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Just Cause 2 (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£8.83+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 15 August 2017
Not a great creation from square Enix here. They've had some hits but also quite a few misses. Personally there was not enough interest to keep me playing, storyline was a bit all over the place and I ended up just driving around and parachuting for a while before turning off and not wanting to play again.

If you really enjoy open world games with no real aim, then I guess you could try this.
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on 10 April 2014
I played this game with a friend over a number of weekends and we both agreed it was one of the best games we've played. However, neither of us were particularly interested in the main mission. This game scores highly for me because it's open world and has a load of side missions you can do.

It is perhaps not the most "graphically advanced" game (but not too bad) and I thought the main story was a bit thin. I didn't like the way parts of the main mission take you out of the "standard controls" and make you fight in different ways. For example, there's a knife fight that's all about clicking when you see a particular prompt on the screen - it's all reactions with no thinking, which I don't like.

But go off the main mission and this game starts to shine. There are flagpoles to climb and they become progressively more difficult to get up. Each time you raise a flag, more of the island is revealed on your map. There are 40 enclaves dotted around the island and each one of these needs to be overcome. You can undertake hunting missions where you're sometimes forced to use a bow and arrow. You can even take a boat and hunt shark, which can be a dangerous pastime.

So I'm rating this as 4 stars even though I wasn't particularly keen on the main mission, so that 4 stars is mainly for the side missions and open world format. If it had a better main mission it could have rated 5 stars.
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on 10 March 2015
Amazing game. I have over 100 hours played on steam. Would recommend it (and have done) to anybody. Especially if you love destroying things, you have to do that a lot in this game. I rate 3 stars though because (it would be less but I assume this problem doesn't occur for everyone) it was very difficult to get working. It still is in fact. Every time I want to play it on my gaming PC I have to reinstall my graphics drivers and verify the integrity of the game cache simultaneously. If I don't do this, it won't launch, even in safe mode. On my gaming laptop (this is a common problem apparently), I have to extend my screen onto the VGA card (a sort of virtual screen I suppose) in order for it to launch and it also often has problems with DirectX. This is a real hassle for either device but it's great once I have got it working. I have almost 70 games on steam and none of them have these kinds of problems.

If it wasn't for these problems, I would rate this game 5 stars based on content.
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on 27 April 2012
Just Cause 2 came out in 2010 and received very rave reviews by just about all of the gaming communities online, So how I missed this title I have no idea, However 2 years later and at the bargain price of £6.99 at time of writing this review, I Installed the game with great aniticipation as I had enjoyed the demo I downloaded from steam and also the xbox version too on XBL, at first I was going to purchase on XB360 but decided to go for PC after comparing both versions. (So Glad I did)

I would like to add my own recommendation for this brilliant third person shooter title and say that I have been playing it now for some 20 hours + with a few friends and It simply can't be faulted in anyway, Visually this is a bright colorful game with Gorgeous graphics and maxed out on my Gaming rig its as good as it gets, Gameplay is addictive and a whole lot of fun to be had discovering new areas in this open world masterpiece, yes "Matserpiece" I said and believe me I do not use the term lightly, We have enjoyed the gameplay so much that both my friends have went out and bought the game on XB360, From what I have read and seen on youtube this game offers 100+ hours of gameplay.

If your a fan of open world type games and like to blow things to pieces and like your games to have a light hearted approach with elements of humor throughout, then Don't hesitate to purchase JUST CAUSE 2 On any format.

Quite simply an absolute GEM and a Bargain at any price I would have gladly paid much more than £6.99 for this Epic Masterpiece, Can't wait for Just cause 3.
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on 29 August 2015
This without a shadow of a doubt if you love a sandbox or an open world game will keep you very busy. I have played something like 130 hours of it and have still not finished. Brilliant Brilliant game...probably the best open world game there is out there. Also add in the fact that you dont need a top end pc to run this is a big bonus. The Island is situated out in the pacific somewhere and it is really beautifully put together graphically. It contains Deserts...deep jungles..alpine regions giving it a diverse nature...you definitely will not get bored with the scenery as its constantly changing as you travel about.
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on 1 July 2012
This is a great free roam game for those who like destruction but not for those with no patience it can take along time to get round if your not used with the controls or don't have enough money to get a vehicle to be delivered or don't know where all the good vehicles are. There are more than a few problems with this game!, like vehicles sometimes don't sync with the ground and the result is extremely bumpy ride. The planes are very hard to drive to, am very adept at flying in many games but this just seems ridiculously difficult and fast so I have taken to helicopters but these are far to slow getting anywhere but really do the trick when attacking a base from air. This game is not for everyone but I like it just make sure you have a very high spec computer to run it on, failing that get it on console. My Recently upgraded PC is a AMD 6 core 3.3Ghz, 12GB RAM with a Nvidia GTX550 Ti and I run it on full spec in 3D and it works perfectly now.
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on 23 August 2012
Music is my main interest, but since upgrading my Computer to a top spec machine, I thought I would try a few games. Just Cause 2 did impress me, I like that face that there are very little restrictions to navigate pretty much wherever you like unlike some games that have boundries. Once you reach a certain level, the game will allow you to extract to any chosen location which is cool especially if one area is getting tough or tedious :) I found myself really getting worked up which is unusual for me! Anyway give this game a go, for the price, it will blow you away trust me!
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on 9 July 2013
Okay most of the other reviews are pretty spot on, this game is massive and good violent fun. I have found a bit of a glitch tho. mostly the pc controls suck unless you're running around on foot. Gonna try remapping some of the buttons to see if that makes it easier but flying a plane using WASD is incredibly difficult and I found myself crashing into the ground during a race mission, A LOT. While I loved Just Cause and Just Cause 2 is shaping up to but just as good I would recommend a xbox controller to really appreciate it
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on 24 April 2014
Forget pistols and machine guns, this guys "Wire thing" gives tons of laughs.
Tether speeding cars to lamp post and watch the fabulous smash up.
Tether statues heads to helicopters and play "Wrecking ball".
Tether people to wind turbine blades. Laugh? I nearly shat!

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on 31 August 2016
Even though its an older game, you will get 100's of hours of enjoyment from this. Graphics are superb and gameplay is fantastic.
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