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on 27 April 2017
Damn scary as hell! well, it is if you remember that some of the clips are real life and its all based on a true story. Made me jump a couple of times and it's very unsettling in places. If your into UFO's and conspiracy theory's your love it!
I liked how the put the original film and the actor's film side by side.in places so you can see how well they copied the original. Some of the original film will creep you out and they have real life recordings of police calls and video of the actual people.
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on 28 February 2018
When I first saw this film on TV, I didn’t know anything about it and genuinely believed it was based on true events and that the archive footage was real. I was gripped.

I later discovered that the producers had been quite liberal with their creative licence. This is a shame, as the first watch was downright disturbing. I now just find it creepy.

But creepy is still good. There aren’t many films like this, so I would definitely recommend giving it a go.
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on 31 December 2014
Really is a frightening film if you are a believer in this topic alien abduction the footage shown is terrifying and so are the alien voices i beleive in it all i don't think we are alone i think some of us are visited by aliens and abducted to many people have claimed to of witnessed these things and spotted a UFO just to many people have claimed, its one of them things you ever believe or you don't if you don't then you might not like this but if you do then there is no doubt you will like this it sticks in your mind and has you doing some research on the internet after about this topic i highly recommend this watch at night in the dark and enjoy :-)
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on 22 January 2014
I watched the Fourth Kind on television several months ago and a horror film has not had an impact on me like this had since I watched 'The Exorcist' and 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (original version) when I was a kid. I watch a lot of horror films and the aforementioned are the only ones that have ever really scared me albeit I was underage at the time! (Although 'Them' and 'The Strangers' had me on the edge of my seat throughout due to the sheer suspense and imminent threat.)

The film starts with the actress Milla Jovovich claiming that the following footage is a combination of real video recordings combined with acted reconstructions. Call me stupid but from that point on I genuinely believed the film was based on true events although I became sceptical as the film progressed.

The 'real' footage was pretty convincing and the actress Charlotte Milchard did an amazing job as Dr Abigail Taylor. Just by looking at her you could see the trauma that she had been through. That alone creeeped me out as I knew she must have been through some serious experiences to end up looking like that. I've worked with people with severe mental health problems and you can tell just by the body language and facial expressions, just by looking at them, that something isn't right sometimes. I couldn't believe that was an actress playing that part.

The video footage of Dr Taylor interviewing her patients and hypnotising them were creepy as were the scenes with the owl. The film is essentially about alien abduction which I don't believe in but it would be terrifying if it were real as how can you defend against something like that? at least with Leatherface you could put a bullet in his head and the game would be over but how do you stop a technologically advanced alien race? That's why the film disturbed me as for half of it I believed it was real and even when I began to come to my senses, I still had a seed of doubt in my mind and had to do some research online just to be sure. Great, great film.
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on 28 May 2013
Tricky one to review this,it's a great film with a difference,but there's so many clashing views on what was or wasn't actually real,it's hard to know what to make of it all. One thing i did appreciate was how Milla spoke to the camera at the beginning explaining the part she's playing and we are to make up our own minds,so there's no real forced views going on.
So,it's about a psychologist who tapes patients telling their stories of weird visions and funny goings on at night,that are clearly freaking them out.
It doesn't take much to figure out these are believed to be alien visits,or even abductions. However,the psycholohist has had her own alien related problems with her husband being zapped up,then later we see her trauma as things get worse with more supposed alien visits.
This is all filmed as a normal film alongside supposed real footage of the actual audio and vidoe tapes,which are certainly very interesting.
You even get acted and "real" footage of the psychologist being interviewed after her traumatic experiences,leaving everyone wondering if she is ironicly loosing her mind. I enjoyed this alien film with a difference,as it's not about seeing aliens attacking,it's more about what others say happened to them,with a few unclear shots of otherworldly things doing their thing.
I did go online afterwards to see if there was much doubt about the validity of the "real" footage and found out there's loads. Some of it is just opinion,but others swear they have found proof it was just a scam to sell a movie as it were. That said,i have read pages from those that insist it was all real,just names and other little things changed for the usual reasons.
Real or not,i would say this is a very interesting movie for those that like a more psychological style. The acting's fine and it is an interesting story and unusual idea to have too ways filming it,mingling together.
So maybe it's best not to think too much about how genuine it all is and just enjoy the film,which i did,but that said,if this footage is the real deal,some of us are having encounters other aren't ready accept.
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on 22 February 2014
I have been a fan of this movie for a while now, so I decided to buy this on Blu-ray for when I'm having friends round.

First of all, the picture quality is great, no complaints there. The sound is also good for most of the movie.

The movie itself is frightening as it feeds into the fear of being abducted and never even knowing it happened.

Although, after a while the movie does seem to lose its touch after so many viewings.

This biggest disappointment for me would have to be that there is absolutely NO SPECIAL FEATURES.

I'm not usually a big fan of special features, I watch some that might interest me but rarely watch them all. Although, with a movie like this which has apparently real interviews and evidence, I think it would have been a good idea to have the unedited raw evidence available in the special features.

It's still a decent movie on Blu-ray.
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on 14 February 2014
Spoiler Alert
Some frightening scenes in this film. Really spine chilling. However, the film failed to execute its cunning plan at the most critical moments. In order for the film to work, you need to believe (or at least want to believe) that the university interviews are real. Unfortunately, it's far too obvious that they're scripted, yanking you out of the suspension of disbelief bubble.

It was still a good movie though and it was great to see them trying something different with the production.
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on 9 April 2017
Best film eva
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on 16 June 2014
the true storie of a family who has aliens abducting them for experiments,and the aliens talk myan,an ancient Aztec language,actors help fill in the upsetting parts of the film,.....................very interesting,i well recommend this
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on 27 October 2010
The fourth kind is a scifi thriller about a pyscologist in Nome Alaska, Dr Abigal Tyler who is investigating alien abduction theories. Severel of her patients share similar stories of being abducted.
The movie uses ''real footage'' shown alongside some scenes involving her patients, and her own, re-account of thier abduction experiences.

This i found to be realy cleaver as i had never scene this technique before.

However, after seeing this movie i later found out it was totally fake...that the ''real'' footage was staged.
This was quite dissapointing as i actually believed the movie was true.

But still...overall a good movie with excellent acting and great cast.
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