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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2018
sevendusts sophomore release delivers powerful riffs and a nice feature from skin from skunk anansi
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on 6 June 2017
Good album
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on 15 June 2016
The quintessential Sevendust album.
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on 13 August 2009
This is definitely Sevendust's sophomore album, and certainly the best album of 1999. It still maintains the same dark subject matter from their self-titled album but the sound quality is much clearer which is an improvement. But what really stands out is the amount of experimentation on this album. You begin with the heavy track 'Home', where Clint's and John's guitar work shines and where it carries a very catchy chorus. Next is 'Denial' which is arguably Sevendust's signature song, with a very heavy intro and chorus riff and ever-continuing vocal experimentation. After this is 'Headtrip', which is probably my favourite track on the album. Extremely catchy and yet they have not slowed the pace since 'Denial', the three-vocal parts are impressive.

The instrumental track 'Insecure' then follows (interestingly, this was intended to be the original riff for 'Angel's Son' from Animosity), a good calm listen. Following this is 'Reconnect', which bears keen similarities to tracks from the previous album which is good news for fans of that album. 'Waffle' is up next, which is the real standout track, and probably the most experimental. A slow but seriously bone-crushing guitar riff combined with brilliant melodic singing in the verses and a very catchy pre-chorus and chorus particularly make probably the best single Sevendust have released. The pace almost triples with 'Rumble Fish', probably the heaviest track on the album, which is good to headbang to and once again, the guitar riff and brilliantly effective vocal placements shine here. Following this is 'Licking Cream' (featuring Skunk Anansie singer Skin), who demonstrates breathtaking vocals along with Lajon's ability. Fast-paced and very energetic track.

We are treated to the slow and slightly soothing 'Grasp' next, the picking in this song is very innovative and Lajon's vocals seriously carry so much emotion here. An interesting opening riff in 'Crumbled' with electronic hip-hop influenced styles is followed by awesome guitar switching between Clint and John and double-effective vocals. What really stands out is the almost haunting nature of 'Feel So', the electronic aspect brought back here as well placed after the almost breakdown-like riff which is one of the catchiest things I've heard. Following this is 'Grasshopper', an 8-second clip of Vinnie singing something (quite strangely) and doesn't make any sense. Probably for comedy only. The final track is 'Bender' featuring Chino Moreno from Deftones. Although the vocal combination is nice, I'm not a fan of Chino's singing personally I much prefer Lajon's. Not brilliant but ok.

Best track(s); Waffle, Headtrip, Feel So, Rumble Fish, Denial

Last words; BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!
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on 5 February 2001
Home by Sevendust is quiet simply magic. every song is different and original. Home, Reconnect, Black(live version taken from title "sevendust")are of the best songs around. sevendust are original. lajon(lead singer) has an amazing voice when it comes to all types of singing unlike some nu-metal bands whose singers can only roar. the riffs are all good and the main thing is that they are different which is a rare commodity these days. this is an excellent album for real metal lovers(who appreciate good music aswell). an excellent buy.
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on 27 August 2000
iv'e only heard a few of the tracks off this album and they and better than any of the pop music out there! many don't even know sevendust exist, if you wanna just hear what they sound like, buy this album. it's way better than any other on the market. The songs featured on this cd are a refreshing change to other bands similar to sevendust, they have a style and a class of their own. unlike some bands similar to sevendust, each song has a different tune, none are alike which is hard to find these days
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on 13 February 2004
It is hard to believe that one band who are so unknown can make such good music and for nobody to like them. Granted, not many people have heard of or heard Sevendust's music. This itself is a crime. In a scene where image and shock factor dominate, this tiny band from Atlanta blend effortlessly a number of different influences and have an innovative sound with good musicianship. This would probably be the best album to start with if you are just getting into Sevendust but try all of them as they are all good in their own way.
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on 24 March 2000
afer an album like 'sevendust', expectations are high, but 'home' fails to deliver big time. Sure, there are a couple of good songs,@licking cream' with skin from skunk anasie is cool. the overall feel is that a more commercial angle was taken and inthe process most songs lack that special something.
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on 10 December 2003
Simply wonderful.
Sevendust are not one of the most well known bands-mainly because they don't release many singles. but any1 who has heard them seems to be hooked. Truely a wonderful band with a wonderful vocalist.
Best Track is easily Denial.
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on 22 April 2009
start to finish this album delivers what you ask.im quite new to sevendust but wow these guys made one hell of a dent.denial is just a magic tune and waffle is just sumthin else.iv got this album in my car on my i-pod and stereo.once youve heard em youll be hooked.a truly brilliant album!!!
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