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3.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 31 May 2010
In the big hype driven world of the mobile phone, anyone could be forgiven for a lot of confusion. My wife's lovely HTC Desire isn't more than a split of a split second faster then the Dext loading sites or web browsing. But, yes, of course, the Desire is more polished, feels more expensive, has a more detailed and bigger screen, and is transparently more with it than this six month old Motorola. But the Dext is better value to buy outright (if you exercise common sense) and delivers most of the Desire's ability at about a third of the retail price. The handset is solid and a bit chunky, but there's a very good physical keyboard which makes input (for me) still easier than fumbling in my big fingered way around a virtual equivalent (the Dext has one of those too). Reasons not to go with the Dext might be that Motorola treat this handset like an unwanted child, on contract the Milestone is a better phone and a better deal, and fit and finish could be that little bit more refined. The Milestone is expensive to buy. The Desire almost criminally so. With the Dext you get a handheld computer that's not hugely wanting compared with the premium smartphones, and if you pay attention before you buy, you'll get exceptional value too.
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on 22 March 2010
This is a fantastic phone that does everything. The main advantage is that it is an Android operating system so there are loads of applications to download and most of them are free, The touch screen is easy and a pleasure to use and also the fact that it has a full qwerty physical keyboard is a major bonus. If your into social networks then this has a fantastic MotorBlur software that merges them all into one easy screen. Multiple home screens and widgets so you can personalise. Fantastic battery life and just an amazing piece of kit.
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on 28 July 2010
I own this phone although I didnt buy it from amazon. It does compete well with more expensive phones. I have played with the htc desire that a friend of mine owns and also uses the android os there is little to chose between them. I like the the fact there is a physical keyboard its much more comfortable to navigate with and txt etc.
I have no complaints about the phone for the money it is a very competitive phone the only gripe I have is over battery life and no its not just my phone either. With no use what so ever the battery will last but with only moderate use and by moderate i mean a couple of 10 min calls around 30 average txts and maybe checking your emails along with the applications you may have on the phone the battery wont last a day. Mine needs charging every night without fail or its dead. which is not ideal. On the plus though the android os is the best I have come across.
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on 3 July 2011
Ive had this phone for nearly 18 months now, and I have been wanted to get rid of it for about 12 months!
When I first brought it I though it was brilliant and far better then my partners Nokia, but within months that all changed.
As the phone gets older it becomes more unresponsive, to the point where it doesn't work some of time, or presses someone completely random.
Motorola refuse to upgrade the software on this so, i am still running on its original Android 1.6 platform, and this is crap. A lot of the new apps will not work with this phone like, for example, the '...with friends' series of apps.
When i first brought this phone, it was impossible to send or receive anything using the bluetooth function, and it was only when i downloaded an app that sending photos was possible, but unless you root the phone (quite dangerous as you could end up blocking the phone completely) you still cant bluetooth music.
The battery life is less that desirable as well, and quite often i have to charge it mid way through the day!

All in all, i would avoid this phone with a 10 foot barge pole, and seriously think about buying motorola's in general.
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on 6 July 2011
I agree with the other 1* reviewer. When I first got it, it was great but then it started to get really slow and unresponsive. I have to charge it every day, even when it's on a battery saving mode, which I think is poor.
The touch pad is really unresponsive and really annoying. It randomly turns off. It's rubbish if you want to hang up on someone because you have to press the screen 10 times.
The positives would be the querty keyboard.. without this the phone would be dire.

The applications don't work very well and you can't find them all.

The phone itself is no fun at all.

For someone who has been dead against iphones, I am actually considering getting one after this make. It has really put me off android.
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on 27 May 2011
Hi there,

I owned a motorola dext before, but it was broken, so I ordered one from Amazon. Everything was fine, until I realised that the handset did not function with my O2 or Orange sim cards. The mobile phone was originally T-mobile, and as I found out from forums in order to access the phone's functions, it is necessary to have a contract with a wireless carrier such as AT&T, T-Mobile. They forgot to mention this here...

Anyway, as I said, the phone itself is great, although when you chat via sms it can freeze at times. Although the camera is 5mp there is no flash, so you can't take good pictures unless there is sufficient light. Nevertheless, it is a very good phone, I would recommend it as long as you have a T-mobile account :-)

Good luck!
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on 13 March 2013
Out of every phone I've ever owned the Motorola DEXT is my favorite. Yes, it's old now and somewhat lacking in updates to a newer and faster operating system, but the build quality is excellent and the Motoblur overlay can be useful. In particular, the universal inbox and the way that blur syncs all the contacts from Facebook, Twitter and Gmail etc into one unified contacts list makes life easier when sending emails and Facebook messages and wall-posts. I've recently returned to the DEXT which I left aside in mint condition a couple of years back while using more modern handsets such as the Atrix and the Razr which are much faster, have a bigger screen with much better pixel densities and a later version of Android. However, the DEXT for me seems much more usable and a much more enjoyable experience. Perhaps it's down to the sliding keyboard or the non-stop drip feed of social updates that come to the live happenings widgit, or maybe the device just has a bit of character. Despite running an ancient and almost useless version of the Android Market, I have still found apps that are somewhat useful and haven't missed any applications from later builds and Google Play. Another pleasant surprise has been that this phone is still quite speedy. Navigating through the home pages has been fast and using Opera Mini for web browsing has loaded webpages at a speedier pace than I was expecting. The handset also has the best call quality I've had on any mobile phone in my life. I have learnt my own lesson from this experience - the hype surrounding updates, new and improved hardware and more expensive devices is just that - hype. I much prefer the DEXT more than any other device on the market right now and will buy another one as back up before they all run out!
That's just my opinion on this wonderful phone. Many people will think it's rubbish by today's standards and I can see why, but for me personally it does what I want a phone to do and does it well.
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on 29 September 2013
Battery life borders on the acceptable as long as you are not a heavy bluetooth or wifi user the projected life is frankly a joke and should be removed from the spec
light use with bluetooth and you will need to charge daily. Google bought Motorola and there is a trade off, if you value your privacy avoid this and future Moto products like a rabid dog. The clunky Motoblur integration and lack of a discrete address book ensures that your contact addresses, phone numbers and social media interaction are all ported through a google account making available for google data mining. You also supply location details as does anybody you contact by phone again available to google. If you use GPS again google can happily track your movements to a matter of a few yards. You can with a lot of effort remove some of these functions but why bother find a better phone elsewhere or share your waking moments with google. My bluetooth ceased to function quite quickly probably for the best really.
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on 23 April 2012
There is no other way to start, but by saying: I love this phone. Usually, I find getting a new mobile phone to be a real hassle, but as soon as I found this online (and checked it out instore) I was certain it was the phone for me. It feels weighty enough that you know you've got it with you, but light enough to not weigh you down; It fits perfectly in my hands; The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use; The touchscreen works like a charm. One feature I particularly enjoy is that there is a simple switch on the side to flick between your normal sound profile, and silent mode. Such a simple feature, but overlooked in many recent models of phone.
I've now had this model of phone for over 3 years. It's been used in the rain, used in the snow, in extreme heat, in humidity, and simply day to day. It's been dropped, thrown, completely abused, and the thing still works like a charm, plus it shows barely any aesthetic damage.
I'm absolutely dreading the day when it packs in, like all technology eventually will, because I'm going to have such a hard time replacing it ! Genuinely contemplating re-buying the same model, even though I get a complimentary upgrade within my contract.
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on 21 July 2011
Very pleased with this phone. It is quite chunky but at least that means it wont break! I have dropped this phone a few times with the keyboard extended and it's been fine. Also I don't have a cover for this phone and it seems to resist scratches very well.
I like the way you can set facebook updates and text messages to appear straight on the screen in speech bubbles. Quite funky!
The only thing thats annoying, if it is raining or you have wet hands the touch screen hates it.
Also don't buy the cheap chargers off amazon as the phone hates these too! It goes a bit mad when you plug it in (but it seems fine if charging when the phone is off.)
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