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on 28 August 2012
Torchwood is a funny old thing on telly - the gritty adult science-fiction series fronted by TV's Mr Light Entertainment, John Barrowman. Its grimmest episodes are rendered infinitely more entertaining if you mentally play the famous Benny Hill theme over the top. The most recent series was supposed to be an unfolding story told over ten hours, until they got bored in week 3 and turned it into a parade of [human] monsters of the week. They're a team of elite professionals who leave their keys in the ignition when they're in the field, and one episode featured the unforgettable moment where a lead character blundered round a forest screaming "TOSH!" at the top of his voice.

So the Torchwood novels have a hard time pinning down a series that doesn't really know what it wants to be. Sarah Pinborough works with the twin strands of horror and camp - introducing a horrific and unstoppable killer alien... who stalks the contestants of an amateur operatic contest.

Into the Silence is a good read - lightly written, but still gripping throughout. In addition to a consistent and familiar depiction of the Torchwood regulars, Pinborough introduces the reader to the private thoughts of a parade of engaging and real characters. Most of whom are then dispatched in short order.

So if new character DI Cutler occasionally veers into world-weary cop cliche territory, you can forgive this oversight (particularly as I got the sense he was included to bolster the Torchwood team which at this point in the TV series had been depleted following the exit of Tosh and Owen at the end of the second season).

Pinborough has grasped a few truths about Torchwood that have been lost on the TV writing team, the main one being that a hero who can't die is in no way dramatic. So Captain Jack Harkness is never put in any direct danger, sparing us the print equivalent of those endless scenes where John Barrowman sits up and gasps at the camera. There is the occasional "Welcome to Torchwood" line, but that's harmless fun.

Into the Silence is a gory, funny, action-packed adventure which is a sight better than most of the Torchwood we've ever seen on screen.
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on 23 May 2017
I found the book easy to put down and not very enticing to pick up again. However I would have given the story three stars. It was not bad, just not great.. Imagine my surprise however, when I got to the last page, and it finished in mid sentence. I don't know how much longer the book SHOULD have been, I just know my copy ended before the end (if you know what I mean).
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on 16 August 2009
Into the Silence is the first book in the latest trio accompanying the BBC TV series, and is set between series two and three. The three remaining main characters are joined by a disgraced police office with previous Torchwood experience to investigate a number of brutal murders of singers across Cardiff.

While the idea is sound and the plot moves along at an interesting pace, not a lot is learnt about the main characters, with most of the characterization focussing on guests - presumably so as not to tread on the toes of the TV writers. The alien itself is satisfyingly creepy, but it's physical description makes it a tad too similar to every other torchwood bad guy.

While the plot does flow fairly well, there's a lot of backstory peppered throughout the novel that exists purely to set up the ending and which never interacts with the main plot on the way. As much as I often complains about confidences drawing people together in novels, this set up meant the ending was fairly predictable from quite early on.

Overall I found this to be a satisfying quick read, and I definitely think that the Torchwood novels are improving as the series progresses.
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Sarah Pinborough's debut as a Torchwood novelist is pretty inauspicious. The story is very generic - and this is no bad thing in itself, however it lacks a spark, and the liberal references to the deceased team members Tosh and Owen only serve to remind us what the series itself is missing. There are some pretty gruesome depictions in the book, and it is very much aimed at older teenagers or younger adults, it would be okay if the story was stronger but as it is this is really just a series of brutal slayings interspersed with reminders of the Torchwood team's raging libidos. Overall a formulaic novel that is readable but pretty forgettable too.
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on 26 September 2014
Captain Jack Harkness..Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones were totaly brilliant in this story.Horrible killings and mystery spans this amazing novel..The creature..so lonley from the silent planet..needs sounds..and is frightened..Also Cutler who helps Jack and the team..I really liked..You understood why he was messed up with a pervious encounter with another team of Torchwood..The Autistic boy Ryan was a key player in this story also..adding to a very cleaver and touching ending involving the creature..You also got the lonliness that Jack Harkness feels within himself..All the charactar's were very well defined..and the action at a fast pace..ANY Torchwood fan will love this novel just as I did...10/10
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on 26 August 2011
I would recommend this for any Torchwood fan who loved the first 3 series I really liked this story and the ending was very satisfying. Gwen, Ianto and Jack investigate several deaths of participants for a singing contest the team are up against it trying to solve the mystery and save lives.

Good page turner and the the writer really seems to get Jack, Gwen and Ianto I have to admit I much prefer Gwen in the books than on the actual show. Good effort
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on 2 February 2013
I actually tweeted Sarah to tell her how amazing and moving this book was AND I got a reply of thank you! This is one of my favourite Torchwood books. It's a great story of emotion, hope and love. As well as the usual aliens and scary things under the bed! lol
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on 8 April 2014
came quick book in nice condition x if you like doctor who books you will love these books
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on 2 August 2014
delivery was fast and the item is as described
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on 7 August 2015
Good and fast sale
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