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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
The Dollar Album
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 March 2016
Gleaming, ecstatic pop album from the gleaming, ecstatic after-punk 8o's. Theresa on TOTP in a soldier costume - oh, how we drooled!
'TDA' contains most of Dollar's best work : the monumental 'Hand Held in Black and White', one of the finest singles of the decade, with it's sub-aquatic basslines and twin-Anarchy in the UK-style instrumental breaks.. 'Videoteque', replete with menacing Joy Division moog-riff.. and 'Give Me Back My Heart', a shuddering ballad bringing to mind the most wrenching work of Tim Buckley and Laura Nyro .. only with monoliths of cathedralistic synth and no less Colgate-handed sheen slinging it relevant.

Trevor Horn - four-eyed, geeky perm - crazed with excitement from his no 1 pearler, 'Video Killed the Radio Star', produces superbly. - And rather nimbly, considering the sheer weight of the thing. Hidden amongst the lushness there is fun and no little subtlety in abundance. Trev is on genius form here; being ultra-picky, I suppose Dave and Treze could have laid off the cheese a little, but it wouldn't have been the same.

The very title, 'The Dollar Album', suggests an event - and that's exactly what it is. Even now, it's lunatic theatrical pop surge - standout even at a time when Associates, ABC and Dexy's towered in the hit charts, and Tiswas ruled the telly - is neither stunted nor un-burnished. Someone utterly depressed by what passes for modern rock and pop, yet remains the slightest bit open-minded, will find much to enjoy here.

The rest, ie, yer average rock consumer, will still hate it for all the wonderful reasons us sensible folk love the thing. And that's so good.
A pinnacle of anti-fashion and blowing a contrary wind.. and so in real terms, a glittery bullet updating of the true edge and fleetingness of '77 punk rock - both in spirit and all-knowing legacy/mystery. And there's the rub in a nutshell..
Play it alongside '82's other successfully true punk albums, 'H20', 'Friend or Foe' and 'Pelican West'.
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on 19 May 2017
Great album
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on 19 February 2016
Million dollars or what.I'd say so you ?.
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on 6 February 2017
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on 17 February 2010
For a child in the early eighties, Dollar seemed like the epitome of untouchable glamour and sophistication. Whenever they appeared on a Saturday seaside special or on Top Of The Pops, they performed as if in some hermetically sealed bubble of pop perfection. Since that time, Dollar's media image has been somewhat tarnished by reality show meltdowns, botched comebacks and various legal issues.

That's a real shame, as 'The Dollar Album' remains a brilliant collection of pure pop music. Trevor Horn's production on a handful of the tracks here is phenomenal - far ahead of its time with its electronic wall of sound that is somehow both machine-like yet also beautifully human. 'Videotheque' and 'Give Me Back My Heart', in particular, are as fresh now as they were nearly 30 years ago. Across the whole album, Dollar maintain their serious approach to this lightest of lighweight glossy pop - just because they were working within the pop genre, they never seemed throwaway or interested only in commercial success.

The bonus tracks (alternative versions of the biggest hits from the album) are interesting but not essential.

To have this album on CD, with the artwork intact, is like welcoming back an old friend. It may not be to everyone's taste but - as a soundtrack to growing up in the eighties or for anyone who loves melodic pop music - this album is kinda magic.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 November 2015
'The Dollar Album' may essentially be a collection of pure pop candy floss but as a memory of all that was great about 80's synth pop its about unbeatable - especially now with the inclusion of the extra Trevor Horn mixes.

Pop gems like 'Mirror Mirror' and 'Give Me Back My Heart' are up there with the very best pop records of the era and I personally LOVE 'Hand Held In Black & White' and the Buggles like, 'Videotech' equally as much. Sure, most of the songs themselves have little important lyrical content but all of the songs here make you feel good and Horn's production is simply astoundingly cool - right up there with anything my other production hero, Tony Mansfield could have come up with!

Trevor's bonus version of 'Hand Held In Black & White' is quite different to the single in a number of ways. In truth, the best version was the one the group released but fans of the band/Trevor will be glad to own the other version and enjoy listening to both. The other bonus mixes are not quite so easy to differentiate from the originals but then that's the fun in listening to them over and over again, I guess?

All in all the only track on this album I find a bit dull is 'Pink & Blue', other than that 'The Dollar Album' is consistently entertaining...just wish I'd bought the CD because i'd love the booklet and sleeve notes!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 April 2010
In retrospect, I think I was a Trevor Horn fan rather than a Dollar fan. Although when Therese was dressed in that... anyway, the singles are fantastic, all totally terrific top ten Trevor produced tunes, but all the fillers are pretty lame and of their time. If the extra tracks had been fantastic extended remixes, that would have been brilliant, but they are all sparsely produced (compared to the final versions) demos, and not Alternative Trevor Horn Mixes. Definitely demos, no matter what anyone says! I must admit that I play this in the car quite a lot, but just the over-the-top-produced singles. Videotheque is a killer track. It's the syn-drums just before the chorus that does it. I know I'm in a minority of 1, but there you go... a 3.5.
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on 25 September 2015
Thereza Bazar said in a Look-In feature (the junior TV Times magazine!) Dollar were like a cross between Abba and Depeche Mode. Wouldn't go quite that far, but still great synths, fab drumming from Graham Broad, and catchy, excellently produced songs. David and Thereza wrote half this album themselves too. There's the bouncy Mirror Mirror, the lush Give Me Back My Heart (have you seen the cruel but hilarious Three of a Kind spoof!), the dramatic Videotheque, the feelgood Gimme Some Kinda Magic, and dancey Second Time Around, Anyone Who's Anyone and Guessing Games. You Made Me Love You starts off a bit syrupy but turns into another catchy dancey tune.

My only niggle is Thereza's vocal style makes some lyrics indistinct, like her lead on the otherwise splendid Pink and Blue. She sings like she needs to give her nose a good blow! Clever how a couple of tracks contain references to others too - one more chance to make it right, holding hands in black and white (Videotheque) and you always said you were a shooting star (Second Time Around). Sounds as good as it did back in '82. Enjoy.
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VINE VOICEon 17 February 2010
after there initial sucess, the "paris collection" was huge flop and this album was not a sucess it was game over for david and thereze!

it did not disappoint!

with trevor horn on production duties for many of the songs...it is polished and includes some of the best 80's tracks ever!

"mirror mirror" was a huge hit and although not a favourite of mine it reached the top 5 and put dollar back where they belong 10/10

"give me back my heart" was the nearest they came to a number one! a beautiful song that it is as timeless as ever! 10/10

"hand held in black and white" was not a huge hit and was the first single release..it has gone down as a true classic due to trevor horns production...for the total pleasure buy "them platinum collection" 10/10

"pink and blue" is so beautiful, miss bazaars classic 10/10

"i got your number wrong" is a great pop track 9/10

"guessing games" is another great pop track! 8/10

"give me some kinda magic" was the 4th single release and although not a huge hit, it is one off dollars best recordings! 9/10

"videotheque" was the 3rd single release, and it deserved to do better than its top twenty chart position....still sounds as fresh as it did then 10/10

"dangerous blondes" sounds like a hangover from "the paris collection" still good 7/10

"you made me love you" is another great pop ballad with great production 8/10

"anyone who's anyone" again sounds a bit dated and like its from "the paris collection" 7/10

"the second time around" is a great track and could have been a single....david shines and therse sparkles 9/10

the rest of the album is made up of alternative and unreleased versions of the album tracks....all previously unreleased

"hand held in black and white" great version...vocals stand out 10/10

"mirror mirror" another classic version 10/10

"give me back my heart" doesnt sound too different 8/10

"videotheque" sounds a bit more polished and expanded 9/10

"i got youre number wrong" again sounds expanded in sound 9/10

"guessing games" has been given a elctro sound and its a good version!

a strong solid cd..."the platinum collection" is still a must!
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on 7 January 2010
2010 issue UK 18-track CD album

Hitting the Top 20 in 1982, Dollar's biggest selling album spawned the hit singles 'Hand Held In Black And White', 'Mirror Mirror', 'Give Me Back My Heart', 'Videotheque', 'Give Me Some Kinda Magic', and now comes expanded with Bonus Alternate Remixes of 'Hand Held In Black And White', 'Mirror Mirror [Mon Amour]', 'Give Me Back My Heart', 'Videotheque', 'I Got Your Number Wrong' & 'Guessing Games'. Complete with picturebooklet containing original LP artwork, extensive sleevenotes and pictures of all relevant singles.

1. Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)
2. Give Me Back My Heart
3. Hand Held In Black And White
4. Pink And Blue
5. I Got Your Number Wrong
6. Guessing Game
7. Give Me Some Knida Magic
8. Videotheque
9. Dangerous Blondes
10. You Made Me Love You
11. Anyone Whos Anyone
12. The Second Time Around

Bonus Recordings:
13. Hand Held In Black And White - Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix
14. Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour) - Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix
15. Give Me Back My Heart - Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix
16. Videotheque - Alternative Trevor Horn 1982 Mix
17. I Got Your Number Wrong - Alternative 1982 Mix
18. Guessing Games - Alternative 1982 Mix
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