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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2011
Whilst the Dell xps 17 is a good laptop, one major oversight is the lack of a VGA port which meant that I had to find alternative ways of connect it to display output devices when running presentations and workshops at several customer sites.

Not being aware that the laptop had a mini displayport (MDP) output, I tried a very expensive and not altogether successful solution around converting HDMI to VGA. A customer mentioned his surprise that I had MDP on my non mac device and I pretend to know what he was talking about as he plugged in his apple MDP to VGA adapter to connect to his projector for an instant display on his projector.

Cursing my expensive lack of knowledge, I chose this product over the apple and other brands as a) it was cheaper and b) was confirmed by another amazon customer to work on Dell laptops.

One thing I have discovered is that if at first it doesn't appear to work, you may need to play around with the display settings on your laptop and on the output device to find a common resolution as not all output devices support hi res and not all are clever enough to auto detect the resolution of the input device.

Having said that, it works flawlessly and is very small which means it doesn't add much weight and bulk to my already full to bursting laptop bag. I just leave it in the bag safe in the knowledge that I always have a no fuss solution to connecting to external displays when on site. One less thing to think about, so money well spent.
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on 16 May 2012
100% flawless operation on my Apple Macbook Pro when connected to my old Mitsubshi Diamond Plus CRT monitor.

I needed a mini displayport to VGA converter to connect my Macbook Pro to my monitor, which only has VGA connectivity. Initially, I bought Apple's version of this adapter as I figured that it would probably work better, being of the same brand and presumably designed and tested to work with the Macbook. However, I found that with the Apple version connected, the monitor would flicker and go blank quite often. I had noticed on the internet that Apple's adapter was known to exhibit this problem in some cases and that Apple had issued a firmware update for it to correct the known problem. I tried that update and it reported that my monitor wasn't supported so it would not perform the update. This may have fixed it for other uses with different monitors, of course.

The other problem with the Apple version was that the design prevented the thread of the thumbscrews on my VGA monitor cable from being screwed in to secure it to the adapter. While the cable didn't fall out, it would not have been robust to movement and if I had been using it in a projector environment for example, the cable could have easily come unseated.

So, I sent the Apple one back (Amazon refunded without a problem) and bought this Startech version (also through Amazon) based on the good reviews on this site. It performs 100% flawlessly on the Macbook Pro with my monitor (so far). Furthermore, the design allows the VGA cable thumbscrews to work as designed to hold the VGA cable in place. OK, it's not as pretty as Apple's sleek white version, but it's not ugly, works perfectly and is of a better functional design than the Apple version.
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on 17 June 2013
Bought this to use for my Surface Pro that has a mini DisplayPort as the only supported means of connecting to an external monitor. I'm not a big fan of the DisplayPort but I cannot think of a better solution than using this adapter and I'm pleased with the build quality of the product. The output to the LED monitor is great and I haven't noticed any picture quality issues. Would recommend for fellow Surface owners at least.
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on 24 March 2012
Don't use MAC mini-display adapters with Dell laptops... use this adapter it works brilliantly. I bought a new Dell XPS1702 laptop and had trouble with my MAC minidisplay port adapter even using it with 2 different VGA cables! One worked the other didn't. After looking through forums I found this article(see below). I took the advice and purchased this adapter and hey presto both cables now work perfectly! I use my laptop onsite and need to plug into many different screen/projector setups and I cannot take the chance on having problems plugging in. I also purchased the Startech DVI connector... anyway please read this:

Hopefully this will be helpful for those buying new laptops, as I'm sure I won't be the only person around that will run into this problem in the near future with Windows 7 and VGA Min-DisplayPort adapters from Apple.

TL;DR version for those that don't care about the tech: If you buy a new Dell laptop which you plan to put Windows 7 on, check to see if it has a VGA port or a Mini-DisplayPort. If it only has a Mini-DisplayPort you will need an adapter to connect to most of the projectors you are likely to encounter which take a VGA connection. Don't bother with the one from Apple, it seems to fail on many projectors when using Windows 7. Buy the StarTech model MDP2VGA, it seems to work without issue from what I've tested. The Apple one will work in some cases, but you don't know for sure till you try, so it's most likely safer to get the StarTech one. I'm not sure on other brands like MonoPrice yet, but would like to hear reports.

Tech Stuff: I recently got a new laptop, a Dell XPS L502X. It had not occurred to me to check to see if it had a VGA port, as all the laptops I've ever owned have had one up till now. Well, I got it and it had no VGA port, which is a problem for me when I go to do presentations. After showing it to some colleagues, we figured out it had a Mini-DisplayPort, which up till now you would mostly only find on Mac laptops (which is why when you look around for a Mini-DisplayPort to VGA adapter, most of the ones you will find are from Apple). I went to my buddy to see if the Mac Adapter (Model MB572Z/A or A1307 depending on where you look) would function. Well, it did work on the monitor in his office, so I thought I was good to go. I went to a few conferences, and found out I could not get the laptop to connect to the projectors there (at least not in Windows 7, it would connect in Linux so I knew the adapter worked). There was also at least one at work that did not function. We even tried updating the firmware on the A1307 (yes, it has a firmware update), but it was already at the newest revision. After doing some playing around, I figured out it would not connect to a monitor or projector that did not send EDID or DDC2 info. I replicated this by ripping pin 12 out of a VGA cable. EDID and DDC2 are protocols your monitor/projector/display uses to tell the computer what resolutions it supports, along with other details. If you see a monitor in Device Manager that says "Non Plug and Play" it likely is not sending EDID/DDC2 information. The Dell XPS laptop would connect ok if I first hooked it to a monitor that supported EDID/DDC2, then unplugged just the VGA cable and walked it over to the non-plug and play projector to hook it up. I also borrowed an EDID emulator from a co-worker that man in the middles the VGA cable and sends a mock EDID signal, and then the Apple DisplayPort adapter would work with my Dell on a projector it would not work on before. Well, this EDID emulator is kind of pricey, and it along with a VGA cable takes up a lot of space in a laptop bag.

Solution: I ordered the StarTech model MDP2VGA Mini-DisplayPort toVGA adapter, so far no issues and it seems to work fine on a non plug and play projector where the Apple adapter failed. Hope this info helps someone.
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on 13 January 2014
I have a Surface Pro 2 and needed an adaptor to get the display onto an HD TV. This short lead plugs into the Pro 2 display port and then uses a full-size HDMI cable to connect it to the TV. Sounds simple, and it is, but it wasn't simple identifying the right piece of kit to buy. This did the job and looks a good quality item. Would recommend to a Surface Pro 2 user.
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on 15 January 2015
The first one of these I had to send back faulty. Screen would randomly go black, and the sync must've been out because I was seeing the bottom of the screen at the top, with some weird speccling distortion type thing at the top of the screen. this was at 1080p at 60Hz. Haven't tried 4k as I don't own a 4k monitor/tv. If you have a gfx card like an AMD/ATI Radeon HD6k/7k//R9 that sends audio through the MDP port, this works with it, so sending to a TV is fine without additional audio leads.

I got my replacement today, and I'm noticing that the time it takes for the screen to become active is shorter than the last lead ever was, and the image is correct. Shall leave it to warm up and report back if I have further problems. If I don't, then take it as meaning that all is well and I must've just got unlucky. I can only assume there's a Quality Control problem if two of us have now experienced these issues (hence 3 stars). Amazon have been great at replacing it (next day) so no quibbles there.

About to send the replacement back with the same problems.

Rating adjusted from 3 to 1 stars.

I'm going to look elsewhere as this is garbage.

Photo's of the problems i'm having are here:
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on 29 March 2016
I have two of these StarTech MDP 2 VGA adapters.
This gives me one adapter to travel with and the other to leave connected to my desk setup at my office HQ.

I have a MS Surface Pro 3 with docking station and a second monitor.
This adapter connects to the Surface docking station and the other end connects to my monitor VGA male end.
Therefore my setup is x2 displays where I can either extended my MS surface screen using x2 displays independently with the MS Surface and monitor or duplicate the MS Surface screen to the monitor.

I have also seen a few questions here asking about Apple Mac connectivity.
So to help out on this point too; I have a late 2014 Macbook Pro and this adapter also works with my Apple Mac giving me an extended desktop on the monitor.

I have all audio coming from the main device in use (MS Surface or Apple Mac) and not my monitor (my monitor does not have any speakers) so I can not comment if this adapter supports audio.

Similar adapters seem to be available on Amazon perhaps somewhat cheaper.
However, StarTech is a branded name and dare I say you get what you pay for as this adapter works and is reliable, so for me it's money well spent.
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on 24 November 2011
Unwrapped this, and plugged it into my Dell. Plugged my VGA screen in, and pop! There is my desktop duplicated on it. A couple of key presses and I have side by side screens. Just what I wanted. Easy, perfect, just what it claims to be.

If you have a Dell like me, or a normal laptop (i.e. not Apple) don't be tempted by the cheap apple compatible mini Display Port adapters that are out there. I was and it did not work. From searching forums, Apple have some different requirement or rather lack of it for a response through the adapter. My Dell needed that response to confirm that the screen was there, but did not get it so the cheap white box was just a useless box. Should have bought this one first.
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on 12 January 2011
It was delivered on time. I recieved the package and opened it. I attached my 22" Flatron W2243S LCD screen. It worked beautifully with my Dell XPS L501X laptop. I was about to the buy the Apple version adapter as this connection was originally used only by them but more and more laptops seem to have it.

I certainly recommend the build quality also. You won't regret this buy. Just make sure you are looking for a VGA to Mini DisplayPort.
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Really good quality product. Easy to setup, just plug in and play. Works in both 1080p & 4K which is great if you have an older monitor looking to upgrade in the future to 4K. The product is well made and there is no lag between the audio and video. I use this cable every day for work and general use and would recommend anyone who needs a mini Display Port adaptor.

Note: I review tech products on a daily basics if you found this review useful than do let me know by clicking the helpful button. If you have any questions then add them to the comments below and i'll respond ASAP.
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