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on 16 September 2014
Bought as an alternative to Oakley Jawbone dark sunglasses for night / bad weather riding. I like the Oakley but new clear lenses are a crazy price. The Venitex are a great fit, wrap around shape will block wind, dust and rain effectively. Feel very comfortable, look pretty good, not as trendy as dark shades but who's going to notice that during a wet ride or in the dark. Very pleased so far and would buy again...I'm running out of excuses not to keep training through the winter!
Quick update after first quick 20 mile night time ride.. basically hardly knew I had them on - I got a bit hot & lenses didn't fog up, very clear with no distortion or glare - just what I was looking for.
Update.. 3 years on .. still wear them regularly at night and on dull days.. excellent ! fully recommend these.
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on 28 December 2016
I originally thought I'd made a mistake with these - not light enough for riding through forests, and not dark enough for use in the sun. Thought maybe I should've got 2 pairs instead - a clear one for eye protection in dark/cloudy forest trails and a dark one for out in the sun.

But I gave them a try and they actually work great as a panacea. You don't really want to be carrying 2 sets of sunglasses around with you on a bike (or changing lenses!) so these are actually a great compromise of both worlds. It is a little darker through forests, but doesn't seem to slow my reactions or interfere with riding the trails at all. In the sun they don't make a right lot of difference, but they do give you UV protection which is the main thing, and it is actually enough to take the edge off and feels better than riding into the sun with your naked eye.

Very flexible and well built, so can take a bit of punishment.

I knocked a star off because of the gradient. Especially as it looks quite strong in the photo, but in reality it is barely noticable. In fact I'm still not sure there is one! They could do with being slightly darker at the top and slightly lighter at the bottom.
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on 20 November 2013
I've tried several branded MTB glasses (not cheap either) and they just didn't look good or sit well on my face. I decided to take the plunge and buy these a few months ago, as they were relatively cheap (and wouldn't have been too bothered if I broke them).

I am thrilled with them as they fitted perfectly snug and comfortably on my face (doesn't sit on my cheekbones), and I am amazed at the quality of the glasses for the price. I'm glad that I went for the clear glass version as all of the occasions I have been mountain biking, it hasn't been that sunny (plus it can be slightly difficult to see in a shaded forest with a tint).

So far it's protected my eyes from flying bits of mud and stones, it hasn't scratched or broke! For those that may worry that they may steam up, mine haven't steamed up at all. Highly recommended, especially for the price and quality.
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on 28 September 2013
I was looking for glasses that would be good in the dark and good in the sunny day..
in september I am using them as intended, they ok in the dark and they ok in the sun :)
in the dark they still a bit tinted.. so you dont see better, a little bit worse I would say. but no problems for me.. they almost as good as transparent regular glasses.
in the sun.. they are still worse than black tinted.. if you would have to ride against the direct sunlight, you would struggle, or at least I WOULD struggle. in september the direct sunlight is only about 5 in the evening.. and I dont cycle at this time of day.. so they serve me well.
I would say all the lights around are slightly brighter with them.. but same time they save you from sun better than if wearing nothing or plain regular glasses.
so they not ideal for night, they not ideal for sun, but they are ok :) I am wearing them at night and day, because I dont like to change glasses all the time.. I used to use the glasses when you need to change lenses, and its not fun. I used to use 2 pairs of glasses for night and day.. 1 pair for all conditions is much more comfortable. and they serve the purpose, but dont expect miracles, they just pair of glasses..
-1 star because they dont fit my head well.. I have quite big holes for anything to hit me on the ride.. and I feel the wind blowing my eyes.. its not great feeling.. specially when winter comes, but I prefer it instead of changing lenses anyway. my head rather small.. or narrow.. and these ones maybe standard size which would fit majority heads but not mine.

so next buy I'm going to try indian sunglasses.. will try to find the adjustable ones to avoid all listed above problems..

MAYBE they same quality as 30-50 pounds glasses, MAYBE, im not saying they are bad.. but Im not person to buy 30 pound glasses for their brand.. so I'm rather disappointed in these ones, they nothing special.. as reviews may let you think.
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on 3 July 2014
I have a 16 mile commute to and from work every day so a good set of glasses are an essential part of my kit, especially when trying to keep all the pesky flies and midges out my eyes in summer!
Like most people I would dearly love a £200 set of 'big brand' Photochromic glasses but I simply can't justify the cost for my commute through Croydon!
I therefore did the usual thing of searching Amazon and reading all the reviews before choosing these.
At this price they are unbeatable. They are extremely light and comfortable to wear and have a unique rubber bridge over the nose which really helps with grip and comfort.
The lenses are fantastic and do a great job of reducing glare. They are also far less prone to finger marks than my last pair.
NB: The tint is much subtler than the photo suggests, which IMO is a good thing.
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on 15 February 2017
Bought 2 pairs as a personal windscreen whilst on my road bike an save my seeing specs from getting damaged.


Been using these for a couple of weeks now and can't fault therm they do the job I wanted them to do

Nice fit keeps Road debris, flies etc out of eyes and very little wind gets through so good kit just as well I bought 2 pairs at this price bargain
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on 30 May 2012
Been looking for a pair of glasses for biking for a while. There are plenty to choose from and I spent ages going through reviews.

If you go to a cycle shop/website, you can get glasses for £200+ I was not prepared to pay this much on any type of glasses!

I used these for the first time yesterday (29/05/2012) on a 26 mile cycle. I must say they are so comfortable! The soft rubber nose fits perfectly on your nose, and does not slip at all. The arms gently grip your head, making me feel confident they would not slip off, and at the same time, not feeling too tight. The image is very clear with a smooth upwards gradient of almost-clear to Amber.

The size of the glasses means they form adequate all-round protection, even at the sides (peripheral) vision.

I am very very pleased with these, and recommend them without a second thought!
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on 6 December 2014
Having read the reviews on here I was impressed and hoped these glasses would live up to them. I am delighted to say they have. The level of comfort and yet firm fitting on the face is spot on and the enhanced clarity of vision with these lenses is a benefit I had not considered along with no watery eyes. As a contact lense wearer this may have been more important than for those who don't wear them. Ordered second pair for my son. Exceptional value. Having just bought my bike I showed these to a friend of mine who is a keen cyclist and he was so impressed by cost and quality that he has ordered his own pair.
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on 8 June 2016
Although they look rather silly on my face (they somehow make my eyes look close together and squinty!), they do the job. They're light enough and the rubber wings and nose grip give enough friction that they don't keep slipping down my nose. Vision through them is very clear. A small amount of air and dust seems to come through the nose gap but on the whole they do the job very well and I'm very pleased with them. Would buy again.
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on 5 May 2015
These glasses have been ideal for winter sun, cloudy or even night conditions. They are nowhere near dark enough for summer sun especially in Spain or South of France. The lenses have stood up really well to wear and are barely scratched after 2 years. I have not noticed any graduation of the lenses, if there is some it is almost undetectable.

The glasses are quite wide. I have a narrow face and would only wear them under a helmet, they look ok there.

Sadly yesterday I was showing them to a friend and one hinge broke! I was amazed because try as I might with considerable force I couldn't manage to break the other. I must have been unlucky, anyway I am here buying another pair, for a tenner you can't go wrong.
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