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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Doctor Who - Series 5, Volume 1 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 15 March 2011
i have never enjoy sci fi in any from,shows like star trek and doctor who have always annoyed me,but when i seen a bit of david tennant as doctor who i ended up buying all 3 of his series and loved every episode.when i head he was leaving i was all ready to hate whoever took over and amazingly matt smith made it very easy,with annoying hair and a big nose and geeky smile he just has the total wrong look.he lacks humour and energy that tennant had,and when i recently met him with james corden while filming for series 6 he seems amazingly lovely but being nice does not really justify being a lead role in a tv show.maybe a tiny bit of make up and he could have been a bad guy on doctor who but a serious mistake making him the doctor.thankfully james corden will be returning in at least 1 episode of series 6 or else that would have flopped even more than series 5 did.thankfully amy pond is the 2nd best companion after rose tyler so its worth watching series 5 even just for her.although this programme would have done a better job making her the doctor as theres nothing that says there cant be a female doctor who and shes much more entertaining. if this was not filmed in cardiff the best city ever i would not be watching a second of this tripe,oh and this series totally ruins the title sequence,the inside of the tardis and the weeping angels,yet another reason they should have stopped after 4 series.talk about if it aint broke dont fix it ....
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on 4 April 2010
Lastnights doctor who was...wait for it....FANTASTIC! Everything about the eleventh hour was great. The characters,
the new title sequence (darker), theme (darker also). The episode had alot of humour which i liked, adult humour I should point out (i'm only 15 but who cares, i understood the humour). This is going to be a fantasic series. Almost 10 million watched the episode, and reviews have been either exellent or positive. series 6 has also been confirmed. It just goes to show what an amazing show it has, is and always will be.
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on 25 July 2011
Once more the BBC has run out of quality actors and had to "make do" with Matt Smith. It reminds me of when Sylvester McCoy became the Doctor and not long after the series was axed. They probably opened up a book of British actors, closed their eyes and pointed at one.
Someone has already said that this is a one dimensional actor playing a multi-dimensional role, and how right they were.

My collection will stop at the departure of David Tennant, a shame really, as I have been watching Doctor Who since Patrick Troughton (I try not to think about the Sylvester McCoy episodes and the Paul McGann film).

This is a list of the best to the worst Doctors:
David Tennant (10th Doctor)
Tom Baker (4th Doctor)
John Pertwee (3rd Doctor)
Chris Eccleston (9th Doctor)
Peter Davidson (5th Doctor)
Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor)
William Hartnell (1st Doctor)
Colin Baker (6th Doctor)
Paul McGann (8th Doctor)
Matt Smith (11th Doctor)
Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor)
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on 18 April 2010
I was willing to give the new team a period to settle in, but after seeing these three episodes, I must admit I am very disappointed. The worst episode being "victory of the Daleks". Despite a bit of technobabble to explain why, the sequence of the spitfire attack on the saucer in space(!) is plainly ludicrus, these aircraft were not built for the strain of that altitude, and a 'bubble of air' would not explain why they could even operate in the vacuum of space. As for the new Daleks themselves - they have been described as "Power Rangers" Daleks - a change for the sake of change which falls flat. Moffett might be a good writer, but as a producer, I'm afraid he falls flat on his face. Had this been the first series of the new Doctor Who, there would not have been a second.
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on 28 May 2010
Matt Smith is officially the BEST doctor ever and i think that he is an amazing actor and karen gillan is fabulous(go scots!) and also that matt smith is extremely hot. I enjoyed these 3 episodes so much ( or maybe i'm just biased) and i thonk that the totally new tardis with the new sonic screwdiver and new clothes, companion etc... plus MATT SMITH are absolutely brilliant.Doctor Who - Series 5, Volume 1 [DVD] [2010]
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on 7 March 2012
I had seen a few episodes of the Tenent run but switched off after a while since I feelt the series had descended into a intergaltic soap opera with heavy doses of melodrama and PC sentiment . Spectacle and gimmick taking over the quite moments of menace. The old series did so well. From a comercal point you can applaude the BBC for what they have done But they have had to make a great sacrfice in losing the show and it s main characters uniqueness(if you like unique Brithsness0
The Retconed version, DW could just as easily have been fited into some genric Ameircan scif fluff. The kind that have filled the cable airwaves for years since the sucess of Buffy.
In fact the show is now so unbritish that apart from the accents and a few scant sprinklings of British humor you could believe this had been produced by HBO.
Getting back to series 5 I had great expectations that with the departure of RTD and the new producer Moffat planing to take the series in a more bolder direction the series might improve somewhat how wrong can you be in the hindsight of Time.
One thing that I hated about Tenents Doctor(to a lesser extent Ecelston) was the Doctor was now some infallible Alpha Male with Brad Pits sex appeal(as the series script writers bible must surly dictate) and the brain of Darwin , Hawkins etc. He
The Doctor is no longer a mysterious traveler just a intellectually superior bore who can fight and romp better then any man in the galaxy as the scripts clearly imply. The new producer by going for an actor that while not traditional is still passable as a leading man type player(as were the other two) have soon a lack of imagination where as it would have been interesting to see the doctor old or unique looking and portrayed by some old character actor but for PR purposes and to keep the profits of merchandise up the greedy BBC have gone with a comer cal decision.
Karen Gillen out shines Smith at every turn and has the right balance of being attractive and interesting to watch and dare I say it is probably the best Dr Who companion since the late Elizabeth Sladen. But it is a bit worrying when the secondary character of the series is more interesting and unpredictable to watch then the lead character of the series.Despite the shows original premises of limited use of violence and brain over brawn the first few episodes see the Doctor win because he is the toughest guy on the planet in the story With the Daleks he just punces every one out to win the day by episode 3 I was rooting for the Master to come along and wipe the smug grin of his face.
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on 15 May 2010
What an excellent start to the new series. In my opinion, better than RTD's era. This will be the new golden age of Doctor Who.
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on 6 April 2010
4 months of waiting since mr tenant evaperated off our screens,and quite a chocker it was at our gaff ican tell ya! and the new dr is back!
was mr smith gonna do us proud?
course he was!
but i was skeptical i have to say.its a tough act to follow,but 20 mins in and in my eyes(and the wifes suprisingly) he was the dr!
mad as a hatter and very strong in presence,the whole show shot by like lightning!
amy ponds a right babe,it has to be said,but will she bring out the acting talents of mr smith as tate did to tenant?
only time (and we have plenty a that) will tell!
cant wait for ep 2!
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on 12 June 2010
Well, Steven Moffat has done the impossible, he has taken a silk purse and made a sows ear out of it. He has made Doctor Who BORING. Dull stories lack of likeable characters, no depth to the characters and a totally unsuitable and unlikeable Doctor who tries way too hard to be "wacky" and "eccentric". After 4 years of pure gold, this series is a misfire on a massive scale. Avoid.
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on 29 June 2010
I don't own this DVD, and never will, but having sat through this series and having seen some of the praise in other reviews I feel I must comment. The new Dr Who series is dire. For a start, Karen Gillan is dreadful and cannot act to save her life - unless by acting you mean standing with hands on hips pouting with bug-eyes, because that's all she ever does. The acting is generally shoddy anyway, and there is zero chemistry between the leads. I also object to the sexualisation (assistant trying to seduce the Doctor - what is all that about?!), and the (usually implied) violence, both of which are alien to the Dr Who concept. The new producer, rather than evolving the concept with exciting original new ideas, seems to have instead adopted the approach of changing everything just for the sake of it to show 'I'm boss now' - new theme tune, new Tardis, new Daleks - and all of it is terrible. The badly written contrived story-lines. Matt Smith tries hard, but his inexperience shows, and the dreadful scripts and supporting cast doom him to a Peter Davidson style 'failed Doctor'. Poor special effects too. Apparently audience figures are falling, and many blogs show many people agree with these criticisms - the people giving this 5 stars must have been watching something else. This series will fold after the next season, unless the BBC acts decisively to sack this Moffat bloke and get in someone with a modicum of talent. Poor poor poor.
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