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on 27 October 2011
First of all big thanks to seller, prompt and excellent service quality. Description is just as he/she described it. QC3 is my first professional earphone, but chaps I can tell you this earphone is magical. I hope that it ll last for long because it has already sent me to a completely new dimension. It s a pleasant-sounding little kit which has a very well engineered sound quality. Low and high sounds are very rich but still doesn t give any distortion. Perfect just like in the studio. I can only praise Bose for the used materials earmuffs are very comfortable and it can borrow a kind of good to touch feeling. Top quality!!!! It worth every penny. Highly recommended!!
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on 2 March 2013
Great price and very good quality.
Postage was quick and I was kept informed.
Excellent product and would highly recommend.
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on 13 May 2008
These are excellent. Work brilliantly on a plane or on the London underground - the external lower frequencies are completely removed - you can only really hear the outside world if people talk loudly next to you! The sound is warm with a very strong, thumping bass response (excellent for dance/electronic music). The higher treble frequency range is definitely tamed a little but to be honest I find this preferable as it causes much less ear fatigue. Very comfortable to wear too.
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on 9 September 2010
As long as your headphones work they are a great bit of kit. However, Bose QC phones are built to break. and once broken, they cannot tbe repaired. There is a weak spot on the wishbone-shaped plastic bracket which attaches the phones to the headband, and this piece snaps. The piece in question could easily be replaced by Bose if they offered it as a replacement part, but they don't, despite hundreds of customers complaining about this issue. If you don't believe me, then just Google Bose QC headphones and read all the similar tales of woe. Compare this to Sennheiser, who have replaced the pads of their headphones which I bought over 35 years ago. I'll never buy Bose again.
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on 31 January 2010
Firstly these are fine earphones. Beautiful clear sound (using an ipod) and the noise-cancelling does its job as well as can be expected. They sound smoothly balanced and I've noticed audio detail that I'd previously missed. The other big plus of these earphones is that the carry case they come with is nice and compact and has space for MP3 all in the same place. Assuming they will be mainly used for travelling this is important. I hovered over some Sony noise cancelling earphones but the large case put me off.

With so much to credit this product its all the more annoying they are so poorly put together. Like the other reviewer I have been very careful with mine but in spite of this the foam fell off to reveal the same snapped plastic casing inside. I fixed them with glue but for £300 you dont expect to be hunched over the kitchen table with a tube of Bostik. A freind of mine who has the ear-covering model had exactly the same problem.

Buy these if you want excellent sound quality, beautifully packaged. Just ask Bose to throw in a tube of glue as well.
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on 3 June 2011
I am now into my second pair of these. Like the first one, the plastic holding one of the cups broke after three years. I use them regularly but very carefully, always pack them back in their case.

The first time Bose were cool and said they were aware of the problem, they replaced the phones. Nice gesture. The second time I was told the plastic wasn't guaranteed. Maybe I could've gotten something out of them by going to one of their store.

But I simply can't afford to waste such an amount of money for phones that'll last 3 years. This is exactly what is wrong with a lot of companies today: programmed obsolescence. It would be easy to design something that'll last 10 years, but not as profitable.
Sound and comfort-wise I've always enjoyed them, and they would be 5 stars if they were solid or came with a customer service fit for an item that price.

I'm not saying "don't buy them", just "if you do, be aware of what will ultimately happen". Bose will charge you $100 to change a 1ct piece of plastic. You cannot buy the spare and do it yourself even if a 3 year old could do it.

As for me, I am moving to other brands, less lifestyle and more advanced.
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on 11 June 2010
Well, I finally succumbed to buying a pair of these. I have had the Bose "On-Ear" Headphones for ages now (i.e. they look the same as these QC3's, but without the noise reduction).

I was really tempted towards the QC3's as I like the decent sound from the On-Ears, but since I do a daily commute of 4 hours on a train, I wanted something to remove the constant air-conditioning and announcement/chatter noise, yet still give me the Bose sound that I like.

Now, plenty of real audiophiles, or people that appreciate source/raw/unmanipulated sound will scorn and flame me for saying that the Bose sound is in any way "good"... but whatever... I like it. It has solid, warm enveloping bass, clarity in mids and you can hear the treble. What more do you need? lol. I am sure that by no stretch is the best sound you're going to get, but I like it - and you may well do too. Only way to know is to try.

Comparing the audio between the QC3 and the On-Ear model - I can't say there's any difference whatsoever, and I guess it's this reason why I've never read a review of others comparing these two. I think I read one online review that suggested the QC3's were 20% better audio-quality wise to the On-Ears... but I can't tell that at all on an A-B comparison. They sound the same to my ears.

Noise cancelling? Well, it's definitely NOT worth the £200 price hike between the QC3 and the On-Ear model for this sole feature, and it is clear that Bose are basically saying that the Noise-Cancelling tech will cost you £200 on top of the price of their On-Ear only model.

It is good, but it fails to fully drown out the sound of the low-freq air conditioner on my daily train-ride, and I was a bit disappointed to find it didn't cancel any 'chatter' and the darned train-announcements which you can still hear at full volume :( That was MY misunderstanding though - that cancelling is NOT what the noise-cancelling tech is designed to attack.

All that said, however, the tech IS good - I was in Canary Wharf Tube station with the 'phones on (no music), and I could hear quiet talking and quiet footsteps around me (sounded like I was in a Library), and then I took them off and my ears were assaulted with noise!! So they DO work! It's just not as noticeable as you might think when you're actually using them. Maybe that's a good thing? Maybe having complete silence isn't such a nirvana after all? Certainly when wearing them in a tube station setting, you do feel 'aware' of your surroundings - I think if you were totally isolated from the noise, you might feel... well deaf I suppose?

Ultimately, I would rate the Noise cancelling tech at about 7*. It works, it's good - but it's hard not to feel a little let down a bit against expectations.

I would also say it's really good that Bose now include a spare battery in the box with these. That means you can roll with 40hours of charge.
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on 1 March 2010
Bought one of these 3 years ago and was very satisfied until they were stolen. Did try all sorts of noise cancelling phones in between because I just refused to accept the indecent price of the QC3. Now I am, grudgingly, back to the QC3. They are expensive. Annoyingly so. But (1) they sound really good for NC headphones; (2) they are ultra-comfortable (for me); (3) well built (had the first ones for two years and never a problem despite extensive travelling and almost 24/7 use in the office). Most importantly, (4) they cancel noise like literally *nothing* else in that size. Really, Bose does have competition in the larger 'over-ear' class (QC2/15), Sennheiser for instance. But with small NC headphones there is still nothing out there that comes even close to the QC3. Comparing the new ones to my (stolen) model of 3 years ago I notice that the new QC3 have a different box (covered with nylon instead of faux leather), have a slightly softer spring (which ends in less pressure on the ear-cups) and slightly softer cushions in the ear-cups.

I still don't like the steep price. I still find it ridiculous that they can't play music when the battery is empty or removed. (I still find the Li-Ion battery easy to remove and quick to charge, though). But in its size there is simply nothing out there to even remotely match the QC3 when it comes to wearing comfort and noise cancellation.
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on 27 June 2009
Honestly the best product I have ever bought! It is great for cycling, in the car, in a plane it even allows you to comfortably listen to music while cutting the grass with a push or ride on lawnmower! The sound quality is the best I have ever heard provided you choose the correct setting on the audio device. They are very comfortable and don't slip off too easily. I know they are very expensive and I was sceptical about buying them. But I payed £275 and they were worth every penny. Also everything is replaceable, the cushions the batteries ensuring a long life, an excellent purchase! I am adding this part of my review in after 2 months of solid use. these are better than you can imagine they are more than good headphones it is an occasion every time you put them on! The song Black or White by Michael Jackson is spectacular!! The headphones completely blocked out a screaming baby that sat behind me for a 3 hour bus journey (I had music playing although not loud) I didn't find out about the screaming baby until my friend mentioned it too me after the journey I can't praise this product enough!
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on 11 January 2011
I'd like to consider myself a bit of an audiophile - I'm a musician, and I like to invest money in quality products as music plays such an important part of my life. I don't think I've bought a product which has made quite such an impression on me as the Bose QC 3 headphones. I've been swithering parting with such an amount of money for some time - and I've only just bought these recently, so there's been some stiff competition - not least from the latest QC 15 model. I tried both out in the Bose sound demo centre, and for me I just preferred the fit of the QC 3 - I also thought they did a slightly better job of eliminating the external noise, but that could just be my opinion. I've only owned them for around a week, but am already looking for excuses to listen to music - and hear it how I've never heard it before. I absolutely agree with the comments around price, but the main thing is how it compares to the equally expensive competition (like the Dr Dre Monster Beats HD for example). If you're reading this, you're thinking about it ... if you want to invest this amount of money in headphones, take it from me, you won't be disappointed. These headphones are absolutely first class.
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