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on 17 October 2017
Great game, looking for this game for a long time
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on 22 February 2010
being an ex trucker this had a great appeal to me, i drove trucks for 12 years till i had to give up my liecence due to type 1 diabetes, now type 2, i was impressed with the detail on this sim, the trucks and trailers are modeled superbly and the land scape is clear and crisp, though at times a bit samey, i don`t remember that much greenery when i was driving, even when it rains the water hits the windscreen and the wipers clear it away and to say "experience life on the road" is a little bit naughty as it does`nt let the player have the fun of a freezing cold cab, flat tyres and batteries, and other delights of long distance trucking, any way i`m waffling, sorry, one thing i did notice, (don`t know if anybody has) was the steering on the game, at first it was very eratic and all over the road, i turned the steering senistivity right down and tinkered about with the other parameters until i found a happy medium then i was away, (obviously this depends on the type of controller you may have) having happy memories, all in all this is good fun and great value for money, and its nice to learn i can still reverese a 40ft trailer (after some practise) into a loading bay , have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

update update !!!!!!!!!!!

been playing for a couple of hours a day this week as mrs b has been away, i`m totally hooked on this, i`ve just gone independant and its great fun, i hope the publishers will bring out an add on disc with bigger units, heavier loads and more destinations, still having the occasional problem with the steering, it will suddenly jink to left or right which can be interesting at speed , still great fun though

update update

yes still playing and doing quite well i now have five drivers working for me and i have a lovely a class man unit for myself, i had never expexted to have been hooked by this game but hooked i`ve been, i do hope excalibur bring out an expansion for this, more routes and loads, heavier units would be nice and even a truck customiser would be nice to add lights and bells and whitsles and other shiney bits to your trucks , and yes the steering is still suspect but livable, still grest fun to play
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on 4 June 2010
Played on Windows Vista & 7 (64 bit). Current Patch Version: 1.32 Recommended Mod:UKTS Improvement Mod v1.4 Recommended Steering Device:Thrustmaster GT Experience Racing Wheel

Well i have to admit that i am pretty surprised by UK truck simulator, that's a good surprised ;-) it is far better than i thought it was going to be, sure it has its problems, but overall it is very enjoyable with the right steering device. although you can play this game with your keyboard(faster lorries will be so hard to steer with your keyboard) I HIGHLY recommend that you consider using some kind of Gamepad minimum (preferably analog sticks) or a steering wheel(As Recommended) for best performance, as it will be gruelling and painful on your fingers doing it all on keyboard / Gamepad if your, pardon the pun, in for the long haul ;-D Now having tried Keyboard /Gamepad & Wheel , you do have to adjust your steering a helluva lot with the keyboard & Gamepad, and this can sap allot of the fun out the game at times. I've tried all the Sensitivity sliders, but didn't find a complete enjoyable experience, just something that i could at least live with.

Keyboard - 25% So difficult it isn't worth trying.
Gamepad(with analog sticks) - 65% Average difficulty , doable with the right sensitivity tweaking , murder on the thumbs.
Steering Wheel - 95% The Best experience i had , simply like driving IRL , but a bit achy until your fully sued to it. *Recommended*

To the game itself, in the single player carer game, you start out as a lone novice truck driver with no vehicle & hungry for work to boost your reputation, you have a choice of 3 haulage firms to start with, one East coast of England, one SW coast & one NW. each offer you a different % of the profits/wages you get and different truck types they might use. when you start getting a few deliveries done, you gain reputation points, which then might attract the interest of other haulage firms, and they may offer you a job with better wages. to get a higher reputation quicker, you have to avoid the games penalties towards drivers. these include late delivery,cargo(hitting objects), speeding fines(which come out of your wages) or running red lights etc as these will deduct points from your score. After a while, you will be introduced to a guy called Steve via your PDA, who helps you along, and eventually to get your own haulage company up and running. it took me several deliveries before this came up, and at that stage i could only afford my own truck & tout for business, with no garagre or additional trucks or drivers to hire yet, that comes later.

When working for a haulage firm, you get paid a wage out of the total profit of the cargo, which doesn't include your fuel & repair expenses as the firm pays. however when you go freelance, YOU have to pay for all that, but your profits will be higher too, as you get the FULL cargo price. when you go freelance, you can also decide on what job & thus cargo you want to haul, obviously the longer the haul the more money offered, but it will take more time.

Trucking wise, there it is straight forward, accept a job and drive from point A to point B within time and get paid. although the DEVs have made things interesting, as yes you will need to refuel your truck between long hauls with petrol/oil. the big thing you will concentrate on most of all is your tiredness meter, as after about 11 hours(roughly) your driver starts to get tired, and you need to stop at a truck stop(usually at a petrol station or haulage yard) and rest for 11 hours(make sure to take into consideration your delivery time). if you don't, you will be reminded 5 times or so when you need to rest, then after that, your driver will fall asleep,represented by a black screen,a bit of a bugga to drive blind.

Visually the game is excellent, your truck & other vehicles look really realistic, as well as the environments although these are at a minimum(The recommended Mod adds allot of extras). Don't go expecting City skylines, because there aren't any, each City is represented simply by a collection of useful depots/showrooms etc.. needed in the game to get jobs or buy new lorries etc... there are some weather effects too, mainly rain, which is very well recreated as it splashes on your windscreen and the road, as well as other vehicles kicking up the water from the road. there are downsides to the game, like the fact that cars don't give way to the right & just pull out into you time to time, but overall this is a good game & i didn't encounter many problems.

In conclusion then, if this sort of simulation game sounds good to you, you wont be disappointed, it does what it says on the tin. obviously there are a few lorry types, from class C to the luxury class A, but you can still modify your current rig with more fuel capacity, more engine power or better handling. the lower end lorries tend to do 50mph with a light load, where as the A class can do over 70mph(watch for speeding fines).To take this game seriously & enjoy it to the fullest, you NEED a steering wheel IMO. Recommended.
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on 22 February 2010
If you're new to SCS trucking games, here's a quick heads up for you. I'm going to get the bad points (niggles if you like) out of the way 1st. If you try to take a corner too fast (especially when coming off a motorway), the truck without warning goes into death dealing understeer which more often than not will send you into the barriers. Imagine hitting a very large patch of black ice and you'll get the idea. On some exits even 30 MPH will send you off the road. With this being said, you'll soon get a feeling for what's too fast ingame.
Another niggle I have is that cars will not give way when joining a motorway. I've been driving down the middle lane only for a car to come barreling out of an on ramp, cut across the slow lane and straight into the side of my truck. Not only do I get damaged by this, but I also get fined too much to my annoyance.
On to the good points, I like the graphics in the game and I do think they're a step up from Euro Truck Simulator. As pointed out previously, they've added more trucks which is a bonus. They've also changed the way you start in the game too. In ETS, you were your own boss with your own truck but in this game, you start working for a haulage firm on routes they decide upon. Later you'll get job offers from other firms offering larger percentages and eventually you'll be able to start your own business.
I think UK Truck Sim is going to be a game which you'll either love or hate and for that reason I have to give it an average score. If you've played any of the SCS truck games before, you'll know what to expect from this.
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on 12 March 2013
Good graphics , and weirdly addictive! Many reviews cover the aspects of the game so I won't repeat them. But for a cheap title there is a lot of gameplay here if you get into it and its makes a change from shooting games (which is why I changed from a Xbox to a pc)
Quick tip....many people are complaining about the steering , so was I at first... I reduced the sensitivity to zero , use the mouse to steer , with the gears on the mouse buttons. Use the arrow keys for look left,right and accelerate and brake. It works great that way and is very controllable and much more fun
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on 14 May 2011
5 stars for this game. It is boring but so addictive and can get you very seriously hooked so much that you will prob not play another game with your available PC time. So a definate warning that it is very heavily addictive like no other game have ever played and I have been gaming for over 20 years!

I have 3 depots one in Brum expanded with five 5 star drivers and a 2 man depot in Felixstowe and Aberdeen, so 9 drivers working for me. They all have the class B MAN trucks that cost me over £160,000 each with all the upgrades on them !! they gross me about £150,000 a week in profit...so Im saving for more trucks, depots and drivers...lol...great fun really is. I however drive the quarter of a million quid (with upgrades) MAN class A truck with its awesome 680 Hp V8 engine that pulls freight even the heavy excavator at max speed of 97 mph easy.

The motorways have some very tight bends on, too tight for reality but adds fun too the game. The sleep fatigue mode is something I keep saving the game to reset. Go to your saved game folder find the last save and open with wordpad and change the line driving_time to 0 then save it and start the game again with no fatigue for half an hour...then do the same again.

These articulated trucks are not that easy to steer as the weight (40 tons in most cases it would be) of the trailers will throw the tractor unit about at speed in curves as is accurately simulated from what i reckon real lorries do hence jackknifing so great attention to driving details.

Too many road fines made me alter the .cfg file to - Uset g_police "0" - instead of - Uset g_police "1" - now I can drive at 97mph with no tickets and no fines for accidents that can happen way too easy in the cities as the bit buggy AI drivers can suddenly brake in front of you with no warning...and on the motorways too...so I altered it...lol..now as I say its more fun and more addictive. ps the AI's cars, vans etc dont brake suddenly all the time just here and there so its not annoying just a small glitch to watch out for.

I am a war and action gamer by rights and play games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Farcry 2 but since getting this game its all I have played.

Well worth the money for great graphics and scenery great cab interior details its such a unique game that I rate it 5 stars and 9.9 out of ten. the 9.9 as the steering can kick out a little too much at speed.

Buy it you wont regret it and get the patch to patch the game to ver 1.07 off the makers website.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 February 2013
I bought this for my 9 year old son. He has quite a powerful PC, along with a Ferrari Steering Wheel and Pedals. It did not take him long to become fully acquainted with the working of the programme and was driving quite fluidly around the roads of Britain.

He remapped most of the keyboard functions to his steering wheel and drives like a pro, using indicators, mirrors etc, even complaining and sounding the horn when other drivers undertake him :¬) which they seem to do quite a bit.

There is a good feel to the programme, a good balance of driving skills and challenge, it has been well thought out and executed. I would like to see some add-on packs being developed, even the ability to freely roam, otherwise apart from the creation of your own trucking company, it could become stale after a while.

It is teaching him some disciplines, as well hand/eye coordination, on top of which it feeds his appetite for driving.
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on 12 June 2013
This is my first truck driving simulator game that I have purchased. I am totally addicted to it. Spending every spare minute I have bombing around the country making deliveries!! Sad, I know.
Recently bought a new computer with Windows 8, replacing my laptop - this game runs quite well on it, although occasionally it does have the odd hiccup. But I can live with that.
One thing that does annoy me, is when going around the roundabouts, vehicles joining just tend to pull out and they then crash into your truck, however you are the one that's fined. So, not fair.
If memory serves me correct - I have right of way on the roundabout!!! But I might be wrong!!!!!!!

All in all a great game, which will keep you amused for hours (has me).
Watch out Eddie here comes Shaz.
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on 23 October 2014
Still trying to get the hang of the controls but like what I have seen so far. The game idea seems like fun but the keyboard control is tricky for an inexperienced gamer such as myself. Sure I will get the hang of it - if I'm allowed to keep my licence!
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on 8 October 2010
Theres a good mod for this game called Sparkys UKTS Improvment Mod which adds road works,real haulage firms,Real petrol stations,Police,Better Ai for cars,real car logos etc,there's a lot of improvements to list here, Google it an youll find it.
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