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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Fabulous Disaster
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 25 January 2015
This is the Century Media's rerelease of Exodus "Fabulous Disaster" and on the whole is a worthy effort. This version is almost identical to the Music For Nations or Combat Records issue of the album but for the new release date and record company logos on the back of the album. The sound quality is very good and the artwork is faithfully reproduced, making for a pleasurable experience all round. I have always wondered why Exodus were never held in the same esteem as The Big Four of Thrash as their musical output was on par with and in some cases better than the Big Four. This album is incredible from beginning to end and is light years ahead of "...And Justice For All" or "State Of Euphoria". There is also a great AC/DC cover (Overdose) which is handled brilliantly. In my humble opinion the first four Exodus albums are essential listening for any Thrash Metal enthusiast and if you don't have these albums in your collection, shame on you!!
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on 8 May 2015
Exodus have always been the forgotten underdog of the thrash scene. Cruelly overlooked beneath the 'Big Four' and not even getting the same exposure or minor mainstream success as fellow underground thrash giants such as Testament, Exodus were, are and forever will be the 'thrasher's' thrash metal band...if that makes sense!? Unfortunately, the band's 'boom and bust' nature in the studio, meant they remain firmly in the second tier of the thrash pyramid.
Second only to Slayer in remaining 100% true to the Thrash formula, their sound can be described as a mix of Slayer's violent aggression and pre-'Countdown To Extinction' Megadeth's OTT technical virtuosity.
Their image is that of an even more tongue in cheek Anthrax (hence the album cover) but also randomly flirting with more serious issues (e.g. the spoken opening intro to 'Last Act Of Defiance'), which sharply contrasts to the violent fun and testosterone-fuelled lyrics of 'Toxic Waltz.' Whatever your take and view of this band - this album and its 10 tracks are phenomenal.
The album consists of the original 10 recordings (which include a barely recognizable, thrash-tastic version of War's 'Low Rider,' and a more traditional, but still thrashy version of ACDC's 'Overdose') as well as four live versions of the albums strongest songs (the title track, 'Toxic Waltz,' 'Cajun Hell,' and 'Corruption.')
Opener 'Last Act Of Defiance' is filled to the brim with heavy as hell thrash riffs, 'Fabulous Disaster' features one of the (in my opinion) catchiest, most aggressive and fundamentally 'thrash' chorus ever, while 'Toxic Waltz' is Exodus's 'Battery,' - a fitting tribute to the mosh pit, all things thrash, the Bay Area scene and its loyal fans, backed up by a truck load of riffs and aggro lyrics.
'Like Father, Like Son' is an 8 minute epic and 'Cajun Hell' is just brilliant and a guitar hero's paradise!
Paul Baloff will always be a lot of Exodus's fans' most treasured and celebrated frontman (much in the same way Paul Di'Anno is with Iron Maiden) despite only appearing on the first album (and a couple of live releases) but to me, Steve 'Zetro' Souza is THE voice of Exodus, his 'Bon Scott with metal balls' sneer dominates the choruses and fits perfectly over Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt's twin guitar riff savagery, and this album is (again, in my opinion people) miles better and certainly more polished than 'Bonded By Blood' thanks in no small part to Souza's mastery of the thrash metal microphone skills.
The production (no doubt heavily in debt top the remastering process) is superb, and is as loud, crisp and clear as anything any modern metal band can produce.
On a side note, the CD is a wonderfully radioactive-looking shade of green, which will no doubt stand out in anyone's CD collection!
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on 29 August 2017
Heavy metal old school.
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on 6 December 2008
Bonded By Blood, Exodus's debut album holds a special place in thrash metal history and courts intrigue with its back story. It has also gained a new level of appreciation after the unfortunate passing of the late Paul Baloff.
Pleasures of the Flesh; their second has always been cruelly overlooked and underrated.
This album was the first Exodus album to both stand tall on purely musical merit and gain the respect and love of the fans.
With the brutal Pantera-esque opener 'The Last Act of Defiance,' the speedy 'Verbal Razors,' and the dumb but brilliant single 'The Toxic Waltz,' its not difficult to see why.
Vocalist Steve 'Zetro,' Souza, with his AC/DC style of vocals and enthusiasm, shines on this record, adding a real depth and punch to the overall sound (and its punchy as hell already.)
The riffs on this album are intensely catchy and memorable, switching between the band's trademarked buzzing take on the bay area crunch and a new groove metal style several times in every song.
This kind of diversity helps Exodus music stay fresh and as with all their albums, this has its own unique style and character which separates it from not only their contempories but also their own back catalogue.
Their sophmore album may have introded a level of diversity and maturity missing from their debut; but Fabulous Disaster goes above and beyond the call of duty.
The band are on top form, the musicianship is astounding, the energy level is high and the band sound truely vital. The guitar work on this album is just jaw dropping, with 'The H-Team,' displaying dizzying virtuosity in songs such as the semi-epic 'Like Father Like Sun,' and arguably the best song the band ever has written; the titular 'Fabulous Disaster.'
This album is a battery of brilliant song after brilliant song, with no weak tracks, no overlong bores and a refreshingly modern guitar sound.
This is up there with Master of Puppets, Forbidden Evil and The Legacy as the pinnacle of Bay Area Thrash.
Highly Recomended to each and every fan of Thrash or Metal in general.
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VINE VOICEon 4 April 2005
Fabulous Disaster is Exodus 3rd and best album. Musically this is pretty similar to Pleasures of the Flesh, with one main exception - the odd forgettable filler track that dragged down that album are no more, with every track on Fabulous Disaster being a masterclass in thrash riffing. The album is constantly heavy as hell, but the band add some variety ranging from the frantic speed of Verbal Razors to the epic Like Father, Like Son, while Cajun Hell adds a bluesy swamp feel to the metal, and Toxic Waltz's hilarious dance lyrics are only intensified by the savage riffing of the band. Just to add a little light-hearted breathing space into an otherwise very intense album there are also a couple of cheesy yet enjoyable cover versions in the form of Low Rider and Overdose. For fans of un-commercial heads-down thrash metal this is Exodus' definitive album, and damn near impossible to find fault with.
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on 2 May 2003
This is the third album by one of the first thrash metal bands ever. This is the second with Steve Souza, and while the style of the songs is still very similar, there's a slight change in the lyrics, with a higher content of humour.
The album overall is produced as well as any of the other Exodus albums (those being Bonded By Blood, Pleasures Of The Flesh, Impact Is Imminent, and Force Of Habit), with the typical 'sheet metal' sound of thrash guitars. The drums, while competent, aren't groundbreaking.
There's also 2 covers, Low Rider, and Overdose, which are not completely expected.
Best songs, Toxic Waltz (apparently the song that killed thrash), Last Act of Defiance, and the title track.
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on 20 August 2008
I always say Exodus, before the reunion, recorded two and a half great albums. They started their career with their undisputed classic, 'Bonded By Blood', a flawless slice of thrashing action that many prefer to the mighty 'Reign in Blood'. Follow-up album 'Pleasures of the Flesh' is an underrated gem, just as heavy and fast as 'Bonded...' but with better production and better lyrics. This brings us to 'Fabulous Disaster', the closest the band came to commercial success. It starts extremely well, with the devastating combo of 'Last Act of Defiance', 'Fabulous Disaster' and the immortal 'Toxic Waltz', still their best chugger in my opinion. Elsewhere 'Cajun Hell' is fun, 'Like Father Like Son' is heavier than a sack of bricks and the two covers, 'Low Rider' and especially 'Overdose', are better than they have any right to be. Unfortunately, the rest of the album just doesn't hold up. Tracks like 'Corruption' and 'Verbal Razors' simply pass you by, making no real impact. They sound rushed out in comparison, and the excessive gang vocals sap all the life out of the ever-sharp riffing. Still, the strength of the better songs secure this album's place as an essential Exodus release. It's just a shame the band couldn't spread the brilliance of the 'good' half of the album across the entire disc. If they had, this would've definitely been a contender for the title of 'Best Thrash Album Ever'.
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on 13 April 2005
....an apt motto for a band in this case. Exodus could never claim to have pushed the thrash metal envelope, but they always managed to knock out a few catchy, if frothingly aggressive metal tunes amidst all the daft posturing and live perfrormances marred by crowd violence.
"Fabulous Disaster" is without a doubt thier finest album, home in particular to the mind numbingly stoopid and yet irresistable ode to moshing, "The Toxic Waltz". The performanes are without fail tight and powerful, the bands guitar duo, the infamous "H-Team" in particular seem to lack the ability to pick up a guitar without spinning off a monstrously great riff,or five.
Recomended to fans of thrash, or any kind of metal.
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on 7 September 2008
This album, in my opinion, is much better than there debut 'Bonded By Blood' that everyone seems to kiss up to these days (don't get me wrong; its good but this is better.) This features much better song writing and better riffs. Stand out tracks: Fabulous Disaster, Cajun Hell, Verbal Razors, Toxic Waltz, Low Rider (War Cover) and Overdose (AC/DC cover).

To put it short, A great album thats grows on you more and more over time.
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on 25 June 2001
For those who were disappointed with Pleasures of the Flesh this is your cure, this is probably one of the best thrash metal recordings ever, I place this next to Metallica's Master of puppets, Testament's Practice what you preach, Suicidal Tendencies' Lights...Camera...Revolution and Megadeth's So Far...So Good...So What. Exodus sound, harder, meaner and more dangerous in this album then they ever have in their previous albums. Steve "Zetro" Suoza has became something of a thrash Bon Scott, and on track 10 they do an excellent cover of the AC/DC classic "overdose". I don't want to say anymore about this album, because from my point of view every song is a classic and you should go and get this album now and judge for yourself. If you are a die hard thrasher you won't be disappointed.
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