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on 23 May 2010
I decided to treat myself to a nexus one (unlocked, imported from the US, and on o2) a few months ago- upgrading from my outdated first generation iPhone.
While it's taken some getting used to, I have to say I've not stopped being impressed with this phone at every turn. The keyboard for typing is a lot worse than the iPhone, unfortunately, and from what I've seen it's like typing on a poorly designed blackbarry. However, the phone works great- the software is amazing, and the call quality is perfect. I've only had a maximum of say...3 minutes of 3G reception since I got it but I think this may just be bad luck (on 'edge' or '2G' it is impressively fast). The apps are excellent, and the customizable home screen went down a treat. I've not got much love for the often touted "live wallpapers", though.
Comfortable to hold, easy to work with a laptop (so much so that I accidental ran my laptop as a blue tooth head set)- but you might want to buy a bigger micro SD card!
Battery is average for a phone of this type. I've been running 'flash' on it for the last few hours, and over wi-fi it is crystal clear, responsive- but some things are not supported ("does not support this device" or, just crashing) but it is in beta, to be fair- and a lot of flash based applications could prove difficult to use as you can not right click, or use the keyboard.
The music player is good, facebook app is a little useless, but with lots of free apps you can't go wrong!

I'd recommend it to anyone.
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on 12 February 2010
I was lucky enough to order one of these after release and have been in possesion of the N1 for nearly a month. Those who own a iPhone like myself the packaging is very nice, well you won't be disappointed with the Nexus Ones packaging equal or better depends on ones taste.
The phone straight out of the box looks gorgeous with the 3.7inch AMOLED screen and as soon as you turn on the phone you get a idea of how rich the screens colours are it made me think why on earth the iPhone 3GS hasn't implemented such a screen? If you are a HTC Android user you'll notice how fast the phone is with the Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz processor, I haven't noticed any difference in speed after installing over 25 applications from the Android Market which required updates and they have addressed the issues now as they were not displaying chargable applications and only the free apps previously.
One feature I am having a lot of fun with is the voice recognition, you can talk and it'll type the message for you (one sentence at a time), open applications, call contacts and find places "Navigate to *****" I love this I have been playing with it whenever I am out and about and it never fails to please me.
Impress your friends with your pattern lockscreen.
The phone has many positives and I feel I maybe passing my iPhone down to my siblings as the Nexus One feels nicer in the hand, screen is more responsive, colours are richer, processor is faster, camera is 5mp which takes good photos along with good video recording, AGPS works a treat and the live wallpaper along with the widgets really do add to a great experience..

One important update recently added to the Nexus One "pinch and zoom" and this was much needed for the photos and especially the browsing experience and the wifi connectivity updated now it priortises wifi over 3G which was much needed to reserve battery at home.

3G users the battery life is gonna be just like any other touchscreen but you can carry a spare battery :)

There are a few things iPhone still holds over the N1 a better keyboard (I hope with future updates of the OS the N1 will improve it) and the iPod on the iPhone has a shortcut but double tapping the home button (N1 doesn't have a way of getting into the mp3 player without unlocking the phone which may put people off who want to use the mp3 functionality.)
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on 29 July 2012
GOOGLE Nexus One

It may seem a little odd that I submit a review for what could be considered an old phone at such a time when there are newer models from the Nexus line. I bought my ( used ) Nexus one off ebay last year for around £150, at the time they were listed on Amazon at around £280 ( if I remember correctly ). It is a physically well built handset the only problem some people face is the power button breaks inside due to it's design but I think that may be because people are being heavy handed when they power on the device and wake it up. You can get apps off Google Play to work around this and prevent too much use of the power button, it is needed if you have to boot into recovery! As far as I know the N1 is unique in the fact that it has a noise cancelling function that works by having a small mike on the back side of the phone to identify and filter out environmental noise. The bootloader can be unlocked and root access can be gained. This means a custom rom can be flashed. I've been running CyanogenMod since I had the phone and I recently updated from CM 7.1 to CM 7.2. If I was looking to get a new handset now and I only had enough money to buy this I would because I've had enough of 2 year contracts! You can surf the web, play music, videos & games, get a kindle app and read from it, it's got maps, gps, bluetooth, wifi and many other great points. The camera is not very good but that's not unique to a phone of this age. Yes if you mistreat it the screen will scratch but my screen has no visible scratches despite having more than one owner. It calls and receives, sends and receives texts well. The email is good and you can replace the battery and sd card if you want/ need to. I like the Nexus One!
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on 17 March 2010
I decided to import this phone from the US Google site back in February as I decided that I couldn't wait any longer for it. When it arrived I was very impressed with the build quality of the unit as well as the huge screen and that was before I even turned it on! I have never used an Android handset before so I was pleased to see how easy it was to set up my mail and import my contacts onto it. The screen is superbly sharp and the colours vivid and a joy to look at, it's easy to use and the voice search system is brilliant. Once the software update had done its thing you also have multi-touch on most apps, this was one thing that it got marked down on in a series of reviews I read before I purchased it so alls good there However.....
After a couple of days of having it I noticed that I would start to type out a text message and instead of the screen recognising where I was pressing it would register about an inch below. initially I thought it was me doing something wrong but as the days rolled on it would start happening more and more often, and not just to typing in text but also navigating around the menus etc, to the extent where writing out an e-mail or text became practically impossible. I had a look on the support forum and there are a LOT of other people with the same problem, some of which are on their second or third replacement handsets and it's still happening. This really put me off the phone and in the end I decided to play it safe and get a refund from Google.
Summing it up I'd say that if you buy one and are lucky enough to get a handset without the screen fault you will have bought yourself a superb phone that does it all. Dare I say it but some of the friends of mine with iPhones were quite jealous of it! BUT please be aware of the problem that I and hundreds of other people have had. I suggest you check out the Google Nexus help forum to see what other people are saying before plunging in the deep end.
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The Nexus One is currently the most sophisticated available Android-powered smart phone. Some would argue that it's the most sophisticated smart phone available today from any manufacturer.

Google's Android operating system is designed to enable hardware manufacturers to quickly and easily(with very little cost to them) to get a good suite of software for their devices.

There are many Android-based phones available, but this was designed by Google(in partnership with HTC, who have built many Android devices) to show off what the platform can do.
Because it was partly designed by Google, there's no extra 'junk' put on there by the network and all Google services are included that the company thinks is relevant.

Google have thousands of capable software-engineers, so it makes sense to have one phone(likely the first of many, in the coming years) to demonstrate just what the best technology at the time can do.
They've included many impressive applications on the phone, such as their speech-to-text engine, allowing you to dictate emails, searches and more.
Another interesting Google product is Goggles, an application that allows you to use the phone's camera to search the web. Taking a picture of a monument will bring up the relevant wikipedia page, for example.

One of the most noteworthy features is the Google Maps Navigation system, which gives free turn-by-turn navigation to users of the phone and integrates Google's Street View(photos of what your route should look like)
Unfortunately this feature isn't currently available in the UK(to the best of my knowledge)

Because this is essentially a reference-platform, the best hardware has been used. A 1GHz processor may not sound so speedy, but on a mobile phone it's very fast indeed.
That kind of speed puts Apple's latest iPhone to shame(the iPhone 3Gs sports a 600MHz processor, though their own site doesn't make that clear)

There are less applications available for Android devices than for the iPhone, but 130,000(and counting) is a big number and as more and more phones become available, more and more application developers will build their software to work on Android.

All-in-all I think the device works very well and is a good experience, both for the geek and the average user alike.

Finally, a note about price. The price quoted here may seem very high, but it represents the cost of the phone without a contract.

Time has passed since I originally wrote this review and it is no longer the best Android phone available. However, it is still a very good choice(as of December 2010) and, at the time of writing is one of two Google reference phones, the other being the Nexus S. Android as a whole has improved too, with recent additions including some off-line support for Google's free turn-by-turn navigation component of maps.
Whilst no one outside of Google can know how long this phone will receive updates to the newest versions of Android, it is still getting them and recent updates(Froyo - version 2.2 and Gingerbread/2.3 due soon for the Nexus One) have increased the overall speed of the phone. This is still a great choice and will likely remain so for another year.
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on 30 September 2015
It might be obsolete by the modern smart phone standards and unless rooted, the Google / Vodafone mandatory apps crowd its Rom and on board Ram. But the phone has the expansion card slot and the vast number of apps can be moved onto the card, something that modern phones don't allow you to do. The phone has one of the best cameras in the business [certainly sharper, than much higher specified camera on my Samsung S6 Edge]. The connectivity is great, whether you use Windows 7.0 Pro, or Windows 8.1.
I use this phone to control my Sony NEX 5R & 5T cameras [via Sony Play Memories and Wi-Fi connectivity] and the Nexus One AMOLED screen is still one of the sharpest. The phone reception and sound are on par with the midrange modern phones and the phone has all metal frame giving it a solid feel. The spare batteries and parts are still easy to get and they are relatively cheap. I use few of these phones with my home made rifle scope attachments and the microscope attachment and hope to use them for a while yet.
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on 9 March 2010
The phone itself is great and I don't regret for a second the money I spent on it. The screen is in a different league to the iPhone, and pages load at a much greater speed. The downside is the price being shown here. Whoever is selling this is not an official seller - they will be importing the phone directly from Google so you may as well find the official site and buy this phone from there. You'll save yourself over 150 pounds.
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on 7 January 2011
fully recomended. delivery and phone "top notch" .... just a little bit more battery life.... but absolutely delighted. Thank you! :)
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on 22 February 2010

This is an amazing piece of technology. From the moment you take this phone out of the box you'll be struck by its huge screen, and beautiful design. The touchscreen is extremely responsive, and produces colours in wonderful, high resolution, which the excellent new incarnation of Google's Android operating system takes full advantage of, approaching Apple's iPhone system in all senses aside from typing, where predictive text still can't quite match up to the market leader. Voice clarity in calls is EXTREMELY clear (the dual microphone noise cancellation system is excellent), and using voice commands feels innovative and generally produces accurate accurate results. GPS finds satellites quickly, and the 3g reception seems good, allowing the phone to enjoy snappy internet browsing (in Yorkshire, UK).


Such advanced technology inevitably comes with a trade off against battery life, and the Nexus One is no exception. I get a good day's use out of mine without much trouble before I need to charge, but it would be nice if it could push into two.


A nearly perfect phone, at a similar price point to the iPhone, and at last a competitor which really gives Apple a run for its money. Buy.
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on 25 March 2010
I purchased my nexus one from google direct a month ago, far cheaper than ordering through a middle man company. The cost to me was £420 plus a vat invoice later from DHL for £60 so total cost under £500! You can get it inscribed as well FOC and it arrived within five days.

All I can say is that I am wildly impressed, people are obsessed with comparing it to an i-phone and I have seen reviews mentioning downsides which are either downright false or misleading. I would take them all with a pinch of salt.

The phone integrates seamlessly with all of your google apps, the contacts integrates with Facebook. It multi tasks well, is very fast and takes great photos with its 5mp camera with flash which means pub photos look great!

The only slight downside that I can agree with is the the touch points for the bottom four keys (back, menu, home and search) are slightly raised above the icons themselves. It is very slight and barely noticeable. I have not had any problems with the capacitive touch screen. It has been a joy to use. It is worth mentioning how beautiful the screen looks. Colours stand out and everyone who has seen it has been very impressed. The app market is growing and one thing I noticed is that many of the apps that cost on I-tunes are free on android market. My favourite for the moment is the Sky map showing constellations and planets relative to your gps/compass assisted position.

Buy this phone you really wont regret it! Although its probably cheaper as people have noted to get it direct.
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