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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
ADSL FacePlate Filter
Price:£6.69+ Free shipping

on 14 May 2011
An excellent piece of electronics that every telephone Master Socket should have! If you replace this faceplate at the Master Socket (commonly referred to as BT socket), it means you do not need [the dangling!] ADSL filter on every telephone extension socket -- meaning tidy wiring throughout the house, i.e., a single filtering is done at the Master Socket and extension sockets will be pure voice lines free of the ADSL data signals (just what used to be before the Internet was born).

Some useful tips: (1) if you're using a telephone extension, [if possible] avoid running pins 3 and 4 (modern telephone equipment don't need these -- only run pins 2 and 5 and you should note an improved data speed as compared to connecting pins 3 and 4; (2) if you are running an ADSL cable from a Master Socket (pins A and B on the faceplate) over a few metres such as to upstairs, avoid using flat telephone line (such as CW1311 type), instead use twisted pair telephone line (CW1308 type also used in alarm systems).

Together with the tips mentioned, I noticed a significant improvement of internet data speed with this faceplate. The ISP test speed at Master Socket (with all wiring disconnected and test run by ISP) was just under 6 Mbps but I could only get around 3.3 Mbps as my router was located upstairs. With the filtering and tidying up achieved with the Tamar faceplate + doing away with pins 3 and 4 on extension lines + using CW1308 type twisted pair for connection to my ADSL router located about 15m away, I now get the full test speed of around 6 Mbps. Very hard to apportion the contribution of this ADSL filter in speed improvement (without proper measurements) but well worth the money even on aesthetics alone (getting rid of the dangling ADSL filters), and in addition no doubt that doing the filtering job at a master socket has its pluses of keeping the ADSL signal clean and isolated thereby improving the data rate.
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on 24 November 2014
Although this faceplate was easy to fit and did give a slightly better down loads and uploads but because my master socket was an earlier model and a genuine BT master socket it required machined fitting long screws but only self taper type long screws were supplied.
I contacted the seller and was told he had never had complaints before but offered a refund through.Amazon.
I decided to order a VDSL which came would you believe came with the long machined screws.
Ive decided to keep the ADSL plate as a spare should I have any problems and the new longer screws will fit it ok.
When checking online on the screw problem many suppliers supply both type of screws with faceplates.
Its very difficult to obtain these longer machine screws separately.
I advise anyone considering buying ADSL or VDSL faceplate to remove one of their screws and check if they require self taping or machined screws before ordering and contact seller to see what you get.
Also the plate I received did not have any black lettering as shown in the picture on Amazon.
But as I have said it works fine but I can only give 3 star cos of hassle.
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on 9 August 2017
So...this fits in our master socket fine, and does make things look tidier etc but I have tried this on three different occasions, over a few months, and each time I connected with this in place, the sync speed was lower than before...not by much, maybe a few % but I was hoping it would be faster, not slower! I put the old filter back in place and the sync speed increases again. So, maybe not very scientific, and I will try it again sometime, but hasn't really worked for me as hoped. 2 stars for neatness, no more due to speed drop.
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on 28 September 2011
I bought this, together with an RJ 11 male 10 metre cable, so that I could neaten up the connection between my router and the main BT box in my house, getting rid of the usual splitters that dangle everywhere.
This box replaces the bottom section of the modern BT box, being a matter of unscrewing the bottom of the BT box and sliding this one into the space, choosing the correct screws to lock it into position, ( there are two sets of screws in this package, all you have to do is match the screws you take off the BT box and use the ones that look the same).
You can then plug your RJ cable in one port and your phone extension in the other.
Once in position it really does look pretty smart with the slanted top, and as there's no 'floppy' wires it neatens up the area.
And, most importantly, it really does help improve my broadband speed, although this is also down to the RJ11 cable i have attached to it.
So if you want to get rid of unsightly wires then, for the price, this is well worth the money, time and effort to do so.
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on 16 January 2014
Got this to ensure got the best out of available broadband while was moving the location of router to nearer the master socket.

Speed through the faceplate is the same as plugging into the test socket, and overall speed about 1 mbps faster than previous set-up. So not a vast improvement but at least got rid of the ugly plug in filters!

Fitting really easy and design covers the BT master socket neatly.

All in all happy with it.
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on 1 August 2017
Good delivery, nice and neat when installed appears to be working fine.
But no increase in speed. BT line fault ?
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on 28 July 2017
Does what it's supposed to do. It was easy to fit and looks neat. No need for a filter hanging out of the socket.
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on 4 December 2011
Simple to install and works well - only problem I had was that the wire in the BT box was a bit short, making it difficult to secure it in the face-plate. Can't say I've noticed any improvement in my download speeds, but it does tidy up the wires round my router just a bit. Reasonable value for money.
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on 11 June 2014
Remove two screws unplug single socket . Then replace with this product tighten two screws and you can do away with the filter dongle . There is no wiring to do. Nice and tidy.
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on 19 September 2017
Good product
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