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4.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 May 2018
Ironbound is the fifteenth studio album from the American thrash metal band Overkill. It is the starting point of the bands second wind and shows how good the band can be when everything is going in their favour.

On the albums that came before Ironbound, Overkill were starting to sound a bit slow and sluggish. Their "groove" metal years have not aged too well and certainly does not show what this band can do when they pull out all the stops. On this album however, they throw everything against the wall and for the most part, it sticks.

Overkill return to their thrash metal roots on Ironbound and it is easily the beast they have sounded since the early '90s. The band sound extremely fresh and the line up as a whole sounds extremely tight. There are a lot of great hooks through out the album that will please fans of the thrash metal genre. I'm a big fan of the second and third tracks, Ironbound and Bring Me the Night. There are many moments where the guitars sound excellent and there are some really fine lead moments, like in the song, The Head and Heart.

The album sounds just as professional as the previous album, Immortalis. The sound is quite thick and powerful, the kind of sound a band like this should have. The guitars sound satisfying and heavy with a suitably piercing lead guitar tone putting the icing on the cake. The bass guitar has a nice metallic tone that sits beauty between the two guitars and the drums just sound thunderous. Just check out the opening for In Vain and you'll see what I mean.

Ironbound is a great album for Overkill. It is the start of their three killer albums streak. You sit this record right next to The Electric Age and White Devil Armory and really wouldn't need any other album from this band. This record is exactly what Overkill does best and sits high on the recommendations list for fans of thrash metal.

Published by Steven Lornie of Demonszone
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on 11 May 2015
I have loved overkill since "Feel The Fire" came out in 1985 and they have never ceased to amaze me with the quality of their albums and E.P.s since then. The creative genius of this band is astonishing to say the least. Overkill are the perfect marriage of great song writing, musical proficiency, artistic vision and a work ethic that would shame most marathon runners into oblivion. Overkill seem to be the band that would not die! There very few official Overkill releases that I do not own and the reason that I don't have them is that they are very difficult to source and can be extremely expensive! This album is a perfect Thrash Metal album as only Overkill can deliver it. If you love great Thrash Metal then Overkill should be one of your top five Thrash Metal Bands and you should own as many of their releases as you can possibly get a hold of. Metallica may be bigger than Overkill but they don't have the Thrash Metal integrity that Overkill ooze from their every pore, Overkill are perennial and remain influential and relevant to this day. May Overkill Rule forever!!! This album is a must have and is astonishingly good to say the least!!!
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on 1 November 2017
In my opnion, this is the best Overkill album ever. The Vinyl sound amazing, the pressing is superb!
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on 5 April 2017
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on 8 June 2013
Love this album. It is the best one since The Years of Decay and Horrorscope.
Product shipped on time, the CD arrived intact. Can only recommend.
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on 20 December 2014
very good thrash
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on 28 June 2010
Yes, have to agree with these other reviewers. Have followed Overkill for a number of years, Bad times, indifferent times and good times. This album is Overkill at their thrash-matic best!
Banging calculated thrash metal which we all know they are capable of.
Well done the lads! Give us another one!
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on 10 October 2014
This is one of the greatest Thrash Metal albums I have ever listened to! Songs such as The Green and Black, Ironbound, Bring Me the Night and The Goal Is Your Soul are some of Overkill's best work! It's one of the most ripping collection of songs this band has ever done for me! A must have for any Thrash fan!
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on 9 December 2014
"Ironbound" is a sound of a band on terrific form and the music pretty much speaks for itself. 'Overkill' are a NJ American thrash band that have been swinging the wrecking ball now for over 30 years, and have 17 albums now strapped under they're collective belts. Despite a series of poor/ filler albums during the nineties and early 00's there was some signs of revitilisation on the relatively excellent "Killbox13":- this seems to have predictably translated into a full-blown masterpiece with 2010's "Ironbound".

Together with the alternative big four of 'Kreator, Overkill, Testament and Exodus', time seems to know no bounds as these guys are playing and partying like any youthful band in they're ultimate prime. This CD is simply a modern classic as if it had been released during the eighties it would have been recognised as so. From the eight minute attack of "The green and black" fast lines, riffs and classic melodies punctuate the affair with compulsion and with 'skillmanship' in the arrangements. Soundwise this could have easily come out in 1990 were it not for the production values.

One of the band's finest albums and they're first with an inked deal with Nuclear Blast. "Bring me the night" has to be my favourite song outright but this is so close to perfection it's unreal. Absolutely fantastic disc!.,
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on 5 February 2010
Overkill have become known as one of the most consistent and enduring bands in the world, this has more to do with their stubbornness in not really altering their style than actual consistent musicianship. Over the last 2 decades Overkill albums were plagued with fillers and only a couple of good tracks. They also inherited groove elements into their music in the early 90's which have remained ever since. Horrorscope was their last brilliant album but that was 20 years ago, can a band really still have it after so long. Well the simple fact is Overkill have delivered what will probably go down as a thrash classic, every song is brilliant obviously some are better than others but none are bad.

Blitz is as powerful as ever, he seems to get better with age and whereas people like James Hetfield are a shadow of their former selves Blitz is awesome. D.D Verni provides a powerful bass back bone and new boy Ron Lipincki is phenomenal on the drums his intensity is neck breaking. Derek Tailer is pretty weak on rhythm and is carried along by D.D and Dave Linsk who puts in his best lead performance ever, his solo in the soft part of the title track is fantastic. Overkill would really benefit from 2 leads where they could trade of one another Al Pitrelli or Jeff Waters maybe? Still even with that glaring weak point in the band they have still put together a great album.

I won't review every track but the best are the title track, the change of pace at about 3 mins in is nothing other than awe inspiring, it's brilliant; Overkill should have done this more throughout their career. Bring me the night is powerful as anything and Killing for a Living is just so cool. The goal is your soul has some nice eerie guitar picking. The G&B is the longest song here but feels no longer than 5 mins and is a yet another great opening track.

Choice cuts:

Bring me the Night
The Green and Black
The Goal is Your Soul

When other bands have fallen away and are now producing the kind of crap that Metallica are, Overkill remind you why you love thrash. Is this better than Horrorscope, not quite and it may even be behind Years if Decay too but it is one hell of an album and definitely worth it for any thrash fan. This may well be the best metal album of 2010, unless Iron Maiden come up with their 15th album this year, until then this is the album to beat.

Iron Maiden did release their new album this year and it was a big disappointment iron bound is therefore my album of the year
Ironbound (Ltd. Digi)
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