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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2011
Just played the single player mode, and the multiplayer and was both equally impressed. The visuals are absolutely fantastic and the gameplay on single player is full of suspense. The multiplayer is very action packed and you always have to be on your toes! I wouldn't compare it to Call of Duty because it's a totally different game in itself, and isn't stressful to play. Great game and worth it for the price honestly.
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on 2 March 2011
If described as unputadownable it does not truly reflect how great the gameplay is in this newest version of Medal of Honour!
Set at normal level it is not impossible for average players, and allows the action to flow at all times.In addition, some of the In-play footage is as good as anything on the PC currently.Hugely entertaining, a must 'have' for all action players.
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on 11 December 2011
Single player: immersive, beautifully drawn, smooth, loud! My first impressions are of a good addition to the FPS canon. I won't say realistic because I've never been in combat or to Afghanistan so I wouldn't know but in terms of the storyline the plot is thick and unfolds with some detailed video cut-scenes between missions, which vary between playing as a casually-dressed special forces operator working in a pair to playing a Ranger deployed with an entire company (although as the mission progresses your task is to split off in a foursome. Ultimately the characters from each strand meet for a final denouement. My only complain is that it's just too short. You can finish it - on hard difficulty setting - in a couple of hours with a bit of practice. That said, I'll blow off some steam replaying the Bagram Air Base mission over and over, wreaking havoc with my loud and realistic-sounding Russian PKM machine-gun! The weapons available seem authentic, from the M4 carbine version of the M16 to the M249 - with scope! You can pick up weapons from fallen enemies if you fancy blatting away with an AK-47 or a G3, although disappointingly you can't get your hands on a "G" until the last mission. The only gripe is the length - you get to the end, the credits roll and you're thinking, "No! Where's the rest of it? I want more; I've only just settled into it!"

Multi-player: as per the single player in terms of first impressions on the graphics and gameplay. You have to create an account with EA if you haven't one already so that your stats can be recorded and tracked and I personally feel that's a pain in the posterior if you're not that into online multi-player gaming - I only indulge because I feel like blowing off some steam. I'm not bothered about climbing a leader board or gaining experience points but this is necessary to unlock better weapons and attachments and I suppose it gives you some incentive to keep playing. The maps are varied, ranging from valleys, mountains and market squares. The whole thing uses Punkbuster to keep the cheats out and there is where I have issues. I have Win7 64-bit and it seems PB doesn't play with 64-bit. I've downloaded update after update and a bit of Googling suggests PB know there's a problem but couldn't care less - which seems a strange attitude if you want developers to keep buying licenses for your product; if it doesn't work, who'd use it? The result is that any time I join a PB-enabled server I'm immediately returned to the menu and told I've been kicked but with no reason given. A bit more Googling has suggested a variety of causes including firewall issues. I've tried them all including disabling my firewall to no avail. The result is that I am confined to the limited number of PB-free servers which are, naturally, awash with cheating toerags wielding aimbots, trigger bots, clip hacks and the rest. If anyone knows how to get PB to work and not get auto-kicked all the time I would dearly love a comment on this review letting me into the secret!

I'd like to go five stars but the abbreviated single player and the PB issues with multi-player mean I have to be less than generous in the rating department.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 December 2015
Enjoyed this game. Zero bugs and runs well on max settings. FPS, whete you play as part of a team, that you don't control. Yes, it's pretty linear, but it's good fun (like the buddy ammo system) and the fire fights are quite intense. Liked the setting too. Cheap and cheerful. Better than many.......thumbs up. Pick it up if you see it in the bargain bin
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on 30 November 2011
This game is good fun but that is all its got going for it. The graphics are OK but not on par with COD. The level of detail on the characters is very good but the overall level of detail is at best average. The game play is very slick but even on hard its is not difficult to complete.

The real problem is the games length. It is very very short. It took only one evening to complete.

Even for a tenner it would not be particularly good value. If the price goes down to a fiver it would be a good buy, but I would wait until then.
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on 7 May 2012
Straight off: this is a game designed for the campaign mode, the online multiplayer being simply an added extra.

Campaign: The visuals, character depth and storyline are all above 5* standard and the realistic-ness of the many weapons, including realistic potrayal of the Barret sniper rifle is a refreshing sight amongst 1st person shooters aswell as including realistic bullet drop and and recoil. It also has features such as leaning around corners and near perfect stealth sections. The added infinate ammo low powered side arm is also a good added extra for when you run out of ammo on your primary and secondary weapons.

Multi-player: To start with this can feel like a bit of a let down. but the unique killstreak option where you can choose between support or offensive help depending on your situation is a brilliant addition. The landscapes come straight out of the campaign, however the weapon detail in the multiplayer is slightly lacking but is well made up for with the choice of classes and mods you can have for your weapon.

In conclusion, this game is amazing, and is even better once you appreciate the fact the multiplayer is slightly lacking only because of the shier quality of the campaign. I would definitely recommend this game if raw emotional indepth campaign is your thing. 5******
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on 19 May 2011
OK, i'm normally a sandbox game kinda guy so for me to contemplate buying this i must be bored. Anyway i got it 2nd hand very cheap which makes me feel slightly better when just as the singleplayer was getting interesting....it ended! Very short indeed. I reckon it can be finished in 3-4hrs max.

I can't comment on multiplayer as 1) the serial key was already registered to the previous owner's account (ho-hum that's the gamble on 2nd hand games) and 2) multiplayer games are normally full of teenagers who resemble Beavis and Butthead.

What there was of it was good. There is good voice chat between you and your AI teammates and some tense moments. The guns sound good and the graphics are what you'd expect form a dx9 game i.e no wow moments.

All in all don't expect to be blown away. You've probably seen it all before somewhere else.

EDIT: after playing this through for a 2nd time, i actually took the time to evaluate it fully and it's better than I first thought. The attention to detail is very good. i.e gun sounds echo in caves etc. It's actually one of the better 'on rail' shooters. It's a lot less frenetic than a COD which means you can really savour the atmosphere.
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on 15 May 2012
This is very much in the same vein as COD in that it's a FPS and is very very good when it comes to gameplay, graphics, atmosphere and story.
HOWEVER.... there is a glitch in the game which occurs about 85% of the way in. After taking care of a number of Taliban (not in a Julie Andrews type way but in a kind of Al Pacino type way) you are supposed to regroup with your leader who then leads the way to the next part of the mission. When you do your bit and regroup, he just sits there... I've checked out some possible fixes.. but none of them work. So the game ends there. VERY disappointing.
So, as a game.. really really good.. but if you want to actually finish it.. you may not be able to.
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on 20 February 2014
The following is a review of the single-player campaign only.

I'll start out by saying that I never even touched the multiplayer on this game, or any recent game for that matter. It's just not my thing. I will also say that I only payed $7 (with a few other items for free super saver shipping) for this game and I'm certainly glad for that. The other reviewers aren't kidding. That campaign really is on the short side, even by today's standards. The whole package should never have been the full $60 that it was at launch.

Despite that though, I really enjoyed the time I did spend with the single-player. It takes place during the opening days of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in early 2002, still a year off from the debacles that would come from the Second Gulf War in Iraq and its aftermath. You play primarily as "Rabbit," a member of an elite "Tier One" squad code-named Neptune (SEAL Team 6) but you'll switch around to a few other characters from time to time (another "Tier One" operator named "Deuce" from Team Wolfpack (Delta Force), an Army Ranger and an attack-helicopter gunner). After all the WWIII fate-of-the-world-rests-in-your-hands type plots in the CODMW Trilogy that were really just excuses for big epic set pieces (not that that's a bad thing but it can get old), I was happy to play a military fps where I was a commando simply doing the actual-type stuff that commandos do in real life today. Much like the old COD and MOH games were essentially greatest-hits-of-WWII, this is greatest-hits-of-the-war-in-Afghanistan and I really liked that.

Shooting mechanics are solid for the most part and the weapons all feel good. The shotguns being the one possible exception which I must admit feel noticeably better to use in COD. Graphics and sound are both top notch. I like the fact that everything feels more plausible and the small Tier One teams don't just "go loud" on whole armies by themselves for no reason like pretty much all the recent Call of Dutys (that always bothered me about the Safehouse mission in COD4 helicopter or no). There are of course a few larger scale battles to break up the pace here and there which is appreciated. The on-rails helicopter mission is fun but perhaps a bit too simple. All in all, my biggest complaint is that the game is too short. I would of loved a couple more sniper/stealth missions with Wolfpack, a second more complicated helicopter mission, and at least one more mounted minigun sequence, but in the end, I didn't regret the $7 I spent.

One last thing I should mention is the game's title. It should have been called Medal of Honor: Special Forces or maybe Warfighter #1. Anything would have been better than just reusing Medal of Honor like the original ps1 game never existed.

If you're hungry for a new sp shooter to play and don't have a lot of money to spend, I'd recommend this game.
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on 13 May 2012
Typical moh with content again like we are all used to, wish i could have turned off the swearing though, very strange end it would not complete, but still very good.
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