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on 16 June 2017
Do not play this game.
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VINE VOICEon 19 January 2011
Kane and Lynch 2 differs heavily from the 2007 game. Jesper Kyd's gloomy music is gone (a shame, since I rather liked it), the camera system is radically different, and the partner system has also been done away with. This time you play as crazed psychopath Lynch, a man so anti-social he'd make Al Capone run and hide. Or at least he used to be. In this game Lynch is on his meds, and his edge is blunt. So he's basically just a generic run and gun anti-hero. What a wasted opportunity.

The story opens in Shanghai where Kane arrives to help Lynch with a lucrative opportunity. Before we can make sense of anything further two important people are dead and the anti-heroes are getting the blame. A battle rages across several locations as Kane and Lynch desperately try to escape the city. That's it as far as plot goes. No big twists, no innovative narrative techniques. Just kill, kill, kill. You get to play as Kane in the last level, but for the bulk of the game he's just a background character helping you blast away at the legions of bad guys filling the screen.

The story mode can be completed in about four hours. The game gives away trophies like there was no tomorrow, but...the majority of them are for online play. I have to be honest, most of the game's lasting appeal and scope comes from the various online modes (which I have no interest in). It's primarily an online game with a story mode shoehorned in as an afterthought.

I have faith the franchise, Kane and Lynch are terrific characters, but for their third outing the developers really do have to deliver an EPIC game for the ages and not a cheap quickie trading off a mediocre brand name.

Graphics A
Sound A
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal D+
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on 29 August 2010
For me, this games big selling point was its initial setting (as shown in the PSN demo) and how it was portrayed, because it looks gorgeous, far better than the bland character models that inhabit it to be honest. Gorgeous lines of neon colour coupled with many impressive visual effects really catch the eye and give the game its own unique look. Sadly, this doesn't last forever as we are then drudged through the usual generic buildings, factories, train yards that we have seen time and time again.

The biggest flaw of this game is the aiming, they have perhaps tried to make the guns more realistic, but it's just annoying. I'm sure if I unloaded an entire clip of an Uzi it would be hard to aim, but at the same time if its at someone not 2 feet away from me i'm sure i'd hit them at least once, not here sadly. Firing in short bursts and switching on the auto-aim doesn't help much either. The aiming gets a bit better as the guns improve, but when your shotgun is more accurate from long distances than your machine guns are, you can see where the problems lie. And as the majority of the game is simply run, get into cover, and shoot its a massive flaw to have. The other flaw is all your guns sound rather weedy and lack any real "kick", most of them sound like potato guns truth be known.

Another big negative is the games length, I finished it in under 4 hours which is far too short in this day and age. There are achievements to collect, a high scoring arcade mode and the usual online multiplayer, but I feel it should still have had more, even at a reduced RRP price of under £25. The limited edition version comes with download codes for an extra map, weapons and masks.

Despite all these flaws though ive still given the game 3 stars, and that's a testament to the interesting characters and the few standout moments throughout the game. Like Kane and Lynch themselves though, approach with caution.
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on 26 May 2011
I remember the good old days when my PS3 was almost fresh out of its box and I played a game called Kane and Lynch. For me it was what I hoped this generation of gaming was going to be all about - good story telling, imaginative gameplay and great graphics, even though the game received luke warm reviews I did and still do love it.
Fast forward to the current day and what have you got a market saturated by generic FPS that are all interchangeable, but this isn't the time for that particular rant. However, it was all going to change with the release of Kane and Lynch 2, or so I told myself when I heard the initial feedback from the various gaming media outlets which sold the new viewpoint style that was being created among other general improvements to the first title.
The question I have is where did it all go wrong?? The first title if anyone asks me for my opinion is that it's the gaming equivalent of the movie Heat which is possibly one of the best action films ever made. Upon playing Kane and Lynch 2 I feel as though Heat has been remade with Michael Bay as the director! In that I mean there is plenty of explosions and it is extremely bullet ridden but there is no depth to the game, it is gaming by numbers and I half expected a bikini clad temptress to be shoehorned into the story.
To sum it up in a nutshell it's Rambo on the streets of a city! You run along kill an endless stream of soldiers/police officers/anything that moves while going along a very restrictive route and you repeat for however long it takes you to complete the game. There is no variety bar one mission when you are in a helicopter and even that is poorly created from what could have been a good idea.
Are there any positives to this game?? Well for fans of the first title I guess you get to see more of Kane and Lynch in their dysfunctional relationship and if you want to play a game that requires little or no effort to follow a story then I guess so. Running along taking out the sometimes suicidal AI will make you chuckle (well I did anyway) and graphically it is very interesting even though I don't understand why it was decided that the viewpoint should look like it was coming from a handy cam!
Artistic quibbles aside I can only recommend this game for a quick play as it something that I very much doubt I will be revisiting anytime soon.
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on 3 June 2014
This game has taken some pretty harsh reviews and in my opinion is one of the most underrated games of the last console generation. The first instalment in the series has not helped this game, as it was so poorly rated, but please try to ignore some of the slating reviews and have a go at a game that is, to put it plainly...fun to play!


K&L 2: Dog Days is a gritty story set in the dark and seedy criminal underworld of Shanghai. The plot is a typical ‘from bad to worse’ scenario where Kane & Lynch find themselves accidentally entangled with Shanghai’s most notorious gang leader. For those of you who have not played the first instalment of the series and are concerned that there will be gaps in the story telling, do not be deterred in getting this game as there is little connection between the stories and it can easily be played as a standalone game. I enjoyed the story telling and scene setting in this mature and, at times, grim plot. Yes, the story is basic and the protagonists are awful people doing awful things, but you can’t help to want Kane & Lynch to succeed. The story is plain and simple, well paced and it doesn’t try to be something it’s not.


The visuals in this game are, in my opinion, great for the game it is. The graphics complement the story and are a perfect fit for the tone of the game. Lots of screen flare from neon lights and rain soaked streets, coupled with a home camera style of capturing the moment. Visuals can be a bit lifeless in some scenes, such as derelict buildings and wastelands; however the streets of Shanghai lit up by police lights in the rain look gritty and raw and help to set the scene beautifully. One of the biggest bugbears of this game in previous reviews is the shaky camera follow system. The game is intended to look as if it was filmed on a home video camera in the style of movies such as Chronicle, Blair Witch and more recently End of Watch. In the cutscenes, this works fine, however the shaky camera during gameplay can be a tad nauseating at times. However, this option can easily be turned off in the options and makes a great deal of difference to the overall look and feel of the game.


This is a typical cover and shoot game, where the protagonists are faced by wave after wave of gang members and police officers as they try to push through from A to B. For those of you who are looking for a bit of variety in gameplay, this may not be the game for you as each mission is roughly the same in terms of how the level is played. The cover system has been under scrutiny as some players claim that the cover system doesn’t always work and you can still take some hits behind cover. I, personally, have not had any trouble with the cover system, it does exactly what you need it to do. The shooting is less accurate than some games, which I feel is far more realistic and much more challenging. There is an option for a soft lock, which does make shooting a bit more steady if that is what you want. My favourite aspect of this game is the sound design when shooting. The shots sounds deep and loud and echo beautifully in differing environments. This coupled with the rag doll effects of shooting your enemies, makes for a more hectic environment and an overall more realistic feel.

Additional Content

A nice additional mode is the arcade mode, which sends you through a variety of heist settings in which you play as different characters raiding bank vaults and robbing trains etc. These are short and are intended to be replayed countless times to try to beat personal targets. This game features a multiplayer option, which as of May 2014 seems to be relatively quiet, with very few players online. So if you are looking for a multiplayer game, maybe give this one a miss.

Overall, I particularly enjoyed this game. I generally rate a game based on how likely I am to play through a game for a second time. Since completing the game, I am sure that I will play through this game again on the various difficulty settings. The gameplay is solid with a simple and enjoyable story and the various difficulty settings and arcade mode offer more than enough opportunity to play through this game many times over.

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on 4 September 2010
I don't think this is a bad game but not five star game either! to be a five star game it needs to have it all , enjoyment , nonlinear gameplay,good long story, good graphics , good character's and in more recent years good online play . Kane and lynch 2 has some of these but not all.

I enjoyed the character's but the ending was weak,
good story but it was too short,
enjoyable gameplay but repetitive,
good graphics but it had poor online play.

overall 3/5 for me not great but not bad. As another reviewer suggested a rental maybe?
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on 16 March 2013
I played the first Kane and Lynch game, and it was a brilliant game. It had an engaging story, interesting characters with their own flaws and internal struggles. The main leads, Kane and Lynch also have interesting backstories too. The first game went to great lengths to immerse yourself in the story and gameplay.

This game doesn't even put half the effort the first game did. Dog Days is a terrible game, the camera is horrible with shaky cam and terrible effects like your being followed around and filmed with a faulty camera. This makes playing the game difficult to enjoy, but things get worse. The characters aren't interesting anymore, one of the most interesting characters, Lynch is suddenly cured of his mental problems that caused him to have Psychotic episodes in the first game, just cured.

The story basically isn't worth playing through four hours of terrible shaky cam and dull combat. The most you'll remember this game for is multiplayer. Kane and Lynch were more memorable in Lara Croft: The Guardian of Light... as Alternate skins. Play the first game if you want to get to know these characters, it's cheaper and worth your time on the whole, a lot more than this terrible sequel.
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on 8 September 2010
Sweaty, sweary anti-heroes Kane and Lynch are back to terrorise poor old Shanghai, presumably still recovering from the beating it took from EA's Army of Two: The 40th Day, just one of many similarities these two games share. Location? Check. Obnoxious, unlikeable protaganists? Check. A non-event plot? Check... Both dumb, then, but at least Rios and Salem are fun...

Gameplay/Story: 2/5
Lynch calls in Kane for a seemingly simple job, except something goes wrong and blah blah blah. The plot is perfunctory to GETTING SHOT AT A LOT AND SWEARING, two things this game does well. Each stage essentially involves you slowly moving through a location, using the old take cover/shoot from cover/advance method until you reach the anti-climactic end. And thats it. One brief section involves you firing from a helicopter, but there is almost no variation to the mission structure. Taking cover is also a pain, since Lynch seems to be allergic to certain surfaces, leaving you open to being shot at. Basically, the story mode is an unforgiving, uninspiring slog.

Lynch often feels so lightweight that you fear a gentle breeze will knock him to the floor. The weapons in a game like this should be one of its selling points; however, the majority of the guns at your disposal lack bite, with you resorting to grabbing whatever happens to be lying around in the vain hope it might do more than tickle the endless waves of goons sent your way.

Presentation/Sound: 4/5
K&L2's strongest point is its genuinely unique style. Presented in grainy, YouTube style shaky cam, it gives the game an element of immersion that you would normally expect the story to provide. The effect is one of a budget documentary crew following Lynch around, with the low quality camera suffering under intense shootouts, and one nice touch has particularly gruesome/explicit moments pixellated out. Shaky cam can be switched off, which proves something of a relief after after a while. Sound in the game is purely diegetic, with the only music coming from radios, store muzak and the like, and the sounds of a city punctured by gunfire. Voice acting is generally decent and consistent, though not up to the standard of games like Uncharted 2. HOWEVER, I couldn't help shake the feeling that the bells and whistles of the camera style both inadvertently obscured the (impressively) detailed city, yet acted as a shield against the weakness of the gameplay.

Multiplayer/Arcade Mode: 3/5
Dog Days features an online mode in which you can take part in heists as part of an eight man team, the twist being that friendly fire is on and you can betray/be betrayed at any time. Fragile Alliance is a seemingly straightforward heist, where working together should, theoretically, prove to be the most successful method; Undercover Cop pits one of you team mates as an, erm, undercover cop, tasked with bringing the team down from the inside; and Cops and Robbers divides the online players in to two teams, in a mad scramble for the bags of loot. The added tension of betrayal and mistrust makes K&L2's online mode an intriguing affair, and I would have marked it higher were it not for the fact that discrepancies between average players and skillful players often leave you helpless and, well, dead, since your pea shooter always seems more feeble than everyone elses; it also suffers from severe lag at times, and finding a full game room isn't always possible. It offers the usual XP/levelling up you would expect in post-Call of Duty online multiplayer, but its hard to see it offering the longevity of that series, or the popularity.

Arcade mode features the fragile alliance heists in a single player format with AI teammates, with each heist featuring ten rounds and escalating difficulty, with the added bonus of online leaderboards for those inclined to compete with strangers for kudos. Its enjoyable enough, though the looped dialogue and limited variation grates after a while.

Final impression:
Occasionally decent, and packing some very smart ideas, particularly online. However, its numerous flaws are unforgivable, dampening any enjoyment to be gleamed from the game.
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on 19 August 2012
I know this game has been out for a while now, but thought I'd write a quick review. Although its not perfect and that it has it's flaws, this game is not half bad. Annoying things for me were the shaky cam, the lighting and the way you can shoot certain ordinary enemies about 20 times without them dying! But hey, for the 4 quid I paid for it, it's a decent game, which, with a bit more care taken on development would be an 8 or 9 in its reviews. If you can get over the flaws, it's well worth a few quid for, what I found, an enjoyable( if a bit short) action game.
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on 19 October 2011
it's the worst game in the world. the graphics are ps2, the shooting and gameplay is horrid. Just running around gives you a headache cos the screen moves around like anything!
How and why they made this game I'll never know, I just never ever wanna hear about it again.
Nothing wrong with the delivery or state of product, the game is just rubbish.
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