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on 3 August 2011
Hi, I was looking for a low cost lightweight tent to use for my mtb trip on the WHW april 2011,I bought this tent after reading the reviews on this site. I can highly recommend this tent. It is lightweight and small in size, it fits on my bike rack no problem. I am 6ft 2" and 18 stone so a big guy and I was worried it would be to sml, so I tried it out in my house and I fitted no problem. On the trip I found the space in the tent perfect for my needs. the sml porch is just big enough for your shoes/boots and some other items, I also tried my karrimor wind 25L racksack in it and it just fitted but touched the sides slightly, so if its wet it would be no good, if dry then fine. There is just enough room in the tent for me to stretch out without touching the top/bottom and its broad enough with some room to spare, there is even enough room at your head to store some sml items without lying on them and the head height is good enough not to feel claustrophobic, If you are looking for a sml lightweight tent just to sleep for the night then its perfect, dry, warm, easy to erect and pack up.. it even fits back in the bag easily, look no further. If you want a bit of storage then this is not for you. I used it for wild camping and it can pitch just about anywhere even on the side of a rocky forest track between rocks. I also pitched it on Glencoe at 4 degrees above freezing with a Gelert ZGL167 X-Treme Lite 800 Sleeping Bag(also recommended)and a £5 foam sleeping mat and got a good sleep. I just used it again on the GGW in july 11, I woke up at 7am and a cloud of midges had gathered outside for the feast (me) but none inside so I waited till the sun came out and fought them on even ground, ok they still got me eventually but none in the tent..lol. Meant to add, because its so low to the ground, the shaped design also helps direct the wind over it. For most people the acid test is would you buy another.. so YES I would.
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on 25 September 2013
This was my first tent - ever. First time using a tent. I had never camped before, never pitched a tent, none of that at all. I had two days notice to learn about tents and camping, and only a few hours practise with this tent beforehand.

Initially confused, it took me a while to figure out how to set this tent up in a living room, as I'd never set up a tent before. This practise was essential. The instructions were unreadable for a first-time camper so I had to consult online videos of general tent pitching and this cleared things up a lot. An experienced tent user, however, should have no issues at all.

I went on to camp for the first time that night on my own. I had to pitch the tent in complete darkness with limited lighting. I got the hang of it quickly and managed to set it up first time in under 10 minutes.

The tent was just fine for sleeping in, but not much else. If you're limber you can change yourself in it, but that's it. A duffel bag can fit in with you. I'm thin and average male height and I managed to fit in just fine, but tall people would struggle.

I had done this in autumn so the winds were quite a factor, and resulted in me being cold unless I had a truly thick blanket. I don't know if this is normal for tents as this is the only one I've ever used.

Moisture was an issue, although the tent does have a wee window to let moisture out of, this same window will also drip rainwater in eventually. Stepping in and out cleanly is also a bit tricky due to the shape and size. Expect to make some awkward leg contortions.

Overall I was happy with this tent. My situation was desperate (homeless, had to sleep outdoors) and this tent was a lifesaver. Being so quick and easy to pitch, I managed to camp near busy areas and remain conspicuous. The small size offered versatility, so all I needed was a patch of bare earth amidst some dense trees and I had the perfect spot for privacy and comfort.

For proper camping in the future I'd probably go for something slightly bigger, just for the comfort aspect. The small space can feel a bit stressful after a few nights.
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on 9 June 2014
Even tho I gave this tent five stars bear in mind that the old adage of "you get what you're paying for" applies here too.

Don't get me wrong it's a great tent for the money, but there are quite a few tents in this league that can cost anything from 60quid to 500 quids.

Tested it few times on the hills and it does the job(ben lawers camp on 900m, wind around 50mph and ~1C at night) I highly recommend to use Nikwax tent-proof or similar product on the tarp just to improve the water repellency.

Ease of use - 4/5, craftsmanship 4/5, size 3/5 - i'm 186cm tall and the tent is rather "tight fit". You can put your backpack under the tarp with no problem.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with the purchase, i'm sure it will serve me well in the months to come it's definitely a great tent for the money. If you're looking for something on budget, maybe you don't want to damage you Rab tent than using Gelert is a great alternative for 'casual' trips.
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on 22 September 2011
the space inside is quite small, you can't sleep with much kit directly beside you. but there is plenty of storage space between the inner and outer tent on either side.

this is not a tent for tall people, i'm 5"11 and found it very just. i'd say 6" max.

it is very warm inside but doesn't get too humid because it is well ventilated. so no moist gear in the morning because of condensated breath. i'd say it's good most of the year, perhaps all if winter is mild and with right sleeping bag.

everything feels good quality and robust. the only issue is the the bag the tent comes packed into is far too small, once you've touched the perfect way they packed it in you won't be able to put it back in. So take a spare dry bag/ stuff sack that is big enough with you. the tent pegs aren't that great either but i've found that with all the tents i've ever owned. they are good enough though for a short trip but for longer leave them behind and take some stronger ones so you won't be bending them back into shape all the time or struggling with harder soil.

I would reccomend this tent, certainly over some ultralight single skin options, this is still in the very light category but has the sturdiness and two skins that really are worth it.

I used it for cycle touring but would also use it for backpacking, moterbike touring or on the back of a canoe or wherever a light compact tent is needed. i also find it great value.
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on 11 February 2017
great tent if your motor biking takes up no space. although like sleeping in a coffin. like every good idea when your sat on your computer in your warm house planning a trip, i had one night at the NW200 in ireland and ended up leaving it there and booking a hotel. could hear everyone snoring and farting i thought bollocks to that!! i may still be there?... dont mess about bikers book a hotel shower, breakfast, bar, comfortable bed all for £50 quid..
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on 10 June 2014
I used one of these when a friend and I went cycle camping. the tent is reasonably well thought out and easy to pitch with the ground sheet and mozzie net all sewn together. there are two poles used to erect the tent which do need to be handled carefully as they are thin but strong enough. you will need to ensure that the base is as taught as you can get it otherwise the mozzie net will be very close to your face when inside the tent. the outer sheet goes over without any problems and is easy to peg out. if you have a rucksack then lift one side of the top sheet and tuck your bag under it (space is certainly at a premium inside!). for the price I payed I am happy with the product so long as you don't mind feeling a bit like you are in a coffin and will struggle to do anything other crawl into it!. Ps im 6ft 1 inch and can squeeze into this.
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on 4 September 2014
Even though it claims the tent has a inside length of 250 centimeters, I had trouble stretching in it with my 183 centimeters. The remaining centimeters are useful to maybe store some small items, but are definitely not usable for someone 180 centimeters or taller.

The tent it self is very good and no drop of rain entered my sleeping area while I was using it in Scotland. I could even store my backpack under the outer tent (while it was in a waterproof bag), so I had a bit more space inside.

When purchasing this tent, don't expect a 5* luxury; it does what it is made for: you can sleep in it. There is no space to sit up and you will have a problem if the camping doesn't offer a common room/kitchen and it's pouring outside (unless you love laying in a small tent all day, of course ;).

Sadly, the smaller sticks already broke while putting it up the 4th time. Although I can still use it, it's quite clearly broken (split in half over its length).

For the price I paid it's a perfect tent and if you buy it to try out if camping and backpacking is something for you, this is the perfect tent. Just don't expect too much and don't be taller than 180 centimeters.
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on 25 April 2015
For the price, this tent is brilliant, yes, there are tents with higher spec, lighter weight and carry a more fashionable label, but they also come complete with the higher price tag. I brought this tent for a friend for our trips out. He is 6'2'' and broad to go with it. This tent packs away small and he, a complete novice at all things camping, was able to set it up in around 10 minutes whilst supping on 'the amber nector'.
No he could not sit up in it. But as a place to sleep, once all other activities/socialising was complete. It does its job well.
He remained dry despite a proper down poor and did not report any complaints regarding condensation,
all in all, as an introductory tent, to a child or anyone just starting out. This is a great bit of kit unless you have the money to go spending £200 plus on the higher spec options. But then comes the heart ache of a breakage.
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on 29 June 2014
Having just lived in this tent for 3 weeks in the south west of the UK, I can share some positives and negatives.

I'm 5'8 and fairly slim, so for taller people some points may not apply. This tent is really easy to pitch - can be done in 10 minutes but it is inner first, which I can see being really annoying in rain, snow or winds. On first pitch I didn't tie the outer sheet to the poles and so in the morning, the outer sheet was very wonky - remember to tie the outer to the poles!

Getting in and out of the Solo requires some technique, you have to kind of crouch then begin to lie flat and snake your way in. I couldn't sit up in the Solo but I could lean on my elbow and such. My 65L backpack, half full, was able to fit in the space between the inner and outer and I still had room for my boots, cap and some other little things. There is a lot of space opposite the door that hasn't been used well, a simple zip on could solve this and add a lot more gear storage space.

There's enough room to turn over and shuffle in the night - my sleeping bag is quite bulky and I had no troubles moving around in it. The ends are a little tight when pitched, I kept worrying I'd push against them in the night and rip some seams - they could do with a little widening.

In terms of weather protection, it endured very strong rain and some winds absolutely fine and had no leaks - very impressed for a £40 tent.

Overall I'm really happy with the Solo, and I'm proof that it can be lived out of for extended periods! However, it does need a revision and we changes if its to compete with higher priced backpacking tents.
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on 30 June 2011
Good: So far I have used my Solo several times in wind, rain, heat and cold and I can say that it performed very well. The outer shell provides a waterproof membrane while the inner mesh provides good protection from bugs and fly's. I have stayed out in it during some very heavy rain combined with wind and not a drop entered the tent. All wrapped up the Gelert is very light indeed and fits into a very small package. It is incredibly easy to put up as well, even with one person (which is important for a one man tent).

Bad: There is really not much bad with this tent, not just for a cheap tent but for any price. If I had to think of something, the sleeping area is quite cramped (I'm about 6ft), both short and low. This is really a portable sleeping area with nowhere to cook and a small area for storing packs / boots. It isn't the sort of tent one would use to go to a campsite for a week as the living space is so small.
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