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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 May 2017
For the record, I thought the movie was good. Not great, but well worth watching. Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher, but he is a hell of an actor and the movie entertains. I was going to skip this book, figuring it was a novelization of the movie. I bought it because the reverse was true - the book came first. And it does not disappoint. Even though I thought I knew what was going to happen, it was obvious that things were changed for the movie version. This book is much better than the movie - more twists and more characters. Highly recommended. Excuse me while I go back and re-read the last three chapters...
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on 26 June 2017
This is one of the better Jack Reacher books that I have so far read. I can see why it was chosen as the basis for the first movie. However I do like the Book better. The story (whilst still wildly implausible) makes a bit more sense and the bad characters have at least a little more logical motivation for their actions. I did find the woman from Reachers past a little bit shoehorned into the plot just to give him someone to sleep with (which in these books is the law) but overall the story was an easy and enjoyable read;.
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on 26 April 2013
This is the first time I have read any of Lee Child's books and I have to say I am really impressed. I assumed as this was made into a film that it would be the introduction to Jack Reacher. I found out that Lee Child tends to write his books as a standalone and jumps backwards or forwards in Reacher's life and every story could be self-contained, so I am not worried about buying them in publication date order. As a first book I was a little intimidated as it is 495 pages of medium size print. As a compliment to Childs style the pages seem to fly by. I am a slow reader and I was on page 300 before I knew it.

The story without giving too much away. A lone sniper kills five people during rush hour. The police manage to solve the case extremely quickly, the captured man just has one request he wants Jack Reacher. They have not met for 14 year, and given the circumstances of their last meeting Jack Reacher should be the last person James Barr should want anywhere around. The first problem with that is you don't find Jack Reacher unless he wants to be found. Luckily or unluckily he has unfinished business with Barr. What follows is a thrilling investigation in to a case that as far as the police are concerned is closed. Reacher's style of investigating is more nose to the grindstone, interviews/interrogations, and deduction rather than computer analysis, which I have to say I prefer. There is not as much action in this book as I expected maybe that will change in the movie version.

Really good book making use of technology and good old detective skill. By the end of the book I wanted it to be longer. I will definitely read another Lee Child's book, just got to decide which one.
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on 24 August 2017
This is the best book I have ever read. Period.
It has the perfect balance of suspense, tension, climax and releif to deliver a book that doesn't disappoint in the slightest
I am yet to find another book like this, as well as some of Child's other books like killing floor (-another must read btw!), and cannot recommend enough
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on 12 December 2012
This is another cracking good read from Lee Child. At first it seems self evident that the person suspected had in fact gone on a shooting spree, killing 5 civilians and making one shot that missed it's mark. But of course nothing is what it seems. It takes Reacher to work it all out. I like the comments about his shoes ( a recurring theme) and how he puts it all together. The unlikely gang that finally gets together for the final act work well togther and the plan was smart. If you like Reacher you'll like this. I just wish I didn't have to see Tom Cruise on the cover!
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on 7 December 2016
Another great read. I don't think Jack Reacher Is as exciting as Mitch Rapp or Dewey Andreas I still get really engrossed in the read. Reacher tracks down a serial killer and exposes the truth behind the multiple shooting.
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on 6 August 2017
Reacher doing his best to do right. Another page turner with great characters and a twisting turning plot right to the end.
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on 8 March 2017
Good read. ( Only slightly spoilt by visuals TC being the current JR. Think if Stephan Merchant bulked up and Hollywoodified he be good. )
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on 8 August 2017
Husband a great Lee Child fan and this one as others did not let him down with the storyline. Great book.
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on 23 August 2017
Weakest book in the series so far. It took much longer for me to be gripped by this story than previous books, and it provides us the least likable depiction of Jack Reacher so far. I found he came across cruel and superficial and I didn't find myself rooting for him at all.
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