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on 31 March 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
CA security products have been well received in the past and I was looking forward to trying this one out. I was surprised to see it get such a poor write up from a fellow reviewer here on Amazon. But then I tried it for myself.

Firstly, I was unable to get it to install fully on my Windows 7 test machine. Each time it failed when it came to installing one of the key features, the integrated firewall. This is perhaps a phenomenon not unexpected by the software makers as it prompted a custom web page to pop up advising me to contact them. Nevertheless I decided to carry on with the install and see what the other components had to offer.

As soon as I installed it and even after selecting the demo mode option it continued to remind me that my trial version was about to expire (this is on day one of the install). I tried an initial security scan but had to quit it after it seemed to go on endlessly and with no indication of any progress. It offers a comprehensive set of features: anti-malware, firewall, phishing as well as the bonus of backup and tools to facilitate migrating to a new PC (a necessary consequence for users of this product, I suspect). The interface is pleasant enough but changing user options does not seem to be very intuitive. A common problem for security software is a tendency to slow down the PC on which they are installed but this I did not notice with the CA suite. However, given the problems I had experienced so far and those still to come I would find it difficult to have confidence in how well protected I would be.

After playing around with the software the time came to uninstall it and then the real fun started. Several attempts to remove the suite with the built in uninstaller failed as did using the Windows Uninstall control panel. In the end I had to use a third party application to remove it and clean up the PC to remove the many files and registry settings it had installed. I then found I was unable to reinstall my usual security suite (Norton 360 v4.0 - 1 User 3 PC (PC)) or several others due to problems it left behind. In the end I had to use to revert an earlier backed up version of my system

There are a great many competing products out there which install perfectly, run smoothly and uninstall easily, and are are more cheaply priced. Look there, not here for your security solutions, and just walk away from this turkey.
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VINE VOICEon 24 March 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
CA is a name that is a powerhouse in security so I approached using this product with positive impressions. Unfortunately this didn't last.

I installed this product onto a system with a Core 2 Quad processor, Windows 7 Pro, 4GB of memory and plenty of hard disk. That system promptly died a horrible death, needing a low level format of the system disk and then restoring from an image that Windows 7 created. Never mind, I think this may have just been coincidence. Following that I then uninstalled the existing trouble-free antivirus product that was already on there and gave CA Internet Security another chance.

What followed was a couple of days where the firewall was constantly switching itself on and off. A firewall that doesn't work is as much use as a condom with the end cut off, and this seemed to happen regularly. Pushing the button that Windows 7 pops up did not seem to do anything and a reboot was often required to clear the alert message and re-enable the firewall.

This product is also not exactly the most flexible or intuitive to use I have ever come across. The home screen is a pretty flash interface with revolving boxes, but there doesn't seem any clear way in which a first time user can start effectively changing options such as update schedules and firewall exceptions. They are presumably there, just not easy to find and when you do dig in they would be useless as the firewall keeps turning itself off! There was also a somewhat unsettling lag between clicking on the icon and anything happening, which is often a sign of a program that isn't quite installed or working properly in a system that is otherwise stable.

I eventually decided that CA hasn't yet managed to develop a product that sits well with my system, and gave up.
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VINE VOICEon 20 May 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a new HP Laptop (Model G61) with Windows 7 64bit, 4gigs of RAM.
Like many machines it came pre installed with Norton.
I am not a fan of that and it was only the 2009 edition so this product seemed a good idea.
As with any A/V program I uninstalled the old Norton first and installed this product.
That is where everything started to go wrong.
On first boot up the machine took 15 minutes before it got to the point where it played the Windows jingle.
The machine was like a dog with one process using 50% of CPU power.
I managed to kill this process in the task manager and then ran the product update option.
After the product updated and rebooted it did indeed work better but not for long.
Internet explorer 8 would say it had to close on just the google search page. It would then re-load and say the same thing again.
From the control panel I disabled the CA "Add-Ons" and all was well again.
I tried these again with mixed results, sometimes IE worked other times it had to recover.
Not I'm afarid the end of the saga as today on startup everytime I would get the famous Blue Screen Of Death and always it would refer to kmxfilter.sys.
Guess what, kmxfilter.sys is part of this product.
Tried to uninstall this wonderful app in safe mode but that does not work so resorted to renaming kmxfilter.sys to kmxfilter.bad in c:\windows\system32\drivers
Machine then booted okay in normal mode giving me the chance to uninstall this program.
I have not looked at any other reviews of this program but if I was you I would select another product.
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on 15 April 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Last year's security suite from CA was something a shoddy stitch-work of mediocre security tools. CA seemingly having noticed that common criticism themselves have improved things in part and hired experts to devise an attractive and thoroughly integrated interface. CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2010 is visually stunning. Unfortunately though, its beauty remains only skin deep.

On the list of positives, components are fully integrated into a new user-centric interface. The firewall stealths all ports and resists direct attack by malware and it's also very good at blocking rootkit installation. Further to this, it rates websites and links and, if it's an issue for you, seems to have good parental control.

In addition to that however, it slows system performance, default settings allow internet access for unknown programs and yet can silently block good programs. The spam filter is non-functional until trained and the aforementioned site-rating all too often marks valid sites as risky.

The bottom line is that, while CA have completely overhauled their suite's user interface and whilst the result is unique, stunning and user-friendly, the security components housed in that pretty shell are hardly changed. They're still second-rate and the suite's default settings can actually cause serious trouble for users. Perhaps 2011 will do the trick.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 April 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
After a long life with Norton, McAfee and Kaspersky internet protection CA Internet Security was up to high standard comparisons. It didn't fall anywhere near the mark. The interface is not easy to navigate and made simple tasks very complicated. I've also had problems similar to other reviewers with the Firewall switching on/off causing my Laptop to crash. I've uninstalled this now and I'm still clearing up the mess it's made. This product really should not be on the shelf if it can't do a basic job.
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are a lot of security suites on the go out there, so you've got to come up with something pretty special to grab your share of the market. Sadly, for CA, this isn't it. I mean, it does pretty much everything you want from a security suite, only slower and clunkier than some of its rivals. It does have price on its side, as it's a 3 user package, but a lot of their competitors are doing the same nowadays.

It took a fair wee while to install, but once it loaded, it sure looked purty. The user interface is fabulous, and whoever designed it should be hired by absolutely everyone for every piece of software ever. I was happy just to look at it. But once you start using it, then it's not nearly as attractive. To be fair, it does the job, although I did have a few issues with sage websites being blocked. But the main problem for me was system resources. It really does hog the PC, and at times, when using system intensive programmes like InDesign, my computer became unusable. Granted, I'm not much above the minimum spec, but I'm afraid it had to go.
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on 15 April 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I ordered this, as I was having trouble with a rival one, so this seemed to fit the bill.
Its straight-forward and easy to install.
This kinda does everything, you know the kinda thing, antivirus, pc scanner, fire-wall,spam blocker, anti-spyware, etc, etc...doesnt really need a lot of describing as there are quite a few of this kind of thing on the market.
Has quite a nice bright, clear user interface, a lot better than some I have used.
One thing which bugged be for a start, is the link scaner, as whenever the mouse pointer moved around a web-page, and moved onto a link, a pop-up security verification box pops up telling you the security details of the site involved...this REALLY got on my wick for a start, with pop-ups all over the place...and then I discovered you CAN turn this notification off, and since I have done so, its been a lot better.
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VINE VOICEon 14 April 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
...this suite installed perfectly onto my Vista machine and gave no problems in operation. Perhaps there is an issue with Windows 7? I can only comment on my installation and it was flawless. As with all antivirus programs, one can only assume it will work...I haven't infected my machine to test it out. CA say that they include up to £2500 worth of insurance against viruses getting past their software, none of the other companies do that so one can only presume that their software is up to the task. I noticed no real sap of system resources so, for Vista machines at least, I can thoroughly recommend this product.
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VINE VOICEon 20 April 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's buggy. I find the firewall to decide for itself whether its on or off, I've had to restart numerous times and then suffered a crash required a disk reboot - and now I've uninstalled the software and a, not putting it back on. Maybe I've done something wrong? Having looked at other reviews, it's seems to be a mixed bag... My machine surpasses the minimum requirements, but I suspect if I had a far superior machine, I wouldn't have any issues. Can't recommend it, and can't really give it the review it deserves. I've had better results with Norton, which has always been my go-to brand.
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on 14 September 2010
I have used this product for years, at least seven years and it has been the best thing since sliced bread for me. The only time I had any trouble is when I swopped over to Windows 7 and it created a few problems but this was due to it not being compatibale, I went to the CA web site and updated it for free. For me it has always run rather well and does what it says on the tin and is quite easy to use. I will say that I have always down loaded this product from the internet, perhaps this makes a difference, we will see as I was thinking of purchasing the disc this time.
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