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Customer Reviews

3.0 out of 5 stars
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2010
I have used VideoStudio 7 for many years, to edit and produce DVDs, often for weddings, in standard definition, typically around an hour of video. All I need is the ability to cut, resequence clips, add music and the occasional title, then burn a disc with a menu. Finally I bought a new camera, for High Definition, so I had to upgrade to VideoStudio Pro3 .... What a horror. It cannot download from my camera's USB properly (Panasonic HDC-SD700 ) so I use Panasonic's application to do that (it works well, and is extremely fast), then import the video files. But the so-called media organiser is a ridiculous affair, which populates itself with a mind of its own. Eventually you can fight it and start editing. You need to save your project every 5 minutes since the program crashes so frequently. The preview was particularly flakey, even though I have a nice new Dell vostro 1520 with dual core P8700 2.53GHz and 3Gb RAM, running XP. Downloading the patches from corel's website improved it a bit, but not completely.

When the project is finished the share option tries to transfer the project into the now integrated MovieFactory- but this just hangs indefinitely and you have to shut everything down. Eventually I settled for making a DVD video file (mpg standard definition) and just importing it into the Factory - which was OK until I tried to change the awful pre-set Title music to my own mp3 file. There is a button for allegedly doing this, and it came up with a blank media screen and embryonic Desktop/My Computer search tree - but clicking on My Computer to get at my music has no effect whatsoever - the thing just does not navigate. You cannot even delete the horrid sound they give you. Oh dear, ULEAD VideoStudio 7 was a joy to use by any comparison. Is this is what happens when uncle Sam buys up a decent European company?

The total lack of any user manual , even as a pdf on disk, is unforgivable. You have to find a very obscure help widget, which merely connects you an on-line multi page tutorial. I happen to be at a remote location with a fairly modest internet connection so this is a nightmare. You cannot download a pdf manual. And the process described for changing that title soundtrack just doesn't work. Buttons and widgits generally lack any helpful pop-up explanations -why? it is trivially easy to add them to any software application these days.

I am a technical director with 20 years' + experience in IT, software development, computer hardware & software engineering, many years of experience using VideoStudio3 and earlier VideoFactory and believe me I can usually make things work.

Well, eventually, after downloading huge patches from Corel's website and spending 2 weeks communicating with the support team (eventually by telephone) I have got somewhere. Advice included running msconfig, a scary system utility, and disabling half the stuff that Windows tries to load in at startup. Also, they, with no shame, send you the previous verion of MovieFactory (v7SE) to use instead of the awful one originally supplied. All this and taking care to run no other software beforehand has reduced the crashes to an acceptable frequency. But the key workaround, for my Panasonic Video Camera, was to chop the first frame or two off EVERY CLIP (no explanation given, but at least their help-girl had worked it out, using clips which I uploaded to her). Since a typical project might have over 100 clips that was hardly acceptable - BUT I am quite happy to join all my clips using Panasonic's bullet-proof software, make a single mt2s file and import it into Videostudio. Then you chop the first frame and proceed to edit, just like the old days when everything came out of the camera as a single clip. Editing is then fine, with few hangups, as long as you keep off "multi-trim" edit, and just keep splitting scenes where you want to cut. Now the software will efficiently output an AVCHD file (really quickly, since there is almost no need to re-render). Then you can exit Videostudio, start MovieFactory 7SE and successfully import the new AVCHD (it is saved with an .mpg suffix, just to confuse!) It all works from here on, you can make an AVCHD (High Definition) DVD, up to 40 minutes of HD on a standard DVD which plays on BluRay, or you can downgrade to plain DVD.
It would have been nice if Corel could have sorted out all this BEFORE selling their software. And am I the only person with a Panasonic HD camera?? It would be even cleverer if they put all this advice onto their website. So at least I back in business, and, yes, this editing suite is easy to use, intuitive, and is now doing a great job for me. I've added a star to my original rating. They owe me one, too.
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on 24 February 2010
I downloaded the trial version of video studio pro x3 after trying 4 other top video editing programs, Video studio pro X3 was by far the best. I used it for about a week and not once did the program crash, I am running it on my Dell studio XPS laptop 2.8 core2 duo 4 gig ddr3 ram Ati 4670 with 1 gig ram on board, I would say you need quite a powerful system to run this program without problems, It's got some great effects transitions and sound tracks built in, I have found it very easy to use and understand, it also has a great dvd factory built in so you can create some professional looking dvd's/blu ray disc's. I recomend this great program well done Corel.
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on 12 March 2010
I was excited to own this new version of what was 'Ulead Videostudio'. Since the takeover by Corel this product seemed to be going in the right direction especially with its last incarnation-Videostudio Pro X2. But with this new release, it seems to be a case of one step forward and two back. First the layout has been really dulled down, with just a blackened frame and very little else, as opposed to the pleasing to the eye silvery grey of Pro X2. The buttons and markers are less bold. The colour-scheme of the video and sound blocks have been changed. It seems as if they are trying to make it look like a Magix layout. It runs OK, but really sucks memory and even my very high-speed quad core had an occasional stall during operation. The Pro X2 runs much smoother than this one. But surely the biggest flaw here is the fact that you can no longer create custom MPEG-2 profiles. This is a real pain. They make you do with a couple of HDV pre-sets which create huge files. The previous Pro X2 did allow you to create any custom MPEG-2 file you want...including HD 720p and 1080p. Why take this away? So my advice? Get the 'Videostudio Pro X2 Ultimate' instead. It is a far better software and runs much smoother, with more render options. Sorry Corel...this new one just ain't up to the job!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Video editing is a power hungry process. No matter what spec your PC, video editing is likely to be the toughest thing you ask it to do in most domestic setups.

My PC is a reasonable spec: 64 x2 dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 1tb 7200 HDD with 16MB cache. Even with this setup, my PC, according to the resources monitor, was working hard the whole time this application was running. If you have a lower spec machine, you should be aware that input response and task completion will not be instantaneous.

I was very much looking forward to using this software because it claims to be quicker and easier to use than others. I am not a video hobbyist. I would love to be able to create a cinematic work of art with clever editing and sound mixing, but my ambitions are way lower than that. A few simple titles, nice transitions between scenes and maybe a touch of sound mixed in. To date, I have bought and trialled numerous editors and all of them have left me with either failed projects or a sore head (thanks to the complexity). It was a shock and shame that the only editor I was able to use was the freely bundled one which comes with MS Windows.

The good news on VideoStudio Pro X3 is that there are numerous nice "newbie" features which aim to make life simpler for the likes of me. The interface is pretty decent, too.

The bad news is that the editing is no quicker than other options. I accept that the final rendering is going to take a long time, but some of the "nice features" I mentioned are not fully delivered. Great ideas, but they don't quite work yet. Maybe in X4.

Compared to all the other suites I have used, though - a pretty good effort if you want more features than the MS freebie. For my money, I think it's better than the Adobe Premiere Elements alternative. However, as yet, I have yet to find a good "basic" editor. Perhaps Sony Vegas or the full-edition of Premiere perform better, but they are also hugely expensive and too complicated for my needs.
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on 17 May 2010
I bought this after all the good reviews it had recieved and the write up on the box.But it is a total let down.
There is a button called 'Get more' which only appears after you have had the software 3 days, this isn't the case, it never appeared so you couldn't get the extras. Thats not the best bit about this software tho. The burning software VideoDVD 2010 doesn't do what it should soooo you have to phone Ulead and they give you the link for DVD Movie Factory 7 which replaces Video DVD 2010?!!!!,but the download I had couldn't be installed as it did not recognise XP service pack 3, so I phoned the fee based tech support who told me "you have to have service pack 3 installed on your computer, I said I did and the reply was OH!.No patches are available for this crash ridden software... you again have to phone Ulead to get the PRO X3 patch. HENCE I RETURNED IT AND BOUGHT SONY VEGAS 9.
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on 21 April 2010
I decided to buy this product firstly because I had upgraded to Windows 7 and secondly because I wanted to edit high definition video. How did this work out? Well I liked the "uncluttered" decision making as opposed to the options that Video Studio 11 had, in that there were too many options in this older version. For example, which capture type you should choose. I found editing a "breeze" and the "Smartsound" facility I found to be excellent, because I wanted to add music to a lot of my old silent 8mm movies that I had transferred to video. I would have given this product 10 out of 10 but for the problem I had with capturing video from my DV camcorder. It kept telling me "Unable to switch to capture mode". After reporting this to their help line they, after several days, told me that my camcorder was incompatible with Pro X3. They obviously hadn't bothered or tried, because, after a lot of searching on the internet I found the solution on, believe it or not, Youtube. If you'd like to know about this go to Youtube and type in the search box "How to make firewire work with windows 7"
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on 26 October 2010
I created a slide show with sound track using the program. That worked pretty well.

Then I wanted to burn it to DVD, and it went on to open the associated Movie Factory 10 program. This insisted on adding title music that I did not want, and even worse, it overwrote my sound track.

There is no email help available, so I looked at the Corel-run user groups. It seems that Corel have introduced Movie Factory 7 SE as a substitute download. I looked, and found that it was indeed there, but not integrated.

I thought this would be worth getting some help from the user group, so tried to register. I went through the process, and the onscreen message said that I was now a member and would receive a confirmation email.

This has not arrived, and nor is it in my spam trap.

I tried to re-register, but it would not let me,as I had already registered with my email (so no typo).

I thought I would just try logging in anyway. But it said that I could not do so without the email confirmation, and in case of problems to contact the board administrator.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do so. I have even checked the user group, and it seems that there is no way to contact the board administrator.

I conclude that although the program itself works well, the DVD authoring is poor - AND THE SUPPORT IS RUBBISH. You can't even get into the user group.

Incidentally, I got round my problem by saving as an MPEG and using an entirely different program to author the DVD.

I feel sure that there is a way to fix this, but I was in a hurry, and with nonexistent support and being blocked from the user group I was stuck.
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on 18 May 2010
I am an avid user of Corel products- Corel Draw all through to X4, so it was a natural step to experiment with video using Corel Video Studio Pro X2 Ulitmate editon... thus I upgraded to X3- it's supposed to be quicker*, better etc. so I went for it.


As other reviewers have found - IT IS NOT STABLE. I don't mind the slight insult of Corel suggesting that my system be at fault and asking me to make sure everything is upgraded( I upgrade it often and the massive quad processor and 8gb ram with 1Gb Radeon HD 4300 series helps eats everything else in its stride) - I did check it all out and I also applied all their upgrades and patches but Corel Video Studio Pro X3 still crashed, exactly as before.

It crashes regularly when rendering. ( Rendering = Basically changing the format of video files from those recorded to a suitable file for uploading or writing to a dvd) Those of you who have not suffered this problem- yet, X3 behaves despicably on all my suite of 3 computers. Any file of a decent length, say - an hours worth of video will provoke a crash.

Advice:- Buy the cheaper more stable X2 version and see how you get on with that. Personally I think it a better choice. Leave your computer to render the large files ovenight and at least you'll know they will be there, ready in the morning and not unrendered, the program crashed and shut down. *Hence in reality as the old X2 program works fine, is actually quicker.


IN A NUTSHELL. X2 is excellent. X3 fails to execute. I for one am giving it the chop and going back to X2
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on 27 June 2010
Thankfully I like to download Trials of any software I'm interested in before I will put my my hand into my pocket. VideoStudio has some nice features and it's relatively easy to use. I was working on my video and the software constantly kept displaying an error then I'd see the infamous "stopped responding" message from Windows. The software is unstable and is really not worth anybodys time.
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on 6 October 2010
This is my third version of this software, so I do have some experience and plenty of faith in it. There are more whistles and bells, some handy, some cosmetic, but overall a fairly decent edition.
However, the 'but' is that they have messed around far too much with the burning section [what they term as 'sharing'] to the point that many of the options on the previous version have now been removed.
Such as the option to skip the menu creation completely. Now, annoyingly, you have to delete the templates that sit there, which prolongs the whole process.
If you have X2, perhaps it would be best to wait for X4. This one is ok, but there's evidence of tinkering for tinkering's sake, and that's never a good thing.
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