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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Price:£87.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 22 August 2017
I use it with Adobe Premiere Pro.
I've found it to be a great asset when editing. It's much more efficient than the keyboard for having your commonly used shortcuts (you may want to play around with it quite a bit and test it out with a project.) I changed a few things around the more I used it.

The program detection isn't great, there were 2 presets for Premiere Pro and 1 for Elements - it always applied the elements preset when working in Pro which was a bit of a pain, so I ended up deleting it.
It then applied the Premiere Pro preset I hadn't modified, so I also deleted that.
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on 14 December 2013
I bought this for use with Final Cut Pro X . And I am very pleased with the way the shuttle pro integrates seamlessly with it.the product came with a cd , but the software on it was out of date and I recommend going to their web site and downloading the latest drivers and instruction book.

The thing that surprised me was just how many different template settings for other software come with the latest update,it cover many media creation apps like logic, Ableton live etc. but I had not expected it to have any use in things like safari, mail ,contacts , chrome etc.etc.. But it does, and the very clever aspect is you do not have do any switching to make it work with each app, it does it automatically, so if you have several programs open at the same time it automatically adapts to which ever window you have live at that moment....very neat!

It is also very easy to modify any of the button's actions to suit your own preferences.
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on 26 April 2017
Premium price, premium product

Initially, i thought I wouldn't need hte extra buttons and nearly opted for the cheaper model, glad I didn't, I soon started using all the buttons almost straight away, customising them for nearly every app i thought might be useful.

Works great with Google Chrome (web dev)
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on 24 June 2017
This has a steep learning curve, by itself it does nothing, but if you edit videos and use one of the popular programs it is great to use and saves hours of fiddling.
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on 13 January 2014
It does pretty much what you'd expect. It adds a number of programmable buttons, a jog wheel and a shuttle ring that can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise to 7 different extents. All functions can be programmed including the shuttle ring positions and transitions (e.g. execute one action when going to position 1 left and then execute something else as long as the ring stays in that position).

Having used it on both Windows and Mac I'd say the software is just a little bit more advanced and intuitive on the Apple platform as well as being bundled with more pre-created profiles. Both platforms were lacking the latest Adobe CC apps but these could easily be cloned from CS5/6. Be careful with the Mac driver though - you must download the correct one for your version of OSX. It took 3 or 4 complete system crashes before I realised I'd installed the wrong version of the driver - it's not very clearly labelled on the web site. It's also worth checking their support forum as it has links to slightly newer drivers than the download page.
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on 2 May 2010
Super piece of kit - works fine with Pinnacle Studio (11,12 and 14) and Adobe Premiere (Pro, CS3 and CS4 - just about to try it on CS5). All the buttons come pre-configured with the supplied software - but you can modify buttons to do just about anything. The feel of the jog-wheel and centre frame control is just superb reminds me of some of the up-market Sony edit controllers of old.

If you're even semi-serious about editing, you have to try one of these - it's so good I've recommended it to a whole bunch of people - several of my customers have also bought them - you have to make a really big decision though - when editing you invariably need your mouse as well - I found I used the Shuttlepro with my left hand and the mouse with my right - but then I'm a right-hander!

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on 10 June 2011
The shuttle was delivered on time and in good condition. I do a lot of wedding video work and this in the short time I have had it, has proved to be well worth the money. It makes both movie and slideshow editing much easier and quicker to perform. I use it in conjunction with a wireless scroll mouse and find for the most part, my keyboard has become almost redundant. I say almost as I still need the keyboard for titling and naming files, etc; My preferred choice of editing software is Sony Vegas, along with Sony DVD Architect and Sony Sound Forge Audio. The control works well with these programs. Would highly recommend this shuttle to others who need a good editing tool, but cant afford the more expensive deck type editing controllers. Its very slim and fits nicely under my left hand while editing. Like other reviewers, I have customized the buttons to suit my own style of editing.

Update! 23.02.2013

Just recently I noticed the ShuttlePro was cutting on and off which I eventually discovered was down to the connecting cable. Today it has packed in completely! Question now is, would Contour supply me with a replacement cable which I could fit myself, as the cable terminates in a small plug to fit the circuit board. If not it would mean having to shell out for a new ShuttlePro! The unit it self is still in good condition and seems a waist to have to throw it away. Moving this unit into place each time for use has for me shown up the only weak point and that is the cable. Otherwise has been a damn good unit, which over time has helped to speed up the editing process. Would still recommend to others!
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on 26 November 2012
I've done digital video editing for years starting with simple Roxio software on the Pc and moving up to iMovie and Final Cut Pro on my Mac. I've always been happy using a combination of mouse and keyboard presses to create my masterpieces, unaware that there might be any better or easier way to do things.

A while back though, I was brought the Contour Shuttle for a birthday present and it has been a revelation to me. While I found it at first a bit tiresome to program the buttons to do different tasks (and even managed to change my mind as to what features I needed them to do on occasion), I am now able to quickly navigate my way around my software with ease. The jog shuttle control is similar to the ones on old video recorders in that you can fast forward and rewind through your video quickly and easily, but also the inner also wheel gives you the ability to easily navigate to individual frames, much easier than using just a mouse once you get used to it. It is already set up to use certain applications so you may get away without needing to reprogram it.

The cool thing is that you use this in your left hand alongside your mouse, so as you point and click, you always have your presets and precise tools ready with your left hand. I'm impressed with how well made it feels, and it makes you feel like a professional as you work. Highly recommend if you like to edit videos on your computer.
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on 8 February 2012
BEST piece of harware and software I have bought in years this controller can be used to control anything on a computer
great for surfing , ms word,excel,publisher etc, firefox,reaper (DAW), photoshop elements, if you can do it on a keyboard or a mouse you can do it on this.Very comprhensive and extensive piece of software. ONce you get to grips with the program you will be programming it for everything. you can set the buttons differently for each program you use so when you open up say photoshop it switches to buttons you have programmed into it automatically.comes with a lot of presets cakewalk, sonar,video editing programs etc. I am sure this will work with games as well but i havent tried yet. it has great marcro capabilities just about everything under sun is covered and probably more extensive controls than some gaming pads etc. the scroll wheel works brilliantly and is as smooth or as fast as you want. Works very well with my digital audio workstation which is Reaper and it speeds up the workflow no end. With a mouse in one hand and this in the other you will not need the keyboard near as much as before.
The only negative isn't a negative really just wished it had more buttons....maybe the next version v3 will be bigger and have lots more buttons and would be great if illuminated please! Gaming manufacturers beware....this could be the next kid on the block ...
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on 14 November 2014
It works well, I like the customization, and it does what it says it will do. Two small criticisms...Why does it insist on thing that I am in Premiere capture mode when I am in Premiere edit mode?(This is relevant, because the programmable keys react differently depending on the mode), and why is it that the only place to find the installed control application is in the notification area. It took me a long time to find it.
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