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on 30 August 2010
Bought this camera after reading the reviews and I was looking for a camera that could deal with neglect. Lived up to the job with flying colours - took it down the Zambezi white-water rafting for five days and it emerged unscathed. This was kept in my pocket through grade 5 rapids and several capsizes and has been dropped, thrown and scraped and still survived to take super pictures. Long battery life and excellent seal which was also tested as it was dropped in the sand as we camped by the side of the river. It's next stage in life it to be given to my daughter when she goes back to university (her first camera survived three weeks)and might be the tougher test of its short life. Have yet to use many of the camera's features but did find it difficult to manually keep the aperture open wide for a set amount of time (trying to take pictures of a lunar rainbow over Victoria falls)but that is not what I bought the camera for.
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on 28 July 2010
What a wonderful camera. We bought it to take on holiday, to go snorkelling, and its perfect for that. Very pleased with it. I was doubtful, at first that the camera would remain waterproof, but it seems fine with that. The only sad bit is that the Olympus IB software package doesn't run on my computer (vista). But the camera connects as a 1.5GB RAM drive and I can move the pictures to the HD myself. Good camera for holidays as there is no need to worry about it as you would a more fragile camera. My daughter took it on rollercoasters!, no problems at all. We did use a neck strap so as not to drop it when swimming in the sea. This camera was a much better buy than trying to get a waterproof case for my ordinary camera. In fact I now use the tough instead of my ordinary camera. I definatly recomend it to a beginner and as a holiday camera as you can relax about sand and water hurting it.
Olympus TOUGH-6020 Digital Camera - Midnight Black (14MP, 5x Wide Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD
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on 25 May 2010
Bought this camera to take on a Motorbike adventure holiday as I wanted something that I could slip into my jacket pocket but that would also stand a bit of rough treatment as we were touring south america and knew we would be spending some time on unpaved dirt roads.
The shots taken were brilliant with great colours, there are a vast variety of different menus to master but I found the sports mode for scenery to be best for what I wanted as I was taking pictures from the pillion seat whilst we were riding. The camera coped brilliantly with that although on some occassions it did not take a picture of what I was looking at through the lcd screen - still can't figure that one out! Despite being subject to excessive dust there were no problems, my only gripe would be the slow start up time, I timed 5 seconds delay from turning the camera on to being able to take a shot which is not good when you only have a couple of seconds to capture something, I also found that if I left the camera turned on to try avoiding this it went into standby mode and did not operate until you pressed the shutter release button which again took a few seconds. My previous camera I used for this type of trip was a Fuji which fired up instantly as soon as the lens cover was pulled back.
Plus points would be wide lens, variety of menus, good colour reproduction, being able to tap the camera for different functions when wearing gloves, HD video capability, internal memory as well as SD card, USB charging capability as well as an AC adapter and tough design.
Minus points for me where slow start up as mentioned and fiddly on/off switch.
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on 16 September 2010
We needed a go anywhere and always available camera. The average life of previous contenders was less than a year as they got sat on, dropped in the mud or scratched on the lens or screen.

This little unit not only looks great but it seems to have everything it needs to offer the protection it claims. It has a shutter style lens cap which you don't see on the advertising stills and does not exist on the lower end models in this range. It's also survived falls from back pockets and short swim in a puddle, hardly the limits claimed in the spec but tests other cameras have failed at the first attempt.

Oh yes, and it works pretty well as a camera - excellent pictures, sharp focus and good colour capture in a range of light conditions. Plenty of pre-set modes with easy to use menus.

Clearly we've not yet had it for long enough to know that it will survive longer than previous cameras but it certainly feels like it will and has passed all the early knocks and bumps with flying colours - literally.
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on 14 November 2010
Bought this as going on holiday and wanted to take underwater pictures. Although afraid to use it under water at first when I did I found it took excellent picture and the zoom works really well. It's very functional and works just as well above water. I won't go into the technical details as you can read that on the product reviews by thr manufacturer but if you want a decent holiday/outings camera touch enough to withstand drops bumps etc this is one to buy
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on 11 January 2011
Few things to clear up, firstly this is a camera not a rubber duck and should be treated as such, It will take a knock or two and is designed to be used underwater however, remember the drop measurements are onto plywood not concrete so be relatively careful with it and it will last. The screen can also scratch unless you get a protector for it, It takes a good photo, the best out of all the tough cameras, and after all that's what you buy it for. The start up is very quick, I dont know how the other 4 star reviewer measured 5 seconds that must be a different camera to the one I've got, I timed it as less than 2 seconds! Also video record starts instantly when you press the red button. If you take it to the beach make sure you don't get sand down the lens cover slot and rinse it with fresh water after. Four stars because its a bit ugly, but its a tool not accessory, best value for money tough camera there is, Enjoy!
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on 12 November 2010
I bought this camera for a fun family holiday. I am not a professional photographer but did want a camera which I could take to the waterpark and in the pool on our summer holiday and also take skiing in the winter.
The olympus Tough 6020 is easy to use and takes good pictures. It got a few knocks on holiday as it was hanging around my neck in a camera bag whilst we spent a lot of time in the waterpark and it still worked perfectly well.
The functions are really user friendly and everyone in the family found the camera easy to use (even the 11 year old).
The software that comes with the camera to go on the PC is novel and allows you to tag the photos to where they were taken in the world.
Once you have taken a photo on the camera you can zoom into the photo to look at the detail, to help you decide if another photo of your subject is needed.
The camera isn't as attractive as some of the other olympus tough models to look at, but it does come in a nice colour pink if you are a girley girl like me.
The only negative I would highlight is that you need to double check the lock on the battery cover. It has a double click mechanism but a couple of times I found that mine was only on one click. Although I accept this could of been user error.
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on 20 June 2011
This camera was purchased to fill the roll of a general point and shoot holiday camera. I have a DSLR, but needed something I could drop in my pocket and take anywhere, especially on the beach.

First reactions to the camera were poor. The interface is clunky and slow - The camera uses old and out of date electronics and software - lots of lag, and a clumsy looking interface. I have seen similar on the early digital cameras I used around 2001 - 2002. Picture quality was the lower end of average for a compact, but not really what I could ever call 'good'. The pixel count is academic - before reaching anywhere near full magnification, the images are always noisy and soft with lots of compression artefacts.

In everyday use, the camera is even worse. Colour, focus, contrast, and white balance are all over the place. It is easy for dust and debris to foul the lens cover mechanism, the lens is not water repellant, meaning a lot of shots taken when the camera is wet will have areas of distortion or be obscured altogether due to water drops on the lens. The camera completely failed after 4 days light use in the sea. Sea water had got into the battery and card compartment rendering the camera useless, and rendering us without a camera for the remainder of the holiday. Fortunately, my iPhone proved to be a superior camera to the Olympus in every way.

After my experience with this camera, I will never buy another Olympus again. If you want an outdoor camera with a similar size and superior spec, get a Pentax WG 1 instead. Or anything else.
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on 26 April 2010
I bought this camera after I ruined my Olympus Tough 1030 by not abiding by the manufacturers recommendations and rinsing off in fresh water after being in the salt water.
Salt crytals grow and lift the seals letting in more water the next time you dive. The 6020 is a better spec (apart from the Depth, 5M for the 6020 and 10M for the 1030), and as my old camera gave me lots of good service and excellent pictures, (when looked after!), I chose another camera of the same type. I will use in the sea for canoeing and such but get a Waterproof case for taking it deeper.
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on 22 October 2010
Excellent camera, point and shoot or, if desired, more sophisticated. Zoom is good for the type of camera but cannot compete with a digital SLR. Images can be printed at A3 or,if need be, cropped to a smaller size. After taking the picture the on-camera software allows considerable enhancement. All said a very impressive camera that is waterproof to 5m, can be dropped from 1.5m and excellent value for money.
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