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on 13 April 2017
Been using TP-Linkk products for many years now, and install them for our customers.

They're cheap, cheerful, not flashy but ultimately pretty reliable. We're yet to see a major performance difference versus a comparable Netgear or D-link product.

The range is acceptable, just remember if you live in a property with lots of rooms (i.e. walls) you will begin to lose range - so position it carefully as close to the centre of the property and don't use overly long (or cheap!) cables that go to your BT socket.

Finally this is ADSL2 - not VDSL - in other words, this is a Broadband Modem Router for BT ADSL Connections - It is not a FIBRE Modem Router. Therefore it is unsuitable for BT Infinity type Fibre connections - you need something like TP-link TD-W9970 for that - Also on Amazon....
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on 17 January 2018
Hopefully this'll last as long as it's predecessor (W8951N, which worked very well for 4.5 years) and only time will tell but it was a scoosh to set up and the manual is good if you want to get technical. As with all routers change the admin password to something obscure, WPA2, pick a decent wifi password, switch WPS off, etc and that's kind of as secure as you can make it.

Update - 5 weeks later - minus two stars - developed a fault, kept dropping Internet, but Amazon are replacing it for me which is excellent customer service.
Update - 1 week after replacement in - fine so far. Now done the one thing I forgot to do with this one that I did with the previous one - take it out of "mixed bgn" mode and set it to just "n". On the old one this made the wifi 100% stable so testing that on this one now too. I'll be optimistic and give it one star back...
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on 6 October 2016
Great product at a great price (twenty pounds). Bought from BESTBUYIT because they offered free delivery. I was surprised to receive it within two days dispatched by Courier. Excellent, First Class service.

Great replacement for old BT Hub 3. (Making screen-gabs of all the previous router settings helps and gives some confidence.)

Set-up was not plug & play and was tricky but straight forward if you read the manuals and take your time to get it right. Once set up and running, loads of complex options available for advanced users. The ability to re-set to factory defaults useful, also the ability to export and save all your settings to an external back-up file too. The TP-LINK website very helpful which enabled me to download and update the Firmware (connect a network cable from computer to router to do this properly) as well as providing detailed manual and user guide, which helped the set-up to proceed smoothly. (Which BTW took about 30 minutes to complete).

Can sync date & time to that of PC which enables the ability to set-up a schedule to disable wi-fi at night for example. The option to easily create a "Guest" network account very useful to protect your network settings and computers from access by over-zealous, or curious guests who have nothing better to do late at night! All good stuff.

My net access and browsing speed have increased considerably, although unfortunately my slow BB rural broadband speed remains the same. (slow).

Thanks to the reviewer who mentioned the BT settings to use for setup. (BB user name = bthomehub(AT)btbroadband(DOT)com and password = bt). All in all a very nice and affordable piece of kit that works extremely well and avoids you having to commit to another term of contract with BT by simply upgrading your Hub from them.

Very happy with this purchase.
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on 20 April 2018
Wi-Fi stops working frequently (every few days), necessitating the famous "switch it off and back on again", to get it working again.

The first thing I did when I was setting it up was update to the latest firmware so that isn't the problem. (I checked a couple of days ago for a newer version and there isn't one.) I note from their website there is now a Version 8 of this product. The one I purchased, in October 2017, is Version 7 so perhaps the problem of losing the Wi-Fi connection has now been fixed.

I appreciate that, given the cost, this is a "bargain basement" router but, nevertheless, it should still do what it says on the tin and I expected more from TP-LINK.
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on 5 May 2016
Sadly unable to write a full review as my broadband provider is Sky and they have embedded the password etc into their router. As such i couldn't access it to enter into the boxes to allow this router to connect to the net.
If i change my ISP then i will certainly buy another of these and write a better review at that point.
It's worth noting that some Sky routers do have an accessible password/username and Sky customers with those would be able to change to this.

However, set-up was easy in as much as i got to a certain point which as far as i can tell was the last step before getting full online access and was then thwarted by the lack of Sky password/username. The TP Link Customer Service were very helpful although the person i spoke to couldn't understand why Sky embedded their password etc. Neither can i, after all it's no skin off Skys nose whether i use their router or this one, i'm still paying my Sky bill!
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on 27 October 2015
I had a bad experience with the one I purchased through one of Amazon's smaller sellers. It had some kind of software patch that prevented its use on any network other than BT. The menu listed dozens of ISPs including mine, which was Virgin (whose phoneline services have now been taken over by Talk Talk) and the unit connected to Virgin perfectly happily, and the wireless signal was excellent, but it refused to provide any actual Internet access! Instead of the Internet all it would give was a page of BT service information. I spent literally hours on the phone, both to the Virgin help line and TP Link's own help line and noboody knew anything about the problem. Virgin/Talk Talk assured me that the mysterious page was not generated by anything at their end, and suggested I should go to the Internet user forums (which would have been difficult without a modem!). Eventually I gave up and took it to a friend who is a BT phoneline broadband customer. The unit connected instantly to his system and gave very good Wi-Fi range, so he kept it and paid me the £20. I may have been simply unlucky and whatever patch was causing the problem may not be in all of these units, but if you are not a BT customer I would be very wary of buying one.
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on 2 November 2013
I feel it is important to make this point - This router is not as specified on the product comparison table on the product page. There it states that it has two usb ports - this model does not, no ports and the box shows this product as not having usb ports. If that is important to you you need to be aware of this.

The router connected ok and I was tempted to do the connection manually but decided to let the setup cd do the job - it failed - doesn't worry me but... While it left some settings not set (such as security and the like) it did manage to wipe my DNS server preferences. Minor issue - TP-Link have decided to put two "quick installation guides" in so you can have fun choosing which to use. More importantly the router to phone cable is pretty short to my way of thinking equally the network cable is not long.

Taking all the above into account this still seems to be a competent device. It connects and holds the connection just fine. Speed on a wired connection is very good though by WiFi less so which I shall look into. Although the speed is less exciting than wired the WiFi devices have all connected just fine so far. The firmware looks to be an early version so updating this might improve WiFi performance I guess. If none of the reservations bother you then at under 30 quid I'd be happy to recommend this modem/router after a couple of weeks use - I'll update this if there are any other issues.

Added after some use.
In general this router has given pretty solid performance and I'd say I was happy with it had it not been for the WiFi speeds. On three different WiFi devices (phone, netbook, tablet) I've been getting literally half the speed via WiFi that I was getting wired (& the netbook gave the speed variation all on its own depending on how I connected it). After a fair bit of research most of which got me nowhere I found a posting about the bandwith settings. So - for me - logging into the router and going to Wireless -> Advanced the Bandwith setting is by default 20/40MHz. Changing this to 20MHz only and rebooting the router now gives me the same speeds by WiFi as wired which I consider a great result. If I find anything else I'll update this again - I am still considering flashing the firmware.
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on 2 October 2016
So far so good, my BT homehub 4.0 type A had expired and this was a good way of getting back up and running without committing to another contract. Setup was fairly easy, though not exactly plug and play. Performance thus far seems much the same regarding range and signal strength.
Only real problem is the cursory nature of the documentation, one quick start guide and that's it, no info on how to connect printers or peripherals, doesn't even tell you what all the lights on the front are for. Fortunately there's a very good user manual pdf at the TP Link website, well worth getting hold of. I just think the in box instructions could go further than they do to be really useful.
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on 18 September 2013
After research on the net I decided that the TP-LinkRouter would suit my Father in Law who is in his late 80's.
The first unit supplied was a total failure. BUT the technical support provided by TP-Link was first class. It was quickl;y identified that the unit was seriously faulty and they advised me to return it to Amazon. This was the first time, of several years trading with Amazon,that I have ever needed to return something to Amazon. Following the instructions and printing my returns label, it worked like a dream and a replacement unit was delivered two days later. Full credit to all concerned.
Now to the router. It was a doddle to set up. The mini DVD 1st showed you how to set up the cables etc. Stage 2 takes you through the set up procedure. The only informastion needed was the user name and password from the ISP and a drop down menue listed a good range of possible ISP's not just BT to setup the rest of the parameters. TalkTalk was needed and all went well.
The random generated wireless key was selected although you could use your own. Logging an older Dell laptop onto the network was easy. In this case 1 desktop PC and 1 laptop are connected. range was not a major concern. The laptop connected with 5 bars signal strength.
Sometimes things can go wrong. What is imprtant is how well the problem is dealt with by the suppliers concerned. Once again thanks to all even if it did mean an extra 200 mile round trip to complete the work for my Father in Law. With a little computer knowledge and some common sense the end result was an experience I am happy to recommend.
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on 2 September 2013
This was quite a cheap router and I thought I'd gamble on it, but it has been fine. I've only needed to power-cycle it once I think, and I've had it for about 4 months. The crucial thing I wanted to do was to be able to hard-wire various devices to various local IP addresses and then port forward, e.g. I wanted incoming ssh connections to always land on my ubuntu laptop but incoming minecraft connections to always land on the Windows machine running our minecraft server; this is all possible with no problems using this router. For me, the key thing I wanted was this: if somehow "the internet breaks in our house" but I'm at work, I want my kids to be able to power-cycle the router and then everything to work again without my having to tinker with some settings. My (very) old netgear router did not have this property (power-cycling it turned the wireless off and it could only be switched on again by logging into the router via e.g. a web browser, from a machine connected to the router via a non-wireless connection -- ugh!). This router seems very robust though. And so many options :-)
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