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on 8 August 2010
Bought as an upgrade for Axim x51v as mostly interested in a faster PDA with bigger screen.
Screen is brilliant and speed is amazing, but getting used to a touch screen is not so easy. Not all WM6.1 software moves, some really old software works well, but have needed upgrade for several packages eg Lexisgoo dictionary, cash manager programme (spbFinance didn't work, decent file manger (Resco File Explorer is excellent) HTC Sense does something to screen layouts of old software, changing to spbMobile Shell solved these problems. Several other programs needed Registry tweaks to get them running and weirdest of all Memory Map map size is more restricted on HD2 than Axim!!!
Battery charging is easier than with Axim as HD2 is limited to about 380mA charging current, so charges happily, if a little slowly off USB or external battery pack. Micro USB cables are very cheap, so can have plenty of charging points around. Battery life is about the same as the Axim (1.5 - 2 days between charges) if all the data connections are turned off. Battery loses about 10% for 40mins hard work with an Office application using BT keyboard.
GPS is excellent, gets a fix really fast for mapping. Phone is a bonus, means I can throw out my old Nokia, and emails work a treat over the phone (GPRS) on a cheap PAYG SIM. Active Sync operates more reliably than with Axim (WM6.5 improvement?)
All in all, very happy with this new, slimmer, more functional PDA replacement now I've got rid of the social networking stuff and have WM6.5 more exposed.
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on 27 June 2014
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on 7 April 2017
Phone not working well
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on 19 February 2010
I think this phone is an amazing piece of technology and beats the iPhone in every way. Rather than repeat what everyone else has said, I'll just dive straight in with my favourite 10 features:

1 - GPS is incredibly fast. Picks up a strong signal within seconds, which is unusually quick for a phone.
2 - There are thousands of apps out there for literally everything you could need, it just takes a little more searching to find them than it might with Apple.
3 - 1GHz processor and plenty of RAM makes it super fast - no waiting for anything.
4 - Auto dims and locks screen when it senses it is near your ear so no accidental button bashing, but lights up instantly when you need it.
5 - Incredibly responsive and accurate capacitive multi touch screen (pinch action zooming etc), which is huge (great for media and internet browsing).
6 - Integrated with social networking - the contacts list can actually be set to keep updated with Facebook profile pictures and statuses.
7 - Size isn't too big, which was one thing I had worried about before purchase.
8 - Internet browsing on this phone on T-mobile has actually been FASTER than browsing at home through 20Mbps broadband on a 3 month old £600 PC, and easy too.
9 - Personalisation is a big thing on this phone, with animated weather on the home screen that automatically sets itself to your current location, easy access e-mail, a great functional Calendar (actually Outlook with a HTC makeover), Twitter, Facebook etc.
10 - Big improvement over other HTC phones in speaker volume and also with HTC sense (touchflo 3D) - I've yet to see a windows mobile menu, so we get the functionality without the hideous Microsoft set up.

It is quite simply a pleasure to use. Powerful, simple and free of any frustration.
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on 20 June 2010
I have had this phone for a couple of months now and i think it is fantastic. I upgraded from the htc hd after the screen on it broke and i must say there is just no comparison. Although this phone is promoted as a business phone i would say it is more suitable as a personal phone.
The pros:
-Excellent, bright, sharp and huge screen.
-Easy to transfer music as uses windows media player.
-Camera can produce really good photos with a really bright flash.
-Internet browsing is good with the option of two installed browsers.
-Really smart predictive text.
-HTC sense software laid over the top of windows mobile is great.
-Microsoft office programs
-Sat nav
-Quick processor meaning pages load quickly in internet and ability to do more than one thing at a time with the phone.
-Social networking programs

The cons:
-Music player when using it through sense software skips sometimes although this seems to have goten better with use. Think there is a hotfix but as the problem is very intermittent now have not tried this yet.
-Dark shots with the camera dont always come out and can be blurry.
-Battery life is poor, has to be charged every night. Altough i do use the mp3 player for about 1-2 hours each day have it checking emails, updating the weather and a bit of texting as well.
-Windows market place is very poor, small range of apps.

Overall verdict:
The hd2 is an absolutely brilliant and powerful phone. It can do the standard functions of a mobile phone, keep you in touch with you facebook/twitter etc, tell you where you are and direct you if you install sat nav software (really this should be included on the phone), view and edit microsoft office files, browse the internet, take photos, listen to music, mp3 and radio and more. Dont get me wrong it has its little niggles but with a phone that does so much there is bound to small gripes. People who have said the texting is slow, yes this may be true if in comparison to a standard keyed phoned but for a touch phone i think it is really good once you get used to the htc predictive text. If your someone looking for a business phone who requires writing lots of emails i would then say this not the best phone, you would need a phone with a full qwerty keypad. HTC's sense software is really good at covering windows mobile horrible interface and it is a shame where the phone reverts back to windows style menus but this is a gripe with windows mobile and not the phone itself. I would highly recommend this phone and for the iphone doubters, i have a friend who owns an iphone and was really impressed by the hd2 and would upgrade to this phone from the iphone.
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on 19 December 2009
I have had this phone for about three weeks now. It is brilliant!
The touch screen is clear, easy to read and sensitive (Too sensitive sometimes, In the beginning I accidentally called people whilst just holding the phone). The pinch to zoom is great.
I am using it as a work phone and syncing with my pc is easy and problem free.
We needed a large screen for our work as we use them for remote access to pc's and robots for technical support and it is brilliant for this. We are using Telnet and VNC on the phones, We are even able to talk to the customers on hands free at the same time. The only problem I have found with this phone is sometimes it will hang when you are switching between data connections, as long as you know this and you are patient it's not a problem.
I have been reading some of the other reviews here and they have said that it is difficult to use things like Excel. I would agree with this. You do need a stylus if you are using these quite a lot. It's a shame that Microsoft software isn't more user friendly.
I have found the texting and emailing rather easy. (Haven't been able to set up the push email due to security settings we can't get from our company, which is a shame, as it would work really well) The predictive typing is really good. Trying to type without it is a nightmare with my large fingers as I think I only hit about 75% of the correct keys at the moment I am improving, but it still comes up with the word I was trying to type.
The camera is really good. The flash is really bright and makes a useful torch!
The phone as a phone is really good and clear which is a big plus compared to my XDA! People can hear what I am saying in a noisy environment and the speakerphone is good and clear.
Your "people" page is brilliant. You can see in an instant if you have received emails or messages from your most popular people and with one touch and your calling them. So because of this you can just about manage without voice calling.
The Internet is good, wouldn't say brilliant, but good for a phone, again this is where pinch zoom really comes in handy.
The negative things about this phone:
I have had to do 1 soft start so far as it crashed.
You have to do task manager every now and again to close down the apps that are still running if you come out of the window wrong. This is easy and not too much hassle but I do feel it shouldn't have to be done.
The battery is ok. I have to change it during the day if I'm on the phone a lot. I do charge it in my van and when I'm in the office. I think its about 300 mins talk time, but I do use it a lot for other things as well.

Is it better than an iphone ?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 February 2010
OK, so your probably thinking there is no such thing as the perfect phone for everyone and your right, but this one almost nailed it for me. I bought this to replace my Nokia N900 which was also almost perfect but not quite for reasons I won't go into here.

I give this 5 stars for being the best Windows Mobile phone currently available, so if Winmo is your thing there is no other place to go. My girlfriend has the iphone and as much as I dislike the iphone package as a whole you really cant argue with the quality if the screen and the ease of text input and having used the iphone, the HTC unfortunately does not compare in this respect when you first take it out of the box. If I was writing this review after one day of using it I would be giving it 2 stars. However after a week I have now got used to the extreemly sensitive screen and can now operate the phone properly. You have to be patient for the first few days then you will start to love this phone.

The only other dissapointing thing when comparing to the iphone or Android phones is the lack of downloadable apps on Windows Marketplace. This should improve though in time.

Other than that the phone looks and feels stunning, comes with all usual Windows productivity software and the screen is delicious, the best around. It is also very very fast. I use it to watch TV when out and about by linking into my Slingbox at home (you have to purchase Sling Mobile software) but it works brilliantly.

So to summarise I give this 5 stars for being the best Windows phone by a mile. I would equate this to 90% so its not perfect and will take a few days to get it just right for you and get used to the screen but it will be worth the effort. Recommended
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on 7 February 2010
If you get this amazing phone, note that it has flaws straight out of the box.

Please visit xda-developers website where you will find (search their forums for) SWYPE - a phenomenal tool for vastly increasing your text entry speed, and a whole host of other modifications which you can download and install - for example, a tool for showing you your exact remaining battery percentage at the top-right, rather than the standard 3-bar chart.

The phone has some nice touches. Hook it up to a laptop or PC and it offers you 3 clear options: use phone's internet connection as modem, use phone as mass-storage device (youe phone literally appears as a USB storage device, making file transfers very easy), or synchronise device with PC.

Also, you can set the phone up as a wireless router, and connect to it with your laptop, using the phone's 3g internet connection. how cool is that?

iPhone, eat your heart out - the HD2 has a bigger screen, better resolution, faster processor, more memory, and a more customisable user interface.

Problems with the phone? of course - HTC messaging, the SMS software, has issues: it cannot mark SMS as unread, for example, and there is a bug whereby sometimes the phone doesn't send SMS so you have to reset then send yourself a SMS in order to clear the SMS outbox. But these are minor niggles I'm happy to put up with.
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on 2 June 2010
HTC Touch HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Sim-Free Mobile Phone

I'd toyed between buying the HTC HD2 and the iphone 3gs for some time and having used an iphone before needed to put in a bit of hands on research before the final decision could be made. After visiting the local O2 store and playing with their HD2 I was sold.

Straight out of the box this phone runs like a dream and after a couple of months playing with it Im still not bored. It still runs well even after dozens of apps being downloaded onto it. Its easy to navigate, is fairly intuative (less so than an iphone though), and is highly modifiable, the sticking point which won me over. Id recommend visiting the brilliant xda developers site for a massive array of downloadable tweaks that'll make your HD2 truely unique.

As for the reported faults and crashes that Ive seen on reviews here, let me advise you to try one & judge for yourself. Mine hasnt suffered from any of the issues such as SMS faults, camera issues (though the twin LED flash is way too bright), crashes etc. Mine runs smoothly, though for shear speed you cant beat the iphone. The HTC Sense UI is gorgeous compared to the bland iphone OS offering however.

Overall Id have to give this phone 5 stars. Brilliant job HTC.
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on 9 March 2010
I have been using HTC for quite a few years, and thought the new HD II would be an ideal new upgrade. I've had the phone for 2 weeks now, but have encountered so many problems that I'm now in the process of trying to return it. The major cons for me are :

1. There is a critical SMS bug that HTC can't seem to fix (even after a few hotfix releases#. My experience of this has been that any SMS I send gets stuck in the Outbox, with no way of forcing it through. To send a message, I need to delete the original SMS, reboot the phone and try creating and re-sending it again. As you can imagine this is NOT a practical fix to the problem. From what I understand, other users have experienced their phones sending the same text over and over again as well #I haven't experienced this#.

2. Typing on the screen is extremely difficult with the ultra sensitive touch keyboard. Sending a simple message #email or text) takes more than a few minutes and is definitely NOT a good phone for people who text/ email a lot.

3. Battery power is abysmal. The battery on my old XDA mini was able to last 3 days on normal data usage, the HD2 doesn't last more than 1.5 days (at most) on minimal usage.

Overall I'm very disappointed with this product as HTC has been my preferred phone manufacturer for a while. This phone tries to emulate the IPhone, but seems to have sacrificed the reliability/ stability and performance that made HTC so attractive to users like myself in favour of flashy, non essential functionality.

This phone maybe good for IPhone users looking to switch, or for those who don't plan to use this in any business context, but for those who want a stable, reliable smartphone, this one is bound to disappoint.
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