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on 11 March 2014
I read this on paperback and was gripped immediately. I've read the whole series and really enjoyed it. The gay sex and kink parts can be a little hard to read, if you're reading it for the very first time - without reading any reviews before hand first. But despite that the characters are great and amusing at times.
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on 1 February 2008
This book starts off well with Morgan Kingsley exorcizing a demon from a teary eyed, blond haired, blue eyed child. The exorcism goes wrong and Morgan should have ended up with a bad arsed demon inside of her, that does not happen and Morgan is left wondering why she was not possessed. Morgan has recently been plagued with sleep walking and this sets her on the path to uncovering why she was not possessed and the havoc that is about to begin.

Too begin with I thought that this book had a lot to offer unfortunately once the book progressed I changed my mind. The S&M scenes just did not grab me - that is my personal preference. Also the relationship between Dom and Adam while I have nothing again homosexuals - live and let live - I am a hetrosexual and enjoy reading books with male/female sex instead of male/male sex through out the book. The world building in this book was really good and Jenna Black - the author could have created an expectional book, hence I have given three stars

Morgan is not into gay sex but hearing Adam and Dom going for it in the next bedroom turns her on. This book in some ways reminds me of Anita Blake before she became a sucumbus and all her morals where left at the door.

If you are into gay sex, S&M scenes then buy this book you will enjoy it. If not don't waste your money.
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on 17 January 2008
Morgan Kingsley is an exorcist in a world where demons inhabit people's bodies. Of course most demons only inhabit the bodies of those who are willing, and there are many who are willing to have the extra strength and the healing abilities that demons confer, but there are also those who take unwilling hosts and it's Morgan's job to exorcise them; the only alternative is to burn the host person to death. Morgan's antipathy towards all demons has been partly caused by her brother being a willing host.

When the story begins Morgan is exorcising a demon from a young girl. However there are a few strange aspects to the exorcism and Morgan soon begins to suspect that she herself may be playing host to a demon, against her wishes and without knowing when it happened. The demon isn't able to take over her body, he can only communicate with her when she is asleep by entering her dreams or making her sleepwalk and write messages to herself. When Morgan tries to get herself exorcised by her friend Val she stumbles into a shocking plot where those she loves may be against her and those she despises may be her only help. Morgan's demon is rather a VIP and there are many other demons and humans who want him dead; Morgan has to team up with another demon to help herself, and her unwilling passenger, and that means that those around her that she loves might just get hurt.

This book was excellently written with an exciting story, some great characters and an interesting angle on the demon/host idea. Morgan wasn't always easy to empathise with but she was always an interesting person to watch bumbling along, trying to look out for her boyfriend Brian, not thinking very highly of herself and being alternately repelled and comforted by demon Adam and his partner Dominic. My only reservations about this book were the two S&M scenes which felt like they were included rather more for reader titillation than plot necessity; however the rest of the book was a great read and definitely deserves its five star rating and I look forward to the continuation of Morgan's story in the next book.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2007
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on 10 September 2009
This book has some very strong points, which have been detailed in previous readers' reviews. The plot is entirely original and deserves brownie points simply for that, a difficult feat in a market swamped with paranormal romance mysteries/thrillers. I liked the idea of a society in which demonic possession is a hotly-contested moral position, and also the justification that the author suggests for those who choose to be possessed. The glimpse into the political world of the demons was also intriguing, and showed much potential for development.

However, that, for me, is where the positive ends. I'm all for strong, self-reliant female leads, and a side-helping of personal issues often helps to flesh out the character and make them both sympathetic and believable. But there is some middle-ground between a Pollyanna-type and the unattractive bundle-of-neuroses bitch that Morgan Kingsley's personality has been drawn as. The reader is given no indication of anything that would make her saintly, longsuffering lover Brian put up with her for one minute.

The thing that I disliked most about this book was the method that the author used for bringing in the S&M scenes. Whether or not one agrees with a type of sexual preference, introducing it in salivating detail because the character is describing how 'sick' they think it, is a dishonest technique that taints the experience of reading the scene with prurience, regardless of the reader's own feelings on the subject being depicted. I agreed entirely with "Foggy Tewsday's" comment below that "Morgan's lusty antics with her boyfriend" add little to the story, particularly as they begin only a few pages into the book, with no subtlety or build-up to the sex scenes. In contrast to the originality shown in other aspects of The Devil Inside, they are pedestrian and somewhat boringly written. Lugh's physical depiction was as hackneyed and stereotyped as anything I've read in this genre, which was a pity as he's otherwise an interesting character.

What a shame. The ideas behind this book were so good - but I had to wade through so much irritating flannel to get to the interesting bits, along with a protagonist whom I thoroughly disliked, it's just too much effort for me to expend on reading the next in the series.
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on 23 May 2010
I was so excited about this book! I couldn't wait to start it. And yet, I stopped mid-way, unable to finish it. I tried to force myself but there came a point where I just put it aside in disgust. The story could have been amazing but it wasn't! The author was more interested in the sex life of the protagonist then the plot itself. In fact, this is so sex-heavy that the urban fantasy element of it takes second place. Sex with her boyfriend, sex between the 2 men asked to protect her....and even worse, every man she sees arouses her. The demon inside her arouses her, the man who offers protection arouses her, the boyfriend arouses her, and the 2 men having sex arouses her. How there is room for her to function as normal woman is beyond me. All the terrifying stuff that's happeneing to her and yet her arousal still take centre stage in the book! I hate not finishing books! But seriously...this book had to go!
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2012
Too much gay sex and S&M for the straight reader. It made it hard to identify with the heroine and wasn't at all what I expected from the author of the Faeriewalker books. I like to know what I'm buying and this is not a book I would have willingly bought had I known the content. I'm not prejudiced, simply not interested in that type of intimacy. I thought the plot fell victim to the sex and that most of the sex was entirely unnecessary as it lent nothing to the story. The depiction of a viable hero, other than Lugh, would have been an improvement as well.
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on 5 April 2008
I bought this book as it was on my amazon recommendations and based on the reviews. I was so disappointed. I didn't like any of the characters, I thought the plot was thin and I almost gave up on it - something I rarely do. I stuck it out to the end but it is going to a charity shop and this writer is off my list for future purchases.
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on 8 February 2012
If you are looking for a 'Sado Masochism for Dummies' manual then this is the book for you. But if you are looking for a good story that is well told then avoid this book unless you are interested in reading about the clinical details of sex via any permutation of gender and numbers.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2008
Like the review from Lisa Hamilton the homosexual aspect didn't really do anything for me - and I think the balance of plot and sex was too much weighted towards the sex. I enjoyed the book, but while I will try the next book out, unless the characterisation increases - not terribly easy to care about anyone, especially the demons - that will be my last. Still, an enjoyable, light read.
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on 14 September 2015
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