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on 16 September 2010
A great little camera, which looks fantastic and takes great pictures but ......

No lens cap and with the oval shape round the lens no easy way to make your own. Yes it is water proof (tested and works), yes it is 'shock proof' (tested and works) but what's the point of all of this if the lens scratches from a bit of grit, which is the sort of thing I think you can reasonably expect in environments where you need it to be shock proof and water proof.

Great while it lasted, but it lasted for less time than other cameras that don't claim to be as tough.
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on 19 November 2010
It's a real shame because this camera looks good, takes great pictures and is easy to use. The problem with it is that we bought it to take snorkelling, but it was only waterproof for one day. While snorkelling on the second day, it suddenly sent a strange message and stopped working. We opened it up later and it had water inside it - useless and we had no back up camera! We had only been floating on the top taking pictures and not diving down and the camera was supposed to be waterproof up to 3 metres. Shame as we liked everything else about it.
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on 30 April 2010
I had this camera on trial for a week or so. Gave it a good going over as we go out on site a lot and we need something that can take a bit of a battering. Have been playing around with the camera a bit more.

The good stuff:
* Nice and compact, fits in your pocket
* Picture quality is decent but there can be a little feathering around the edges but not a huge problem as the the images are high resolution and you can always crop
* I would give this camera five stars for the HD video quality, it is brilliant, the video quality is very sharp. I admit there was a shaky Cloverfield like effect but that's down to operator error!
* The user panel on the back is very simpleand more space is left for the 2.7 inch view screen, the view pictures and record video buttons are straight forward
* The battery and card flap has a lock on it so you don't open it by accident
* you can zoom the picture quite a bit after downloading and the image probably starts to deteriorate at about 300-400% which is not bad (trust me, in our jobs this sort of thing is very handy!)

The bad stuff:
* The buttons on the back are tiny, if you have little fingers then you are okay but most of the guys I work (who would be using it don't)
* The battery for this camera goes in either way but only charges in one direction (match the olympus to olympus logo on the front). It's a minor thing but it was annoying and I couldn't work out why it wasn't charging and I'm not the only one who was baffled.
* The software for the camera is installed in the camera memory but you can only access if there is no memory card in the camera - this is not included in the instructions.
* No viewfinder and the lens does not have a protective cover.

It's a pretty good picture camera but the film is very superior, I would buy it just for that alone.
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on 14 September 2010
This isn't a bad camera although I wasn't bowled over with it's response time, and low light picture quality. I suppose I expected too much from this little camera. The operation in slightly clumsy, but after a few goes you get used to the menus. It's just that it seems all Olympus cameras seems to suffer more from noise in low light, and the flash when firing tends to bleach out or under-expose. Perhaps it was my model, but I've heard similar stories from other Olympus users. I thought I'd give it a go, but ended up returning it. My mother has an Olympus MJU digital, she's happy but then maybe I expect higher standards. Hers was returned for a warranty repair, which took over 5 weeks....

Back to Canon for me now using the IXUS 100 IS (replaced by the 130) amazing picture quality, I just think to be honest they have the compact camera market sewn up :)
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on 1 May 2010
Brilliant camera great quality works well underwater, cant say iv tested the shockproofness of it but im sure it would be ok with the occasional knock etc. Great flash, auto focus and all shooting settings work really well. A few minor faults with the auto panoramic picture merging, seems to work best in manual mode. Zoom is pretty average but overall a very good camera would recommend it to anyone doing snorkeling, boat tripping, rock climbing etc. If your not planning on using the camera in wet conditions or others then you may want to look at cameras with a better zoom.
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on 27 September 2010
We chose this camera primarily because we needed a robust and water resistant camera. The fact that the camera was also declared waterproof to 3 metres appeared to be an added bonus, however, this proved to be a disappointment.
The camera took some really good photos in still water at about 1 metre, and a few days later took some successful surface shots whilst I was swimming in another lake. Unfortunately a few days later the camera went off whilst I was surface swimming again.
Later upon opening the camera I discovered it had let water into the battery/card compartment. Fortunately the hot and dry environment dried the camera gently and it started to operate again for the remainder of out holiday but obviously we did not take it in the water again.
AMAZON immediately replaced the camera but I have yet to have the confidence to use it in water again. I will pay special attention to other people's reviews before I do so.
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on 18 August 2010
The high definition video is quite good. The wide angle lens captures quite a wide scene.

Other than that this product was awful (if went back to Amazon). My best comparison for this is our Canon Ixus 85 which we have had for several years.

The "Tough" 3000 takes ages to turn on, several seconds, by which time your shot may well have passed. If not it will take the camera so long to focus that unless your subjects regularly pose for oil paintings, the moment will have passed.

Don't try to make a panorama with the built in function. For some reason it seems to skew the first of the three images anticlockwise about 20-30 degrees leaving a useless photo. It is also limited to 3 photos so you'll need a narrow panorama.

Battery life was poor - for the short time we used it the battery (both original and a spare) seemed to run out after about half a day of beach photos even after the batteries had been through several charge cycles. Our Ixus will run for about a week on one battery for casual holiday snaps.

There were a few other annoyances - there is no separate battery charger supplied, the battery has to be charged in the camera. This means there is no way to leave a spare on charge when the camera is in use. An external charger can of course be purchased as an accessory. Charging is via the USB cable which also means the camera door has to be opened to connect the cable - all a bit fiddly for a battery charge. Another big annoyance was the video mode - a single button on the panel starts the video recording. We have several videos of sand, feet and the car dashboard from an accidental press. The video mode won't allow the optical zoom to be used if the sound recording is on, but will if the sound is switched off (to hide mechanism noise). So you either have fixed zoom videos or zoom in in silence.

And THE WORST OF IT - the camera died after one week of a three week holiday. It had been snorkelling once and there were a few small signs of water and sand trying to get into the case but it seemed OK. On the second outing on the surface of the pool it expired. Inspection revealed significant moisture entering through the door (which was correctly closed and locked) which probably helped it to die. My Ixus has been out and drenched in the pouring rain and has had sea break onto it on various boats and it is still alive (and it's not waterproof). This camera is pathetic. Olympus' own guarantee excludes damage from "liquids" and "impact" - great for a waterproof, shockproof camera!!

Avoid this toy camera.
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on 25 November 2010
I dumped my easy to use waterproof Pentax for this Olympus camera .I coincidentally have an emerald green one and would have to agree completely with the review from cdc28"chris corr" . Fiddly camera and pathetic battery life. Even without using the flash, each charge gave me about 60 to 70 photos max. So keep a dozen spares handy on that adventure trip !Picture quality is not bad but hey isn't that what the 12 MP is for? Also seems to take an eternity to start up so you can easily miss the shot you wanted. I didn't return mine but dearly wish I had.
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on 18 March 2011
I took this camera to Iceland on my school trip, I have been using a lot of SLR's in my time and this thing isn't as good as an SLR but this is a great camera. for a camera of that size, the weight is perfect. The battery was bad, as all batteries do, but after a few weeks the battery can last for a while. I have dropped this so many time and it still worked fantastically. I went over the ridge between the the American plate and the Eurasian plate, taking video's up to 100m and it was amazing (watch video review).
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on 8 July 2011
I have now owned this camera for just over a year, it is excellent in that you can just chuck it in your bag and don't need to worry about it getting wet or damaged. It takes some fantastic shots underwater, and has never leaked even with age. Landscapes are pretty good, and it has the ability to take some pretty good landscapes, although my 8 mp phone camera does better. However for snowy scenes it is easily dazzled and I would say this is a major let down for it. that and it takes an age to turn on.

Battery life isn't great, and needs to be charged daily when using underwater or in cold conditions (however in -8 deg C - which it states it can handle the battery was rather unreliable even after it had been fully charged hours before.)

Overall the camera has survived some batterings, and image quality is deteriorating after a couple of years which I don't feel is great. I still find it handy to take kayaking and snorkelling to catch some action shots, however for quality pictures I wouldn't recommend.
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