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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 July 2011
My left big toe is bent more than my right one and has started to develop a reddish inflamed spot on the joint so I thought I should do something about trying to straighten it before it turns into a painful bunion. I've tried pushing a wedge between my big toe and the next toe but this pushes the the latter into an unnatural position and may do more harm than good so I bought this splint in the hope it might do the trick. I would advise keeping the box the splint comes in as a guide as to how to fit it as there are no written instructions. The device certainly holds the big toe in the correct position and can be adjusted as to how much it straightens the position by angling the part of the splint that sits across the top of your foot. I was surprised at how comfortable it is to wear during the night: I thought it might be painful and keep me awake. It's only suitable for wearing while the weight is off the foot and you can't walk comfortably wearing it as I discovered when visiting the loo during the night! It's early days so I don't know yet whether it will straighten my toe but at least I'm confident that I'll be able to persist with the treatment.
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VINE VOICEon 8 May 2016
Make sure you read the instructions on the box as to how to wear this but once you have sorted that out, it is really very simple, surprisingly comfortable and hopefully effective in the long term. Not exactly a romantic or glamorous bedtime accessory but if you have a looming bunion I think it is a very sensible aid that will help to prevent your big toe turning inwards too much. It is very light in weight and the padding between the toes seems adequate and reasonable comfortable. I cannot give it five stars only because it is impossible to tell whether it will have a long-term benefit: I suspect that could take a couple of months at least. Worth trying though.
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on 15 January 2018
I bought this because everyone said that it's comfy, which it is initially. Unfortunately every night I find myself taking it off at some point and throwing it on the floor as it's digging into the skin in-between my toes. So unfortunately it's a complete waste of money for me, as after trying it many times, I can't make it through the night with it still on my foot. (Oh and should your child call you in the night and you try to walk in it - argh! It's worse than treading on Lego!) If anyone wants mine, it's going free to a good home!
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on 15 May 2013
It can only be used while sleeping. It took me a few nights to get used to it, first it hurt the toe near the nail, i put a couple of felt sticky circles and it solved this problem. then I noticed that I tended to take it off in the middle of the night... but if you persist you get used to it and now I sleep the whole night with them on. They truly straighten the toe and are the only ones I have found that actually do it, the soft ones just adapt to your foot and do not work, the gel toe separators do not work, they merely put even more pressure on the other smaller toes and do not straighten the toe.

What remains to be seen is whether using a night splint replaces need for surgery. If it doesn't, I will have to undergo surgery. I notice that , in the morning, when I take it off, my toes are actually straightened and do not touch the other toes - but does it at least avoid the bunion getting worse? I hope so, I am hypermobile and hope to make it work to my advantadge on this ( it worked against in creating the bunion in the first place!)
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on 14 March 2014
I've had these for 18 months now - one for each foot. I wear them every night. I developed bunions about a year before buying these, and they were getting worse almost day by day, especially on the left foot. My big toe was starting to cross over onto the other ones, and this would sometimes happen when I was out cycling, causing painful cramps so that I had to stop and take my shoes off to try to straighten my toes out.

Since starting to wear the toe splints, I can definitely say that my bunions have stopped getting worse, which is fantastic. If I leave them off though, even for just one night, my toes start to cross over again almost straight away.

I am very active and do a lot of running, walking and cycling so it is very important to me to keep my feet in good working order. I can thoroughly recommend these toe splints. I no longer dread the prospect of my feet continually deteriorating - I really feel that I can now manage my condition and stop it from getting worse. They are a bit uncomfortable at first, but you soon get used to them, and you can adjust them to get them in just the right position. The Velcro strap has now stretched quite a bit, and I might think about replacing them at some point.

I also tried the soft one, but found that although it is more comfortable to wear, it tends to cut off the circulation in my big toe.
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on 31 October 2017
I bought an NEO right bunion correction system, decided I needed a left one and couldn't find one on amazon, so bought a pair from another supplier. They were cheaper, but also useless because they weren't big enough around either my big toe joints or my big toes! Needless to say, I abandoned the cheap ones and rummaged around the amazon site until I found an NEO left one. I wouldn't use anything else except the NEO ones. They are much more comfortable.
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on 6 September 2017
This was so uncomfortable I had to take it off. I have fairly narrow feet with a cuboid on top which was rubbed by the hard plastic. The strap did not have enough adjustment for my foot. The hard plastic also caused pain in the inside of the big toe because it moved in the night due to not being able to fit it more securely with the strap. May suit others but no good for me. A waste of my money,
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on 15 October 2014
So far so good. Quite comfortable in bed but don't try to walk in them. It also needs a foam cushion under the length of the bar down to the hook and velcro depending on how tight you fasten it. I realised that it has to have certain tension to be effective. Quite a clever contraption.
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on 2 July 2013
I've got a bunion which causes pain from time to time and before I consider anything more radical thought I'd give this product a try, based on previous reviews. Once you've worked out how it goes on it does the job and certainly makes sleeping more comfortable as you don't get the pressure on your foot from the duvet. All in all a good product.
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on 30 August 2017
I had my bunions corrected by surgery, which regardless of what advertisers tell you is the only way to correct bunions. I am however, paranoid that they will return so wanted something I could wear at night to ensure this does not happen. The New G toe separater is very very comfy to wear and hopefully will ensure my bunions do not return.
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