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on 12 July 2010
This is the latest model from the oxygen series by M-audio. I think the product is perfect for any home studio, or professional studio for that matter. It can be played just like a keyboard or used to input data however the keys are not weighted and the design is strong but not particularly durable so its implications from live use are somewhat limited. The quick learn function works great with pro tools but does not function with any other DAW. It can still be programmed however and does not take long to set up.

This is the best midi keyboard i have found for the price.
A must buy for any studio.

I give the product 4 stars. Its favoritism towards pro tools is understandable but combined with the lack of weighted keys robs its of the fifth star
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on 12 April 2013
Glad it works with my Audio software, all the necessary functions work, it's exactly what I was looking for! Great!
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on 13 May 2014
I needed a largish MIDI keyboard for my DAW software that would also allow me to practice keyboard and perhaps learn to play some songs. I compose a little, but can't play keyboard, only classical guitar. I needed something with more than the two or three octaves available on small MIDI keyboards, but which could still sit on my desk and not need a separate keyboard stand as space is limited and I'd not be able to use the PC properly any other way.

I chose this as it looked great, had four octaves, and was apparently not too large. M-Audio have achieved this by placing the pitch bend and mod wheels above the keyboard, rather than directly to the left. This has shaved a good three or four inches off the width and so this keyboard sits nicely on my desk. All I have to do is push my computer keyboard back a few inches (I'd recommend investing in a dinky wireless / bluetooth PC keyboard to really optimise desk space - you can then pick up and move the whole keyboard if need be).

When it arrived I found it connected immediately to Windows 7 with no drivers (as it should, being class compliant) and Windows 8 too. The software I use is Mixcraft 6, which worked immediately. The Oxygen 49 has a proper on-off switch which is great. Some keyboards with no on-off switch don't get detected by music software unless you unplug and re-plug a few times but that's usually down to the cheaper keyboard, not Windows or the software. With the Oxygen 49, absolutely no problems in this regard.

One small issue that I had to refer to the online manual for was that although I could easily map all the knobs and sliders to perform specific in-program tasks, the nine buttons that sit below the slider bank all acted like one button. So as you set, say, the 2nd button to a different task than the 1st, the other eight now follow suit! It turns out that the Oxygen 49 comes shipped without having assigned the proper MIDI 'CC' numbers to these nine buttons. This is easy to fix though as the keyboard can be 'taught' new 'CC' numbers for any button directly using the keyboard itself. You just press the 'Advanced' button, then the 'Ctrl Assign' button (actually the lowest E on the keyboard), then press the button you want to assign a 'CC' code to, then enter its number using the number entry keys which are actually the white keys on the right of the keyboard. Then hit 'Enter', which is top C. Rinse and repeat for all those pesky rubber buttons. The correct codes to enter should be the ones written below the buttons, so for example enter 18 for the first, 19 for the second etc right up to 26. Once this was done I was able to set all nine buttons independently to different tasks within my music software.

Don't let this minor factory setup issue put you off. It's not even an issue unless you want your keyboard to assume some of the tasks you normally use the mouse and PC keyboard for, and even then all other controls are assignable right out of the box, it's only this bank of nine below the sliders that aren't.

Overall, the Oxygen 49 is a winner. It's small and light enough to move on and off my desk as required and it comes with a long enough lead to allow you to keep it plugged in at all times. I park it on my printer when not used. Yet despite its four-octave range it is large enough to let me practice pretty much all the YouTube tutorials I have tried.

Highly recommended and pretty much the cheapest in its class too.
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on 30 July 2012
Super bargain. Well constructed!

- Requires almost no power. Can be daisy-chained off a Mac keyboard if you like.
- Presets for all major DAW workstations.
- On-board transport controllers for rapid retakes
- Great range of faders and channel selectors

- Does not have aftertouch or weighted keys, but it plays very well. Move up to the Axiom series if you intend to play live or need better keys.
- Remember to install DirectLink for full DAW functionality..
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on 26 October 2011
I use the keyboard with my iMac and Logic Express, and also with my Windows laptop and Sibelius. With both computers it was simply a matter of plugging and playing, however with the laptop (being Windows) it is necessary to set it up in Sibelius every time I start up: however this only takes a few seconds.
The setup software provided does not work with Logic, however using Logic's 'Learn' feature I have set up the basic controls to start, stop, record etc. - this is probably all I need, as with the Garritan instruments I use the volume is controlled by the Mod wheel; as long as I can record modulation, pitch bend (and of course the notes!) all is well. Seems a pity to waste all the other knobs and sliders, maybe I will eventually find a use!

The keyboard transmits velocity very accurately and has 3 sensitivity settings. I have it plugged into my usb hub, which is not powered and has various other things attached, but this works fine.

Being quite small and light I can have it on my lap when sitting at my Mac, and if I wish to compose at my ease with the laptop can just stick it on the bed next to me!

I would give it 5 stars if the software worked with Logic. However, it does everything I want at the moment.
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on 20 March 2013
I needed a little midi keyboard to use with my DAW software. Being quite new to music production I wanted something good but not to over the top and out of my price range. I first looked at a 25 key version, but thought that I may as well go for something a little bigger so that I could play music that is a little bit more complex, so I decided on a 49 key version.

Item arrived withing two days and was well packaged. Plugged it in and my DAW (FL Studio) recognized it straight away, so no fiddly setup needed. It does come bundled with software but you have to download it and it's very basic, great for just playing and basic recording but you need something more in depth for anything else.

Keyboard fits perfectly on my desk...with just half an inch left on either side so I picked one the right size!
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on 9 July 2013
It does what i expected to do with so there are no reasons to rate less than 5 star.

Some things people should consider is the size as now on my table there are only space for a cup of coffe. think before you buy. Highest note keys are slightly more sensitive than the rest I am not sure thats factory fault. keep kids away as the most thing they like are sliders and I did not get any problems yet but sliders looks no1 part to breake down.

probably I wouldn't buy it again but just because I am not playing mostly I use it as a midi controller. I thin it is worth it 's price.
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on 14 May 2012
This is being used daily , plugged into my 18yo's MAC - nothing has failed or dropped off and he uses it a lot and he has not asked for an upgrade so it must be good.
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on 17 January 2013
This keyboard is for someone with beginner to intermediate ability looking for some extra controls for various music software and it works well without being too complicated!

However, I purchased this in JAN 2013 and it clearly says on the box:

'Completing this powerful package is our Avid Ignite music creation software'

Originally the box included paperwork and codes which allowed you to download IGNITE music creation software from the M-Audio website for use with M-Audio keyboards.

This software is currently not available from M-Audio but after some searching and checking on the M-audio message boards it turns out that it is now available from Airmusictech.com for FREE ( if you have an M-Audio keyboard ).

The Ignite software again is aimed at beginner to intermediate skills. Ignite has a variety of good sounds and helps you to create music quickly, the software currently does not work with XP, but does work with Windows 7 ( 32 & 64 bit versions ) and Apple... check the Airmusictech website for more information.

Good luck!
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on 1 March 2012
The overall Build quality of it is excellent, rugged enough for my needs. With a plethora of fully programmable switches, sliders, rotary encoders, wheels and a full Transport control that have a smooth and a good quality feel to them.
The only thing i was SLIGHTLY dissapointed about was that there was no midi out connector only a usb connector. That did surprise me being a midi controller with the lack of a midi out socket.
It would of been nice if the "direct-link" software inside it would cover more D.a.w software instead of just a couple like pro tools which i dont have. These are just small things that would of made this controller fantastic.
Hence 4 stars instead of 5.
But at prices averaging £95 I really cant complain about that.
With its multiple sliders, rotaries, wheels etc, it more than makes up for these small shortcomings.
For a home studio it is brilliant. I have had other midi controllers in the past costing a considerably more that did not have all the features and high quality that the oxygen 49 has with its rather low price tag. Its worth every penny.
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