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on 5 October 2016
Quick delivery. Item was well packaged and as described. To be honest I didn't expect much from this as it is a fairly low cost radio, but it's attractive, well put together and has some very neat features (I particularly love the fact that you can put a couple of hundred songs on an SD card and plug it into the radio and use it as an MP3 player). The rechargeable battery is also very useful and makes it very portable.
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on 6 February 2017
It's a shame as this clock gets so close to getting it right, but I honestly couldn't recommend it. It seems impossible to get a music playing alarm clock without a radio built in, which is what I really wanted as I never listen to the radio. For music input, it has a card slot, a USB slot and a line in - a cornucopia of inputs. Unfortunately, with each of the input modes, there's what appears to be a bleed-over from the radio, sometimes a noise like a conga being hit irregularly every couple of seconds, sometimes a very low volume electronic warble, ignoreable (just) when listening to modern ambient music, but intrusive when listening to baroque chamber music when there's no way you can pretend it's part of the music. On the plus side, both card and USB stick inputs have a shuffle function.

The control buttons are difficult to push and setting up the clock and using it not terribly intuitive. The volume control is something of a blunt instrument: zero is silent, 1 is a little too loud to be comfortable to play me to sleep and 2 is about living room volume. I'm afraid I don't know how far up it goes, as I'd fear for my hearing, which isn't terribly keen anyway. Fortunately, even at what it considers a low volume, the sound is good, if you ignore he bumps and whistles.Unless I've missed something the sleep control doesn't work: twice I've set there reading aloud each step of setting it up to turn off after a couple of hours and twice it's woken me up playing music several hours after it should have turned itself off. Of course, that doesn't include the "rehearsals" when I tried to set it for ten minutes to check how it worked.

It needs an odd viewing angle for the time to be visible, which rather defeats the purpose of a bedside clock: to my mind, you should be able to open one eye, see that you've got another ten minutes and go back to sleep rather than move to pick the unit up and tilt it just right. I can see its future being as a simple clock: I bought it to have a sleep function for music after reading in bed and to have a clock in the room. It fails on both counts. If I still had the packaging I'd return it.
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on 31 January 2017
Great little package which I'm more than pleased with mainly because I can play my MP3 players through it! As others who have purchased one of these radios, the buttons are on the stiff side and a an indicated showing the batteries were getting low would have been a decent addition.
I'm pleased I brought it and would gladly give it the thumbs up to anyone I knew thinking of buying one, most of all because of the MP3 player input port.
Mike Beasley (Gwent)
PS I would like to have a shorter MP3 connection lead not having much luck on nailing one the WWW?
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on 17 March 2017
Maybe I should have read the reviews better, but not sure I would have found this information. Although there are quite some good things about this little radio, I have experienced quite some cons. I wish I would have known before I would have opened the packages, but I couldn't as it would not have shown. The cons:

(1) to use this to go to sleep sucks as the lowest volume is rather loud,
(2) unless you have super good eyes, it is impossible to see whether the alarm is on and also some other functions are SO small on the screen, they're almost impossible to identify
(3) the system is not intuitive at all (and I find technology generally very intuitive) - that the screen is so small probably doesn't help

I regret buying this.
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on 5 February 2017
My son required an alarm clock which would wake him up with his own music. I struggled to find a product but then I saw this one. It is a fantastic item. Very easy to use and set up. You can set a song of your choice as your alarm call purely by using a memory stick. Works perfectly. My son was very pleased with this gift. He has taken it to university to make sure he wakes up on time!!!!!!!
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on 8 May 2017
Ordering my first MP3 alarm clock I was excited to be getting something that reviewed so well on amazon and seemed to fit the bill well for what we wanted. Soon after, I realised it is actually a piece of crap as an alarm.

(1) When using the mp3 alarm clock function, it only plays THE FIRST mp3 file. You CANNOT select which file it plays every morning or even make it randomly select one every morning. You really better like that song you selected.
(2) The clock's TIME isn't visible in the dark. You can only view it by tapping on a button, which makes it glow brightly and usually wakes up other people in the room.
(3) The snooze function is only possible if you press the small top centre button (please refer to the picture). ANY OTHER button turns the alarm clock off. Usually resulting with me being late for work.
(4) The interface is counter intuitive and hard to use. Many MANY times my wife has set the time forward instead of changing the alarm time. Usually resulting with me being late for work.

I can only assume the product designer is either a sociopath or an idiot.
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on 14 April 2016
Such a wonderful amount of technology in such a small package. I could have saved a lot of money had I found this year's ago. It's an alarm clock radio that plays your own music too by way of sd card or usb drive or external devices. The sound is very good for the size and price. Down sides, the volume can't be changed on the alarm so wake up call is rather rude and there is no way of knowing if the sleep mode is set. Digital would be nice as I can only get one fm station but for the price I wouldn't expect that. The signal on that one station is good although the music has a lot to be desired, I won't hold that against the makers or sellers.
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on 1 June 2017
Recently purchased this I can say I am really happy I did. It's a compact unit and is full of useful facilities, i.e. SD card reader audio in jack ..etc. The sound quality may not be to some peoples tastes, i.e. Bang & Olufsen/Bose crowd but then they would probably be spending a lot more; certainly for the price I was very happy.
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on 25 March 2016
Good sturdy product, handy with the remote. It's a shame the blue light goes out once you've finished pressing the function you want and In low light it's hard to see the time unless you press a button on the device or remote to make the blue background come alive. It reads a 4gig sd card and memory stick fine, only reads tracks not albums so five albums just reads 100 tracks and you have to work through them one at a time. Great portability for relaxing in the bath. Sounds great for its size, If I had a choice of light on or off it would be a five star product.
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on 1 January 2015
This is a lovely product! The sound is good, for its size, I use the radio and also I play my fave songs on an SD card. I can't comment on the alarm clock function, as I do not use it, as I keep this in the bathroom. I use it every single day, and only need to plug on the the mains to charge a few times a week. I really commend this little radio for those looking for style, multipurpose and neat technology with a touch of retro.
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