck was a bit flimsy and tended to come loose because of the over-active braking action.
The drill stopped working today. I don't mean it slowed down or a bit broke off. I mean it just stopped altogether and is totally unusable. When I squeeze the trigger it just flashes the pilot light and the three battery condition lights. The manual says this indicates an under/over temp or overload cut-out. Well, this was after I took it out of the cupboard and out of the box, so neither condition can apply.
Of course, the 2-year warranty expired 14 days ago so I am left with an unusable heap of junk. As it cost around £100 this has turned out to be a very poor investment at a rate of £50 a year for a lightly used drill.
I think I'll go back to the cheap and nasty drills I used to get. They represent far better value.
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