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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 January 2006
Ms. Kenyon’s latest “Dark-Hunter” installment is a story about the Were-hunter Wren. Although this was not my favorite in this series…it was still an entertaining read that gives the reader a little more information regarding this part of the legends. We get too know a few more characters that have already been introduced to in previous books.
Wren Tigarian was orphaned as a small cub. He has lived his life at “Sanctuary” and this has been a safe if somewhat uncomfortable existence. He is a loner by nature this were-hunter has no family to keep him safe and no one to mentor him. His only friend Nick is now dead. Working and sleeping is basically the extent of his existence until one night he sees Marguerite D’Abuert Goudeau. This lady brings out the beast in him while at the same time gentling him. But he can’t mate with her since she is human and despite the fact he tries to stay away from her…he keeps being drawn back to her goodness and loving nature. But someone thinks this is dangerous and sets about to eliminate Wren but first they are going to have to get through Maggie.
Maggie is the daughter of a Senator. Her life is spent trying to stay out of the limelight and not doing anything to embarrass her father’s career. But, when she meets Wren for the first time she is drawn to this shy man. When he saves her life from a mugger and gets wounded in the process she feels a connection that will not lessen. But, will these two people find a chance to be happy or will the hunters that are after Wren get to them first?
This was an entertaining read. This read centered more on Sanctuary and the different animal clans that make up the were-hunter legends. We are introduced to another “mystical” man named Savitar and just who and what he is to the Dark-Hunters has not yet been determined. Ms. Kenyon has done a fair job in keeping her series fresh and therefore keeping her loyal readers entertained.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 January 2006
Wren Tigarian is an abomination, his mixed parentage of white tiger and snow leopard making him an outcast of both Katagari tribes. When his parents are brutally killed, Wren is raised in Santuary under the watchful eye of the Peltier family, shape shifting bears. Santuary may house some unusual beings; however all are aware to tread carefully around Wren. Afraid of what he may do in a rage, Wren keeps to himself, hiding in the background to avoid notice until he meets Marguerite Goudeau (aka Maggie), the daughter of a prominent US senator. Strangely drawn to her, he finds himself leaving the shadows and becomes involved with Maggie. They fall in love; however Wren is aware that he will remain sterile. Although he cherishes Maggie and she returns his feelings, no fated mate brands mark their palms.

With rumours circulating, many of the Were-Hunters believe Wren may be more unstable than thought. Accused of the murder of his parents and risking possible exposure of the Were-Hunters by dating Maggie, Wren is marked for death and when confronted by hunters, he barely escapes. Wounded, he makes his way to Maggie's home and manages to cross her doorway before losing consciousness and reverting to his true form in front of her.

Maggie too finds herself hunted by those that stalk Wren. When he disappears trying to protect her, Maggie discovers unexpected help in the forms of Julian Alexander, Kyrian Hunter, Dante, Fang and Fury (welcome back boys!). It is agreed that the only possible solution for their plight is for Maggie and Wren to travel back in time to the night of his parents' murders in order to find out who really killed them.

"Unleash the Night" is yet another cracking read from SK; however this is the first Darkhunter novel that has made me pause and take a moment to comprehend the time travelling and resulting confusing future events. That said, I love a fast paced, passion filled adventure and this book offers everything I expect in a DH novel. "Unleash the Night" didn't include Acheron; however SK introduced us to a fabulous new character, Savitar, a powerful being rumoured to have trained Acheron himself in his powers. We also very quickly catch up with Nick Gautier and find out how he's coping with his death. I now eagerly await the next instalment due for publication in June 06; "Dark Side of the Moon", the story of Ravyn, both a Were-Hunter and a Dark-Hunter and his relationship with a journalist named Susan Michaels.
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on 5 January 2006
Wren is a dangerous Katagaria mix of tiger and leopard. He's feral and vicious. However, our wild cat is beautifully gentle with Maggie, a Senator's daughter and a human. There are plots to bring Wren down and his involvement with a high profile human is seen as a threat to the Katagaria hidden state. The two of them have to fight hard to stay together. Kenyon's usual quick wit, amazing imagination and touching romantic flare make this book a great read.
I have read all of Kenyon's wonderful previous books, and have been waiting impatiently for this one to come out. Luckily for me, she did not disappoint. As soon as I got it, I dropped everything to read it. I could not put it down until the end. I liked it enough to read it again a couple of days afterwards at a more sedate pace.
We learn more about the intriguing Savitar in this book, and our favourite wolves are on the scene, too. I love the way Kenyon keeps her old characters alive and we can keep tabs on how they're doing. If you've never read a Kenyon book before, they are all standalone, but you'll get the best of them if you read them in order. Her website will give you the best order. I think that once you've read one of her books, you'll probably do what I did and just order her back catalogue from Amazon almost straight away!
If you're wondering why I did not give the book 5 stars, it's because though the book is wonderful, it did not make a big emotional impact on me. Although touching, exciting and incredibly sweet, it lacked the depth of a truly great romantic novel.
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on 9 January 2006
I have read all of the dark hunter series and can honestly say that the series is growing stronger all the time. My only negative comment is that the stories seem to get shorter. In this story the were hunters are central and in this case it is Wren. The way he is treated by his mother has coloured his life and he keeps to himself. The problems start for him when he shows an interest in the daugher of a senator. The were annimals who took him in have a serious problem with this and seeing what is at stake you can see why. Both Maggie and Wren have to travel back in time to try and stay alive. They of course find a way to be together and there is a nice twist compared to the other books and a great sneaky peak at the story of two other characters who are hopefully getting their own story. The author can be proud of this series as I am hooked as much as so many others and cannot wait for the next one.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 March 2014
What a glorious continuation of this series. Wren has been mentioned in previous books, as one of the may were-beasts at the New Orleans Sanctuary. But this is his tale, and what a tail he has. A hybrid were-tiger, were-leopard wren has never fit in anywhere. Even at the Sanctuary they barely tolerate him.

Maggie is the daughter of a senator, living in her father's shadow and scare to put a toe out if line in case it reflects badly on him. The last thing she needs is a troublemaker in her life ... which is what Wren and her father both believe Wren is. But Maggie has different ideas.

When Wren is accused of a crime he didn't commit and is sentences to death it's a life and death race to find the proof they need to keep him alive. And doesn't that come with one or two little shocks.

My only niggle with this book (but it's not big enough to lose a star) is the insinuation all the way through this book that Maggie's mother, who took her own life, may have had some sort of connection with the were world. But it's never fully explored.

Every time I read a new book in the Dark Hunter series I can't believe how much I enjoy it as it becomes my new favourite. It's a true testament to SK's consistent skill in writing about this wonderful fantasy world she's created. Unleash the Night is no exception! I absolutely loved it, and am now looking forward to Dark Side of the Moon.
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on 3 September 2014
. A Book from the Dark Hunter world.

Maggie is missing her dear friend and study partner Nick.  He has recently died, so to remember him she and a few other friends decide to go to the bar Nick always spoke about. Maggie is the daughter of a Senator and her friends are a privileged lot, so the biker bar in the French quarter is a dangerous place.
Wren is a busboy in the bar known as Sanctuary.  The bar is much more than it seems. It is a place of safety for any Katagaria (were ) that needs it.  Wren is a tigard, white Tiger/ snow leopard mix. He has lived at Sanctuary since the death of his parents, always knowing that he is flawed and a danger to anyone near him.  He keeps  to himself and tries not to be noticed.
When Maggie and her friends come in Wren is drawn to her and finds he is the subject of derision from the boys who think they are better than him. Maggie stays behind when the others are thrown out, so that she can apologize to Wren. He knows he can't have Maggie but can't seem to keep away. The owners of Sanctuary are worried that Wren is going mad and will expose them to humans. They will put him down before they allow that.

Nothing is as it seems in this story. It shows us not to judge by appearances.  Lots of excitement and great characters.  I read this out of the series order, but apart from a couple of things I didn't know,  I think It's OK to read on It's own.
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I am officially hooked to the Dark Hunter World!

This is the ninth book in the series and features the Were Tigarian Wren and Marguerite D'Aubert Goudeau (Maggie). Wren is half snow leopard and half white tiger and is seen as an abomination by both the snow leopards and white tigers therefore since he was a child and his parents were killed he has lived at the Sanctuary. Maggie is a senators daughter and desperately misses her friend Nick Gaultier who has gone missing so she and her study group friends decide to go to his favourite bar (Sanctuary) to have a drink in his honour which is where she meets Wren. Wren does not know why but he is instantly drawn to her and after saving her from being mugged they end up together however the Katagaria do not like this and send assassins after him..... I did enjoy this book and there are some very very steamy moments in it but this wasn't my favourite.

It took me quite a while to get around to discovering this series as when you look up Sherrilyn Kenyon on Amazon and these books in list order it actually shows Dragonswan as being the first book (but it's not) and Dragonswan is never ever available to buy! As a girl who likes to read all books in a series and most definitely the first one in a series, thinking that I couldn't get the first book did actually stop me starting the series. I have only just discovered that the first book is actually Fantasy Lover, read this and have now proceeded to order the rest of the series:) Sherrilyn has now joined the ranks on Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole on my favourite authors list and I can't wait to read the next one.
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on 11 January 2006
While a vast improvement on Sins of the Night - Unleash the Night does not return us to the highs of Night Pleasures and Dance with the Devil. This time we are very firmly in the world of the Ware-Hunters (the half man/half animal, time travelling descendants of Apollo) and the story of Wren the Tigerian Katagaria (the Ware-Hunters where the animal half is dominant.) Wren is your usual Kenyon hero - tortured soul, abandoned and betrayed by those that should have loved/protected him, etc - and this is all very disturbing when you are a cross breed Tiger/Leopard (cross breeds are not accepted in their world) with magical powers far greater than the average Ware-Hunter, who freaks out the group of Bear Ware-Hunters who have to shelter you. Throw in an overwhelming attraction to the 'good girl' daughter of a Senitor, relatives that what your hide, literally, and dreadlocks that will not comb out, and you find yourself with a death sentence to survive. Some interesting insights into the world of the Ware-Hunters and what really is going on in Sanctuary, no Ash I'm afraid but we are introduced to the shaddowy Savitar and a cameo from an old, not quite dead friend from the earlier books. Overall good - however having seen the planned publication list from Kenyon perhaps less books but more writing time per book might be in order to return us to the heights if the early Dark Hunter books. If you want to know more of the Hunter world, Dark-Hunters, Ware-Hunters and Dream-Hunters try Kenyons fantastic website at [...]
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Wren is Tigard, a rare mix of white tiger and snow leopard, and for his entire life he has been treated as an abomination by both sides of his family. He has lived at Sanctuary since the viscous murder of his parents when he was a child but although the Peltier family have allowed him into their home they have never fully trusted him. Wren has spent his entire life being looked down on and feared so it's no wonder he chooses to keep himself to himself and avoids contact with others as much as possible. Everything changes for him when he meets Marguerite, a beautiful human woman who somehow calms his inner beast even while everything about her calls for him to claim her. Wren doesn't want to drag Maggie into his world, especially since he is scared of losing control and hurting her, but when enemies from his past come calling he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Unleash the Night has a slightly different feel to it than the previous books in the Dark-Hunters series but I enjoyed it just as much as the others. The romance between Wren and Maggie was just so sweet and Wren has an adorable innocence to him that made me fall for him in a big way. As much as Wren is strong and capable of defending himself he is also very shy and he doesn't feel worthy of any woman, especially not someone as perfect as Maggie. Maggie has spent her whole life trying to live up to her senator father's expectations, she hates being in the limelight and just wants to be able to live life on her own terms but her father is always pushing her to follow his plans. With Wren she is finally able to be completely herself, he doesn't want to change her and he encourages her to follow her own dreams. They fall for each other quickly but their relationship has a natural pace to it and never feels rushed or forced. It's like that youthful rush of first love that I'm pretty sure most of us have experienced at some point in our lives and I enjoyed seeing it again through Wren and Maggie's eyes.

I've always enjoyed spending time at Sanctuary with the bears so it was great to learn more about all the different shapeshifters. There is a lot of rivalry amongst the different Were Hunter tribes and although Wren comes from a very powerful family he is treated as an outcast by everyone else. I've always really loved the whole Peltier family but I have to admit I was disappointed with Nicolette in this book, the way she treated Wren really upset and annoyed me, I honestly expected better of her. Thankfully the rest of the family aren't quite so hot headed or prejudiced and she had gone a small way towards making up for her actions by the end of the book. I'm really enjoying the developments we're seeing with Aimee but have a feeling she's going to have a lot of trouble getting her family to accept the man who seems to have stolen her heart.

I don't want to say too much more about the plot but there is a time travel element that I really enjoyed, I love that Sherrilyn Kenyon always manages to find new ways to keep this series fresh and interesting. It was also great to catch up with some familiar faces (I really want to see Fang & Fury get their own books!) and I'm definitely curious about Savitar - I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot more of him as the series continues - I hope so anyway! Unleash the Night is another fab book in the Dark-Hunters series and I'm so glad that I have so many left to devour before I catch up and have to start waiting between instalments.
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on 10 June 2014
Typical SK with Wren and his tortured upbringing yet as usual the story is well thought out and unique. The way the situation played out with Marguerite's dad was brilliant because it didn't just all fall into place like in most books yet it was still resolved well. I would have like to see a little more from Wren pre-Marguerite but on the whole this was a fantastic book. Love Sherrilyn Kenyon and thoroughly enjoying my second trip through the DH world.
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