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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 22 October 2011
Let me start by saying this game is amazing, its so much better than the first game and thats saying alot since arkham asylum was the game of year in 2009, This game now introduces all the villans that u didnt get the chance to see in the first one and and finally brings you closer to kicking riddlers ass, the game is also alot bigger than the first with this massive city to explore and new side missions to accomplish and new charecters to so with like catwomen, robin and nightwing, all in all this is the best super hero game on the market and i would thoroughly recommend it. Enjoy guys and girls
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on 26 June 2012
I held off from buying this game for a long time. It didn't feature high on my "wish-list" as I had played Arkham Asylum and feared it would be just the same. In part I was right, but I don't know why I feared that eventuality.

Arkham City does everything Asylum did but bigger, brasher and with more freedom. Although there is a lot to be said for the enclosed environment of Arkham Aslym, the selling-point and quintessential desire that these games fulfil is the longing to BE Batman. Arkham City gives the essential moment of ziplining into the shadows of Gotham's rooftops, and terrifying the criminals below.

The storyline is written by comics and Batman: TAS legend Paul Dini, meaning the dialogue is all superb. The voice-work by Kevin Conroy (who to many is the definitive Batman) is great, and a special mention goes to the phenomenal Joker by Mark Hamill.

The combat system is easy to understand but tricky to master, meaning it is not too difficult to start but can be incredibly rewarding. The storyline is excellent and the character designs merit especial mention, taking into account years of designs but blending it with the game's atmosphere. Robin and Catwoman both have excellent designs which are recognisable whilst defining themselves as Rocksteady's specific iteration.

This game is incredibly fun, incredibly deep and has enough puzzles, Riddler challenges and side-missions to keep any player interested for months. Couple that with the fact that it comes free with the Catwoman downloadable content, this game is worth the purchase for any avid gamer.
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on 14 December 2011
When I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum - Classics (Xbox 360) it was eight hours of joy, so I was looking forward to Arkham City. From the bat this game shows improvements with gliding, gadgets and scale of the city. I liked the side missons. The inmates conversations are fun to listen to.

There are a few of small niggles, the combat has suffered because there are too many gadgets to use in a fight. Another annoying thing is that there are too many riddler trophies. 300 is ok, 440 is just annoying. The story is very schizophrenic. I mean who is the main antagonist? Is it Dr Strange? Is it Ra's Al Ghul? Is it the Joker? You know what I started to press the B button every time a cutscene happened after a few. The main story is way too short and I think that you will spend more time collecting green trophies. However there are two major issues I have with this game:

1. Catwoman DLC. I'm sorry but why do I have to download something that should already be in the game. My xbox is not connected to the internet because of this I had lug my xbox to my girlfriend's house and download my code. What has happened to games that what you used to get as a reward for finishing a games has to be DLC? However as I got my game new at least I never paid for it. But what really grinds my gears is issue no.2

2. Disappearing game save files. In Arkham Asylum I had one or two corrupt game save files issues. This was resolved by deleting the corrupt files and playing again. This I didnt mind because it was a short game that, as I played it before I could complete it quicker. In Arkham City after completing the game one could spend hours going after the riddler challenges trying to get that 100%. Imagine after getting 80% of the game completed and a new game plus of 56%, you turn on your xbox to find no data where your previous save slot was. At first I thought was an anomaly but when it happened again I googled the issue and there was a thread on the games official forum. As of writing this review, WB nor Rocksteady have not released a patch for this problem.

I'd advise anyone thinking of buying this game to wait for a patch that fixes this problem. This issue takes a star off the overall score.
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on 9 April 2012
I bought this game truly not knowing what to expect. I hadn't played Arkham Asylum but for some reason this game just called out to me. I've always enjoyed Batman and I've always enjoyed his run-ins with his notorious and engrossing villains. (My favorite being the Joker) So when I bought this game I approached it rather cautiously unsure firstly how the game would go as it was based on a comic book and if it would be any fun at all.
Well I can tell you now that the game is spectacular in almost every sense. The combat system is simple but can still be challenging, the gadgets are extensive and yet all come into their element and the storyline is simply superb. Recently the only games I've been playing have been First Person Shooters like 'Halo' and 'Call of Duty' since when I bought this 'Skyrim' was still to be released but playing this game just made it all suddenly seem like I'd been missing out on the true essence of gaming.

Arkham City is a walled off part of Gotham in which all the villains from Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum have been walled in as a sort of 'super prison' run by Doctor Hugo Strange. Obviously having a massive super prison on Gotham's door-step is not in the interests of Batman and so using his alter-ego of Bruce Wayne starts a campaign to shut Arkham City down only to be captured by guards and thrown into Arkham City by none other than Doctor Strange himself. I won't spoil too much of the story for you but it truly is an amazing piece of writing both in plot and in the words the characters speak and how they speak is beautiful. Mark Hamill makes his acclaimed final appearance as 'The Joker' making the game even more iconic for it. Mark Hamill has been voicing Joker for longer than I care to remember and I will miss him greatly in the roll. Kevin Conroy also returns in the role of Batman and does a great job of it but by no means are these two the only characters. 'The Oracle' is still Batman's guardian in the game helping him track down clues on the computer while Batman scales the buildings and the amount of villains is incomprehensible. Nearly every villain in the batman universe is here. Such villains in the game vary from Penguin, to Bane to R''s al Gh'l all of whom have their own special parts and there are many more villains that arise.The ending of the game was truly shocking and although I saw something coming (which I did through various things that popped up now and again) I had no idea it would end as it does.

To compact it down Arkham City is amazing and awe inspiring. It is great a accomplishment in terms of gaming, story telling and immersion for I certainly did get immersed. I felt I knew Batman and his villains before the game but after I feel like before I knew nothing and now I do know. If your a Batman fan I'm sure you will love this game and if you're not still give it a try because it really does strike a lot of good chords in how the game works and how Batman works also. I haven't even scratched upon the Riddler challenges either which will keep you playing the game long after the main story has come to a close. The game is great and you don't need to have played Arkham Asylum to be able to play this althought there are references to it. So now I'm going to buy Arkham Asylum.
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on 19 November 2011
Let me just say I love Batman but like most Dark Knight fans I have my personal favourites when it comes to the endless visual depictions the character has taken throughout his long life time. The 90's animated series probably ranks at the top of my list along with the first Batman film with Michael Keaton and now Christian Bale and the others quite honestly make me cringe therefore whenever a new Batman game/film is announced I get into a bit of a panic...however thank god and most importantly the developers for finding a winning formula that any aspiring Dark Knight would struggle to find a problem with.

To be fair though having owned Arkham Asylum I was not too worried about this release, to be blunt it plays exactly the same barring a few new gadgets and tweaks but on the whole it remains unchanged which is only a good thing by the way. Once again Batman finds himself within a prison taken over by the inmates this time however it is an allocated section of Gotham City which is serving as the local jail in the Asylums absence. It was a little misleading at first if you were just looking at screenshots and not reading the previews properly leading up to the games release it was easy to believe this was actually set in Gotham City which it's not so don't quite be expecting GTA meets Batman in this particular release.

The map is vastly expanded from Asylum and importantly has more scope vertically. Good use of the grapple hook and cape means you can effortlessly move around the map in no time and it never gets boring. A few new gadgets expand the gameplay but the combat remains largely unchanged from its predecessor. Its difficult too specify much on the story without possibly causing spoilers. But I can say the story is fantastic and well scripted they manage to squeeze in almost every memorable character in some capacity either via the main plot or in side missions but nothing feels out of place or just put in there for the sake of it, after all Batman is usually only as good as his villains who are often as if not more memorable than the Dark Knight himself and the twist towards the end is nothing short of inspired.

The main story will keep you occupied for maybe 10 hours but in this case its quality over quantity you won't feel cheated. On completion of the game you are treated to a wealth of side missions and extras (you can take these on during the main campaign if you so wish). I imagine these could keep anyone still playing this game possibly up too and maybe beyond the 30 hour mark.

Its almost as if Rocksteady have delved into the treasure chest of Batman's past and brought everything of any worth and put it into one package. It's almost difficult to see where they can go from here having included everything they have already in just two games. Though I'm positive they could not get away with the Arkham format again, while it's a good idea to get as much as possible contained into one small space it would be a tired formula third time round. Fear not though I think were in safe hands for hopefully a new direction and game in the next few years.
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on 7 November 2011
Arkham Asylum sits proudly in my top ten games due to its brilliant gameplay and engaging story. So understand how good Arkham City has to be for me to say its better in every way.

The story is full of developments and revelations from start to finish (though less so for Batman fans) so I'll keep the description vague. After the events of the first game, Arkham's warden becomes mayor and erects a super prison in Gotham, Arkham City. Seeing the potential danger in letting criminals run riot in their own city and seeing another power behind the mayor, Batman sets out to investigate only to become trapped in the prison himself. The main goal is to decipher the true nature of the prison before "Protocol 10" can be activated, but on your way you will encounter numerous super villains and their plans, from Penguin's takeover bid to the joker's last laugh. The set-up starts quite vague, essentially throwing you into a bigger more open version of Arkham Asylum, but as the story progresses it gathers momentum leading to a fantastic ending. Arkham Asylum's design was more linear, taking you in a very clear direction, a design choice that resulted in never knowing who, or what lay round the next corner and helped maintain the atmosphere brilliantly. Whilst this more open format detracts from that unknowing feeling somewhat the writing more than makes up for it. It's very well written and delivered, giving a constant sense of urgency and threat. As well as the main story there are numerous side-missions to indulge in throughout the city. These are well worth playing for the unique gameplay, stories and new characters like Bane, Zsasz and the Riddler, though the best scenarios are in the main campaign.

Gameplay is also better than before. The bulk of it still lies in combat, either straight up fisticuffs or stealthy "predator" sections where you sneakily takeout well-armed enemies. Both have been made grander by making the scenarios more varied and larger and increasing enemy numbers and weaponry. Whilst doing this in Arkham Asylum may have been punishing, your increased move set and equipment makes it as enjoyable as ever but more spectacular. The moves are still as intuitive and lethal as ever but with added combos, gadgets and upgrades it allows more diverse scenarios to develop. The thing I love most about this is how easy it is for a newcomer to pick up and still be awesome whilst still rewarding skill and use of more complex combos. Detective mode returns, allowing you to analyse the environment in a different way, along with multiple gadgets and moves that can be improved upon and expanded using the XP earned from fights, solving riddles and progressing the story. Speaking of which, the Riddler is back with 400 new trophies, riddles and breakable objects to find, solve and smash. They are more devilish than before requiring a balance of skill and logic to solve. There is now more emphasis on platforming particularly in the Riddler's side-missions. It's still pretty simple but the improvements have allowed larger sections to be based around it as well as it making traversing the city-scape easier and more fun. The larger open world really works, enemies respawn after you have left the area for long enough, so you can find more combat whenever you want or you can just fly to your heart's content.

First-hand copies contain free Catwoman DLC that adds 4 sections to the campaign where you play as her. She handles similarly enough so that it's still intuitive but differently enough to make it worth switching to her every now and then. Whilst she is fun don't feel that it's essential if you don't have an internet connection or first-hand copy; it has no bearing on the main story, it's just a nice addition.

Challenges return in the form of straight up fights and predator sections as well as `campaigns' where you have to do multiple different scenarios in a row. They're a nice, but non-essential, addition adds more to do if you finish everything in the campaign. There's also a story plus mode that allows you to replay the story with new enemy behaviour and a higher difficulty if you feel up to it.

If I had to criticise I would say that the larger fighting areas mean that sometimes you end up punching the air as no-one is close enough to hit, Batman's movement can feel a bit tanky when performing the riddles that need real precision and it is very occasionally not clear in what you have to do, one specific batarang moment may cause some frustration. Other than this because you're so good at fighting, a straight up one-to-one with the villains isn't really possible. As such they tend to be more based around dodging and performing a specific mechanic. Don't get me wrong they're still great fun, just maybe a little easy.

The Final Word: Any fan of Batman, Arkham Asylum, the recent films or just really, really good games should buy this.
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on 25 October 2011
Batman Arkham City is a fantastic sequel to Arkham Asylum!

The game play area is vast and consists of hours of gameplay as you explore the city, following the main story line, and numerous side missions. These side missions are reminiscent of LA Noire, and in them you can help Bane and many innocents from the evil that lurks in Arkham City.

Whilst you still have the same array of weapons as in Arkham Asylum, some of which have improved, you also have some new and rather cool gadgets to add to your collection. For instance, the grapel boost allows you to fly through the city in a rather spiderman like fashion, rather useful when Zsaaz has hostages to kill and you have limited time. There are also more upgrades to choose from, but these are more challenging to achieve as you have to work hard to get you XP levels up. Riddler still leaves trophies in his wake, although again these are harder to access, with many booby traps ready to kill you if you are not quick enough.

Henchmen hang around in gangs all over the city, they are harder to kill and not quite as stupid as they used to be...guess they learnt a thing or too. Case in point, henchmen in gargoyle rooms now have heat detector goggles so they can scan the room and find you, making it even more fun to take these bad boys down!

There are a few glitches in the game, but these are few and far between, and do not ultimately impact on the fun or beauty of this don't let that put you off! The graphics are simply stunning and portray the darkness of Arkham City wonderfully well. A fantastic sequel to an already stunning game, you'll want to play it again and again.
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on 24 October 2011
If you have played the first one you know what your gonna get, a great game with great combat, great characters and a great story. This delivers everything the first one did and in some ways betters and and in other ways doesnt.

The combat has had a work over and feels smoother and has more movements/takedowns, its pretty much the same to be honst but thats not a bad thing.

The best and main addition to the game is the ability to glide, dive bomb and grapple hook your way through the city, it feels effotless once you get the hang of it and makes going from mission to mission alot more fun than the first game. The map is bigger than the first game but somehow manages to feel pretty small, you can get from one end to the other in just over a minute, not that its a problem but its not really a city, but batman arkham...bit of fenced off city doesnt have a good ring to it.

The story and pacing isnt as good as the first game, its by no meens bad, infact its very good but the first just raised the bar so high. The joker and harley have a smaller role this time and thats what really made the first game for me, they were just so well done and always in your face and talikng over intercoms and really kept the game alive. This role has being transfared to hugo strange and prisoners who basicly have no personality.

The bosses have also beeng greatly improved and all have diffrent methods to taking them down. I really missed scarecrow has a kind of replacement in a way but its no way near as good.

Also the size of the main game has been blown massivly out of proportion by the designers, this was my main dissapointment its not as short as the first but not by that much, i think they said 15 hours for the main story....not even close im afraid 7-10 hours at best.
There are a few side quests to do but all they do is take the pacing away from the main story, they are also very a very dated style of side mission. For example, blow up some of these, keep answering phones untill the percentage bar is full. Rescue people until the percentage bar is full. There was one really nice surprise but it was over in under five minutes.
I really really would recomend playing through the story first and egnoring the side stuff on your first playthough. I think you can do them afterwards anyway.

The riddler is also back and has over 400 hundred things to do and collect, all with little diffrent puzzels, collecet enough and he gives you a bigger challange. Much better than the first games ridler clues. Im not a collector, i dont care about achievments or trophies but if thats your thing you will be looking for them for a long long time. I did a fair few but im not going to be going back for many more as i find it a bit repetative.

YOu will also get to play as catwomen if you buy it new, but i dont think her collective time is much over an hour, but she plays well and its fun. I really wouldnt want to pay 800 microsoft points for it as its not worth it. That really is gready, taking away some of the main game unless you buy it new, its not like this wouldnt sell.
I do really hope to get some sotry dlc though.

Its a good game, one of the best this year, but i cant give it full marks because of the very slightly weaker story, pacing, mediocre side quests. rocksteadys greedyness and main story lengh left me feeling a little dissapointed at the end buts its one i will be playing through again and again.

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on 8 May 2012
I don't feel that this game is as good as Arkham Asylum, but it does have certain advantages.
Playing as Catwoman is a nice feature and it is good to play as her in the challenges. Speaking of which, the challenges on this game are definitely superior to Arkham Asylum, since there is more variety and the modifiers are very interesting and challenging.

On the negative side, having so many different things to do kind of takes away from the overall impact; I feel that sometimes, the game perhaps tries to do too much and is a bit unfocused on storyline, if that makes any sense. I think that the game is also unsure of who the main villain is - is it Strange? Joker? Penguin? - and I feel that it has less of a "direction" than Arkham Asylum.

That is just a portion of what I think, its just the main points, and overall I believe that this game has certain elements that make it better than Arkham Asylum, but it loses drama and direction in places. Still though, it is addictive and it is still very exciting to play.

(I apologise for my wording - its not a very good review at all!)
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on 22 June 2015
A fantastic sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum. Expanding on the already fantastic game play this introduces our Batman into a more open world setting with streets to explore and a wider range of rogues to chase (some optional) I definitely think this game lives up to and matches Asylum.
Some people complain that it lacks the atmosphere and claustrophobia of Arkham Asylum, Now while this is true im glad they span into a more open setting, if we kept just getting more Arkham Asylums released eventually the novelty would wear off. Arkham Asylum is just as fun to replay if you want that experience. This game opens more doors for Batman in a city setting and with Arkham Knight on the horizon im glad theyve slowly built up from small area, to a larger area and now in Arkham Knight the largest area (Im not counting Arkham Origins as its not a Rocksteady game).

I especially enjoyed the more varied rogues, im always hoping for new villains making an appearance and the Debut of Nolan Norths Penguin was just fantastic. The voice work again is spot on for all characters involved. I really hope Mark Hamill does make some kind of Joker appearance in Batman Arkham Knight even if its just a flash back cameo.

The Plot itself is not quite as strong as Arkham Asylum but that doesnt make it bad its still a strong and absorbing story with loads going in the form of optional side stories and Riddler challenges. People seem to complain now days if a game takes more than 2 days to complete 100%, so i wasn't surprised with people moaning about the amount of Riddler Trophies. I have a simple answer to that. Don't bother collecting them then if you dont have the mental stamina and patience of retro gamers. I for one completed the game 100% and hunted down every single trophy as both Batman and Catwoman and enjoyed every minute of it, it meant that I had to explore every nook and cranny and turn the city upside down, being a Batman fan it was great as I discovered little Easter eggs I would have otherwise missed and got a great sense of achievement when I finished collecting them. If you don't like it don't do it simple.

The visuals remain largely unchanged but still pretty fantastic with a great job on designing the city and its land marks such as the church and the courthouse. Although there is room for improvement we have that coming in the form of its sequel.
overall a must have for all Batman and gamer fans alike. With smooth and seamless controls and violent yet amusing fights which you feel connecting with every punch. Instant classic
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