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on 31 October 2013
Initial thoughts were that the case seems compact and robust. A nice looking clear polycarbonate sort of casing with what appears to be an optical glass front port. Not too heavy either.
A silicon type rubber material forms the seal when the door is closed.
The locking mechanisn has had some negative comments - but from what I can see it seems to do the job well. I have no reason to think it will break.

Another comment I have read about this item refers to ensuring it is switched on before it goes into the case. OK, there is no way of sliding the on/off switch when it is in the case, so it does need to be turned on. But remember this unit will sit on standby for what, 250 hours? Turn it on, the blue light comes on - put it in the case, close the back and let the blue light go out. By pressing the button on top the blue light will show again, press it again and it goes into record and the green light comes on. Press it again and it stops recording, blue light comes on and then will revert back to standby. Turning it on before you put it in the case is not a problem - remember, it has a very long standby time when turned on and can be recording again from stanby without opening the case up.
It states on the packaging it is waterproof to 20 metres.
Bought this case for £14 or thereabouts - a good very buy for the Muvi.

A little off subject now I know, but a little info on the MD-80, a very similar bit of kit to the Muvi camera...For those picking up the very similarly sized MD-80 video camera, this case is too small. The size differences in the Muvi and the MD-80, however small, makes this unsuitable for the MD-80, although with some alteration it MIGHT take it).
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on 28 February 2014
I am a diver and used to underwater filming. I bought this for essentially weatherproofing the camera on land - so, I cannot comment on its use at depth.

1/ You lose most/all of the sound
2/ It is well made but you must be careful with the clasp (as others have found). DO NOT USE FORCE. Close the case with thumb and finger and hold firmly closed. THEN ease the clasp over and shut. To open, hold it closed and ease open the clip. DO NOT USE THE CLIP AS A LEVER!
3/ You cannot open the case with the head clip in place
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on 8 September 2017
The perfect case for the muvi micro video camera & 20 metres waterproof so I'll be able to go diving with it. well worth getting. Though I would have prefered to have been able to buy the camera & the case in one package like most of the action cameras.
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on 12 August 2014
waterproof case seems solid enough. I use it daily. My only gripe would be the attachements for fitting. They are not great. Initially I was usung the gator clip but noticed that over a 20 minute cycle I had to re-attach it 3 times as it was slipping off. The helmet attachment is also pretty poor. I don't have a flat portion on my cycle helmet so it kept sliding back and taking great video of the sky. I resolved this with some blu-tak but it's not an ideal solution.
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on 26 June 2011
Bought this item to use on holiday in the Maldives. When it arrived it looked the part, however on holiday I used it twice, the second time the clasp that holds the enclosure shut snapped - cheap build quality clasp. I didn't really want to risk my £50 Veho Muvi camera for the sake of a dodgy clasp, so that was the end of my underwater filming.

A great shame, as on the one occasion it actually held together, it worked very well.

And of course, I'm outwith the 30 day refund window. Pah!
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on 9 August 2016
Not actually had to use this yet but it is very clunky and big!! Makes the whole thing quite heavy and awkward. Anyway, not going to need it now as the camera has stopped working and is going back - after just two weeks!!
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on 2 April 2014
Great little add ons, the waterproof case you have to be a little careful, and squeeze the lid closed to prevent the hinge being strained but as long as you know that I have had no problems at all. Only draw back is getting to the on and off when in the case, you cant so it has to be opened and closed to operate
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on 6 April 2017
Terrible the power button fell off after a day then the clip came off and I lost the device, absolutely rubbish
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on 15 June 2013
I bought this to use my camera for skiing and diving etc. I havent taken it didving yet so i cant rate that, but on the slopes it was very good. the clasp is, according to others cheap, but to me it was perfectly fine. it didnt let any water in even with a few crashes...
the only downsides are firstly the price; it is almost as much as the camera itself, and secondly there is no power switch on the case which is annoying. but when you have got round these, it is perfect.
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on 21 February 2015
Without this, the veho is unusable in a british climate! Everything people put about the clasp breaking is utter nonsense, its down to user error, i have had this over 1 year and its still perfect
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