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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 10 April 2010
Bought this to complement a Apple 1TB Time Capsule Dual-Band WiFi router and replace the DSL WiFi router that comes with O2 subscription. It is very easy to set up and there was a quick guide on draytek's website specifically for O2 DSL subscribers with all the recommended settings.
The connexion works well, is extremely stable, and the download speed is around 20% higher than before - not too sure why that would be, and I was not expecting any significant difference, so it's a good surprise.
Just to be clear - this is a very good wired DSL modem, and nothing more. You will need a router to share the connexion. Which is fine if you already have a wifi router or really want to have dual band WiFi and a DSL connection (when I purchased mine, there was no 5GHz n DSL router, and I don't think there is as of Apr 10).
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on 28 December 2010
I am using this ADSL modem with an Apple Airport Extreme. It's very easy to setup. Plug this into the router with an ethernet cable, plug both the router and the modem into an ac outlet and finally set up your ISP settings within the router. It is also much more compact than I thought. I have attached a photo of it sitting on top of an Apple Airport Extreme, next to Western Digitals "elements" external hard drive for comparison.

I was put off initially by some negative reviews of slow upload speeds due to noise coming from this modem. If anything, my up/download speeds have increased and haven't had a problem with that yet.
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on 8 November 2013
I have owned a couple of Draytek Vigor 120 modems and just wanted to echo other reviewers' comments such as "Great product doesnt last", "Good while it lasted" and "Works really well until it doesn't".

While my first Vigor 120 was working, it was great; rock solid and suited my requirements perfectly (plugged into a vSphere 5 host with a VM running pfSense). However, after a period of time it started acting intermittently and dropping my DSL connection. This seemed more likely after a period of use, and more likely while under load. I resorted to attaching a cheap Ikea "TÄNDA" lamp timer so that my Vigor 120 got 30 minutes of 'rest' each morning. Eventually though, this was not enough as my Vigor was failing more and more regularly. I did get a replacement from Draytek which then suffered the exact same fate; worked great until it just didn't anymore. Amusingly, they also delivered a very large expensive Draytek device which was sent Recorded Delivery (insured for £50 if I'm not mistaken) and left round the back of my house (?!). They then made collection of this device a more arduous task than it should have been.

I now use a TP-Link TD-8817, bought for just shy of £15, which was a perfect drop-in replacement once it was configured to bridge mode. In fact I bought another one as a spare so that I'm not without an internet connection should the first one ever fail in a similar manner to the Draytek device. The pair still cost less than one Vigor 120.
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on 16 January 2014
We've been utilising these modems at quite a number of sites over the past two years. They are really easy to set up, and are initially quite reliable.

However, nearly every one of ours (about 20) have failed after 9 - 15 months of use. They start dropping the internet connection every few minutes, continually, which can initially be addressed by turning them off and back on. But after a few weeks it just gets worse and worse until they are completely useless.
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on 23 April 2010
Pleased with the Vigor 120. RTM('s) tho. I bought this item to work with a Cisco WRT610N. The Cisco could not 'find' the modem/internet with all its so called clever MAGIC fandango software. You have to nail it (the Cisco Router) down and i)tell it not to auto select (DCHP) and ii) select the appropriate protocol for the Vigor. NOTE: the vigor is very good, and different, partly because it uses a comms protocol the Cisco does not expect, which will catch you out. I repeat, READ THE FM FOR BOTH items. If you plug the Vigor 120 straight into your computer, and don't need to mess with a Router (like the Cisco) then you do not have to worry AT ALL, it's just plug & play. Bit expensive tho - but I don't buy cheap, you always get what you pay for.
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on 30 July 2012
I am extremely pleased and impressed with this modem with a Linksys EA4500 Dual-Band N900 Router combination, my internet/download speed is now double what it was with a BT Homehub, i have tried a variety of DSL routers over the years before trying separates and nothing has come close to what this can perform , piece of cake to set the 2 up, only hiccup was changing to ppoe in the router setup to acess internet, simple, to date no dropouts on a BT line, highly recommended
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on 15 October 2010
I recently moved and was forced to change my broadband connection to an ADSL2+ connection (sadly no cable) and went with an O2 Broadband package. They sent their O2 Wireless Box IV modem/router (which is really a Thomson TG587n v2 router in disguise with branded firmware and massively reduced functionality/configurability). I wasn't happy with not being able to configure the router the way I wanted and decided to use my existing D-Link VUP824+. I didn't want to invest in a dedicated ADSL modem/router, so opted to get an ADSL modem instead - hence the Vigor 120 (there's suprisingly few devices out there that simply perform as an ADSL modem).

Draytek have a FAQ page that describes how to configure the Vigor 120 for use with O2/BeThere, as they use a non-standard ADSL setup, MPoA rather than PPPoA. Following the instructions on the website, I configured the 120 to clone the O2 Wireless box MAC address and use MultiMode modulation, and acquired an IP address from O2 by connecting my laptop directly to the modem. Pretty straightforward. Took a reboot of the modem to get it to connect, but it does connect and seems pretty stable.

Plugging in the D-link router (modem ethernet -> D-link WAN input) and setting the router to Dynamic IP, it connected immediately and the router has an IP assigned from O2. So there's no issue with connecting a router to the Vigor via MPoA.

However, I did some speed tests using a bunch of online websites to compare speeds with the O2 Wireless Box and the Vigor 120. For some reason, I consistently seem to get a drop of around 300kbps on my download speed. Now given that I am a long way from the exchange, the maximum download speed I was getting was a crappy 3.3Mbps, so a loss of 300kbps is quite signficant. Upload speed seems to be about the same or very slightly better. I have read elsewhere that there is a speed cap of 7.5MBps that is a result of not using the Broadcom chipset, but since I'm a long way off that monumentous speed, I'm not too worried.

I am in communication with Draytek support to resolve the speed, and so far they've been pretty responsive. I will update this when the issue is resolved (or not).

Note that I did upgrade the Vigor 120 firmware to the latest
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on 15 July 2010
The Draytek Vigor 120 True PPoE ADSL/2+ Modem is in my opinion an excellent product, which was easy to install and has excellent performance on ADSL 2+ circuits. The modem provided approx 19mb throughput, which was a vast improvement on the Netgear DGN2000 which provided approx 7mb throughput on the same connection.

The Draytek Vigor 120 modem functions exceptionally well with our Cisco ASA 5500 firewall.

A Highly recommended ADSL 2+ solution.

Lee Davies
WebPageOne Solutions Ltd
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on 28 October 2010
Bought to replace an X-Modem device connecting an Apple Airport Express to an ADSL line. Was initially a bit dubious about spending this much but it is a great little device and ideal partner for an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule. You can get way cheaper combined router/modems but if you want reliability, you are better paying for good quality
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on 14 November 2010
I bought this to replace a Belkin Wireless G modem that kept dropping the line and leaving downloads and uploads stuck in transit. I use an Apple Time Capsule as my ethernet and wireless router (which gives a much better wireless signal than the Belkin) so all I needed was broadband ADSL2+ modem. Initial setup was a bit hit and miss but still probably only took 60 minutes. My broadband connection is now stable, with very few dropouts and my download speed has increased from 12Mbps (variable) to a rock solid 16.4Mbps. Zen Internet (my ISP) have tested the line and confirmed the improvement since I installed the Draytek.
A great piece of kit. Not the cheapest available but worth the extra cost for the reliable performance and simplicity.
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